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Real name: Сергей
Birthdate: 1967-07-02
 Joined on: 2009-04-14
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Tagged under: амкар, аргентина, АукцЫон, бомжи, встреча, динамо, Доминикана, зенит, Крематорий, кс, кубань, леня, москва, мясо, нальчик, птица, ростов, рубин, салют, сатурн, сибирь, сочи, спартак, томь, химки, цска, Шарм, шашлык.

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2009.03.14 Локо-Химки (password protected)39football0+1990010 years ago
2009.04.05 Локо - КС (password protected)26football0+490010 years ago
2009.04.12 ЦСКА - Локомотив (password protected)22football0+630010 years ago
2009.04.19 Локомотив -Зенит (password protected)30football0+170010 years ago
2009.05.02 (password protected)38various0+111009 years ago
2009.05.03 Локомотив - Нальчик (password protected)32football0+62009 years ago
2009.05.10 Москва - Локо (password protected)43football0+80009 years ago
2009.05.23 Рубин - Локо (password protected)12football0+31009 years ago
2009.05.30 Локо - Спартак (password protected)66football0+165009 years ago
2009.06.14 Сатурн - Локо (password protected)59football0+33009 years ago
2009.07.12 Локо - Томь (password protected)8football0+14009 years ago
2009.08.02 Локо - Ростов (password protected)30football0+46009 years ago
2009.08.12 Россия - Аргентина (password protected)20football0+26009 years ago
2009.08.16 Локо - ЦСКА (password protected)49football0+143009 years ago
2009.08.29 Локо - Кубань (password protected)25football0+85009 years ago
2009.09.08 Матч Легенд (password protected)29football0+19009 years ago
2009.09.19 Локо - Москва (password protected)8football0+10009 years ago
2009.10.18 Спартак - Локо (password protected)16football0+33009 years ago
2009.10.24 Локо - Сатурн (password protected)8football0+22009 years ago
2010.03.06 Встреча (password protected)20football0+19009 years ago
2010.03.14 Рубин - Локо (password protected)45football0+97009 years ago
2010.03.20 Локо - КС (password protected)6football0+28009 years ago
2010.03.28 Спартак - Локо (password protected)14football0+45009 years ago
2010.04.04 Локо - Динамо (password protected)20football0+63009 years ago
2010.04.11 Зенит - Локо (password protected)60football0+179009 years ago
2010.04.17 ЦСКА - Локо (password protected)24football0+74008 years ago
2010.04.24 Локо - Томь (password protected)21football0+1008 years ago
2010.05.15 Локо - Амкар (password protected)11football0+30008 years ago
2010.08.01 Локо - Ростов (password protected)11football0+3008 years ago
2010.08.15 Локо - Спартак (password protected)7football0+1008 years ago
2010.08.29 Локо - Зенит (password protected)5football0+4008 years ago
2010.09.12 Крематорий (password protected)42party pics0+50008 years ago
2010.10.14 Локо - Сибирь (password protected)4football0+10008 years ago
2010.10.17 Локо - Спартак Нч (password protected)4football0+6008 years ago
2010.11.20 Ростов - Локо (password protected)64football0+19008 years ago
2010.11.28 Локо - Рубин (password protected)47football0+31008 years ago
2011.02.05 Федоров&Волков (password protected)89party pics0+27008 years ago
2011.02.25 АукцЫон (password protected)412party pics0+1049008 years ago
2011.03.12 Локо -Динамо (password protected)27football0+27008 years ago
2011.03.19 Крематорий (password protected)38party pics0+1008 years ago
2011.04.02 Локо - Ростов (password protected)22football0+66008 years ago
2011.05.08 Зенит - Локо (password protected)129football0+279007 years ago
2011.11 Доминикана (password protected)208travel0+471007 years ago
2013.12.25 АукцЫон ХХ лет альбому Птица (password protected)151party pics0+412005 years ago
2014.02 Шарм эль Шейх (password protected)196Egypt0+23005 years ago
2014.09.06 День города. Салют (password protected)112holiday0+48004 years ago
2015.07-08_Киргизия (password protected)230travel0+966+1103 years ago
2015.09.12_Казань (password protected)44football0+1003 years ago
2016.09.29 Встреча с командой (password protected)27football0+1002 years ago
2017.05.02 Сочи Финал (password protected)72football0+1001 year ago
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