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Настоящее имя: Alan, Mikey- Photoguy
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 Присоединился: 2010-11-08
Немного о себе: My own photos and photo art creations. Email me (above) for password, comments or requests.
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Jonathon Arty Creations

These are special artworks I have created with my ACDSee photo program. All of the originals are in the other 11 "Jonathon" albums posted here on my site. Click on the last photo in the album, or "more photos from AlanP772" above for the listings!
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Lovers, Loved Ones, Friends and Me- new preview EZ pass (закрыт паролем)

Other preview album closed- here's a new better version, now being built weekly. Full nudity in the main album- email for the password is shown on my main page by clicking the last photo in this album.
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Jonathon Favorites

Some of my favorite Jonathon photos from the other albums. See all 16 of my albums- including 11 Jonathon albums- click "more photos from alanp" above. I hope to be able to take more soon!Update- Jonathon was supposed to return from Iowa but he is staying for now- I hope to be able to take more photos when he decides to come back!
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Jonathon @ my car

Jonathon checking out my car. I woke him up early Saturday morning- he was just out of bed. Check out the other 6 Jonathon albums, and the rest of my albums too!
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Nature's Beauty

My own photos and art creations of outdoor wonders.
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Lovers, Loved Ones, Friends and Me-preview EZ (закрыт паролем)

My personal photos- preview to the main album- much more nudity there. EZ pass here- email me for the other password, questions or requests.
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Lovers, Loved Ones, Friends, and Me (закрыт паролем)

My own photos and photoart of lovers, loved ones, friends, and me- adding more regularly. All nudity 18 or over. Email me for password, questions or requests.
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Jonathon Poses

I finally talked Jonathon into posing for me- it took a lot! (He doesn't think he looks good!!!He's been talked down to and demeaned by his father so much he has no self-esteem. But we all know how beautiful he is!)Unfortunately, the next day he left for the summer to his mother's house in Iowa. I am hoping he will come back to his dad's here in the Fall... This is our first attempt at studio photos so we'll be experimenting with lighting, backrounds and poses for future sessions (I hope). There will be no nudity ever so you'll just have to use your imaginations. UPDATE Aug.- I am sad to report Jonathon has decided to stay in Iowa- at least for now, so these are the last posing pics I have to offer. I'm hoping he will come back so we can get more poses with my new equipment!
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Visiting North and South Carolina

Beautiful North/South Carolina when I visited in 2010. The clouds and sunset are from June 2011.
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Jonathon May 24

My 13- year old muscle shirted bud plays with the mower and works on his bike. More soon. See all 10 of Jonathon's albums!
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Jonathon's new bike frame 5-30

Jonathon traded his bike frame for a new one- he works on it here. See all 9 of Jonathon's albums- click "more photos..." above! He's still in Iowa-as of Christmas- always hoping for his return.
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Jonathon the KoolAid Kid

Jonathon's KoolAid tshirt was cute! See all 9 of his albums!
15 дети 28+78510 +102 13 9 лет назад
Jonathon @ my house Preview

My beautiful bud Jonathon mowed my yard & worked on his bike. See all 10 of his albums!
36 дети 66+167562 +335 37 9 лет назад
Jonathon Feb. 2011

My beautiful bud Jonathon. His eyes are incredible... Leave comments please!
47 дети 54+103895 +65 13 9 лет назад
Jonathon's Bike

My beautiful bud Jonathon working on his bike- would love some comments! See his other 6 albums too.
47 дети 56+115560 +157 15 9 лет назад
Jonathon March 2011

My latest photo creations of my beautiful bud Jonathon- such beautiful eyes! Comments appreciated!
54 дети 111+222856 +408 32 9 лет назад

My friend Jonathon. See all 7 of his albums! Comments appreciated.
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My truck and SPFX artwork

My photos and "Art photos" of the truck I'm building. 1946 Chevy panel truck.
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