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rinrin 🇷🇺 2015-04-18 01:41
Yencesse, Ovide 1869-1947, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is a Gorgeous Antique Bronze. International Exhibition, Milan. Medalist: By Art Nouveau. Artist Ovide Yencesse (1869-1947) A little Nude boy is painting and decorating a vase on one side of the coin, and on the other side a Peasant woman watches electric locomotive emerge from a tunnel. Classification: Coins and medals. 1906 Milan International Exposition of Transport and Decorative Arts Plaquette. Signature: (on obverse, in upper left behind boy's head) OVIDE YENCESSE Inscription: Obverse: (at top) EXPOSITION INTERNATIONALE/MILAN/1906/SECTION FRANCAIS/TRANSPORTS/ART/DECORATIF; (along bottom) COMITE FRANCAIS DES EXPOSITIONS A L'ETRANGER. In the Museum. The work is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Bronze, 71 x 52.5mm. By Ovide Yencesse. Forrer VI:697. Obv. Nude youth decorates vase, COMITE FRANCAISE DES EXPOSITIONS À L'ETRANGER at base. Rev. Peasant woman watches electric locomotive emerge from tunnel. Paris Mint, Cornucopia-BRONZE. Olive-gold patina. Uncirculated.