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Real name: ajlis
ICQ UIN: 225681127
Birthdate: 1985-04-26
 Joined on: 2007-02-21
User info: Хожу. Дышу. Ем. Всё сама.
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Tagged under: HDR, Амстердам, бассейн, водное поло, Волгоград, евротурнир, музей, мяч, Нидерланды, Олимпиада, Паралимпиада, Париж, путешествие, Ротор, Сочи, спорт, техника, Украина, ФНЛ, Франция, футбол, эстафета.

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2014 Геленджик6travel0+2516004 years ago
20156various0+2065+104 years ago
Kidburg_1 (password protected)46various0+38004 years ago
2014 (password protected)265various0+971004 years ago
Sea26diving0+21234+214 years ago
2014 ланч51macro0+24578+304 years ago
2014 Волгоград343city0+97642+204 years ago
2014 #beehappy29various0+6721004 years ago
2014 турнир Лебедевой37sport0+8330004 years ago
2014 Рождественская ярмарка63show0+24776-904 years ago
2014/15 Red October284sport0+26943004 years ago
2014 Исинбаева Елена37paparazzi0+15119-104 years ago
2014 Гозий Махмудов26party pics0+4465-104 years ago
2014 Ростов-на-Дону18travel0+2812004 years ago
2014 турнир Слесаренко25sport0+4513004 years ago
2014 waterpolo145sport0+25350004 years ago
2014 handball13sport0+4575004 years ago
#ГотовимСДомРу48documentary0+9789004 years ago
2014 Ротор Енисей (password protected)133football0+118004 years ago
2011 vlg (password protected)35various0+67004 years ago
MyBike26biking0+8445004 years ago
Новороссийск 201413travel0+2466004 years ago
Flowers21macro0+14553+2014 years ago
FIFA International fan fest144football0+31753-304 years ago
Ладья в Волгограде37transportation0+13311+1005 years ago
Euro-201242football0+12248005 years ago
Amsterdam12travel0+16630+405 years ago
Paris13France0+7698+705 years ago
Музей компьютеров37collection0+26710+2915 years ago
Paralympic Torch Relay22sport0+5572-305 years ago
Sochi Olympic Games 201434sport0+5143005 years ago
2012 (password protected)110various0+128006 years ago
2012 aviashow29aviation0+19101+506 years ago
2012 Rotor FC117football0+31490-306 years ago
2012 Energy FC68football0+23735-306 years ago
2012 WC Spartak-Volgograd21sport0+5062006 years ago
2012 dayofRussia13biking0+19934-906 years ago
2012 Яхты7activities0+1275006 years ago
HDR Camera12various0+45105+107 years ago
2012 Dinamo HC11sport0+1868007 years ago
bibionight 2012 vlg11show0+1881007 years ago
2012 FollowByMe34sport0+5133007 years ago
2011 prague 1 (password protected)70Czech Republic0+41007 years ago
vlgblogschool74documentary0+10773007 years ago
2011 new (password protected)92various0+163007 years ago
2011 Ust'-Kachka21landscape0+3498007 years ago
2011 prague germany (password protected)184Germany0+146007 years ago
2011 PraguePride39Czech Republic0+27010007 years ago
2011 hight (password protected)36travel0+43007 years ago
2011 rafting23activities0+4575007 years ago
2011 air30aviation0+15702+1407 years ago
2011 everyday (password protected)137various0+107008 years ago
2011 Perm hockey33hockey0+9666-108 years ago
2006 (password protected)8various0+13008 years ago
2011 molot prikamie58hockey0+6641008 years ago
2011 Yekaterinburg (password protected)57travel0+46008 years ago
2010 amkar piket (password protected)45sport0+21008 years ago
Stereo photo (password protected)12various0+6008 years ago
2010 winter (password protected)14various0+19008 years ago
2010 autumn (password protected)47various0+130008 years ago
2010 Volgograd (password protected)9travel0+17008 years ago
2010 trips (password protected)79travel0+98008 years ago
2010 ukr (password protected)70travel0+151008 years ago
2010 belarus (password protected)203travel0+183008 years ago
2010 4 (password protected)48various0+84008 years ago
2010 3 (password protected)107city0+309008 years ago
2010 rafting (password protected)113activities0+89008 years ago
2010 white (password protected)45travel0+46008 years ago
2010 modern art (password protected)82show0+107008 years ago
2010 Picnic June 12, 2010 (password protected)38documentary0+52008 years ago
2010 2 (password protected)99various0+215009 years ago
2010 parad33documentary0+5280019 years ago
2010 5 корпус27party pics0+3864009 years ago
2010 amkar11football0+4824009 years ago
2010 1 (password protected)129various0+200009 years ago
2009 2010 (password protected)28happy new year0+72009 years ago
2009 perm3 (password protected)160various0+394009 years ago
2009dima (password protected)10various0+16009 years ago
2009 air25aviation0+4791009 years ago
2009 perm2 (password protected)159various0+407009 years ago
2009 zvezda8football0+3026009 years ago
2009 perm1 (password protected)163various0+4810010 years ago
2009 perm (password protected)168various0+4260010 years ago
2009 scarf (password protected)9various0+280010 years ago
2008 Цимла15landscape0+36890010 years ago
Я (password protected)86me, myself and i0+30120110 years ago
2008 LOKO (password protected)153football0+880010 years ago
2008-09 tennis16sport0+100520010 years ago
1 (password protected)90various0+352940010 years ago
ФОТО summer 2008 (password protected)16various0+370010 years ago
ФОТО Дон 2008 (password protected)14landscape0+340010 years ago
РЕПОРТАЖИ РСВ-200878party pics0+13787+1011 years ago
2008-05 Terra46activities0+87390011 years ago
РЕПОРТАЖИ Мамаев курган (password protected)11documentary0+420011 years ago
2007 work (password protected)116paparazzi0+1310011 years ago
2008-05-09 Vladimir-city (password protected)35travel0+650011 years ago
2008-05-06 Msk (password protected)80travel0+1080011 years ago
2008-04-26 EN25hobby0+51110011 years ago
2008 OLIMPIA53football0+82540011 years ago
2007vfoto (password protected)21various0+300011 years ago
ФОТО mine (password protected)54various0+3280011 years ago
2008 ROTOR76football0+96410011 years ago
ФОТО сессии2008 (password protected)26portrait0+16400011 years ago
2008-03-08 neversmile21party pics0+57530011 years ago
winter (password protected)54various0+1920011 years ago
ФОТО крещение 2008 (password protected)34various0+600011 years ago
ФОТО home (password protected)16friends0+980011 years ago
2007 события22hobby0+12496-1011 years ago
2007-07-07 Msk27football0+88460011 years ago
ENCOUNTER (password protected)23hobby0+1590011 years ago
2 (password protected)82various0+225630011 years ago
2007-09 RnD36football0+84120011 years ago
2007 summerparty (password protected)52various0+1630011 years ago
ФОТО Анкры,Фантазии,Марта (password protected)13various0+270011 years ago
ФОТО serii12activities0+97530011 years ago
2007 РЕПОРТАЖИ лагерь ССУ11friends0+49080011 years ago
2007 РЕПОРТАЖИ сессия лето8documentary0+59580011 years ago
Ф Ротор-Амкар кубок11football0+40340011 years ago
2007 LOKO71football0+114560011 years ago
2007-06-SPb11football0+55890011 years ago
2007 industrial12hobby0+64750011 years ago
ФОТО lj-friends19friends0+128650011 years ago
2007-05-26 Dozor33auto0+85880111 years ago
2007-05-Msk19friends0+79660012 years ago
2007 РЕПОРТАЖИ Студвесна34party pics0+81650112 years ago
ФОТО 20042007 (password protected)52various0+820012 years ago
2007-04-14 Dozor10auto0+54090012 years ago
2007-04-13 (password protected)12various0+22380012 years ago
ФОТО 10042007 (password protected)43various0+1480012 years ago
2007-04-08 Vlz33friends0+83560012 years ago
ФОТО 7042007 (password protected)57various0+24490012 years ago
2007-04-01 dreamflash26hobby0+134610012 years ago
ФОТО 31032007 (password protected)24various0+260012 years ago
ФОТО 29032007 (password protected)13various0+130012 years ago
ФОТО 8032007 (password protected)53various0+1620012 years ago
ФОТО 2032007 кошка (password protected)33animals0+50012 years ago
ФОТО 28022007 (password protected)30various0+340012 years ago
ФОТО 27022007 (password protected)103various0+840012 years ago
ФОТО pejzazhi11city0+53230012 years ago
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