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iMGSRC.RU service rules

iMGSRC.RU (short for Image Source) is a free image hosting for everyone. Intended to be used for showing your pictures we do not allow users to upload photos from other sites (carrying copyright strings of such).

We can not be held responsible for any data loss. We reserve the right to lock out your account if you fail to follow our rules. We can not be held responsible for what user post on site, but we do take care to keep host as clean as possible. By signing in for service you are bound to this and rules below.

  • A user should only post original content. No pictures from sources other than his camera, this includes pictures with other site's watermark/copyright, pictures that had been previously posted on the iMGSRC.RU or elsewhere).
  • No, seriously, no reposts. If you post anything 'from friend', 'from web' or elsewhere you are doomed.
  • No porn without password. These photos can be viewed by minors, which is no good. 'EZ', 'easy' or password in album name/description all counts as 'no password'.
  • Any adult nudity and any adult related material must go in nude section.
  • ABSOLUTELY no child abusive pics and NO child abusive comments! Your account will be banned permanently.
  • No ads (links to other sites, etc) on images and/or album name/description and/or comments.
  • No spam, no trading requests. Again NO child abusive comments!

PS: If we block your account, it means you violated rules some way. If you have read rules above you already know what you did wrong.


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