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Настоящее имя: Alexander
День рождения : 1992-10-23
 Присоединился: 2012-02-10
Немного о себе: I place here others photos mostly. В основном выкладываю чужие фото для переправки изображений друзьям

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** - The Second Dream 5 разное 3 /
+2 0 9 лет назад
Centauria - The First Dream

The First Dream of Aradai and Lena, where they meet each other for a first time. This middle age styled World with Narnian motives has 2 races: humans and centaurs. Centaurs represents holistic being of two parts of us: the natural(animal) - the Intuition; and the social, human part - the Logic. Humans on horses represent separated thinking and being. Whatever they do, their horses can't be as graceful and dexterous as Centaurs are. Separated people build huge castles, to protect themselves from everything, from Nature(which they thing is against them), from each others... from themselves(to be honest); while Centaurs don't need any castles - they live on fields, in forests with nature using minimum technology(despite they know about it) minimum clothes, just connected to the nature, revering It's Laws. Humans are trying to conquer Centaurs, but they don't understand why their attempts are unsuccessful. They just had forgot about the Laws, that help to those, who live in them.
16 разное 0 /
+4 0 9 лет назад
Aradai's World

The main and the "Real" World. The native World for Aradai and Lena
5 разное 0 /
0 0 9 лет назад
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