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Real name:Phanu
hidden, contact via comments or visit my guestbook:
Registered on:2006-03-07
User info:My fav are puber boys who are topic of most photos here, G-rated and without passes. I like boys in sport, action, camp, holidays, etc. Albums in 'erotic' category (incl. the X-albums) contain pics of boys over 18 yo and are not suitable for minors (just enjoy the beautiness of the other albums -18yo). I dont trade passes, i only like to exchange similar puber boy photos with other imgsrc users with filled albums. Don't ask for passes if you don't have an own imgsrc page incl. own photographic work; I will delete all emails & comments about this!
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Tagged under: 502 Bad Gateway nginx, 504 Gateway Time-out nginx, Africa, Ajax, already over 750.000.000 pageviews March 7 2006 - Jan 2 2011, amazed, angel, angelboys, angels, animals, armed, armpits, Asian, athletes, balls, barefeet, basketball, beach, beer, belly buttons, BJORN BORG, blond, blood, bodies, boxers, boy, boys, braces, brotherhoods, buddies, bulgies, bums, bunnyhugs, butt, camp, campers, caps, CAPTIONS, cars, chubs, close-ups, clothed, clothes, Coldplay 09.09.09, concerts, crossers, cubs, cut, cut boys, divers, dockers, dreamboys, duo, Durban, earphonies, earrings, ears, eco-eco-forest, eco-friends, eco-punks, Espana, EURO2008, eyes, faces, festival, fishing fun, foam, forest, freckles, friends, gamers, glasses, gorgeous body, hairstyles, Halloween, handiboys, happy, holidays, Holland, hoodies, hungboys, Indonesia, jeans, Johannesburg Soccer City, jumpers, Kaapstad, kids, kissers, knackers, lips, long-haired, look, lookalikes, lycra, magic, maillots, Manila, mascottes, massive, mirrorboys, model cars, mouth, mud monsters, multimedia boys, music, naked, Namibia, nature, naughty, necklaces, Nepal, nipples, nips, nude, OOPS, orange fans, outdoor, Papua Barat, park, party, partyboys, peeks, piercings, Port Elisabeth, portraits, posters, poverty, preview, private, puber, puberboys, punks, rafting, Razorlight, red-haired, rugby, runners, saddest looks, saggers, scary, scouts, sea, shirtless, shirts, shorts, Sinterklaas, sleepers, sleeveless, smiles, smokers, Smokey Mountain, sneakers, soccer, South Africa, speedo, sports, spy, strings, stripper, stripping, striptease, strong legs, studio, summer, sunglasses, surprised, sweetest face, Switzerland, T-shirts, tanga, teasing, tech campers, teenboys, teens, Thailand, thongs, thumbs-up, tight wear, toes, tongue, toys, uncut, underwear, undies, undress, video, vips, Vladik Shibanov, waterboys, waterpark, webboys, wet, wet fun, White Army, winter, WorldCup2010, X-Mas.

name (show album previews)photosin section pageviewscommentedmodified
0000 WANTED: CAPTIONS & (password protected)1001nudity31+19893192152 years ago
0001 Hoodie boys & (password protected)798nudity33+33948642 years ago
0002 Swimweared boys453kids56+1913300292 years ago
001 My name is Bond33documentary4+330301115 years ago
001a ahhhh, yellow-red here CONGRATS ESPANA!30undefined0+7845625 years ago
001b more ORANGE, 2018 (password protected)1034nudity11+898715275 years ago
001c much much more dutch ORANGE, WorldCup 2010 fun2017undefined3+278895145 years ago
002a best years boys looks [first in SuperQ/HQ]146kids0+734431324 years ago
002b best years boys looks900kids6+758981194 years ago
002c saddest boys looks [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)68undefined1+6030555 years ago
003 weather boys12friends2+4765214 years ago
004a best years sun-glassed boys [in SuperQ/HQ]177friends3+20463015 years ago
005a best years animal friends [in SuperQ/HQ]245friends10+23250125 years ago
006a best years buddies [in SuperQ/HQ]549friends18+837079175 years ago
007 best years muddy buddies (mud monsters) [in SuperQ/HQ]686kids3+34892525 years ago
008a best years shirtless beauties I (password protected)627kids0+247618506 years ago
008d best years shirtless beauties IV [in SuperQ] (password protected)9nudity7+2846115 years ago
008e best years shirtless beauties V [in SuperQ] & (password protected)11kids0+1332384175 years ago
008f best years shirtless beauties VI [in SuperQ] & (password protected)290kids0+285377125 years ago
009c best years double-crossed boys [most in HQ] (password protected)33nudity6+7496105 years ago
010h best years armpits VIII (password protected)250nudity0+27828384 years ago
011a EASTER DREAMBOYS (password protected)5nudity5+5515628 years ago
011b X-Mas cuties305kids2+290315125 years ago
011c X-Mas naughties (password protected)48nudity0+6420025 years ago
013 best years recreation friends [in SuperQ] (password protected)439nudity30+71918885 years ago
014b best years undressers II (password protected)598nudity222+4479974125 years ago
014f best years undressers VI [in HQ] (over 18yo only) (password protected)1212nudity22+5026209127 years ago
015x smoke album [in SuperQ] (over 18yo only) (password protected)147nudity0+7981025 years ago
016a lovely nipboy Antol is enjoying his bath... [in HQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)142nudity9+20952117 years ago
016e best years nips [in SuperQ] & (password protected)11kids0+4348745 years ago
017b best years lips [in SuperQ] & (password protected)385kids0+18804925 years ago
018a best decorated necks [in SuperQ/HQ]126kids0+9633925 years ago
018b best decorated geeks [in SuperQ/HQ]27kids3+3582315 years ago
021a boy with braces and still a beauty PREVIEW11kids0+22161158 years ago
021b boy with braces & other braced boys [last added are in HQ] (password protected)509kids6+944303226 years ago
021d more braced boys [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)255kids0+2751705 years ago
022 Drew, one of the most beautiful eyed boys [renewed in HQ] & (password protected)92kids0+31739107 years ago
023b best years blondies [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)264nudity0+59695836 years ago
023c best years blondies [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)26kids0+1580325 years ago
024c best years jeans teasers III [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)756friends0+105716635 years ago
024d best years jeans teasers IV [in SuperQ/HQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)447nudity2+49344065 years ago
024e best years jeans teasers V [in SuperQ/HQ]159kids2+30385165 years ago
025 Kris, an amazing rattail in the forest [prev. of album X16] & (password protected)58nudity4+30987008 years ago
026 best years chubbies [in SuperQ]232kids1+401205245 years ago
027 bananaboys [in HQ] & (password protected)128kids0+29275287 years ago
028h boys in nature: Adonis [superboy in SuperQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)154nudity28+18035207 years ago
028i boys in (old) nature: Bernd, a gorgeous jeans boy [in HQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)114nudity28+216312207 years ago
029 Brad, an AUS hunk in grey speedo (in HQ) & (password protected)43diving2+12574508 years ago
030b ***Dreamboys for sure II... [in SuperQ] (password protected)889nudity0+1497672187 years ago
030c ***Dreamboys for sure III... [in SuperQ] (password protected)886nudity44+644386617 years ago
030d ***Dreamboys for sure IV... [in SuperQ] (password protected)883nudity0+870620146 years ago
030g ***Dreamboys for sure VII... [in SuperQ]27friends0+57208455 years ago
030j ***Dreamboys for sure IX... [in SuperQ]70friends0+871354135 years ago
030k ***Dreamboys for sure X... [in SuperQ]37friends1+12478315 years ago
031e best years belly buttons IV [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)26friends0+9613315 years ago
032c best years tongues [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)373nudity0+17966925 years ago
032d best years tongues [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)287friends0+6348515 years ago
036 Congratulations Christopher !!!2friends0+8752408 years ago
037 A cute Dutch candidate for the 2012 London Olympic Games: Jesper van der Wielen [2aug1991]105kids1+14623855 years ago
038c best years saggers III [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)9nudity0+12939925 years ago
038d best years saggers IV [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)119kids0+193244105 years ago
039 Jhon, a tanned pearl with golden legs (password protected)144nudity0+80445677 years ago
040 best years chills & [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)325friends0+19854506 years ago
041 best years strings, thongs & tangas [in HQ] (password protected)102nudity0+11512605 years ago
042a best years sneakers [most in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)328nudity0+91824565 years ago
042b best years sneakers [in SuperQ/HQ]208kids1+29201775 years ago
042d best years sneakers without feet... [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)384kids0+72330935 years ago
042e natural sneakers [in SuperQ/HQ]11friends0+3377405 years ago
044b best years ear decorations [most in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)455nudity0+23316455 years ago
044c best years ear decorations [most in SuperQ/HQ]84kids0+5814305 years ago
044d best years earphonies [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)144friends4+2638305 years ago
045b best years boys' legs & butts in tight lycra wear [in SuperQ/HQ]124kids18+995482115 years ago
045c best years boys' legs & butts in tight lycra wear [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)40kids0+1140605 years ago
046b best years wetties [in HQ] (password protected)561kids0+66845295 years ago
046c best years wetties [in HQ] (over 18yo only) (password protected)79nudity22+16035225 years ago
046e best years wetties [in SuperQ/HQ]92kids5+24362415 years ago
046f underwater fun [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)42kids0+1203805 years ago
048d best years party friends I [in SuperQ] & (password protected)474kids0+55823635 years ago
048e best years party friends II [in SuperQ] (password protected)447nudity6+136449106 years ago
048f best years party friends III [in SuperQ] (password protected)433nudity0+14952615 years ago
048g best years brotherhoods & buddies [in SuperQ]238kids0+23505815 years ago
049b Angelboys II (password protected)448nudity0+52288166 years ago
050 best years mirrorboys for double joy [in SuperQ/HQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)258nudity0+17095135 years ago
051 best years divers... (password protected)474nudity0+34536985 years ago
054c best years barefeet [in SuperQ]430kids1+58215875 years ago
057 fishing joy [in SuperQ/HQ]167friends11+51751675 years ago
058b joining scouts for 7 days [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)27nudity0+1155605 years ago
059b best years camp fun II [in SuperQ] & (password protected)915kids0+62998137 years ago
059c best years camp fun III [in SuperQ] (password protected)919nudity29+81364065 years ago
059d best years camp fun IV [in SuperQ] & (password protected)909kids0+21044865 years ago
059e best years camp fun V [in SuperQ] & (password protected)926kids0+6532615 years ago
060a peace boys [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)299kids7+8085705 years ago
060b thumbs-up buddies [in SuperQ/HQ]67kids8+7579415 years ago
061 a very special b'day surprise: a visit to D's fav soccerclub & more AZ fans [in SuperQ]174kids8+389058447 years ago
062a fav ones India (2004-2007) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)68kids0+16529087 years ago
062b fav ones Thailand (2001-2009) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)15kids0+1192616 years ago
062c fav ones Indonesia (2001-2009) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)70undefined0+1965605 years ago
062d fav ones Nepal/Tibet (2001-2009) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)35undefined3+1547215 years ago
062e fav ones Africa (2001-2009) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)18undefined8+1770225 years ago
064 Matthew Mitcham: the 1st Tongue-Pierced Gay Olympic Champion on August 23, 20081kids0+2297607 years ago
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Всего альбомов: 17948268870+622608571162 

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