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Настоящее имя:Aryn
День рождения: 1960-05-23
Немного о себе:I'm a photographer with many interests and always happy to receive your comments but please don't repost these anywhere.

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Final reflection?Final reflection?

Final reflection? Well, having been tied up on some business for a while now I haven't been able to put up as many collections as I would have liked. And because this business continues it seems this will be my last posted collection for some considerable time. These were taken on a leisurely walk along the canal towpath between Castle Marina and Nottingham city centre. It's an opportunist collection as I hadn't intended even carrying the trusty 5D but it somehow found it's way into my hands again - and some moments in time just can't be missed. I hope you like these restful urban moments of reflection. Thank you for the comments to date, they are appreciated
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Coastal SundownCoastal Sundown

Went over to the north Norfolk coast for the high tide but I'd got the times all wrong and the sun was going down long before the tide peaked. That was a shame, but I was feeling in a creative mood all the same. This is more a case of trying something a little different with the software management of the pictures as I can't really decide what I'm trying to get out of them.
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Liquid SculptureLiquid Sculpture

Updated 2/2/11 with a few new ones including some of 'crystal ball'. I don't know if you see what I see in some of these? Little drops of water - make for some stunning pieces of art (if you like that sort of thing!)
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Can you see what it is yet?Can you see what it is yet?

Just for fun - no prizes for guessing. I got a bit bored one day when the weather wasn't being photographically kind so I created a small quiz. Answers via comments if you're interested and I'll try and keep a score going. Hmmm... some interesting answers coming in - but only on the more 'straightforward' ones. Keep guessing...
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Faces of the Straw Bear - Bourne to Old Glory!Faces of the Straw Bear - Bourne to Old Glory!

Anyone living around a little place called Whittlesea (or Whittlesey out of Straw Bear season) will know of the annual Straw Bear Festival. This is a typically English occasion where mature adults put on make-up (that they would never allow their children to do) and cavort wildly around in strange and colourful costumerie (that they would never let their children wear), and it's all in the name of enjoyment for all concerned!! This is part 1 - Part 2 (coming soon) is Oxblood to Pig Dyke!!!
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The Sky's the limitThe Sky's the limit

The sky surely provides the photographer with his or her largest possible canvas on which to create an image. With one second in time being different from the one second before or the one after the sky gives the opportunity for creativity in motion.
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Walking on AirWalking on Air

Daredevils in the extreme - why do people do this? But I wish I had the courage to get up there!
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Vintage flyersVintage flyers

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Feathered FriendsFeathered Friends

Just a selection of our feathered friends captured locally
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On reflectionOn reflection

Reflection is good for the soul - and it can be pleasing on the eye as well
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Lost HorizonLost Horizon

Sopht-art - or software manipulated photographic art - landscapes from the coast of North Norfolk. The border on these pictures is to give some idea of what they look like mounted and framed.
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Little MonstersLittle Monsters

Nature's smallest creations take on a more menacing or more beautiful appearance when up close and personal I have to say thanks to all who are looking at this collection. I'm pleasantly surprised by the ever increasing number of visitors and I'd be interested to know which images in particular you all like.
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