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Настоящее имя: Ashmodai
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 Присоединился: 2011-10-29
Немного о себе: Girls: Look at my album >>Special offer for girls only!<< I am not shure how long this offer will last...

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Special offer for girls only! Read foreword

Offering only for girls: Send me a serie of photos of you (10 pics at minimum, nude and semi-nude, good quality) and (when I got enough time) I will take one pic and make a drawing of it, scan the drawing and send it to you by mail. To make shure you are real and that the pics really showing you, you have to hold a piece of paper in one of your pics with the handwritten text >>draw me, please<< In mail write down your first name, age and the country you live in. I will only show the drawing here. The pics you sent will not be shown here by me.
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Anne prev 2 разное 0 /
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Anne (закрыт паролем)

p4p. I prefer young nude females. It is your turn to start with a pass for me if you want one of mine.
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Nice girl in straps (preview)

p4p or pics. Like girls from younger upto 30yrs. Only nudes wanted.
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Nice girl in straps (закрыт паролем)

Not really nude but in nice dessous.
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