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'img0033.jpg' from 'sissy boy conner'. Uploaded 2010-07-11 20:44:34.
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Comments to 'img0033.jpg': (2010-07-12 03:28):

hmm.... freu mich schon ihn ein drittes loch zu f.icken (2010-07-12 05:52):

who would do that to a little boy? Sick!! He's a cutie put him in some cartoon undies and he'll be cute the way he is suppose to be. (2010-07-12 06:25):

is he going to be like that when he is older (2010-07-12 08:34):

hes not skinny enough to be a sissy.and he looks too old.wake up pedos. (2010-07-12 08:44):

I really.. don't.. think that this is a boy. Do you have any proof?? Hot either way though (and I'm an exclusive boy lover..) (2010-07-12 09:05):

um, little package? (2010-07-12 09:19):

I know, really. If you look at this picture and img0046 you see, even though the pics are small, there's a little package there, much more than for girl, even a girl with a puffy little puss puss. And btw .. 71.23.53 what does being skinny or older have to do with being a sissy or not? Sissies come in all shapes and sizes, not only skinny toddlers, get real dummy.

 rebmeo (2010-07-13 02:40):

CLOTHES DON'T MAKE ANYONE BOY OR GIRL!!! It's culture that make people think one piece of cloth girlish and another boyish. Of course bras don't fit boy, so they shouldn't wear that, but boys could wear tights eg. Tights don't cause any harm and fit perfectly. Or why not wear pink clothes as a boy? It's just a color! It's simple to tell if you're boy or girl. Just have a look at what you have between your legs, and it tells your gender. If your son wear culturally girlish clothes (and he is the one who wants this), this don't harm him. But making him think that this makes him a girl, that will harm him a lot! So just don't do that! Regardless of what clothes someone wears, boys are boys and girls are girls. You should teach this to your child! (2010-07-13 08:23):

asi es que se ven mas eroticos (2010-07-13 11:37):

Who would want to let their little boy dress up as a little girl. I am sorry but putting dresses on a cute little boy is so pathetic. People that let their sons wear long hair is one thing and I was a boy with my hair middle ways down my back by the time I was 12 but dressing them like girls. Oh please. I would never let my son dress up as a little girl. (2010-07-13 22:59):

come on people... it is clearly a girl, if you look at the structure of the chin you see that the chin is more pointed like a girl. did anyone think that the poor girl thought wanted to cut her own hair at some point and her parents did the best the could to fix it. This kid is also too young to have an exclusive female wardrobe. (2010-07-20 23:04):

check out my albums i am also hot cutebootie33 (2010-08-14 23:44):

he is sooooo cute. I'd help him learn how to please a man.

 bdr222 (2010-10-04 07:56):

he is innocent does not know anything you said (2010-10-19 07:05):

Disgusting...but genuinely arousing. (2010-11-09 05:21):

wow ! (2010-12-04 09:47):

It's a boy wearing a pair of little girl's bathing bikini. He is also wearing a set of Barbie's knee pads and roller skates. It looks like a girl. but it's actually a crossdressed sissy boy. (2011-01-03 19:48):

some boys just like barbie anyway more importantly how can he play soccer with roller skates on

 grandpaluv (2011-07-23 02:39):


 grandpaluv (2011-09-14 01:54):

same here

 daiperlover4 (2013-01-18 16:11):

I want more please
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