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Настоящее имя : B C Anselmo
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День рождения : 1975-07-21
Присоединился : 2015-04-19
Немного о себе : A college student willing to share memories of college and hobbies.
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Jingle Bell Rock

One of the most traditional holiday fun to do every year. The local radio station paints a rock, calls it ,"The Jingle Bell Rock" (like the song) displays it at a few sponcer locations, then hides it somewhere in town. The radio station, then, plays different clues each day on the station, and post some,"exclusive clues" at sponcer locations. The one who finds the rock wins over thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.
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T-Moble Uploads

Every single picture taken from my phone from T-Mobile. Arranged in no particular order, saving them here as the T-Mobile website is shutting down. Sorry it is not high quality, but then again it is an old phone, and hence obsolete, which is why the site is shutting down. Feel free to comment.
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Mexico Mission Trip

Mission trip to Mexico with the high school youthworks.
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Mission Trip to El Salvador

Friends and Family members that were shared during this trip. El Salvador travels and area. I missed the chapel where Bishop Romero had preached, but at least got to meet new friends.
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College Pics

College pics taken from cell phone not high quality
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Drive-In Movie Theatres

My most favorite summertime hang out spot, I love Movies so much, that I always love waiting for the Drive-in movie theatre to open. The only place you can watch two movies for the price of one (or more depending on the features). It is sad that many are going out of business. I would love to see more stay open rather than become a Wal-Mart or a shopping center, or worse, just remain deserted.
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