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Немного о себе: I like the finer things in life, like cheese & wine. Slightly smelly but sweet and wet. Pease don't ask. I don't have and I don't want trades. Thankyou. Just a word of WARNING people. Please be very careful on here. You never know what or who you are getting involved with. I've just came out of prison after 4 years, for something that happened on here. Just remember, when you send something to someone, just think, who is this person really. If you arrange to meet with someone, again, just think about it. Seriously, it's just not worth it. Just come here, have a browse, and keep your life the way it is. Don't risk losing everything. Peace out brothers and sisters. No doubt my account will be deleted for posting this. But hey ho, I will come back as someone else.

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Little Dolls 12 разное 477 /
+10 4 9 дней назад
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