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True beauty is found in the eyes of the boy-holder!

A few enhancements, overlays, gifs, frames, etc...
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+2774 176 10 years ago
Ben Breedlove-Boy with a vision...The Cokeville pictogram, and Angel-Visions

I'm off on an adventure...When will the fantasy end, and when will the heaven begin?....... FIRE!... Please read carefully. This is a deep, emotional, spiritual, and original album. Please read Ben Breedlove's story on the flashcards. He inspired and motivated me to make public, the 4 images left behind after my apartment fire. Those 4 images then led me to The Cokeville Pictogram, a similar but more complex fire image. I have tried my best to interpret (vision) these images and their meanings to you. How does one visualize and interpret the invisible? Enter and study this album to view my best attempt to do so!
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+43 210 10 years ago
Boys Captio Visio 3...n-joyment... n-tertainment

n-joy the beauty and the fun! free n-tertainment! much better than old boring re-runs on the Tele-Vision! :)
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+7456 1441 10 years ago
V.I.S.I.O.N.-Vacation Imagination Stimulation! Interaction Of Nature

Canoe Trip on Current River, Mark Twain National Forest, in Southeast Missouri. Nature pics, scenery.
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+48 421 10 years ago
Vacation Pics-public

Some scenic places I like to go an get away. all comments and anonymous allowed,
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+196 91 10 years ago
Boys Caption Vision... Imagination Destination

Imagine in your mind what is happening or is being said when the photo was taken....8-18-2011..a few remakes, a couple new additions at the end, before the new album coming soon!
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+4578 716 10 years ago
Comedy Visioned 2u...When I grow up, I want to be a Little Boy!

Improve your Vision and Reflection. Smile, Laugh and just be Happy.
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+3989 631 11 years ago
Vacation Pics (private-closest friends and family only)

vacation pics- no passes given.
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0 1504 11 years ago
Lightvisioned..All Boys Shine Brightly!

Comments and New Picture Names and Suggestions are Welcome. Enjoy! Free Admission. Popcorn extra. :)
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+2975 262 11 years ago
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