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Real name :Phanu
Homepage :---
Birthdate :1984-06-12
Joined on :2006-03-07
User info :enjoy the others too... (gayboystube)(phanu); (phanu)(nibblebit); (phanusfountain)(tumblr); (phanuspouts)(wordpress)
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0000 WANTED: CAPTIONS & (password protected)1002nudity145+2372091+3663288 months ago
0002 Swimweared boys453kids136+2667960+3669335 years ago
0003 Ginger Best (password protected)37nudity0+16098+1222 years ago
0004 Cutest looks1friends3+2490+208 months ago
001 My name is Bond33documentary5+349766+5118 years ago
001a ahhhh, yellow-red here CONGRATS ESPANA!30various9+96197+218 years ago
001b more ORANGE, 2018 (password protected)1034nudity11+992058+11258 years ago
001c much much more dutch ORANGE, WorldCup 2010 fun2017various95+452163+14168 years ago
002a best years boys looks [first in SuperQ/HQ]146kids63+844632+284317 years ago
002b best years boys looks900kids210+1085343+1323257 years ago
002c saddest boys looks [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)68nudity23+87607+3878 years ago
003 weather boys12friends11+66990+1117 years ago
004a best years sun-glassed boys [in SuperQ/HQ]177friends28+263427+10418 years ago
005a best years animal friends [in SuperQ/HQ]245friends30+296572+8328 years ago
006a best years buddies [in SuperQ/HQ]549friends86+998277+179178 years ago
007 best years muddy buddies (mud monsters) [in SuperQ/HQ]686kids56+460900+4728 years ago
008d best years shirtless beauties IV [in SuperQ] (password protected)9nudity9+31765+418 years ago
008e best years shirtless beauties V [in SuperQ] & (password protected)11kids2+1336282+4178 years ago
008f best years shirtless beauties VI [in SuperQ] & (password protected)290kids50+323285+24128 years ago
009c best years double-crossed boys [most in HQ] (password protected)33nudity0+81218+309 years ago
010h best years armpits VIII (password protected)250nudity0+319631+5987 years ago
011a EASTER DREAMBOYS (password protected)5nudity0+56468+6211 years ago
011b X-Mas cuties305kids75+353882+51128 years ago
011c X-Mas naughties (password protected)48nudity0+70182+828 years ago
013 best years recreation friends [in SuperQ] (password protected)439nudity0+735929+288 years ago
014b best years undressers II (password protected)598nudity115+4607407+150128 years ago
014f best years undressers VI [in HQ] (over 18yo only) (password protected)1212nudity0+5169398+1671310 years ago
015x smoke album [in SuperQ] (over 18yo only) (password protected)147nudity0+84901-128 years ago
016a lovely nipboy Antol is enjoying his bath... [in HQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)142nudity40+217249+3110 years ago
016e best years nips [in SuperQ] & (password protected)11kids0+45144+248 years ago
017b best years lips [in SuperQ] & (password protected)385kids36+208152+1428 years ago
018a best decorated necks [in SuperQ/HQ]126kids38+125966+1128 years ago
018b best decorated geeks [in SuperQ/HQ]27kids8+43688-118 years ago
021a boy with braces and still a beauty PREVIEW11kids8+227887+10511 years ago
021b boy with braces & other braced boys [last added are in HQ] (password protected)509kids60+985255+1862210 years ago
021d more braced boys [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)255kids0+30882+108 years ago
022 Drew, one of the most beautiful eyed boys [renewed in HQ] & (password protected)92kids10+338542+11010 years ago
023b best years blondies [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)264nudity0+624527+2039 years ago
023c best years blondies [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)26kids0+17020+128 years ago
024c best years jeans teasers III [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)756friends0+1067206+1138 years ago
024d best years jeans teasers IV [in SuperQ/HQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)447nudity0+529655+3768 years ago
024e best years jeans teasers V [in SuperQ/HQ]159kids52+363362+4968 years ago
025 Kris, an amazing rattail in the forest [prev. of album X16] & (password protected)58nudity5+331642+7011 years ago
026 best years chubbies [in SuperQ]232kids17+454143+82228 years ago
027 bananaboys [in HQ] & (password protected)128kids15+305570+17810 years ago
028h boys in nature: Adonis [superboy in SuperQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)154nudity0+188987+1010 years ago
028i boys in (old) nature: Bernd, a gorgeous jeans boy [in HQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)114nudity55+225808+252010 years ago
029 Brad, an AUS hunk in grey speedo (in HQ) & (password protected)43diving1+1303140011 years ago
030b ***Dreamboys for sure II... [in SuperQ] (password protected)889nudity0+1511393+21710 years ago
030c ***Dreamboys for sure III... [in SuperQ] (password protected)886nudity0+665192+12110 years ago
030d ***Dreamboys for sure IV... [in SuperQ] (password protected)883nudity0+8920530149 years ago
030g ***Dreamboys for sure VII... [in SuperQ]27friends9+592056+1558 years ago
030j ***Dreamboys for sure IX... [in SuperQ]70friends22+902012+40138 years ago
030k ***Dreamboys for sure X... [in SuperQ]37friends10+142970+1918 years ago
031e best years belly buttons IV [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)26friends0+97844+218 years ago
032c best years tongues [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)373nudity0+192381+628 years ago
032d best years tongues [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)287friends51+78306+218 years ago
036 Congratulations Christopher !!!2friends1+89441+1011 years ago
037 A cute Dutch candidate for the 2012 London Olympic Games: Jesper van der Wielen [2aug1991]105kids9+163173-158 years ago
038c best years saggers III [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)9nudity1+131393+328 years ago
038d best years saggers IV [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)119kids28+206607+56108 years ago
039 Jhon, a tanned pearl with golden legs (password protected)144nudity0+815166+61710 years ago
040 best years chills & [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)325friends54+2060580010 years ago
041 best years strings, thongs & tangas [in HQ] (password protected)102nudity0+123199+109 years ago
042a best years sneakers [most in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)328nudity0+945991+3968 years ago
042b best years sneakers [in SuperQ/HQ]208kids25+339026+7778 years ago
042d best years sneakers without feet... [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)384kids0+728461+138 years ago
042e natural sneakers [in SuperQ/HQ]11friends1+36041+208 years ago
044b best years ear decorations [most in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)455nudity0+257114+359 years ago
044c best years ear decorations [most in SuperQ/HQ]84kids11+71290+1008 years ago
044d best years earphonies [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)144friends0+30938+508 years ago
045b best years boys' legs & butts in tight lycra wear [in SuperQ/HQ]124kids79+1265012+365198 years ago
045c best years boys' legs & butts in tight lycra wear [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)40kids0+13371+508 years ago
046b best years wetties [in HQ] (password protected)561kids0+677106088 years ago
046c best years wetties [in HQ] (over 18yo only) (password protected)79nudity0+173737+1128 years ago
046e best years wetties [in SuperQ/HQ]92kids32+286859+3208 years ago
046f underwater fun [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)42kids0+13249008 years ago
048d best years party friends I [in SuperQ] & (password protected)474kids0+571153+238 years ago
048e best years party friends II [in SuperQ] (password protected)447nudity0+145966+11010 years ago
048f best years party friends III [in SuperQ] (password protected)433nudity0+158168+218 years ago
048g best years brotherhoods & buddies [in SuperQ]238kids52+289369+4219 years ago
049b Angelboys II (password protected)448nudity85+569032+1169 years ago
050 best years mirrorboys for double joy [in SuperQ/HQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)258nudity0+184913+1939 years ago
051 best years divers... (password protected)474nudity0+362403+2088 years ago
054c best years barefeet [in SuperQ]430kids26+639146+588 years ago
057 fishing joy [in SuperQ/HQ]167friends23+563427+3078 years ago
058b joining scouts for 7 days [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)27nudity0+12968008 years ago
059b best years camp fun II [in SuperQ] & (password protected)915kids0+662294+7310 years ago
059c best years camp fun III [in SuperQ] (password protected)919nudity0+837598+868 years ago
059d best years camp fun IV [in SuperQ] & (password protected)909kids0+239877+668 years ago
059e best years camp fun V [in SuperQ] & (password protected)926kids1+86527018 years ago
060a peace boys [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)299kids56+97997+608 years ago
060b thumbs-up buddies [in SuperQ/HQ]67kids36+101280+1418 years ago
061 a very special b'day surprise: a visit to D's fav soccerclub & more AZ fans [in SuperQ]174kids75+426004+104410 years ago
062a fav ones India (2004-2007) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)68kids0+172067+7810 years ago
062b fav ones Thailand (2001-2009) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)15kids0+14431019 years ago
062c fav ones Indonesia (2001-2009) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)70kids0+24248008 years ago
062d fav ones Nepal/Tibet (2001-2009) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)35nudity0+19087018 years ago
062e fav ones Africa (2001-2009) [in SuperQ] & (password protected)18nudity0+22766+1328 years ago
064 Matthew Mitcham: the 1st Tongue-Pierced Gay Olympic Champion on August 23, 20081kids1+25429+2010 years ago
065a holy cheek boys [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)418kids65+271116+17329 years ago
065b holy cheek boys [in SuperQ/HQ]41kids14+523766+3398 years ago
065c holy cheek boys [in SuperQ/HQ]111kids25+461870+2228 years ago
066a ball boys (with a lot of close-up shots) [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)504sport69+394910+70710 years ago
067b best years shortful beauties [in SuperQ/HQ] (over 18yo only) (password protected)94nudity0+63576+219 years ago
067c best years shortful beauties [in SuperQ/HQ]13kids4+5899100128 years ago
067d best years shortful beauties [in SuperQ/HQ]147kids40+114993+1848 years ago
067e best years shortful beauties [in SuperQ/HQ]598football49+363431+4818 years ago
067f best years short-filled beauties [in SuperQ/HQ]21football4+25500+209 years ago
068a future Ajax stars [in SuperQ/HQ] & (password protected)42kids5+34084009 years ago
068b broken leg, broken heart - tears of pain, tears of happiness (The Intense Joy of Attention)11football4+8694099 years ago
068c international soccer stars44football3+6383008 years ago
068d soccer dockers2football2+4046+108 years ago
069 (non-)sleeping beauties [most in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)349kids0+165947+108 years ago
070 BJORN BORG Gallery of Saggers [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)207nudity0+14232098 years ago
071a scrum geeks895kids44+433733+619 years ago
071b scrum geeks188kids10+117844+819 years ago
073 cute pierced geeks [in HQ] (password protected)6nudity0+5156009 years ago
074 Waterloos soccer fans [in SuperQ]60kids4+64803009 years ago
075 teasing ball boys [in SuperQ/HQ] (over 18yo only) (password protected)315nudity0+145088+409 years ago
077 Black Cross Festival [in SuperQ]206party pics5+52996+909 years ago
079c best years red alerts [in SuperQ/HQ] (password protected)24nudity0+16196+318 years ago
081a model cross cars [in SuperQ/HQ]9hobby1+37376019 years ago
081b sweet speed devils394kids20+95089-228 years ago
082a best years dewiest hoodies [in SuperQ/HQ]804friends57+455222+7348 years ago
083a thomas daley2diving2+10022008 years ago
083b michael schumacher1car racing1+2849-109 years ago
084 Let's play music160friends16+53410+308 years ago
085 foamy boys28holiday46+202363+9328 years ago
086a running buddies104sport9+73175+1308 years ago
086b martial buddies14sport3+16927009 years ago
087 life in & around Smokey Mountain, Manila87kids45+73494+1509 years ago
088a coolest boys396kids19+285407+1117 years ago
088b coolest boys (password protected)1nudity0+4821+108 years ago
088c coolest boys426kids26+183585+3217 years ago
090 multimedia tech campies35kids5+34312+108 years ago
091 Sinterklaas presents surprises... [in SuperQ/HQ]641kids21+170571+128 years ago
092 mimpi manis durian7friends4+6138038 years ago
094 halloween boys103friends40+102013+1418 years ago
095 persuaders244nudity51+331761+1518 years ago
096 fresh tree doctors25kids5+75282-408 years ago
097a pantsless boys (password protected)1007nudity0+1247053+11758 years ago
097b pantsless boys (password protected)747nudity0+325433+1308 years ago
097c pantsless boys (password protected)3nudity0+6529+308 years ago
098 best years handiboys (over 18yo only) (password protected)88nudity0+116487+2428 years ago
099 dippy loony beer boys311party pics25+265661+9328 years ago
100 Eric's Bar Mitzvah (password protected)49family0+40585018 years ago
101 cute hairstyles175kids61+238909+518 years ago
Andrey Arshavin made history: SCORED 4X AT ANFIELD ROAD TUESDAY 21 APRIL 20094lulz2+32853019 years ago
R.I.P. Vladik Shibanov (Dec.20 1990 - Oct.22 2009)18kids7+166933+127358 years ago
X05 Ruichi, an aussie teaser in close harmony with nature (3 sets) (password protected)305nudity0+1008036+2111 years ago
X08 Ramon, a sweet and wonderful looking boy (password protected)52nudity0+246160+2911 years ago
X09 Winston, a cute kite lover in revealing nature (password protected)79nudity0+300779+2411 years ago
X14 Allan, a sweetest boy from Penang, Malaysia [re-edited in super HQ] (password protected)112nudity0+379825+23010 years ago
X23 Khanul, a very cute and naughty boy from Malaysia (password protected)449nudity0+982908+26711 years ago
X25 Niklas, a sweet teasing & naughty german capboy (password protected)94nudity0+192173+3011 years ago
X29 a very cute brazilian boy is revealing all his secrets (password protected)32nudity0+141601+2311 years ago
X34 Jara, the hottest teaser (and more...) [in HQ/SQ] (password protected)690nudity0+137990+222610 years ago
X38 Edgar, a very sweet black curly-haired angel (password protected)161nudity0+213097+13010 years ago
X42 Dick, a blond cute and naughty capboy (password protected)152nudity0+310546+2610 years ago
X43c loving friends III [in HQ] (>18yo only) (password protected)371nudity0+684194+1719 years ago
X44f best years gala-ball-boys VI (over 18yo only) (password protected)670nudity0+241317+5118 years ago
X58a best years pretty well-filled teasers I (over 18yo only) (password protected)624nudity0+799969+251610 years ago
X58b best years pretty well-filled, mainly Asian teasers II [in HQ] (password protected)616nudity0+424166+1199 years ago
X58c best years pretty well-filled teasers III [in HQ] (password protected)620nudity5+507246+2158 years ago
X58d best years pretty well-filled teasers IV (over 18yo only) [in HQ] (password protected)386nudity0+228167+46229 years ago
X59a teasing Bob let us thrill in his bathroom [in HQ] (password protected)98nudity0+174972+5410 years ago
X59b teasing Bob let us thrill with balloons (password protected)131nudity0+36482019 years ago
X60 Fitea, a 18yo true angel with only teasing bodyparts [in HQ] (password protected)148nudity0+86802+17010 years ago
X61 Rik, a sweet blond emo angel, landed at a farm to catch a frog [HQ] (password protected)146nudity0+93819+41110 years ago
X63 pretty Michel's hot adventure in sauna [HQ] (password protected)91nudity0+159878+4410 years ago
X65 Clu plays wet (password protected)126nudity0+102386+2010 years ago
X66 Tim, a super nature lover [in SUPER-HQ] (password protected)172nudity0+104511+12010 years ago
X69 Victor, an awsome boxer type with an exciting hobby (password protected)384nudity0+178108-1210 years ago
X73 chilean boys (password protected)144nudity0+70928+4010 years ago
X75 another Max, an extreme beauty [in HQ] (password protected)161nudity0+41797+419 years ago
X76 Dieter, a teasing braced and pierced blond angel [in HQ] (password protected)95nudity0+28316+419 years ago
X78 Chris, a sweet tattoo horn player (password protected)110nudity0+72351+849 years ago
X79 Rod in the spotlights [in HQ] (password protected)160nudity0+125361+2009 years ago
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