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Немного о себе : Want more ass pictures? Send me an email. What I want from you are videos of girls who are between 12-14 years old. I don't have videos. I only have pictures of girls' asses. Unfortunately with clothes on. But they're nice asses.
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Here are some pictures and Gifs

I'm sorry the last 4 gifs are in such poor quality
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0 0 57 минут назад
Underpants girl. There are new pictures. Last pictures

Here are some pictures of someone in underpants. I know that one of the pictures look a little weird, relax I have the original pictures too. Just send an email.
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+178 40 4 дня назад
Here are some new girls.

These are a lot of random girls. The age varies very much as well, ranging from 14 to 16 years old.
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+18 0 4 дня назад
here are some random girls

These are random girls some are screenshots and others I have taken.
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16 years old girl

This is another girl with a nice a*s. I have not taken any new pictures of girl's a*s, it will probably take a few months before there are any new pictures of a*s. Therefore, it will be a bit repetitive of b*tt pictures of the same girl for a few months. Hope it's ok.
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-4 0 5 дней назад
16 year old red top

I felt I had to post something. Here is a 16 year old red haired girl who has a beautiful body. hope you like her
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+12 2 6 дней назад
Girls I used to know. age between 14-17 years old

These are screenshots. these are girls I went to middle school with. These pictures are from when they were between 14-17 years old. I know this is a step down from my two previous albums, but the thing is I have run out of pictures of girls butt to share with you here. so this is my last album for a long time. I have to take more pictures to share with you guys. hope you understand.
13 дети 437 /
+14 6 9 дней назад
11 year old girl

This is her from my previous album. this is a few years later. than the other pictures. how old she is now must be 11 years old, I think.
4 дети 400 /
+72 18 11 дней назад
random girls 33 дети 173 /
+25 8 12 дней назад
two 14 year old girls

Both are 14 years old when the photos were taken.Yes there are two girls the first picture is not the same girl.
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+12 4 13 дней назад
Girls 5 дети 123 /
+13 14 14 дней назад
New girls b*tts

These girls are anywhere from 11- to 16-year-olds
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+10 0 16 дней назад
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