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Настоящее имя:Artie
Немного о себе:Hey! My name is Artie and this is my second account artiomiz2. My old account (Artiomiz) was deleted for "various reasons". So, here we are, 8 months later and I'm back once again from the dead! Unfortunately I don't have half of the old pics that I used back in my old account. :( SORRY! But don't sweat it, cause I have 300 other pics to please you. ;) P.S. BTW, I may have some problems with my grammar, so keep in mind that I'm Eastern European (I'm not gonna reveal my nationality...for now.) and right now I don't have a LOT of experience at speaking the English language.

NewHappy 2015

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lockPre teen bikini/nonnude pics

If you want to trade your pics in private then Kik me at Artiewantstotrade If you don't have a Kik, then you can just mail me at Password: what is my birth year? Hint: 1990s More pics are coming soon
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