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johnhart1 from 2020-04-19 20:32
Wow schöne Runde Brüste

mywife7 from 2020-04-19 23:25
Sie hat noch nie BHs getragen

hellohn from 2020-05-01 13:45
Might I request the password for your locked albums?

hardcockchat from 2020-05-01 18:44
Sexy, would love to email her...

mywife7 from 2020-05-02 02:03
Thanks she is definitely an outgoing girl!

tomboy00712345 from 2020-05-12 01:44
sooo hot 😍

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:24
Thanks for commenting! Glad you like her photos!

4mileisland from 2020-05-20 11:29
Amazing nipples

mywife7 from 2020-05-20 21:58
Thanks! I agree. I love the fact that my wife has such firm breasts.

buttontickler from 2020-05-24 02:19
Nice tits!! Lucky man!

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:25
Thanks for commenting on my photos! Glad you like my wife's tits! I am lucky and a lot of other people get to share in my luck which is nice.

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:50
I want her

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:52
She is very easy to get.

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:56
Sounds like it

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:57
You have no idea!

tomboy00712345 from 2020-04-25 02:57
i love

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 06:54
Thanks! Glad you like her!

anpol88 from 2020-04-25 11:23
Love her breasts.

tabeasdad from 2020-04-28 13:36
nice titts

alwaysfun56 from 2020-04-04 17:06
how can i get sometime with her?

rachel2006 from 2020-04-07 06:28
She's really pretty

mywife7 from 2020-04-07 21:32
Thanks for commenting on the photos! Its great to hear what people think and what they want to see her do next.

ceri008 from 2020-04-21 00:23
she is amazing. Must be great to have her.

sarahmu from 2020-04-04 19:33
Nice, pass plz.

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 01:02
Thanks! This was at a swingers party we attended. This is from the "musical chairs game". The game works just like normal musical chairs, but the girls do it with no pants or panties on. The guys sit in chairs in a circle facing outward and the girls walk around the circle till the music stops, then they have to jump on a guys lap and stay there till the music starts again. Its a swingers game that helps break the ice with everyone.

12jahre from 2020-04-17 00:29

dcr802212 from 2020-04-19 01:53
I would love to play with her. Great breasts and pu$$y

mywife7 from 2020-04-19 02:02
Amazingly for the amount of sex she has had she still feels good when you do it.

chris212 from 2020-05-20 17:20
She is perfect. She must taste good

roxy1234 from 2020-04-24 23:13
I like the shaved look!

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 01:26
My wife usually has a little strip of hair but she was asked by her friend Eric to shave completely and she did it. You will see her shaved completely every now and then and it's usually at his request.

lemi from 2020-04-05 22:35
ohh!!!! mmmm!!

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 22:36
Thanks! That was taken at a swingers party. You will se a lot of photos of her wearing that belt with dresses.

roxy1234 from 2020-04-13 19:31

mywife7 from 2020-04-13 21:58
Thanks! Everyone were getting a look at what they were about to play with.

anpol88 from 2020-04-25 11:23
Great body. Would love to take her rightaway.

mywife7 from 2020-05-02 02:05
Thanks, She is always willing to play. My wife is awesome!

sauvieisland from 2020-05-01 18:42
So very very sexy

mywife7 from 2020-05-02 02:04
The amazing thing about my wife is how willing she always is to play.

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:51
I want to play with her

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:52
Its not hard to do!

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:56
Sounds like she is ready willing and able

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:57

forthefunofit from 2020-04-14 12:02
So cute!

mywife7 from 2020-04-17 00:02
That was taken during the musical chairs game at a swingers party we attended. She was on someones lap.

sauvieisland from 2020-05-01 18:51
passion in her eyes and cheeks. She is hot!

mywife7 from 2020-05-02 02:01
Thanks for commenting on the photos you like. Its nice to know what people like or don't like.

mywife7 from 2020-05-02 02:02
That was taken during the musical chairs game at a swingers party we attended. She was on someones lap.

sauvieisland from 2020-05-02 03:23
mmmmmmmm lucky lap

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 00:50
Yep he was in her while this was taken.

sauvieisland from 2020-05-02 03:24
What a beauty!

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 00:49
Look at the difference between this photo and the one taken at the end of the week of partying!

sauvieisland from 2020-05-03 00:52
here her cheeks a pink from makeup. After partying, they ar pink with passion.

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 00:54
That and exhaustion! She ends up having sex with everyone every night of the party. Its a lot to deal with and she gets very little sleep.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-11 16:26
Nice view

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:30
She works in front of people all day wearing that.

olienlena from 2020-04-05 05:45

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 22:09
Thanks! Glad you like my wife!

hardermen from 2020-05-20 19:21
so beautiful

anpol88 from 2020-04-25 11:24
Hmm, wanna grab them

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-11 16:27

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:29
My wife isnt exactly the shy type lol. This was taken during a break at a job site.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-15 04:06
this is a break I loved to have at my job

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 07:07
My wife doesn't care at all. The wind flipped her shirt to the side so her entire tit was out of her shirt and she didn't care enough to bother fixing it. She sat there like that talking to everyone.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-15 12:43
that’s my kind of women

mywife7 from 2020-05-19 23:50
My wife absolutely doesn't care who sees her body. It makes no difference to her if her tits are fully showing. You have to figure she works with a crew of guys and you have property owners and utility workers and neighbors who all see her.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-20 05:09

mywife7 from 2020-05-20 05:54
Yep my wife is the ultimate in cool attitude.

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 02:12
wondering if there are any underwear under that skirt. Have her flip up the back so we can see?

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 02:37
Thats a good question and idea on how to find out. I do have photos of my wife at a swingers party in this skirt with her underwear off. In this shot if you look closely her underwear were visible through the skirt.

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 02:09
those cute breasts should never be hidden under a bra

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 02:42
My wife never wears bras as you will see. This is a picture of her working in the office of the home repair company she works for. She usually does cleaning and painting at foreclosed homes. But sometimes he has my wife work in the office.

roxy1234 from 2020-04-24 23:14
I love to stroke to her photos!

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 01:23
I hope my wife brings you lots of sexual relief!

jfatsmith from 2020-05-04 07:42
Give me your address, and I'll gladly take her to bed.

mywife7 from 2020-05-04 23:03
I can let you know when and where the next swingers party will be if you want.

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 01:47
your wife is fantastic. thank you for sharing

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 01:51
You are very welcome! Glad you enjoy my wife. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts about each photo you like and what you would like to see my wife do next! I will be sharing a lot more of my wife.

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 02:11
hmmmmmm, more skin in public places. I love that!

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 02:39
Thanks for commenting! I have a lot more photos where my wife lets people see her tits show in public. She never wears bras as you will see.

asseater69 from 2020-04-11 01:42
I'd eat her ass. Can I have your password?

struho59 from 2020-04-09 17:44
nice white socks

struho59 from 2020-04-09 17:44
these black socks are also ok

dcr802212 from 2020-05-03 05:22
Fantastic top

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 06:03
This is how little she cares about what she wears.

dcr802212 from 2020-05-03 06:05
I love that she doesn't care

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 06:19
My wife doesnt care in the least.

dcr802212 from 2020-05-03 06:26
So I have learned. I think that is great

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 06:35
Her openness with her body is mind blowing!

dcr802212 from 2020-05-03 06:46
Unfortunately we should not be "mind blown" at that. Especially when she is working and her breasts are showing. It's just a boob.

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 06:50
You are right. But society rarely accepts women like her so they have to hide their bodies. My wife won't conform and she wont hide her body. She will tell anyone that if men have the right to walk around with no shirt on then she does too.

dcr802212 from 2020-05-03 07:04
I agree. It should not be a big deal

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 07:14
She is very vocal about her having the same rights as men to show her body.

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 02:55
I love it when ladies don't sit 'lady like'. Email should work

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 03:26
You will notice that my wife doesn't ever sit lady like! lol. She has lady parts that like to be the center of everyone's attention at all times.

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 03:27
Everytime you catch my wife not sitting "lady like" in a picture make sure to point it out. Lets see how many times you catch her.

struho59 from 2020-04-11 08:29
hat sie nur schwarze und weiße Söckchen?

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 03:34
those shorts are a little long, I can help cut them off to a more appropriate length

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 03:40
If you ever visit I will let you cut those shorts to the proper length and we will have my wife wear them in public. I guarantee you she would do it. She has no shyness.

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 03:43
She is a treasure!

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 03:44
My wife is very very open minded and sexually open.

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 03:48
Has she always been that way?

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 03:54
Yes ever since she was young. If you ever meet her you will be amazed at the stories she tells about things she has done. I have her high school yearbooks and you should see what guys wrote in them. Every comment is about blowjobs and sex. She did group sex even back then. She also had a guy she didn't know at all, enter a Denny's restaurant bathroom and have sex with her and she didn't stop him. It was after a party and she was drunk but she knew what she was letting him do.

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 03:58
Fantastic! She is my fantasy woman come to life!

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 04:01
Its amazing to me that she will just let people have sex with her if they are pushy. She truly doesn't value sex its just normal to her. Everything I tell you about my wife I can prove. You will see as I add more photos and videos that she is every bit as sexually wild as I say.

sauvieisland from 2020-04-05 04:03
I believe you! I'd love to see more of her.

mywife7 from 2020-04-05 04:17
There are lots more pictures and possibly some sex videos of my wife coming.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-11 16:28
Like the view

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:28
Thanks! I am a huge fan of these views too.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-11 16:28
She can come work at my house

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:28
If it is near Florida she might.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-11 19:18
Nice view of her boob

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:27
Thanks! This is what the guys she works with get to see every day.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-15 04:04
lucky guy

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 07:07
many guys.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-15 12:43

mywife7 from 2020-05-19 23:48
Its a whole work crew and the property owners and utility workers. A LOT of people see her.

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-20 05:08
lucky them

mywife7 from 2020-05-20 05:55
Im sure there are thousands more photos of my wife than I have seen.

anpol88 from 2020-04-25 11:25
Great side view

anpol88 from 2020-04-25 11:26
Would love to be her colleague

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-11 19:21
Wonder if she have panties under, I hope not

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:26
She didn't. Thats why you dont see panty lines

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:26
She didnt

whatashame2 from 2020-04-19 00:40
Your wife can work on my house anytime, as an adult can I please have pass for your locked album

mywife7 from 2020-04-19 00:54
If you have work that needs to be done thats her job.

mywife7 from 2020-04-19 00:54
You comment a lot so I will give you the pass.

mywife7 from 2020-04-19 00:54
Its "wife"

anpol88 from 2020-04-25 11:27
I envy her job mates

johnhart1 from 2020-04-19 20:33
Geiles Album

mywife7 from 2020-04-19 23:21
Thanks for commenting on the photos! Glad you like them!

struho59 from 2020-04-24 10:46
do you have to spank her if she doesn't perform well?

pantyhoselover31 from 2020-05-11 19:22
So sexy

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:25
Thanks that was at the swingers club resort week.

dcr802212 from 2020-04-20 01:16
Break time?

mywife7 from 2020-04-20 06:50
Yes thats where everyone were going to take breaks and cool off. Thats why she likes that outfit she doesn't have to keep getting dressed and undressed.

4mileisland from 2020-05-03 21:02
Very beautiful

mywife7 from 2020-05-04 23:12
Thanks! She was looking at paint on her leg at a job site.

4mileisland from 2020-05-05 01:26
are you sure it is paint?

4mileisland from 2020-05-03 21:03
Very sexy

mywife7 from 2020-05-04 23:11
Thanks! Unfortunately I had to crop out her co-workers.

dcr802212 from 2020-04-24 23:20
Love seeing her with the other guys

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 01:22
Everyone kept asking to see her with other men so here ya all go!

dcr802212 from 2020-04-25 01:28
Thanks, lucky men

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 01:31
My wife isn't blushing at all. She is completely comfortable with new people.

dcr802212 from 2020-04-25 01:32
That's what you have said. I think that is wonderful

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 01:59
She was right at home with these guys. No problem. Its amazing.

dcr802212 from 2020-04-25 02:22
That's is cool. I love the shot of her pu$$y BTW.

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 02:25
Those guys had my wife posed perfectly for this photo! It is one of my very favorite pictures of my wife's pus$y

dcr802212 from 2020-04-25 02:32
One of my favorite pics as well

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 02:36
The guy on the right seems to be impressed with my wife lol.

dcr802212 from 2020-04-25 02:38
Haha, ya he is. I am too lol.

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 02:40
I saw that and I was thinking to myself "she's gonna get it!" She had no idea how anxious that guy was! She found out quick!

dcr802212 from 2020-04-25 02:42
Ya, he looks ready. I didn't notice until you pointed it out. I was focused on her pus$y, lol And I bet she enjoyed finding out how anxious he was.

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 02:47
Apparently he was focused on her pus$y too

dcr802212 from 2020-04-25 02:49
I don't blame him. She has a beautiful pus$y

mywife7 from 2020-04-25 06:52
In that photo you can't tell how much mileage her pus$y has. In other poses it shows a lot more. That closed leg position always makes them look a lot less used.

roxy1234 from 2020-05-10 19:21
very nice!

4mileisland from 2020-05-03 21:03
Lovely in white

mywife7 from 2020-05-04 23:11
Thanks! Its another job site photo

4mileisland from 2020-05-03 21:03
Amazing hips

mywife7 from 2020-05-04 23:10
Imagine working with her at job sites!

4mileisland from 2020-05-05 01:21
looking at her i can imagine just one thing

4mileisland from 2020-05-03 21:03

mywife7 from 2020-05-04 23:09
Thanks! Thats just my wife working at a job site at a storm damaged home. It was over 100 degrees with humidity.

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:37
She can come work on my house anytime

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:41
Just imagine, the home owners, utility workers, neighbors, and her work crew all get to see a pretty girl standing there with her tit out and showing.

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:43
Oh I came image that her work crew is very loyal and will work for her anytime. I know I would.

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:45
Their other work crews have a lot of turn over but hers doesn't.

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:48
I am not surprised.

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:51
They get away with a lot with her and she is so cool about it!

dcr802212 from 2020-04-27 23:00
I like the under boob

mywife7 from 2020-04-28 00:53
This was not accidental. They were meeting with a guy to try to get an expensive contract to fix his home. She goes with her boss to meet people with storm damaged homes and buildings and she helps her boss convince them to sign repair contracts with his company. If they pull up and see that it's a man they are dealing with and no women are with him, her boss has my wife show a little bit of tit while they talk to the guy. They make it look accidental like this so no one gets offended if they aren't happy to see it. They also make a point of mentioning that she will be there working on the house herself. This is obviously to get men to sign a high priced repair contract because they want her to be at their home or apartment building. Don't laugh it works and all kinds of businesses have women wear skirts and sexy outfits to encourage sales. The repair team my wife is on typically bids jobs higher than the other repair teams do and they still get more contracts and more than twice as many referrals. They take photos of all the damage while they are there and thankfully her boss managed to get a few photos of my wife too. This guy was responding very well so when he wasn't looking at her they subtly increased how much was exposed. Look closely. They got a signed contract and a deposit before they left.

dcr802212 from 2020-04-28 03:34
Good business model. I can see a hint of nipple. I imagine it works great

dcr802212 from 2020-05-01 19:25

mywife7 from 2020-05-02 01:59
Even with her work crew, other general contractors, and the property owners there, this is how relaxed my wife is.

dcr802212 from 2020-05-03 05:23
Is she a bit tired in this pic?

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 06:01
She was extremely tired in that pic! That was an entire week of partying.

dcr802212 from 2020-05-03 06:04
I was wondering

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 06:20
Yes you can see the look on her face. She was worn out and sore.

dcr802212 from 2020-05-03 06:27
The pic does have the "I have been having sex all weekend look"

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 06:48
Good observation! Its really does. her expression doesn't even begin to tell the story! Its hard enough to please one partner fully, but when you attend these swingers resort weeks you are pleasing an endless line of partners and many times the same ones over and over.

dcr802212 from 2020-05-03 06:53
That sounds fun for both guy and gal

mywife7 from 2020-05-03 07:03
She gets very worn out.

4mileisland from 2020-05-03 21:04
Lovely Belly

mywife7 from 2020-05-04 23:07
Thanks! Its not the best photo due to her been so worn out.

4mileisland from 2020-05-05 01:19
she’s perfect like this

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:44
Yes I would work with her all day and night as long as that is what I got to work with.

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:49
They take pictures and grab at her and joke around and my wife doesn't care at all. She laughs about it and does nothing. She wants the attention so you can get away with almost anything as long as you understand how her mind works. You can easily use the fact that she can't stand being ignored against her. All you have to do is act like you don't think she is a big deal and talk about why other women are better. She will start trying to get you to pay attention to her and you can manipulate that into almost anything.

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:53
well than the work might not get a timely manner anyway.

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:55
Its gotten delayed plenty of times.

desmotes from 2020-05-11 18:40
loved the album

mywife7 from 2020-05-15 00:27
Thanks I really appreciate hearing what people think and what they like or don't like about each photo!

dcr802212 from 2020-05-20 04:30
Her tits hang perfectly. Very inviting

mywife7 from 2020-05-20 04:55
Those tits slap around like crazy as she works. Her tits are slapping each other in full view as she scrubs.

dcr802212 from 2020-05-20 05:00
I love bra free tits that swing around.

mywife7 from 2020-05-20 05:57
You would definitely love watching hers in real life.

dcr802212 from 2020-05-20 06:03
I can only imagine, but I am sure I would

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:45
Holy crap she is cute

mywife7 from 2020-05-24 02:50
Imagine that walking into a swingers party and knowing you could have sex with it!

skyhawk1 from 2020-05-24 02:55
Love it