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Мартирос Кещян -  ГРАЧИК

Мартирос Кещян - ГРАЧИК загружено shiraslan в 2012-03-07 20:24:54. Добавь shiraslan в избранное!
shiraslan-comm 🇫🇷 2013-08-08 22:06
get ready for a big frustration and dinmspointseat.I am in the same situations as you for more than 4 months.During a trip to UK in January I bought a 4S from CPW which was supposed to lock to the first SIM card used,but it turned out that the card had to be from UK Network. Those criminals at CPW saved me the details.I then used 3 and asked for confirmation if I can unlock it here in the blog, I got the standard answer for small fee payable through the customer service, however that did not work.The fee has to be paid with a British credit or debit card and not international one, no wire transfer, no call credit reduction, card issued by British Bank!Such an inconvenient and lame policy !So my first iPhone purchase thurned to be a big loss of time, money and hassle of getting through.Why they do not show some flexibility and help in this case, do they really believe I would like to rely on them in my future visits to UK Why on Earth THREE has the right from blocking me to use my phone, a device which they did not subsidase or discount and I paid the full price for ?And the result is a boxed phone which costed me 500 GBP, collecting dust Thanks to CPW and THREE