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Присоединился : 2011-03-15
Немного о себе : Mail me sometime why don't you... Always nice to meet new and interesting friends with similar pervy thoughts
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Cousin Grace private

Dirty girl Grace, she hasn't changed much over the years, apart from being a bit 'bigger' Lol... She had a handful up top when she was pre-teen... Sorry about the quality of some of the pics, they were taken with a phone in the heat of a GB
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+136 6 10 лет назад
My cousin Grace (preview)

My cousin Grace and her marvelous attributes preview... Grace is just 5 yrs younger than me, we've been 'friends' all our lives... It took a while to get her to let me show here here, but she gave in eventually... Isn't she a 'big' girl now Lol
11 ню 16 /
+169 56 10 лет назад
wife's underwear display page Lol

Just a few phone pics of the sort of thing Julie likes to wear for a night out on the pull... She gets me to take a quick photo with the phone so she can see what she looks like from a remote angle Lol... Also a few taken in the garden and round the house in general Lol
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+47 13 11 лет назад
Wife's underwear display preview

Just a preview of what's in the pass protected album
5 ню 6 /
+62 25 11 лет назад
Yet more of my crazy wife Julie, this time with some close friends as well

More images of debauchery and my wife Julie... The two go so well together, debauchery and Julie Lol... This time featuring more of our nutty friends in some naughty poses as well...
18 ню 0 /
+16 10 11 лет назад
General stuff and my crazy wife

Just to make the numbers up really... Few holiday snaps and a few of the wife acting up Lol... My wife acts up a lot actually, especially with other men Lol... Feel free to call her what she is Lol... By the way... None of the men she's misbehaving with in these photo's is me, they are all our flirty men friends... A few of them get more than just flirting... Anyone want to chat about my wife (or theirs) feel free to email... Had to change email address for anyone wondering where the old address had gone
45 ню 58 /
+126 87 11 лет назад

Just a few photo's of my young teen daughter Andi taken over the years... All pass protected... Only a trusted few will see her... Feel free to comment as you please, she's not as shy or innocent as she looks... Feel free to mail me if you want to talk about my daughter...
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+8 44 11 лет назад
More of my crazy wife Julie

Some more photo's of my flirting horny wife Julie... This album has been pass protected to spare innocent eyes cos some images are a bit on the naughty side... All these photo's were taken over the past 8 to 10 yrs since reliable phone cam's came online... We rarely do planned photo shoots, just spur of the moment pictures snapped on the phone mostly...
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+48 36 11 лет назад
Little Andi

Some images of my daughter Andi through her junior years... Again pass protected for trusted friends only...
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+2 22 11 лет назад
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