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День рождения: 1996-12-16
Немного о себе:woman 23 yo, both auto and equal opportunity. sharing mostly pics of myself throughout my life, though i'm always sour at not having enough taken back then. don't have anything, but feel free to email me. age is in the picture title, and all albums are aprox. chronological. don't email me or comment for pass, just write prettypls (hint hint). if you do anyway, bc you don't get it, i won't answer unless it's p4p i get waay too many emails abt it still. profile pic is me at 16 not 23, wouldn't want to be recognized.

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me from 11-12me from 11-12

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Me at the cusp of puberty. dirty comments on me very welcome, but pls none about my twin sister or the rest of my family. don't share. if you want more of this age let me know. Update 13/6: 8 new pics added <3
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My nudes through time. age ambiguity is the theme, who's to say when i took them? i'm afraid i don't remember. there's some diapers and peeing involved bc i've been kinky all my life, but just a few samples. if people want more of that, i have it! Update: now with kinky pics from my first D/s relationship when I was 16 (he was 27)
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me at 7-8me at 7-8

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We now enter an age where some pictures only exist physically, so if you're wondering about difference in quality, it's because they're scanned. if you're iffy abt surgery, be warned that i included two pics from after i got my appendix removed at 8, just bc i think my tummy is cute. as always, feel free to comment on me, no comments on my sister. enjoy <3
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me at 15me at 15

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Most of these are taken in batches instead of throughout the year, sorry! holiday photos and a few from the webcam. i finally got permission to color my hair this year. i am never blond again, bc when i stopped coloring it, it had darkened to brown naturally. usual rules apply, all comments welcome on me, pls none on my sister. younger photos will be up asap, but i don't have most of them digitally, so i'll have to visit my parents and look through some photoalbums. thank you for enjoying my pictures and watching me grow up <3
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me at 14me at 14

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I finally stop growing taller at 177 cm, and my weight fluctuates a bit in response. i decide that i'm going to be punk or goth or something (i don't settle on any particular direction), and cut my hair in protest of my mum saying i'm not allowed to colour it. i also take a lot of nudes, most of which are unfortunately lost. usual rules apply <3
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me at 13me at 13

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13 was the year i started having real curves - my mum took me to buy my first real bra in february. it was also the year i tried growing my hair out and putting eyeliner on. again pls feel free to comment on me, i love it, but keep comments on my twin sister and family clean!
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me at 9-10me at 9-10

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I'm glad people are enjoying my pictures! please continue commenting, i love it. again, stay clean with regards to my twin (long hair) but anything goes when it comes crushing on me as tiny cute tomboy
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