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 Присоединился: 2014-11-23
Немного о себе: Pass for Pass.
100 PhotoNewHappy 2015
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Celebrity Fakes (закрыт паролем)

A few home made fakes. I have many, many more and can make custom ones on request.
27 ню 0+367 0 0 8 месяцев назад
Olia (закрыт паролем)

Got her to pose for me which led to other activities...
47 ню 0+5387 +30 3 8 месяцев назад
Kelly (закрыт паролем)

Kelly was working in a thrift shop when I met her. It took many weeks, but I eventually convinced her to pose for me. These are some of the photos. As was my plan all along, I ended up fucking her that day. She took some of me home inside her.
20 ню 0+4894 +11 1 10 месяцев назад
Taylor (закрыт паролем)

Took a lot of time and effort to get to this point with her, but it was well worth it.
24 ню 0+5410 +6 2 1 год назад
Butter Face (закрыт паролем)

A young girl who is not in the slightest way pretty, however, her body is quite nice as you can see. I had the opportunity to take her virginity, which I happily took. She is amazingly tight and has an amazing amount of natural talent. I have made it with her several times since then.
18 ню 0+4162 +1 2 2 года назад
Diana (закрыт паролем)

I talked her into modeling for me and over time got her to agree to better and better photos including some nudes. She quite modelling when she got pregnant. Yeah, I might have had something to do with that...
23 ню 0+115154 +78 11 2 года назад
Angelica (закрыт паролем) 19 ню 0+4520 +20 2 2 года назад
My First Indy / Pak (закрыт паролем)

My very first Indy / Pak girl. Quite nice.
14 ню 0+2061 +14 1 3 года назад
Not the best looking girl (закрыт паролем) 32 ню 0+3518 +19 3 3 года назад
Ramona (закрыт паролем)

A girl from my neighborhood. So far, I have only managed to screw her once, but it was quite good.
19 ню 0+9498 +12 2 3 года назад
Babysitter Melissa (закрыт паролем)

Gave her a ride home, and she gave ME a ride before we got there...and I gave her more than the tip. She was filled to overflowing when I got her home.
28 ню 0+4880 +16 1 3 года назад
pattie pish

Pattie is the wife of a friend. She made an attempt to seduce me, and I didn't resist in the slightest. I've been having sex with her on a regular basis ever since.
7 друзья 1+20199 +5 2 3 года назад
Desiree Abbott (закрыт паролем)

A girl I know from the coffee shop where she works. She asked me to loan her money to make her car payment. I asked her what was in it for me, and she made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Screwed her four times that night and shot inside her every time.
16 ню 0+2026 +1 1 3 года назад
Wanita Judd (закрыт паролем)

My neighbor's daughter that I have wanted to do for a very, very long time. Took her out on my boat last weekend - just the two of us. Gave her a few wine coolers and that led to me taking her virginity. Took her three times that afternoon.
7 друзья 0+2172 +6 2 3 года назад
Trenice Jiles (закрыт паролем)

Not the prettiest girl I have ever seen, but a nice, firm body. Kind of a crappy attitude and personality. She let me screw her a few times under the condition that I use a condom and did not shoot inside her. Of course, I agreed, but what she didn't know is that I lied. I finished inside her every single time by sneaking the condom off or sabotaging it in advance.
9 друзья 0+1722 +3 0 3 года назад
Girl Volunteers

Girls volunteering at a sporting event.
41 портрет 0+67070 +21 0 6 лет назад
Homeless Girls

Would you care to make a donation to any of these girls? I'm sure they would show you some gratitude...
18 портрет 1+142937 +16 1 6 лет назад
Hannah (закрыт паролем) 31 ню 0+11008 +16 1 6 лет назад
Cuties at the Fair

Need a good reason to go to the fair? How about this...
83 портрет 1+200235 +78 0 6 лет назад
Cheer Caps

A cheer team...
43 портрет 0+72343 +25 1 6 лет назад
Airman (закрыт паролем)

I love girls in - and out - of uniform. This one is U.S. Air Force...
46 ню 0+8118 +5 2 6 лет назад
A and B

Some pix I found long, long ago - don't remember where they came from...
53 портрет 3+159038 +49 3 6 лет назад
Cheerleader Karli

Cheerleader Karli. Enough said.
38 портрет 0+81404 +45 1 6 лет назад
Young and thin

Don't recall at the moment when or where I got these. I have had them a long time.
30 портрет 0+316162 +129 4 6 лет назад
Beach girls in Isla Verde Puerto Rico

Photos take on the beach in Isla Verde Puerto Rico.
81 портрет 0+127946 +46 0 6 лет назад
Girls seen in public...

Candid shots of a couple of girls in public...
35 портрет 1+121043 +43 3 6 лет назад

A British tart...
12 портрет 2+101751 +57 3 6 лет назад

A British tart...
18 портрет 4+88559 +18 0 6 лет назад

Just a girl I was doing for a while. Not the best looking or the best body, but better than some I have seen.
39 портрет 2+106774 +32 2 6 лет назад
Summer Camp

I would LOVE to work at this summer camp...
56 портрет 2+134491 +7 0 6 лет назад
Posture (закрыт паролем)

A weird dressed and undressed set I found.
72 ню 0+11933 +18 1 6 лет назад
Becca 14

Becca is currently 14, some of these photos are when she was a bit younger. Nice chubby body and okay looking, but in all honesty she is a little bitch when it comes to attitude and personality. I'd do her, though, and at some point I am going to try.
154 портрет 0+390197 +98 0 6 лет назад
Amber (закрыт паролем)

Her photos have been around for a long time. These are all I have - but there must be more.
92 ню 0+16632 +9 3 6 лет назад
Darla S. (закрыт паролем) 97 ню 0+13485 +10 4 6 лет назад
Rhonda (закрыт паролем)

Met her online and have been e-mailing with her for a while. Talked her into sending me some nudes. Hoping for some better photos at some point - and hoping to meet her and explore her body at some point also. Not the best looking or best built girl out there, but if is offered, I will not decline.
11 ню 0+3382 0 1 6 лет назад
Charlotte K.

A friend of my sister. I've been working on her for a while, but this is as far as I have managed to get with her - so far. I have some wine cooler for the next time she comes over, and I will be getting her drunk doing her then...
16 портрет 2+89514 +40 3 6 лет назад
Kasey (закрыт паролем)

Talked Kasey into posing nude for me and one thing led to another and I ended up doing her a few times.
44 ню 0+18792 +68 5 6 лет назад

Tween from Finland that I have been trying to seduce of a while...
31 портрет 3+120354 +65 5 6 лет назад
Terri D.

Terri D. - a MILF I enjoyed a LOT.
7 портрет 0+25309 +8 0 6 лет назад
Leona E. (закрыт паролем)

27 year old Leona. I planted SO much seed inside her that I could qualify for a farm loan.
24 ню 0+4705 +10 2 6 лет назад
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