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Настоящее имя : Maddie's Daddy
Присоединился : 2011-12-30
Немного о себе : artwork created by not repost...feel free to contact me to trade passes, especially if it is artwork.
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3D art: Vue landscape work 2012

all works for this year 2012, more to come...I will start a new album in landscapes in 2013. Be aware any work with figures and models I create I may place it in other albums. This album is for landscapes only. Do not repost.
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+2 4 9 лет назад
3D Artwork: Maddie Fairies (EZ)

my artwork, do not repost.
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+115 15 9 лет назад
Bumblebees fairy girls My artwork in 2005

Ok these are my old artwork I did YEARS ago...2005....these are mostly renders with poser "tubes" I used...noticed my artwork in today time quality is much as it speaks, the more practice you do, the better you get. Do not repost. enjoy viewing!
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+27 8 9 лет назад
WorldBuilder Landscape Renders 2005-2009

WorldBuilder software which I retired in 2009 was one of my first software used to generate 3d landscapes. I later switched to Vue Esprit.
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+3 4 9 лет назад
3d Vue work 2011

3d work I did in the year 2011. I enjoy using this Vue Esprit software...but a note of warning, using this software requires a powerful system with a fast processor and good amounts of RAM
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+10 2 9 лет назад
3D artwork: Boy's life

3d Artwork only
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+75 22 9 лет назад
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