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 Joined on: 2007-03-13
User info: Most of my albums have been removed by admins. Someone does not like God's creation,
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Tagged under: Boy, Boys, Outstanding photographs, sculpture, Teen Boys, Weather.

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[Boys, Мальчики]04-V-boys]

The "V" in a boy (and some fit men) is a very interesting phenomenon. It is a combination of muscles, bone structure, and overall fitness. It is formed by the confluence of: Ligaments; the rectus abdominus, the oblique externi, and the linguinal ligaments. Bone: the Iliac crest and pubis. It appears more often in young males but not exclusively so and is not necessarily a sign of high athleticism. In the young it seems a natural phenomonon of lean physical structure. Older boys and men need to sometimes work that area of the body hard to aquire the "V" whereas the young seem to acquire it naturally.
1 nudity 29+144519 +184 11 7 years ago
[Boyl 01] CAUTION Contains Male Adolescent without clothing

David is the most magnificent example of Adolescent boy in the history of mankind. Michelangelo tapped into the vision of youth sent to us by God. He stands 14.34 meters high (14 feet and 3 inches) and weighs 6 tonnes and is pure in his beauty.
5 architecture 28+257350 +173 8 7 years ago
[Boys, Мальчики]13-Weird, Oddball, забавные фотографии мальчика

Kinda strange, kinda odd. Pics that strike me as funny or kind of weird. ANY NEW ONES WILL APPEAR AT THE END.
59 kids 313+3097320 +3139 164 9 years ago
[Boys, Мальчики]09-God Bods - Тела Богов

Free and open collection of some of God's finest works. Most of these boys have no idea how attractive they are. Enjoy. ANY NEW ONES WILL APPEAR AT THE END.
323 collection 1509+14806266 +9382 485 9 years ago
[Boys, Мальчики]10-Levitating Boys--Парящий мальчиков.

Fly. Be Free. Лететь. Свобода. ANY NEW ONES WILL APPEAR AT THE END.
36 various 131+948721 +1327 58 11 years ago
[Boys, Мальчики]11-Boys & Puppies Мальчики и щенки

I collect images of Boys and Dogs together. They say that Dog is Man's best friend. I think Dog is Boy's best friend. Dogs and Boys were made for one another. If you object to any of these, let me know and I will remove. Я собираю изображения Мальчиков и Собак вместе. Они говорят, что Собака - лучший друг Человека. Я думаю, что Собака - лучший друг Мальчика. Собаки и Мальчики были сделаны для друг друга. Если Вы возражаете против любого из них, сообщите мне, и я удалю. ANY NEW ONES WILL APPEAR AT THE END.
154 kids 382+2042214 +2328 139 11 years ago
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