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Real name: tounsi
email: hidden, contact via comments
Birthday : 1900-01-01
 Joined on: 2010-09-14
User info: Holidaypics. No CP, only legal pics. Do not ask for illegal or do not send illegal attach !! No rude or predator comments pl. Thx.
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Young Thai friends, 18yo (password protected)

18yo proof on file several tasty hot and spicy young Thai Friends, over18yo, proof on file, spent several wonderful evenings with them.
128 various 0+5961 +166 197 5 years ago
boys on the beach, (password protected)

It becomes increasingly difficult to make some beautiful pictures of boys playing free and frank in briefs or Speedo's and have fun with friends at the beach. Where are the good old days, that boys were proud and show of in wet briefs. Always those awful long shorts and moral hunters everywhere.
204 kids 0+8473 +94 184 5 years ago
some younger friends, 18yo. (password protected)

wonderful evenings and nice souvenirs with gentle boys, 18yo PROOF ON FILE, some nude, Acces only for long time imgsrc friends and personal friends.
192 nudity 0+19130 +293 958 5 years ago
wet briefs, (password protected) 4 kids 0+484 +20 4 5 years ago
Land of smiles (password protected)

what a relief, what a wonderful country,and beautiful boys, now I understand only fully, why Thailand is mentioned as "land of smiles". A new holiday destination and I hope there will may be many other trips to come.
401 kids 0+4149 +20 118 5 years ago
angels visiting the elephant show, (password protected)

smiling angels, and a never seen dicipline for schoolchildren.
81 kids 0+826 +33 0 5 years ago
banana- boys (password protected)

selling bananas to feed the elephants,
13 kids 0+381 +20 4 5 years ago
15yo half nude erected boy riding on a bicycle, let us hope skinny bravo will forgive me to post these pics in the boys section. (password protected)

3 nudity 16+49696 -12 10 5 years ago
What once was a nice tourist attraction, these days has fall into empty hotels, these are not maintained and not restored. Was a lot better before the Worldwide crisis.

what a shame,
9 various 7+30445 +2 24 5 years ago
far away from touristic area's (password protected)

young boys fishing and happy boyhood
119 kids 0+6152 +60 167 5 years ago
Tunesian boys.

Comments in Nl. Fr. -Engl. Pleace no rude comments.
24 kids 117+713844 +546 410 6 years ago
another short holidaytrip, 23 various 3+47955 +1 49 7 years ago
5star hotel, ...... and beggar

luxury hotels and poor local civilians, will there ever be REAL CHANGE ??
8 various 1+52742 +8 34 7 years ago
Internet with no restriction these days, (password protected)

even IMGSRC can be visit these days, it has been different in the past, acces to all sites on the www
11 various 0+46635 +44 129 7 years ago
cute boy, neighbors son. (password protected)

every day, when he returns from school a little domino game in exchange for a few pics, nice deal I think.
6 kids 0+25613 +32 65 7 years ago
Nude young boy attact me, EZ (password protected)

just a second after his picture has been taken, jump on my back and scrached me with his fingernails, lil bastard.
5 various 15+157080 +6 48 7 years ago
Change ???? mother and young son searching in the trash bin 4 various 8+52521 -11 22 8 years ago
diving for dinar coin, (password protected)

same place as before,boys diving and swimming.
81 kids 0+4140 +51 89 8 years ago
Free expression, yes.....but for how long ? 1 various 1+29045 +10 14 8 years ago
Message to ex dictator Ben Ali, : G A M E O V E R !!!!

Finaly!, and now Mister Ben Ali show some respect and bring back all that money you have stolen from your people!!
46 Tunis 1+60424 +26 34 8 years ago
change will come......

first step has been done, let us hope.....
16 Tunis 2+71287 +12 17 8 years ago
Senegal boys

Mostly poor boys and countryside
19 kids 97+476820 +348 168 9 years ago
Jasmin révolution

Congratulations to the Tunesian people !
16 Tunis 3+111776 +7 17 9 years ago
Tunesian boys. (password protected)

Some beautiful Tunesian boys. Pleace no rude comments.
109 kids 0+14955 +311 514 9 years ago
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