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SL740055.JPG загружено azovazov в 2010-01-10 21:23
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visionedit2u 🇺🇸 2011-03-02 04:44
Rain For Us. I sent you an email. A special visionedit2u version just for you and your friends. I am listening to it right now, imagining him playing the guitar. :)
azovazov 🇷🇺 2011-03-02 20:54
here he plays (and sings) the song titled 'pachka sigaret' ( a sigarette pack)
visionedit2u 🇺🇸 2011-03-02 23:36
You have no idea how much i would like to hear him play,
azovazov 🇷🇺 2011-03-03 00:09
i can't guarantee i'll have you hear him do that, but i'll try (this year)
visionedit2u 🇺🇸 2011-03-03 00:29
Maybe he could work on the new version of Rain for Us, and add in the new lyrics and music. He could adjust some of the words.
azovazov 🇷🇺 2011-03-03 19:10
i'm not so sure about mike's creative abilities
visionedit2u 🇺🇸 2011-03-03 19:30
I have no doubt he can do it.
azovazov 🇷🇺 2011-03-03 21:15
skinny 🇷🇺 2023-03-26 03:29
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