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 Joined on: 2011-12-17
User info: I'm an amateur [novice] photographer/ videographer. I like to do video recordings of events, scenes, sports, people, models, ... I'll be posting some of my pics here. [[130801: Up to now at least the 'pics' are video captures from videos I've recorded. I look forward to working more with photography w/ digital cameras but found I like video also. I haven't gotten into video or picture editing yet.]] Please comment, recommendations, ... if you have albums w/ pics. I have closed my album comments to those who are registered members & have pics even though there have been some helpful anon posts. Please don't heist my pics or repost them. Many of my pics are very blurry - partly due to operator underflow, the equipment, & uploading. Some I probably shouldn't even posted. Some appear better before I posted them so any pointers about uploading would be great. Looks like some got 'stretched' to a larger format thus less resolution. Some of the pics were taken with a body cam so keeping the image straight can be difficult at times but it does yield some good candid shots. I'm basically going off-line for a bit plus things are changing so I've locked most of my albums for a while.
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At HS Swim Christmas Invitational 2015 (password protected) 9 sport 0+1467 +2 0 4 years ago
birds (password protected) 3 various 0+477 +3 0 6 years ago
NCM (password protected)

now set to private for a bit
19 show 0+4946 +1 0 6 years ago
A walk in the park __boys soccer practice 1201

Please leave nice comments, tip, suggestions, ... 130801: Please note these pics are captures from a video I recorded w/ a Contour camera w/ GPS. I was holding the camera [not so steady] at my waist as walking around. The camera doesn't have a video display.
14 various 5+202938 +49 25 8 years ago
HS Swim Meet 1201 (password protected)

Email me for pass & please identify your albums/ passes. When you get access please leave nice comments, suggestions, tips, ... 130801: Please note these are actually pic captures from a video I took at the event. These are using a Contour camera.
26 sport 0+8245 +10 3 8 years ago
At the HS Swim & Dive Championships 2011 (password protected)

These are my pics taken at a High School Swim and Dive Championship in early 2011. I used a much better camera and tripod for these than the flimsy handheld [wear on your belt] camera I used for previous albums so I hope you will be pleased although there's still plenty of room for improvement. Please don't heist these & please don't repost. Please leave nice comments. I appreciate any constructive comments, criticism, pointers, ... 130801: Please note these pics are subframe captures from a video I recorded w/ a Casio digital camera but in video mode at 1080p 60 fps., although the camera is capable of recording 1kfps reduced field. The camera is no longer in production. I noticed it went out of focus quite a bit.
99 sport 0+144181 +175 95 8 years ago
At the Club Swim Meet 2011 (password protected)

Some photos from a recent club swim 'league' meet. I used the same camera you can strap to your belt - not a good excuse this time. Pic quality not so good. Some of the pics are at high zoom. I think some of the folks in the pics are even good a bit blurry. Might ad some more to this later or a part 2. Please leave nice comments. 130801: Please note these are actually pic captures from a video I took at the event.
7 sport 0+75100 +43 17 8 years ago
USAF_Airshow_2011 (password protected)

These are my pics - please don't heist & please don't repost anywhere. Thanks in advance for leaving nice comments. I took these pics at a recent USAF Airhow back around November 2011. I should've taken a better camera, flimsy camera, there was difficulty seeing the viewer, & operator underflow. I'm very displeased with my photography for this set. I wanted to bring a better camera but the announcement for the airshow said 'no bags.' So I just had the camera on my belt. Anyway the air shots in particular were tough because I couldn't even see the screen. The camera is ok for everyday stuff but I wish I had brought a nicer camera for this and some other events. 130801: Please note these are actually pic captures from a video I took at the event. The camera was a small one w/ video capability - about palm size. It has a display but it was hard to see outside.
49 various 0+46544 +20 29 8 years ago
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