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heinzmann 2011-12-29 01:51
email me please

girl4girls 2013-01-14 05:41
I do so love the budding season

artebella 2013-01-14 08:02
ooooo! its winter now but spring will be here soon !!

newlady 2013-01-19 21:39
My, very random ;-) x

jakeaspen2002 2013-05-04 06:00
Love buds as well. Would love to see more. Pls email

fablebear 2013-06-20 03:18
not the buds was hoping for but pretty anyway

bear.teen 2013-12-22 02:49

imcaam 2014-03-17 06:07
trade please

kay2mito 2014-04-24 13:12

damianb74 2018-01-28 18:17
There's someone using a sparkly version of your avatar

damianb74 2018-02-09 01:36
Beautiful floral photography. I try artistic shots of flowers and they often come out looking rubbish!

13579xyz 2019-02-25 20:37
Sehr schöne Aufnahme

mendymoon 2018-07-04 09:58

kidsart 2011-01-01 21:10
beautiful, is this part of your house? If it is, then I am jealous, lol.

damianb74 2018-02-09 01:37
I love roses

artebella 2012-11-17 05:56
WOW REALLY !!! I see the pr ! ck now !!!!!!!

modelzfan 2013-01-14 03:44
If you are the same as the old arteblleza I look forward to seeing your work again.

artebella 2013-01-14 04:19
finally someone remembers me... yes it is me ! it may be a while tho im startin out fresh ;)

modelzfan 2013-01-26 21:54
I am looking forward to seeing that.

artebella 2013-01-27 15:22
if uncle sam is nice and gives me a "full" refund ! it shouldnt be long ;)

modelzfan 2013-05-03 19:06
Still waiting patiently......

papageorge 2013-02-05 09:31
Looking forward to watching your garden grow!

savannahsmile 2013-08-06 01:13
Splendid collection of beauty. I hope to see your wonderful garden grow and expand to our delight and pleasure.

artebella 2013-08-06 02:54
ugh! i should, but...

savannahsmile 2013-08-06 06:21
would you deny beauty to a true devotee? sigh "and i thought you were nice..." she pouted. ;)

artebella 2013-08-06 18:11
its a lil complicated right now

artebella 2013-08-06 18:35
seriously, do you write ? if not you should ;)

savannahsmile 2013-08-06 22:21
saying that it is complicated tells me that you have a conscience... and a good soul; you cherish beautiful things. I knew you were nice. :) writing is one of my many interests. i believe you have guessed some of my other interests. good for you :)

matrixstyx 2019-01-07 03:31