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Настоящее имя:Aisha
Немного о себе:I'm a mature w.o.m.a.n but I wish I could turn back the time and be a young g.i.r.l again. Furthermore, I would not only like being a young g.i.r.l again but also the most a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e princess ever. That's why I'm collecting pics which makes me able to project myself into the g.i.r.l and enjoy the sweet childhood again.  I mean only in my fantasies I'm able again to look as beautiful as an angel. And for such an a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e sight the outfit is a very important issue and to the wardrobe of a little angel always belongs a pair of white or p.i.n.k t.i.g.h.t.s too. I guess, today I like being a little princess much more than I did in my childhood. You may call me weird, but that's what I f.e.e.l like.

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european royale kids

Another dream of me: being the well pampered little daughter of a royal family. I know, a real princess lives in a golden cage and has not just to learn Algebra but is also teached in royal etiquette and court protocol.
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russian school uniforms 01

I wish I would be a school girl again and allowed to wear such nice uniforms.
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christmas girls дети 46 76/
+254 16 4 года назад  46
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be careful when you are wearing white tights

Oh girl, my mother became very upset when I messed up my white tights. But in my case it was seldom that I had ruined my tights. I was much to proud of my attire for being careles with it.
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different little angel wearing tights

simply cute girls
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Daddy's Girl

I Loved to dress up. And I loved when my dad was complimenting me and my apparel. He used to compare my beauty to my mothers and I felt so beloved and truly precious (in its pure innocent meaning). Today, my innocence has gone. I know there is a huge number of shades of gray between black and white. Some of these gray shades frighten me but in a twisted way I learned to delight my fears and other unpleasent emotions. But that's another story. So please enjoy this album about proud dads and their adorable daughters.
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nice girls outfits with tights 01

girls how they should look like
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school uniform model 01

It has become very uncommon for girls of the western hemisphere to wear skirts and tights. That's why I'm especially appreciate russian school uniforms for girls. In my opinion girls should look like girls.
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adorable little brides aka flowergirls 01

Little girls are always cute. But dressed up as flower girls they turn to innocent beauties.
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