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sexyroxy 🇩🇪 2020-08-19 07:56
So after looking at all your photos I wonder what kind of bicycle is it that you made this trip with? It must be very light because I think you had to carry it a lot. You also must have had hip boots also to wade through all that country. You can email me to let me know the details if you will. I really like your album. Thank you.
lesnoybrodyaga 🇷🇺 2020-08-19 11:35 в ответ sexyroxy
Here are photos for my blog https://lesnoybrodyaga.livejou There are also descriptions of the trips. I carry everything I need on the trip in the trunk of my bike, and I also have a backpack for my camera and lenses. The trip takes 12-16 hours without rushing.
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