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Real name:RinRin
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User info:"Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty". (from the Preface to 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde) / "Те, кто находит нечто постыдное в прекрасных творениях - разочаровывающе испорчены. Они совершают ошибку. Образованы те, кто находит красоту в прекрасных вещах. На них есть надежда. Они - те избранные, для кого прекрасные вещи означают только Красоту". (из Предисловия к "Портрету Дориана Грея", Оскар Уайлд).
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!1001 ночь7undefined6+133230117 years ago
!Alger, Horatio (1832-1899, USA)4undefined7+4205906 years ago
!Bloxam, John Francis, "The Priest and the Acolyte" (1894)9undefined2+1813719 years ago
!Goethe / Гёте1undefined3+2755537 years ago
!Hladnik, Bostjan (1929 - 2006, Yugoslavian) - Maskarada, 197034undefined14+3446501 year ago
!Pasolini, Pier Paolo - The Inquisition23undefined4+18697727 years ago
!Satyricon (in italiano)5nudity3+13766427 years ago
!Wilde, Oscar (1854 - 1900)4undefined1+2175615 years ago
!Блокхем, Джон Френсис, "Священник и Алтарник", 1894 (согласно журнала "Мальчишник", 1992 год: Оскар Уайлд, "Царь Жизни")14undefined2+1556729 years ago
!Гашек, Ярослав (1883 - 1923), "Авантюра с голым мальчиком"3undefined2+2347805 years ago
!Голдинг, Уильям, "Повелитель Мух" - публикация в журнале Вокруг Света, 1969 год5kids3+2073802 years ago
!Древняя Греция8Greece1+3863027 years ago
!Дюма "Граф Монтекристо" - эпизод с 15-летней "поселянкой" в Риме2undefined4+335501 year ago
!Клейн, Лев Самойлович (род. 1 июля 1927 года) "Другая любовь", 1999 год57undefined5+13107337 years ago
!Князькин, Игорь "История петербургской проституции" (2003) - 19-й век4undefined0+1044603 years ago
!Князькин, Игорь "История петербургской проституции" (2003) - 1990e годы4undefined0+888303 years ago
!Князькин, Игорь "История петербургской проституции" (2003) - рубеж 19 и 20 веков18undefined2+1815403 years ago
!Кон, Игорь Семенович (1928 - 2011), "Мужское тело в истории культуры" - Из чего сделаны мальчики?1undefined0+2295543 years ago
!Кон, Игорь Семенович (род. 21 мая 1928 года, скоропостижно скончался 27 апреля 2011 года) - альтернативный "законопроект" заголившимся депутатам, 2002 год4nudity7+5983265 years ago
!Кузмин, Михаил - "Купанье" (1918 г.)1undefined0+1847407 years ago
!Кузнецов, Сергей (основатель группы "Ласковый Май") "Инквизитор, год 2293-й", рассказ, опубликован в 2002 году5undefined1+1446033 years ago
!Кунин, Владимир, "Сволочи"3undefined1+3824915 years ago
!Лермонтов - неизвестный поэт16undefined5+4074513 years ago
!Пушкин, Александр Сергеевич - Сафо; Подражание арабскому1undefined1+138701 year ago
!Ротиков К.К. "Другой Петербург" (1998 год)75undefined5+3803203 years ago
!Рязанова, Екатерина - "На пляже" (1957 г.)13collection3+9379806 years ago
!Сатирикон (на русском)4undefined2+1936807 years ago
!Чехов, Антон Павлович - "Злой мальчик" (1883 г.)3undefined0+1526006 years ago
Aaltonen, Vaino (Finnish, 1894 - 1966), a statue devoted to the Finnish boys who defended their Motherland during the Soviet aggression in 1940 - can be seen in Gert Skytten puisto, Helsinki30Finland0+2552532 years ago
Aaltonen, Vaino (Finnish, 1894 - 1966), sculpture of Paavo Nurmi in Helsinki3Finland0+753013 years ago
Aaltonen, Vaino (Finnish, 1894 - 1966), sculpture of Paavo Nurmi in Turku and Lausanne (Parc Olympique)5Switzerland0+1292103 years ago
Aaronson, Naum (1873 - 1943)2travel0+3548057 years ago
Aarsleff, Karl (1852-1918, Danish)8travel1+4348305 years ago
Achvaring (Norway, 2009)1undefined1+1063706 years ago
Acke, Johan Axel Gustaf (1859 - 1924, Swedish), exhibited in Stockholm National Museum7collection1+868012 years ago
Acke, Johan Axel Gustaf (1859-1924, Swedish)2collection0+3428225 years ago
Adams, Carl (1887)3nudity1+1333802 years ago
Adams, Herbert (1858 – 1945) boys with turtles, Upper Common Park in Fitchburg Massachusetts, 18899travel3+644791 year ago
Adamson, Amandus (Estonian, 1855 - 1929) - 1903 (Russia, St. Petersburg, Eliseevskiy Store at Nevskiy prospekt, 56)13city0+2101504 years ago
Adler, Jules (1910)1kids0+4361110 years ago
Adolfs, Heinrich (1901 - 1964) - a girl and a boy in Germany, Essen, Hagen, Grugapark, in the so bad 19362nudity0+259407 months ago
Adour, Pauline-Francoise1France0+628304 years ago
Adser, Karl (1912 - 1995)12nudity7+4436042 years ago
Aedo, Francisco Soria (1898 – 1965, Spanish)1kids1+904002 years ago
AESF14nudity4+10862722 years ago
Afanador, Ruven6nudity0+1577302 years ago
Afonina, Sayda (born in 1965)4kids0+3505010 months ago
Agneessens, Edouard (1842-1885)2nudity1+7705010 months ago
Agrasot, Juan Joaquin (Spain, Valencia, 1872, 'Baco joven')1nudity0+2399149 years ago
Agricola, Rudolf (1912-1990)5collection0+1874603 years ago
AH (1979)2undefined1+2681535 years ago
Aichele, Paul (1859-1910), 1899 - a wonderful piece of Art!!!2collection0+1466414 years ago
Aizelin, Eugene Antoine (1821-1902)2collection0+1099307 years ago
Akesson, Jonas (1879 - 1970, Swedish)2collection1+909304 years ago
Akimov, Vladimir (born in 1950), 1981 - Голубое утро1kids0+354702 years ago
Akulin, Georgiy1undefined0+401704 years ago
Alabaster, Brian (USA?)4travel0+3339718 years ago
Albaccini, Carlo (1769-1812), exhibited in Hermitage, St. Petersburg6Russia0+2822018 years ago
Albani, Francesco (1578 - 1660)3collection3+803422 years ago
Albright, Adam (1862-1957, American)11kids0+1441424 years ago
Aldin, Cecil Charles Windsor (1870 - 1935, British)1collection1+589003 years ago
Alexeev, Aleksandr (Kyiv, contemporary)4kids0+705923 years ago
Allam, Paul (born in 1942 in London) (password protected)4nudity0+755512 years ago
Allar, Andre-Joseph (1845-1926), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris11France1+4141408 years ago
Allard L'Olivier, Fernand (1883-1933)1collection0+2811708 years ago
Allen, Charles John (1863 - 1936, British), Love and the Mermaid", 1895, U.K., Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery2travel0+408203 years ago
Allers, Christian Wilhelm (1857-1915)3collection1+1860202 years ago
Allouard, Henri Emile (1844 - 1929)5nudity1+1594403 years ago
Alten, Mathias Joseph (1871 - 1938, American)8kids0+1042702 years ago
Alvarez, Jose Cubero (Spanish, 1768 - 1827)3collection0+454502 years ago
Amajoh5nudity0+5549607 years ago
Ammannati, Bartolomeo (1511 - 1592, Italian sculptor)3Italy1+130519 months ago
Ancher, Michael Peter (1849-1927, Denmark) ca. 19001collection2+859708 years ago
Anderson, Dallas J. (1998, USA, Wisconsin, Riverside Park in Neenah)1travel0+1550108 years ago
Andrassy, Kurta Janos (1911 - 2008, Hungarian)3travel0+805404 years ago
Andreev, Oleg (Ukraine)1kids0+920908 years ago
Andrei 200000, Sergey Sovkov and other Artists45kids18+278208283 years ago
Angelini, Tito (1806 - 1878, Italian)3Italy0+385203 years ago
Angles, Joaquin Cane (1859-1905)1collection0+603607 years ago
Angsi, Albert-Karl (1875-1965), 1916, Geneve Art and History Museum8Switzerland0+471703 years ago
Anikeev, Mikhail - 19781kids0+577105 years ago
Anikeychik, Anatoliy (Belarus, Minsk, Yunost Fountain)8travel0+345803 years ago
Anisfeld, Boris (Russian, 1879-1973)3collection1+1306806 years ago
Anker, Albert Samuel (Switzerland, 1831-1910)9collection1+2771103 years ago
Anschutz, Thomas Pollock (1851 - 1912, U.S.A.)12collection0+9153084 years ago
Anthonissen, Louis-Josef (1849-1913)2collection0+1509547 years ago
Apperley, George Owen Wynne (1884 – 1960, English)5portrait0+1189704 years ago
Appiani, Andrea (1754 – 1817) (EZ) (password protected)1Italy0+526503 years ago
Areko (contemporary) (password protected)7nudity0+959902 years ago
Arges, Frederic2collection0+740805 years ago
Arias, Virg inio (Chilean, 1855-1941), 1888, in Santiago MBA1travel1+289104 years ago
Aristov I. - 1953, спасение знамени1collection0+284404 years ago
Armitage, Edward (1817-1896), 18821collection0+774104 years ago
Aronson, David (contemporary)1undefined0+389004 years ago
Arseniev, Arkadiy Borisovich (1939 - 2006)5collection1+1510601 year ago
Artyushenko, Sergei (born in 1936, Soviet), illustrations to the Jungle Book, 196734kids3+2560501 year ago
Arvari1undefined0+1340314 years ago
Aryamnov (Armyanov) Gavriil (1891-1949)2nudity0+1898707 years ago
Asplund, Nils (1874 - 1958, Swedish)1collection0+188002 years ago
Assmann, Siegfried (1925)2Germany0+719405 years ago
Astaniere, Eugene Nicolas Clement, comte d`Astaniere (1841 - 1917) - France, Douai (Musee de la Chartreuse) 18862show1+2523010 months ago
Astruc, Zacharie (1835 - 1907), 1883 - Jardin du Luxemburg3nudity2+861403 months ago
Averin, Alexander (1952, Russian)7kids0+1082604 years ago
Avinoff, Andrei (Russia, the Golden 1990s)12nudity2+3633872 years ago
Awde, George (contemporary Artist)8kids0+666611 year ago
Azamatov, Felix (Russia, Tver) - Monument to the Memory of the Victims of the Repressions - Памяти Жертв Репрессий - erected during the Decade of Freedoms, in 19972Russia0+816506 years ago
Azema, Jacques (1910-1979)4collection0+286302 years ago
Babb, Nicholson Stanley (1874 - 1957, British), 19121collection0+179603 years ago
Babinski, B.1undefined0+1679237 years ago
Baca-Flor, Carlos (Peru, 1867-1941), nude ephebe1nudity0+572513 years ago
Bacchicca (Italian, 1512, exhibited in NGA, Washington D.C.)1collection0+588604 years ago
Bach, Andreas (German, 1886-1963)6nudity0+2473434 years ago
Bache, Otto (1839 - 1927, Danish)1kids1+225902 years ago
Bacon, Henry (1839-1912)1undefined0+517515 years ago
Badusev, Eugeny (Ukraine, nowadays)1nudity0+2016807 years ago
Baglione, Giovanni (1573 - 1644), exhibited in Gemaeldegalerie, Berlin3collection0+237313 years ago
Bail, Joseph (1862 - 1921, French) - an indecent kitchen boy, 1893; открытка "поваренок нахрюкался на кухне", тираж 150000 экз., 1957 год - и другие работы13collection1+6508912 years ago
Bakalowicz, Stefan (Polish, 1857 - 1936)1collection1+213202 years ago
Baker, J.H. - Ganymede, 18601collection0+182002 years ago
Balakshin, Eugeniy (Russian artist, born in 1962)12kids2+1494501 year ago
Baldamus, Senta (1920-2001, German)20Germany5+3249524 years ago
Balestrieri, Bernardo (Italian, 1884-1965)4collection0+1387605 years ago
Balod, Pavel (Russia, nowadays)4collection0+3468007 years ago
Baluschek, Hans (1870-1935, German)8collection0+566104 years ago
Balzer, Daniel (born in 1971)3kids0+447303 years ago
Baranov, Rudolf (Sons, 1981, 1985)4Russia0+2046304 years ago
Barbier, George (1882-1932), one of the key artists of the “Art Deco” movement12nudity2+4688901 year ago
Barbosa, Bento (1897)2collection1+860315 years ago
Barduleck, Max (1846-1923)2collection0+567405 years ago
Barkley, Daniel (Born in Montreal, Canada, in 1962)41nudity3+135912115 years ago
Barnard, George Grey (1863 - 1938)21travel0+1824133 years ago
Baroli, Fabio (contemporary)1kids0+178802 years ago
Barrau, Laureano (1863 – 1957, Spanish)3collection1+694604 years ago
Barre, Desire Honore Amand (... - 1922), 18741collection0+241604 years ago
Barrias, Louis Ernest (1841 - 1905) - fingers torn off but still desperately, beautifully and gracefully holding hands, not giving up3France2+261802 years ago
Barrias, Louis Ernest (1841 - 1905), France, Paris, Jardin des Tuileries, and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen19France2+1087905 years ago
Bart, K., 1908 - Russia, Moscow, Arkhangelskoye3Russia0+107601 year ago
Barthelemy, Raymond (1833-1902, ca. 1890)1France1+370206 years ago
Bartholdi, Frederic Auguste (1834 - 1904)3travel0+161502 years ago
Bartholome, Paul Albert (1848 - 1928, France), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris and in Hermitage, Petersburg10France7+825603 years ago
Bartlett, Bo (1955-living) USA - exhibited in 2003 in the Museum of Arts, Seattle9kids0+537536 years ago
Bartlett, Charles (1860–1940)1collection2+1586828 years ago
Bartolini, Lorenzo (1777 - 1850; exhibited in Hermitage, St. Petersburg, in Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, and in Florence, Italy)22Russia0+4177803 years ago
Barwig, Franz2collection1+438904 years ago
Barye, Antoine-Louis (1795-1875, France), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris8France4+2093718 years ago
Bashkirtseff, Marie (1860-1884), Russia, Ukraine, France - exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris, France; Dnipropetrovsk State Art Museum, Ukraine3France0+1456606 years ago
Basin, Petr (1793 - 1877), 1821 - exhibited in Russian museum, St. Petersburg8Russia7+2920025 years ago
Baskakov, Nikolay (1918 - 1993)1collection1+232804 years ago
Basset, Urbain (1842-1924), Grenoble, France8France0+1122203 years ago
Bast, Ornulf (1907-1974, Norway)2collection0+510106 years ago
Batoni, Pompeo Girolamo (Italian, 1708-1787)8collection1+1645413 years ago
Batov, Anton (Russia)1kids0+1201508 years ago
Baucke, Heinrich Carl (1875-1915) - Germany, Duesseldorf (Barbarensieger, 1897)22Germany1+1989104 years ago
Baudichon, Rene (1878-1963)2collection0+513706 years ago
Baudrenghien, Joseph (1904)1collection0+1376010 years ago
Baudrexel, Eduard (1890 - 1968, German)1kids0+163312 years ago
Baujault, Jean-Baptiste (1828-1899, French)2France0+1797402 years ago
Beard, Mark (aka Bruce Sargeant, aka Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon, aka Edith Thayer Cromwell) born in 1956100nudity5+6773113 years ago
Beard, Mark (aka Bruce Sargeant, aka Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon, aka Edith Thayer Cromwell) born in 1956 - inside a fashion shop in Tokyo13undefined0+717203 years ago
Beard, Mark (aka Bruce Sargeant, aka Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon, aka Edith Thayer Cromwell) born in 1956 - inside a fashion shop in Waterloo Laan 100 meters away from crossing with Kern Straat (rue du Pepin), Brussels, Belgium10travel0+452543 years ago
Beardsley, Aubrey (France, 1900s)4collection1+962634 years ago
Beckmann, Max (Germany, 1884-1950), 19052show0+438703 years ago
Bedoli, Girolamo (1500-1569)1collection0+120303 years ago
Begas, Reinhold (1831 - 1911, German)3Germany0+328404 years ago
Beguine, Michel-Leonard (1855-1929), 1887 - Musee Rolin, France2France0+484316 years ago
Behn, Fritz (1878 - 1970)3Germany0+361004 years ago
Beklemishev, Vladimir (1861 - 1919, Russian)4Russia0+196602 years ago
Bell, Cecil Crosley (U.S.A., 1906-1970) 19371collection0+4097010 years ago
Bell, Don Gene1nudity0+240903 years ago
Bellange, J. (1906)6nudity0+1148815 years ago
Bellows, George Wesley (USA, 1882 - 1925)3collection0+1871808 years ago
Belov, Mikhail (1971) - мальчик со змеей4collection0+1499407 years ago
Belov, Sergey1kids0+503005 years ago
Belskie, Moonbeam (1937)2portrait0+367915 years ago
Belz, Johann (1874-1957), in Chemnitz, in front of Kafe Moskau2Germany0+238604 years ago
Bencker (Benker), Ivo (Germany, 1938) sculpture, in Humboldt Gymnasium, Dusseldorf - drawing by Sacrevoir3collection0+1685616 years ago
Benczur, Gyula (1881)1collection1+1107719 years ago
Bendemann, Eduard Julius Friedrich (1811-1889)5collection0+564702 years ago
Bender, Valentine (1884-1947, Belgian)8collection2+1174815 years ago
Bendzhanian (Erevan, Armenia, USSR - 1970)1undefined0+443718 years ago
Beninni (Rome, Musei Vaticani)2Italy0+1062108 years ago
Benitez A. L. (Spain, San Agustin, Gran Canaria)1Spain0+467907 years ago
Benito (contemporary)3collection0+317803 years ago
Benliureygil, Mariano (1889)2collection0+1533010 years ago
Benner, Emmanuel Michel (1873 - 1965)1collection1+1452407 years ago
Benner, Jean Henri (1796-1849, France; Boys fishing)2kids0+5001206 years ago
Benson, Frank Weston (American, 1862-1951)2kids0+166703 years ago
Benzoni, Giovanni (1809-1873) 1870 - exhibited in Hermitage, St. Pete, and in Detroit Institute of Arts9show0+319903 years ago
Beran, Jan (1913-2003), Czech Republic9nudity1+2619807 years ago
Berg, Frans Oscar Teodor (1839-1914), 1878 - modellerande gosse - National Museum, Stockholm9travel0+1439236 years ago
Berge, Edward (1876-1924), Baltimore, Maine, USA - a girl2travel0+129201 year ago
Berge, Edward (1876-1924), Baltimore, USA3travel0+867027 years ago
Berger, Giacomo (1754-1822) The Triumph of Astrea, 18151collection0+89801 year ago
Berger, Joseph (French, 1798-1870)1collection0+188718 years ago
Bergmann, Gertrud (1910 - 1985, German)1collection0+192103 years ago
Bertaux, Helene (1825-1909)2France0+524516 years ago
Bertocchini, Frederic1portrait0+152003 years ago
Bertola, Louis (1891-1961) 19271collection2+631607 years ago
Berulvson, Ingemund (1900-1976) - Kristiansand, Norway2travel0+483506 years ago
Besenthal, Otto (German, born in 1887)1nudity0+393105 years ago
Best, Fritz (1894-1980), 193730collection1+1704404 years ago
Bestler, Sepp (1909 - 1985)19show0+2986807 years ago
Beurnier, M.1collection0+281006 years ago
Beyer, Johann Christian Wilhelm (1725-1796)1collection0+290805 years ago
Bida, Alexandre (1823-1895)1collection0+602707 years ago
Bienaime, Luigi (1795-1878), exhibited in Hermitage, St. Petersburg20Russia0+2380603 years ago
Biender-Mestro, Louise (1909) (EZ) (password protected)2nudity2+2084717 years ago
Biennourry, Victor Francois Eloi (1823-1893)1collection1+96201 year ago
Billot, Charles Auguste2nudity0+238902 years ago
Bindella, Claudio (Italy, Milan, born in 1967)2collection0+141002 years ago
Binder, Eberhard (1924 - 1998, German) - illustrations to 'Der Knopf Krieg' ('War of Buttons', 'Война Пуговиц'), by Louis Pergaud, published in Berlin, DDR, in 197445collection5+3888481 year ago
Birschtein, Max (1914-2000, Soviet)1collection0+533106 years ago
Bisky, Norbert (Germany)15show0+2422906 years ago
Bissen, Christian Gottlieb (1836 - 1913) and his father, Bissen, Wilhelm Hermann (1798-1868) Copehagen - Denmark24show3+1194004 years ago
Bistrov, A. (Russia, St. Petersburg, 'Sportivnaya' Metro Station, 1985, 1997)3city0+92101 year ago
Bistrov, A. (Russia, St. Petersburg, Metro 'Sportivnaya', 1985, 1997)7city2+493305 years ago
Bitsenko, Eugeniy (born in 1930)1kids0+81501 year ago
Bjerg, Johannes (1886-1955), 1914 - Kopenhagen Statens Museum, Denmark6travel5+577905 years ago
Bjork, Gustav-Oskar (Swedish, 1860-1929), 18861collection0+1154010 years ago
Blackpencil22nudity24+2828804 years ago
Blake, William (1757-1827)7nudity0+825313 years ago
Bleeker, Bernhard (1881-1968) - 1940, Berlin22Germany0+3004523 years ago
Bliss, Robert (American, born in 1925)34nudity1+7259053 years ago
Blistanov, Nikolay (1835-1864) Russian Museum, St. Petersburg10Russia2+2023517 years ago
Blomberg, Stig (Sweden, Germany, 1901 - 1970)35travel2+11231834 years ago
Blomberg, Stig - 'Florez och Blanzeflor', 1942-1943 (Sweden, Stockholm, Ringvagen 66 - in the yard of Eriksdalsskolan ground school)63travel0+5627436 years ago
Blomberg, Stig - 'Sisters', 1950s (Sweden, Stockholm, Vastertorp)24travel2+2586902 years ago
Blomstedt, Vaino Alfred (Finnish, 1871-1947)5Finland1+1148303 years ago
Blondel, Merry-Joseph (1781-1853)1collection0+414906 years ago
Blumenthal, Hermann (1905-1937)16Germany1+1294304 years ago
Bocion, Francois (1828-1890, Swiss) Jeux Nautiques1collection0+377706 years ago
Bock, Richard - Frank Lloyd Wright, Larkin Administration Building, Buffalo, New York, 19061travel0+122202 years ago
Bodine, Aubrey Aldine (1906 - 1970, American)2nudity0+351703 years ago
Boecklin, Arnold (1827 - 1901)6nudity0+1162106 months ago
Boetticher, Walter (1885 - 1916, German)1collection0+153103 years ago
Boettinger, Hugo (1880-1934, Czech Republic)8nudity0+1668001 year ago
Boettner, Wilhelm (1732-1805)3nudity3+280807 months ago
Bofill, Antoine1collection0+118802 years ago
Bogaevskaya Olga (1915 - 2000, Soviet illustrator)24kids2+2085501 year ago
Bogdanoff-Bjelski (Bogdanov-Belski), Nikolai (1868 - 1945) 1917, Russia, Latvia, Belarus32kids2+14432123 years ago
Bokhorst, Hendrik Gerrit (1894-1972, Dutch)6nudity0+814005 years ago
Bolzano, Bruno Walpoth Ortisei (1959)1collection1+225304 years ago
Bondarenko, Nikolay (1924 - 1983), 19751kids0+151002 years ago
Bonet, Laurent (1970s, French Artist)1nudity0+40102 months ago
Bonk (1986-87, Berlin, Karl Marx Platz)36Germany0+2822245 years ago
Bonnard, Pierre (French, 1867-1947), 19021collection0+1108209 years ago
Bonnassieux, Jean (Louvre)1collection0+874108 years ago
Bonnesen, Carl Johan (Denmark, 1868-1933)8travel0+1420505 years ago
Bonnet, Laurent (1974)1kids0+209403 years ago
Bonnet, Rudolf (1895 - 1978, Dutch painter)1collection0+93401 year ago
Bonnetain, Armand (1883-1973)1collection0+221115 years ago
Borbereki-Kovacs, Zoltan (1907-1992) - exhibited in Hungary, Budapest, Hungarian National Gallery7travel0+227404 years ago
Borisov-Musatov, Viktor (Saratov, Russia, 1870 - 1905)4nudity0+1503108 years ago
Borjeson, John (1835-1910) - in Stadsparken, Helsinborg, Sweden, and other places5travel0+430413 years ago
Borjeson, John (1835-1910) - near National Museum, Stockholm15travel0+1007106 years ago
Borjeson, John (1835-1910) - near National Museum, Stockholm - a new look7travel0+166502 years ago
Borodulin L., 1958, юный лыжник2collection0+199404 years ago
Borrel, Alfred (1836-1927, French)4collection0+304305 years ago
Bors, Istvan (1938 - 2003), Veszprem, Hungary, 19631travel0+136504 years ago
Bosio, Francois Joseph (1768 - 1845) Principaute de Monaco (exhibited in Hermitage, St. Petersburg; in Louvre, Paris; in Musset Calvet, Avignon)23France0+1799513 years ago
Bottalla, Giovanni Maria (1613-1644) - 'Giuseppe venduto dai fratelli' - 'Joe sold by his brothers' - exhibited in the Capitolian Museums, Rome2undefined0+385206 years ago
Botticelli, Sandro (1445-1510), 1482, exhibited in Gemaeldegalerie, Berlin, Germany8Germany0+1056103 years ago
Bouchard, Henry (1875-1960) - Palais de Chaillot, Place du Trocadero, Paris, France (1937)5France0+305003 years ago
Bouchardon, Edme (1698-1762), 1745 - exhibited in Louvre and in NGA, Washington D.C.8France0+2955604 years ago
Boucher, Alfred (1850 - 1934)3travel1+706005 years ago
Boucher, Jean-Marie (1870 - 1939)1travel0+81402 years ago
Bouguereau, William Adolphe (French, 1825-1905)13show2+5589709 years ago
Bouillon, Henri (1896)1collection0+9798010 years ago
Boulanger, Gustav (1824 - 1888)2collection0+921508 years ago
Boulton-Maude, Doris (1893 - 1961, British), 1949, girls in nature1nudity0+249103 years ago
Bourcart, Daniel (1862 - 1887, Swiss), 1885 - parc Mon Repos, Geneve1Switzerland0+99802 years ago
Bourdelle, Emile-Antoine (1861-1929), 1885 - exhibited in Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil6travel0+866904 years ago
Bourdelle, Emile-Antoine (1861-1929), in Sweden, Stockholm (Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde)7travel0+144902 years ago
Bourdon, Sebastien (1616 - 1671, French) - exhibited in the State Museum of Arts, Almaty1show0+38407 months ago
Boure, Antoine Felix, 1874 - exhibited in Bruxelles, Royal Museum of Arts3travel1+1276306 years ago
Bourgeois, Louise - USA, Seattle (Olympic Sculpture Park), 'Father and Son' - 20065travel0+1099307 years ago
Boyd, John (Canada, Ontario, 1911)1kids0+1518108 years ago
Boye, Abel Dominique (1864-1934)2collection0+803107 years ago
Bramley, Frank (1857 - 1915, British)4collection0+275204 years ago
Brangwyn, Frank (1867-1956) - 1914-16 for Air, The Missouri State Capital Murals (Эскиз "Эфир", для оформления здания парламента штата Миссури), 19147nudity1+1831523 years ago
Bravo, Claudio1nudity0+201303 years ago
Breitbach - bathing children1collection0+287814 years ago
Breker, Arno (1900-1991, German)27Germany1+3552502 years ago
Brendel, Albert Heinrich (1827-1895), 18501collection0+202305 years ago
Brewer, Edward V. (1883 – 1971, American)2kids0+299004 years ago
Bricard, Francois Xavier (1881 - 1935) - Smoking Boys5kids3+289702 years ago
Bridgstock, Peter2collection0+214102 years ago
Bridoux, Francois NOT Eugene Augustin (1813 - 1892, French)1nudity0+200902 years ago
Brigman, Anne Wardrope (1869-1950), ca. 19007nudity0+526603 years ago
Briulov, Karl (Russia, 1799 - 1852)5nudity0+260204 years ago
Broadley, Ian Rank (born in 1952)8nudity0+116904 months ago
Broc, Jean (French, 1771-1850)1collection0+140505 years ago
Brock, Henry Matthew (1875 - 1960, American illustrator)1collection1+95621 year ago
Brodski V.P. (1862 - 1904, Russia)3Russia0+1333809 years ago
Brodski, I. (1910s)2Russia0+770707 years ago
Brodskiy, Isaak (1884 - 1939)2nudity0+69405 months ago
Bronisch, Paul (1904 - 1969), Kassel, Treppenstrasse3Germany0+174904 years ago
Bror, Marklund (1907-1977) - 1950s, Vastertorp, Stockholm58travel5+1562502 years ago
Broutos, Georgios (1843-1909, Greek)3Greece0+183504 years ago
Brown, John George (1831 - 1913, British-American)24kids2+1015003 years ago
Brown, John Mort imer (1874 - 1966, British)1collection1+124203 years ago
Brown, Kellock William (1856 - 1934)1collection0+125104 years ago
Browne, Gordon Frederick (1858 - 1932, British) - boys bathing1kids0+82301 year ago
Bruzelius, Fritz (1919 - 1974), Latvia, 19481kids0+1389010 years ago
Bryant, Les (contemporary Artist)9kids0+4174110 months ago
Brymner, William (1855 - 1925, Canadian)1collection0+184602 years ago
Buck, Claude (1890 - 1974, American)2nudity0+324402 years ago
Bueno de Mesquita, David Abraham (1889 - 1962, Dutch)5collection0+387104 years ago
Bugatti, Rembrand (1884 - 1916), 19092collection0+1681010 months ago
Bughay, Leonid Maximovich (born in 1935, Russian & Soviet sculptor) - a monument to Composer Kalinnikov in Orel2Russia0+119902 years ago
Bundy, Edgar (1862 - 1922, British)1collection0+105703 years ago
Bunny, Rubert Charles Wulsten (1864-1947)3collection1+525705 years ago
Burakova, Tatiana (Soviet illustrator, 1974)3kids0+138401 year ago
Burke, M.1collection1+918308 years ago
Burkhardt, Ebe (1881)1Germany0+302307 years ago
Burkhardt, Fritz (1900-1983)1collection0+486205 years ago
Burschik, Herbert (1922 - 1990) Gelaende des Krankenhauses, oder vor demFriedrich Wolf - Theater Eisenhuettenstadt4Germany0+371214 years ago
Bury, Friedrich Johann (1763 - 1823), 18104nudity0+105305 months ago
Butaev A., Zvonov V. (Russian Sculptors from Sochi) - monument to Tsar Peter-the-Great in Antwerp, Belgium / Монумент Петру I в Антверпене7travel0+185603 years ago
Byres, James of Tonley (1733 — 1817)1collection0+80902 years ago
C*ckrill, Mike (born in 1953, USA)9nudity2+1958604 years ago
Caasmann, Albert (1886-1968) 19124collection1+431104 years ago
Cabet, Jean Baptiste Paul (1815-1876) - France, Dijon (Musee des Beaux Arts) - 1857 - AMOUR DOMINATEUR DU MONDE3France0+1014606 years ago
Cabradori, Vimo (Italian, early XX century)1lulz0+238205 years ago
Caccini, Giovani Battista (1556 - 1612), 1608 - Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy1Italy0+257806 years ago
Cacheux, Francois (born in 1923 in France)1travel0+484707 years ago
Cadmus, Paul (1903-1999)3nudity0+2321736 years ago
Cadoux, Marie Edmu (1853-1939) ca. 18871collection0+469707 years ago
Caffieri, Hector (1847-1932)3kids0+557015 years ago
Cagnacci, Guido (1601-1663)3collection0+431305 years ago
Caille, Joseph Michel (1836-1881) - exhibited in the Musee de Bonne Artes, Nantes2France0+310106 years ago
Calderon, Jose (Santader, Northern Spain)4Spain0+1254823 years ago
Camarlench, Ignacio Pinazo (1849-1916)11show0+701804 years ago
Campbell Boileau Cadell, Francis (1883 - 1947)1collection0+89702 years ago
Campbell, Thomas (The Hon William Kinnaird, 1822. Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh)1travel0+595108 years ago
Campriani, Alceste (1848 - 1933, Italian painter)4nudity1+108605 months ago
Canciani, Alfonso (1894) "David" - Italy, Cormons (Piazza 24 Maggio)2Italy0+117508 years ago
Canneel, Eugene (1882-1966) - located in Brussels, near to the Central Railway station (where homeless people live)8travel0+216803 years ago
Canova, Antonio (1757-1822) - Hermitage (Petersburg), Louvre (Paris), Correr (Venezia), Metropolitain (New York), Chatsworth House (UK)51Italy8+3611853 years ago
Capellaro, Paul Gabriel (1862-1956) - France, Paris (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, 14 Rue Bonaparte), won a Gran Prix deRome in 1886, exhibited also in the Dendrarium (the 1920 nationalized park of Sergei Khudekov) in Sochi, Russia9France0+223305 years ago
Caracci, Jose Vignatti (1887 - 1979, Italian-Chilean painter)1nudity0+41804 months ago
Caracciolo, Giovanni Battista (1578 - 1635)7collection0+285203 years ago
Caraglio, Jacopo (Spanish, 1527)1collection0+126904 years ago
Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi (1571 - 1610)34nudity1+4808923 years ago
Carl-Nielsen, Anne Marie (Denmark, 1863-1945)1travel0+247206 years ago
Carles, Jean Antoine (Antonin) 1851-19194France0+1108004 years ago
Caron, Alexandre-Auguste (1857 - 1932)1nudity0+27002 months ago
Carpeaux, Jean-Batiste (1827-1875) Museum D'Orsay and Louvre, Paris; Metropolitan Museum, New York; Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen; Pushkin Museum in Moscow; NGA, Washington D.C.; Santa Barbara Museum of Arts, LA, CA; other museums97travel3+2020603 years ago
Carpentier, Evariste (Belgian, 1845-1922)3kids0+136309 years ago
Carracci, Annibale (1560 - 1609)6collection0+234504 years ago
Carrance, Raymond (1921-1998)3nudity0+302402 years ago
Carrick, Alexander (1882 - 1966, British), 19141collection1+132113 years ago
Carucci, Jacopo (Italy, 1494 - 1556)2nudity0+1059609 years ago
Caselli, Stefano (born in 1978)13show0+909402 years ago
Casorati, Felice (1883 - 1963)3nudity0+72202 months ago
Castelnau, Eugene Alexandre (1827 - 1894), 18661collection0+144004 years ago
Cattier, Armand (ca. 1878-1879)2France1+1052010 years ago
Cauer, Robert (1863-1947), 19111collection0+207504 years ago
Caunois, Francois Augustin (1791-1859) Musee des beaux arts, Amiens, France1France0+236006 years ago
Cavelier, Julies (1814-1894)2France1+217605 years ago
Cawen, Frans Alvar Alfred (1886 - 1935, Finnish painter)7kids0+254302 years ago
Cellini, Benvenuto (1500 - 1571) - Ganymede, 1545-471travel1+82302 years ago
Cellini, Benvenuto (1500 - 1571) Firenze - Italy 15487Italy1+853703 years ago
Cepulinskaite, Aurelija (born in 1974 in Lithuania)2kids0+577404 years ago
Champeil, Philippart Odile (French, born in 1860), 19111collection0+97303 years ago
Champigny, Robert1collection0+913209 years ago
Chaplain, Jules-Clement (1839-1909)5collection0+310905 years ago
Chaponniere, Jean-Paul-Etienne (1801-1835), David with the head of Goliath 1834, Geneva, Mont de la Reformation, promenade des Bastions29Switzerland3+1917413 years ago
Charpentier, Alexandre Louis Marie (French, 1856-1909)8collection0+170105 years ago
Chase, William Merritt (Unexpected Intrusion) (American, 1849-1916)1collection0+1092109 years ago
Chasseriau, Theodore (French, 1819-1856), le jeune endormi1collection1+111903 years ago
Chaudet, Antoine-Denis (1763 - 1810, France), Louvre, Paris; Hermitage, St.Petersburg24France2+593313 years ago
Cheere, John (Painshill, Cobham, UK)1travel1+108504 years ago
Chen, Wenling (China, born in 1969)35show1+3947904 years ago
Cheong, Chong Fah (Singapore)17travel20+8929314 years ago
Cherednichenko, Alexander (2009, exhibited in the Central House of Artists, Moscow in Jan-Feb 2010)4show0+670806 years ago
Chernyshov, Nikolai (1885-1973)7Russia0+396304 years ago
Chervet, Leonfrancois (1873)1France0+404308 years ago
Chi-Tung-Chiang (China, contemporary)1collection0+813208 years ago
Chibnev, D.V. (Estonia) from an old post card1collection0+256506 years ago
Chinard, Joseph (1756 - 1813)2nudity0+40402 months ago
Chioli, Valerio (1529-1599)4Russia0+219904 years ago
Chiurazzi & Sons (Late 19th Century) Naples - Italy1Italy0+957009 years ago
Cho, Jun Ho (Korean, contemporary)1collection0+96702 years ago
Chocarne-Moreau, Paul Charles (France, 1855 - 1931)10lulz1+1452417 years ago
Chodakowska, Malgorzata (born in 1965, Polish)3collection0+181002 years ago
Choppin, Paul Francois (1856-1937) - 18811collection2+222006 years ago
Christensen, Elen Sofie Elster (1904 - 1967, Norwegian), 1961 Fagerheim, Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway2travel0+144703 years ago
Christensen, Jeremias (1859 - 1908)1collection0+82802 years ago
Chubb, Ralf Nicholas (1892-1960) - 'In heaven to grow old is to grow young'26nudity2+12640113 years ago
Chulovich, M.V. (Contemporary Artist), Two Boys, 20051kids0+92901 year ago
Cipriani, Giovanni Battista (1727 – 1785)2collection0+112302 years ago
Civitale, Matteo (1435-1501)2travel0+102204 years ago
Clara, Josep (1878–1958)7nudity0+1660010 months ago
Clausen, George (1852 - 1944, British painter)8kids0+92205 months ago
Clement, Felix Auguste2France0+362404 years ago
Clodt, Peter (1805—1867) Berlin, Kleist park4Germany1+112102 years ago
Clodt, Peter (1805—1867) Moscow, at the beginning of Begovaya Alley, near to Moscow Hyppodrome11Russia0+148602 years ago
Clodt, Peter (1805—1867) Moscow, Kuzminki5Russia0+95202 years ago
Clodt, Peter (1805—1867) Naples, in front of the Royal palace16Italy2+418732 years ago
Clodt, Peter (1805—1867) St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospect, Anichkov bridge over Fontanka river ('the 16 balls bridge')28Russia0+676702 years ago
Clodt, Peter (1805—1867) St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospect, Anichkov bridge over Fontanka river ('the 16 balls bridge'); facade of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow; Naples, Royal Palace19Russia1+2345005 years ago
Closest ?1undefined0+489816 years ago
Cobero (Prado Museum, Madrid)1Spain0+499008 years ago
Coddron, Oscar (1881 - 1960, Belgian painter)2nudity0+57905 months ago
Coello, Alonso Sanchez (Spanish, 1531-1588)1collection0+198705 years ago
Coke, Alfred Sacheverell (1846 - 1880)2collection0+96902 years ago
Colacicchi, Giovanni (1900 - 1992)2nudity0+213102 years ago
Collin, Raphael (1890 French edition of Daphnis and Chloe)18show4+4660216 years ago
Collins, Hugh (British, died in 1932)3collection0+1569701 year ago
Collson, Guillaume-Francois (1785 - 1850)1collection0+93702 years ago
Colstee, Peter (1960 - living) Arnhem - Holland27nudity0+86373222 years ago
Colton, William Robert (1867-1921 UK) 19031travel0+495808 years ago
Conti, Primo (1900 - 1988)7nudity0+260802 years ago
Convers, Louis-Joseph (1860 - 1915) - le Petit Palais, Paris8France1+168701 year ago
Cook, Robert Howard (American, born in 1921), ca. 19501kids0+72401 year ago
Cook, Rosemary (nowadays)2travel0+1015108 years ago
Cooke, Jerry (1921 - 2005)1kids0+112412 years ago
Cooper, Martha (born in 1943, American)2kids0+249604 years ago
Copnall, Edward Bainbridge (David, Chelsea Embankment, London) 19744travel0+488204 years ago
Copping, Harold (1863 - 1932)9collection0+310113 years ago
Cordonnier, Alphonse Amedee (1848-1930)2nudity1+307505 years ago
Core, Philip (1951 - 1989) USA1show0+675708 years ago
Corinth, Lovis (1858-1925)8nudity0+1646605 years ago
Cornwell, Dean (1892 - 1960, American)11kids0+417203 years ago
Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille (1796-1875)5kids0+355106 years ago
Corry, Steven Clayton (born in 1949, American)11nudity0+485603 years ago
Cortot, Jean-Pierre (1787 - 1843, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris and in Lille10France0+1077807 years ago
Coudray, Francois (NGA, Washington D.C.)1travel0+110804 years ago
Coudray, Marie Alexandre Lucien (1864 - 1932) Paris - France 19063collection1+816506 years ago
Cougny, Louis Edmond Philippe (1831 - 1900, French)1France0+74602 years ago
Court, Joseph-Desire (1797-1865)1collection29+288003 years ago
Courtois, Gustave Claude Etienne (1853 - 1923) France 19041collection0+745010 years ago
Coutan, Jules-Felix (1848-1939) - Manufacture de Sevres, Paris, Boulevard St. Germain, Square Felix Desruelles, France5France0+383306 years ago
Couture, Thomas (1815-1879, French)6kids0+321903 years ago
Cowell, George, 1893, exhibited in Chiswick House, London, UK1travel0+97903 years ago
Cox, Kenyon Cox (1856 - 1919)1nudity0+253905 years ago
Coxcie, Michiel (1499 - 1592)1collection0+79002 years ago
Coysevox, Antoine (1640 - 1720) Lyon - France1France0+654209 years ago
Craig, Brian Booth8collection0+299102 years ago
Craigher2portrait0+268705 years ago
Craske, Alfred (ca. 1900)1kids0+881027 years ago
Crawford, Thomas (1813-1857), USA2travel0+100104 years ago
Crawshaw, Lionel Townsend (1864 - 1949, British)2kids0+209503 years ago
Crema, Giovanni Battista (1883-1964)1kids0+506306 years ago
Crenier, Henri (1873-1948), Boy-Tourtle 1916 (exhibited in Metropolitan Museum, NY and in Baltimore, Mount Vernon, Washington Monument)4travel0+989904 years ago
Crockwell, Douglas (1904 - 1968, American painter & illustrator)11lulz0+280001 year ago
Cromwell, Edith Thayer (nickname) - see Beard, Mark1collection1+88603 years ago
Cunningham, Ingham (USA, 1922)2nudity0+400833 years ago
Cuno, Amiet (1868 - 1961, Swiss)3collection0+241204 years ago
Curry, John Stewart (1897-1946)4nudity0+239417 years ago
Curtis, Edward Sheriff (1868 - 1952, American)2family0+208503 years ago
Cuvelier, Paul13nudity1+3487907 years ago
Cuypers, Jean (1844-1897), exhibited in Royal Art Museum, Brussels11travel0+204403 years ago
D'Agata, Gaetano (1883-1949) Cain, ca. 19101collection0+143313 years ago
D'Angers, David Pierre Jean (1788 - 1856) Angers - France 184316France0+3643003 years ago
D'Eon, Felix (contemporary)8nudity1+1244903 years ago
Da Carpi, Girolamo (1501 – 1556)1collection1+80002 years ago
Da Correggio, Antonio Allegri (1489 – 1534)8show0+415602 years ago
Da Costa, Baptista Joao (1865-1926, Brasilian)4collection1+809204 years ago
Da Ravenna, Severo Calzetta, ca. 1500 (exhibited in NGA in W.D.C. and in Victoria & Albert Museum in London)2collection0+148304 years ago
Da Vinci, Pierino (Italy, 1529-1553), exhibited in Louvre, Paris3France0+587003 years ago
Daege, Eduard (1805 - 1883), 1832, Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin1Germany0+93403 years ago
Dahl, Hals (1849-1937)2kids1+139403 years ago
Dali, Salvador (Spanish, 1904-1989) 1954, Два отрока3nudity0+204513 years ago
Dalley, Christopher (contemporary Artist)6nudity0+2325010 months ago
Dallmann, Ernst Karl (1889 - 1947) Merkurstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland2Switzerland0+166103 years ago
Danby, Ken (Canadian, 1940-2007)10kids0+1555606 years ago
Daniel-Dupuis, Jean-Baptiste (1849-1899, French)4collection0+261905 years ago
Danielson-Gambogi, Elin (1861-1919), 18841nudity0+565508 years ago
Dankberg, Friedrich Wilhelm (1819 - 1866) Germany, Berlin, Schlosspark Glienicke43Germany3+1177104 years ago
Dannecker, Johann-Heinrich (1778-1841) ca1810, Copenhagen1travel0+849010 years ago
Dantan, Antoine Laurent (1798 - 1878, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris3France1+540703 years ago
Dante, Giorgio4nudity2+1015705 years ago
Daviau, Melina Eudoxie (1862-1941)2nudity0+142402 years ago
David, Jacques Louis (1748 - 1825)10nudity0+541521 year ago
Davidenko, Leonid (1941-2002), a Boy with a Squirrel, 1976, exhibited in the Belarus National Art Gallery, Minsk17travel4+6124013 years ago
Day, Darius5undefined1+2034307 years ago
Day, Fred Holland (1864 - 1933) Norwood, Massachusetts - U.S.A. (late XIXth Century)8nudity2+9338633 years ago
De Boulogne, Valentin (1591 - 1632)2kids0+76701 year ago
De Chavannes, Pierre Puvis (French, 1824-1898)14nudity0+3536815 years ago
de Combeloup, Jean-Xavier1nudity1+125203 years ago
De Eguia Quintana, Horacio (1914-1991), Havana, Cuba (a relica); the original in Plaza de San Francisco, en Palma de Mallorca2undefined0+197312 years ago
De Felice, Aurelio (1915-1986)1collection0+329806 years ago
De Graaf, Mario (bookcovers of 1970s-80s)5collection0+821917 years ago
De Graaf, Mario (bookcovers of 1970s-80s) 241nudity1+68355102 years ago
De Joncieres, Leonce Joseph (1871-1930), ca. 1890 - Narcisse - nude ephebe1collection0+114403 years ago
De Keyser, Hendrik - 1611 Mercurius - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam1collection0+88903 years ago
De Lotto, Annibale (1877 - 1932, Italy, Germany)9Germany0+382823 years ago
De Martino, Giovanni (ca.1900, Boy with a Crab)2collection0+1147010 years ago
De Medina, Xavier Robles1portrait0+105603 years ago
De Morgan, Eveline (1855 - 1919, British)3collection0+1011403 years ago
De Paoli, Luigi (Gigi) (1857 - 1947) - Museo Civico d'Arte di Pordenone2collection0+117802 years ago
De Parme, Julien (1736-1799)1collection0+114433 years ago
De Pujol, Abel Alexander-Denis (1785 - 1861)4nudity0+114405 months ago
De Roncourt, Jean (early XXth Century)5collection0+315305 years ago
De Roux, Antoine (1901 - 1986), 19251nudity0+138902 years ago
De Rudder, Isidore-Lievin (Belgian, 1855-1943)2collection0+223305 years ago
De Sa, Antonio Fernandes (1874 - 1959) - Portugal, Cidade do Porto, Jardim da Cordoaria4travel0+775010 months ago
De Satriano, Conda - 18931collection0+132004 years ago
De Souza-Pinto,Jose Julio (1856-1939, Polish)10kids0+925402 years ago
De Strobel, Daniele (1873 - 1942, Italian), a boy1nudity0+44905 months ago
De Torres, Julio Romero (1874 – 1930, Spanish)1undefined0+177404 years ago
De Villiers, Henry-Charles (1848-68)1collection0+87715 years ago
De Vito, Robin1undefined0+785010 years ago
De Vries, Adriaen (Holland, Czechia, 1556 - 1626), exhibited in Louvre, Paris; Triton 1615 - Rijksmuseum Amsterdam4France0+731103 years ago
De Vries, Wladimir (Netherlands, 1917-2001)3travel0+310406 years ago
De Vuyst, Alann (1959 - living, Aalst - Belgium, 1983, 1984)9show0+1943807 years ago
De Waal, Lecia (2004)1collection0+745408 years ago
Debay, Auguste-Hyacinthe (1804-1865)2collection0+195705 years ago
Debay, Jean-Baptiste-Joseph (French, 1802-1862)2France0+201106 years ago
Debry, Sophie Victoire (1920) France6France1+1537608 years ago
Decinti Alejandro (Chilean, born in 1973)17nudity4+6444004 years ago
Degas, Edgar (1834-1917), 18569nudity0+1222103 years ago
Degeorge, Charles (1837-1888, France), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris and in Louvre15France1+2458508 years ago
Degeorge, Thomas (1786-1854)1collection0+284815 years ago
Deineka, Alexander (1899 - 1969) - continued8nudity0+203805 months ago
Deineka, Alexander (1899 - 1969, Kursk, Russia) - the Story of the USSR40nudity11+2106264 years ago
Del Nero, Giuseppe (1780-1860), Mercury with Reed-Pipe, 1843, exhibited in the Belarus National Art Gallery, Minsk11travel0+188703 years ago
Del Verrocchio, Andrea (Florence, 1470)1undefined0+606209 years ago
Delaplanche, Eugene (1836-1891) 18663France0+426704 years ago
Delaunay, Jules Elie (1828 - 1891)14nudity6+7949703 years ago
Della Porta, Gulielmo (1490 - 1577), a replica of Lo Spinario - exhibited in Hermitage, Russia6Russia0+136103 years ago
Della Robbia, Luca (1400-1482, Firenze)2Italy0+95504 years ago
Delmonte, J.L. (Belgium)3travel0+787708 years ago
Delobbe, Francois Alfred (1835-1920)2collection1+117923 years ago
Deloye, Jean Baptiste Gustave (1838-1899)1collection0+504807 years ago
Delville, Jean (1867-1953, D'Orsay, Paris)1collection0+224805 years ago
Delvin, Jean-Joseph (1853 - 1922) Belgium - boys bathing3nudity0+251511 year ago
Demadre-Synoradzka, Anna (Polish)4collection1+885305 years ago
Demont-Breton, Virginie (1859 - 1935, French painter)13kids9+19408110 months ago
Dendibera, Alexander (St. Petersburg, Russia)4collection0+441706 years ago
Denis, Maurice (1870-1943) - exhibited primarily in Hermitage, St. Petersburg8collection0+336365 years ago
Deroux, Antoine (1901-1985), 19251nudity0+233704 years ago
Desruelles, Felix (1865-1943) 1907 - exhibited in France, Valenciennes, Parc de la Rhonelle1France0+478608 years ago
Detanger, Germain (1846-1902)3collection0+195203 years ago
Detlefsen, Paul (1899 - 1986, American illustrator)3nudity1+72303 months ago
Detmold, brothers Edward and Maurice (1883 - 1908 and 1883 - 1957), illustrations to The Jungle Book, published in 190811collection0+1720706 years ago
Devreese, Godefroid (or Godefroy) (1861 - 1941) Belgium - U.S.A. - 'THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE', California Institute5collection1+1460005 years ago
Dewing, Thomas Wilmer (1851-1938), exhibited in Museum of the National Academy of Design, NY, USA4collection0+529104 years ago
Di Bologna, Giovanni (Gian, Giacomo), Italy, 1529 - 1608), exhibited in Louvre, Paris and Pushkin Museum, Moscow9France1+741304 years ago
Di Giovanni, Bertoldo (1440-1491)2collection0+212203 years ago
Diaz, Olando Ignacio (1860-1936)1collection1+484507 years ago
Dietrich, Leopold Augustovich (1877 - 1954) - Ukraine, Kyiv, House of Teacher30travel1+2960203 years ago
Dietrich, Leopold Augustovich (1877, Warszaw - 1954, Leningrad) - boy with fruits, 1911 and Salomea, 1912 - exhibited in Wyborg Castle Museum5undefined0+179401 year ago
Dietrich, Robert (1877-1913, Norway), Young Girl, 1905, Young Boy, 1914 - exhibited in Oslo National Gallery5travel0+1019506 years ago
Disney, Walt (Walter Elias) (1901-1966) - Pinocchio1undefined0+823110 years ago
Dohanos, Stevan (1907-1994) - No girls allowed5kids0+230702 years ago
Doisneau, Robert (France, 1912-1994)22undefined0+1943314 years ago
Dollman, John Charles - 1903 - Maugli1collection0+106604 years ago
Domenech, Vincente Castell (1871-1934)1collection0+415905 years ago
Domogatskiy, Vladimir (1876-1939) 1914 (Владимир Николаевич Домогацкий)1collection0+101604 years ago
Donahue, Louise Ann (contemporary artist)4collection0+863806 years ago
Donatello (David, ca. 1430) - exhibited in Florence, Bargello, replicas in various museums worldwide (Pushkin Museum, Moscow; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey UK)18collection3+958403 years ago
Dore, Baschet Gustave (1832 - 1883)1collection0+65402 years ago
Doronina, Tatiana10kids0+1225026 years ago
Drake, Heinrich (1903-1994) Berlin, Jungling, 19367Germany0+143504 years ago
Drei, Ercole (1886 - 1973, Italian), ca. 19302kids0+96301 year ago
Dressler, Conrad (1856 - 1940) 1907, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool3travel0+124102 years ago
Drew, John (USA)1undefined0+1068010 years ago
Droelling, Michel-Martin (1786-1851)7nudity0+1616605 years ago
Drok, L. (1950) - мальчик с корабликом, 1950, Парк Победы, St. Petersburg4city0+166704 years ago
Du Moulin, Romeo1undefined0+727010 years ago
Dubaux, Rignot (1857-1887)1collection0+313104 years ago
Dubois, Alphee (1831-1905, French)6collection0+466505 years ago
Dubois, Julien-Charles (1807-1891)2France0+395705 years ago
Dubois, Paul (1829 - 1905, France), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris; Nogent-sur-Seine; Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen20France2+4353413 years ago
Dubucand, Alfred (1828 - 1894, French), 18751collection0+72802 years ago
Dubufe, Claude-Marie (1790 - 1864, French)1collection0+98503 years ago
Dudovich, Marcello (Italy, 1878-1932), 19113collection2+878916 years ago
Dufau, Helene (1869-1937)8collection0+852104 years ago
Dufrene, Leon (1880 - )5collection0+155902 years ago
Dumas, Marlene (1993)1nudity0+274704 years ago
Dumke, W.H. (Boy in Bathing Suit, 1962)1kids0+1549006 years ago
Dumont, Augustin-Alexandre (1801 - 1884, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris; in Semur-en-Axois, Musee Municipal; in Amiens in MBA8France0+156504 years ago
Duncan, John (1895, illustration to the 'Evergreen')2collection0+1778107 years ago
Dunkan, Deon2collection0+641537 years ago
Dupre, Giovanni (Italy, 1817 - 1882)7show0+14703010 months ago
Duqueylard, Hugues Jean Francois Paul3collection0+200902 years ago
Duran, Carolus (Charles Emile Auguste) (1837 - 1917)1kids1+178603 years ago
Durand, Andre (Eros Cooling, 1990)13nudity49+20428509 years ago
Durand, Ludovic (1832 - 1905, French)1France0+77402 years ago
Durand, Paul (1925 - 1977), more illustrations to Mowgli of the Jungle Book6collection0+309803 years ago
Durangel, Leopold (1828-1898), 18691collection0+756010 years ago
Durasov, Lev (born in 1932, Soviet illustrator)7kids0+222511 year ago
Durban, Arne (Norway, 1912-1993), in front of the Norway National Theater, 1957; and other works77travel2+5885306 years ago
Durchanek, Ludvik (1902 - 1977, Czech)1collection1+74602 years ago
Duret, Frencisque Joseph (1804-1865), exhibited in Louvre8France0+319222 years ago
Duveneck, Frank, Whistling Boy, 1872 (1848-1919)1portrait0+1296229 years ago
Dvoretskiy, Konstantin (Dvorezky, Costa), Russian, born in 19685kids1+217803 years ago
Dvorezky, Konstantin (born in 1968)1kids0+625010 months ago
Eakins, Thomas Cowperthwait (1844 - 1916) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.13nudity2+4707713 years ago
Eakins, Thomas Cowperthwait (1844 - 1916) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (EZ) (password protected)38nudity0+3132543 years ago
Eastman, Frank Samuel (British, 1878 - 1964)3nudity0+221303 years ago
Ebbinghaus, Carl (1872 - 1950, German), 19161collection0+91503 years ago
Eberlein, Gustav (1847-1926) 1876, 18__ - Berlin, Altes National Galerie29Germany0+684943 years ago
Eberlein, Gustav (1847-1926) 1876, Berlin, Altes National Galerie - a new look17Germany0+1649423 years ago
Eckersberg, Christoffer Wilhelm (1783-1853, Denmark - exhibited in Staten Museum, Kopenhagen)16nudity2+1855332 years ago
Edelfelt, Albert (Finland, Porvoo, 1854-1905)25Finland5+3541912 years ago
Efanov, Vasiliy (USSR, 1900-1978)3Russia4+562825 years ago
Egermeier, Simonot, Manson, Le Doare (Europe, 1950s)16documentary0+2105207 years ago
Egoshin, Herman (USSR) - Ленинград, Елагин о-в, ЦПКиО, 19693city0+473307 years ago
Ehrlich, Georg (1897-1966) Austria2collection0+624107 years ago
Eickhoff, Gottfred (1902-1982) 1933, Denmark1collection0+252906 years ago
Eikhen, Aleksandr (1819-1846), exhibited in the Belarus National Art Gallery, Minsk2travel0+99503 years ago
Eimis, Lee (Эймис Ли) - published in 1998 in Minsk, Belarus5nudity0+1172307 years ago
Eisenstadt, Meyer (1895-1961), boy, 1931, exhibited in the Belarus National Art Gallery, Minsk4travel0+123203 years ago
Eiteval, Ioahim Antonis (Holland, 1566-1638)3collection0+550507 years ago
El Greco (1541-1614), exhibited in NGA in Washington D.C.2nudity0+158204 years ago
Eldh, Carl Johan (1873 - 1954, Swedish)16travel0+5412604 years ago
Eldh, Carl Johan (1873 - 1954, Swedish) - an obsession with a statue of a boy and a girl, 1919, found all over Sweden, in every big and small town24travel2+6978064 years ago
Eldh, Carl Johan (1873 - 1954, Swedish) - some more discoveries in Stockholm - in his studio (see more at Destroyermap) and in Ostra Real Gymnasium18travel0+3427702 years ago
Elgenstend, Malthe-Odin (1852 - 1930)1nudity5+378106 years ago
Elisarion (ca. 1910)1collection0+857419 years ago
Elisofon, Eliot (American, 1911-1973) - America used to be A BIT different, did it not? (EZ) (password protected)1nudity0+505246 years ago
Elkan, Benno (1877-1960) - naked boy, 1906, previously exhibited in National Gallery in Berlin - from 1960 exhibited at the entrance to the United Nations Headquarters - the gift of the German nation8collection1+3901206 years ago
Elmgreen, Michael (born in 1961) and Dragset, Ingar (born in 1968)4collection0+307204 years ago
Emelianov, Alexander (boys, 1985)1Russia0+889705 years ago
Emerson, Peter Henry (1856 - 1937), 18871nudity0+130703 years ago
Emirkhanov E. (Kazakh contemporary artist, 2015) - exhibited in the State Museum of Arts, Almaty3kids1+66207 months ago
Enckell, Knut Magnus (1870 - 1925), born in Hamina - Finland53Finland0+1587577 years ago
Enckell, Knut Magnus (1870 - 1925), Finland - Tampere - 1900s - Cathedral7Finland3+478506 years ago
Enderlin, Louis Joseph (1851-1910) - 1888 - France, Reims (Musee des beaux arts)1collection0+334907 years ago
Engel, Morris (USA, 1918-2005)14undefined1+2063706 years ago
Engel, Otto Heinrich (1866 - 1949, German painter), 18921nudity0+90401 year ago
Engelsted, Malthe O. (Danish, 1852-1930)10nudity0+409705 months ago
Ens, Karl (founder of a porcellain factory, ca. 1910)14collection0+2806715 years ago
Enzo, Innocent (ca.1930)1collection0+756010 years ago
Epihin, Valeriy (1986)1collection0+519807 years ago
Erdmann, Kalide Theodor (1801-1863) Gliwice, Poland, also a replica in Minsk, Belarus, and in USA, NJ Botanical Garden at Skylands14travel0+3780883 years ago
Erdmann, Kalide Theodor (1801-1863), boy with swan - Minsk, Belarus - a new look18kids3+1180701 year ago
Ericson, Sten, born in 1909 - Kvarteret VINFATET Vindragarvaegen, 2, Reimersholme island, Stockholm, Sweden12travel1+1665502 years ago
Eriksson, Christian (1858 - 1935) 1897 - exhibited in the National Museum, Stockholm9travel1+124306 years ago
Etex, Antoine (French, 1808-1888)1collection0+90703 years ago
Etty, William (1787 - 1849, British)4nudity0+247904 years ago
Evans, Richard (1784 – 1871, British painter), 1822 - exhibited in Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK1undefined0+60701 year ago
Evans, Rudulph (1878-1960, Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina, USA)3travel0+744708 years ago
Everts, Anneliese (1908 - 1967, German)5kids1+164202 years ago
Eworth, Hans (c. 1520 – 1573, Belgian) Edward VI1undefined0+193104 years ago
F.C.D.1nudity2+349105 years ago
F.P. (1985, Frankfurt.Oder)10Germany0+305504 years ago
Fabre, Francois Xavier (1766-1837)2nudity1+587205 years ago
Fabry, Emile (early 1900s, Belgian)2kids0+139302 years ago
Fadeev, Kyrill1nudity0+208015 years ago
Fagel, Leon (1851-1913)2collection1+82107 years ago
Fahrner (1895 - 1962), 1960 - Reutlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany3Germany0+98501 year ago
Faithful, Leila (American, 1896 - 1994), 1924, 19402collection0+141403 years ago
Falat, Julian (Poland, 1853- 1929)2portrait0+686708 years ago
Falguiere, Jean-Alexandre (1831 - 1900, France), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris and other places46France0+624804 years ago
Farjas, Jean-Claude (French, born in 1924)3collection0+139003 years ago
Fassin, Adolphe Ferdinand (1828-1900)1collection0+192206 years ago
Faucon, Bernard (French, born in 1950)31show3+2193423 years ago
Faustman, Mollie (1883 - 1966, Swedish)5kids0+254103 years ago
Fedorov M.N. 19832collection0+123804 years ago
Felixmuller, Conrad (1897-1977), 19325nudity0+549905 years ago
Feller, Roman (born in 1926, Soviet) - boys at a beach, 19561kids0+102802 years ago
Femes-Beck, Vilmos (1885-1918) 1912, exhibited in Budapest in the National Gallery1travel0+154906 years ago
Fenollera, Jose Maria Ibanez (1851 - 1918, Spanish)1portrait0+98703 years ago
Fenton, Beatrice (1920, USA)1travel0+716909 years ago
Ferenczy, Beni (1890 - 1967, Hungary), my trip of 200533travel0+903805 years ago
Ferenczy, Karoly (1862-1917) exhibited in Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest8nudity0+214604 years ago
Ferrat, Charles (1859)1collection0+292908 years ago
Ferrat, Jean-Joseph (1822-1882)2collection0+910010 years ago
Ferrier, Gabriel (1847 - 1914)1collection0+99103 years ago
Fetti, Domenico (1589-1623)2collection0+266805 years ago
Feuerbach, Anselm (1829-1880)6collection0+637315 years ago
Fidus (Hugo Reinhold Karl Johann Hoeppener) (1868 - 1948) Germany - Neues Leben13collection0+7557133 years ago
Filkuka, Anton (1888 – 1957, Austrian)1nudity0+364004 years ago
Fillol, Isidoro Garnelo (1867-1939)3kids0+1051607 years ago
Finch, Alfred-William (1854-1930)1nudity0+839010 years ago
Finlay, Ronnie1kids0+191404 years ago
Finskiy, Alexandr (born in 1953), The Lake of Childhood, 2001, exhibited in the Belarus National Art Gallery, Minsk7travel0+154303 years ago
Fischl, Eric (Canadian, born in 1948)12nudity7+1520115 years ago
Fisher, Mark William (1841-1923)1kids0+173705 years ago
Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (1932-2008; Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) (near Polish border), Lennepark - 1963-64)42Germany0+1362104 years ago
Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Berlin, DDR, 1975 - Rudolfplatz, Friedrichshain, Berlin)14Germany0+1631113 years ago
Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Berlin, DDR, 1980s - near to Museums Insel)34Germany1+5234824 years ago
Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Chemnitz (ex. Karl Marx Stadt), DDR, 1980s)13Germany0+1061704 years ago
Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Eisenhuttenstadt (ex. Stalin Stadt), DDR, 1980s)13Germany0+571304 years ago
Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Magdeburg)2Germany0+111304 years ago
Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Schwedt-Oder, Germany)2Germany0+114304 years ago
Fitzenreiter, Wilfried, 1973 (Berlin, Coubertin-Gymnasium, Conrad-Blenkle-Strasse 34)3Germany0+103304 years ago
Flandrin, Hippolit (1809-1864), 1834, Italy5collection0+1032403 years ago
Fleer, Fritz (1921 - 1997), 1955, Hamburg, besides Kennedy bridge2Germany0+76202 years ago
Fleischer, Max (1861 - 1930, German) - "Sommerlust", Ende 19. Jahrhunderts2kids0+1333307 years ago
Flockenhaus, Richard1collection0+326604 years ago
Flynn, Danny3collection0+953010 years ago
FMR (Germany, Moenchengladbach, Buntengarten)71Germany3+6509908 years ago
Focke, Wilhelm Heinrich (1878 - 1974) Germany5nudity0+1015108 years ago
Folkestad, Bernhard Dorotheus (1879 - 1933, Norwegian)2collection0+128603 years ago
Fontana, Carlo (1865-1956, Italian) - exhibited in Museum D'Orsay, Paris, and in other places6nudity2+434701 year ago
Forbes, Stanhope Alexander (1857 - 1947)6kids0+151002 years ago
Ford, Edward Onslow (1852 - 1901) - a beautiful Egyptian girl, 1899, exhibited in Tate Museum in London11collection0+915805 years ago
Forget, Pierre2collection0+292605 years ago
Formiguera, Pere (Barcelona, Spain)1undefined0+2166218 years ago
Formiguera, Pere (Spanish photographer, painter and writer, 1952 - 9 May 2013), R.I.P.14nudity6+9497212 years ago
Forsberg, Nils (1842-1934), 1888 - National Museum, Stockholm3undefined0+249406 years ago
Fortuny, Mariano (1835–1874), Spanish painter9collection1+821513 years ago
Foster1nudity0+289505 years ago
Fournon, Albert (1860 - 1923)1portrait0+179205 years ago
Fourquet, Leon Charles (born in 1841)1collection0+169506 years ago
Fraccaroli, Innocenzo (1805 - 1882), 18541nudity0+36305 months ago
Frahm-Pauli,Wilhelm (1879 - 1960, German)1collection0+182005 years ago
Frampton, George James (1860-1928) - Peter Pan, 19113travel0+397006 years ago
Franck, Philipp (German, 1860-1944)6kids0+713102 years ago
Franzen, Werner (born in 1928)2collection0+74002 years ago
Frecker, Paul (Belgium), 1915, 19312nudity0+1713726 years ago
Frederic, Leon (1856 – 1940, Belgian)13show0+2814104 years ago
Freeborn, Sarah Malcolm (1861-1906, American)2collection0+223305 years ago
Freeman, James Edward (1808-1884) - beggar boys1kids0+70201 year ago
Frei, Hans (1868 - 1947) Basel - Switzerland 19042collection0+818019 years ago
Freidin1family0+344505 years ago
Fremiet, Emmanuel (1824-1910), France3France1+699008 years ago
Frere, Jean Jules (1851-1906)2collection0+85506 years ago
Frere, Pierre Edouard (1819 - 1886, French)9kids0+249203 years ago
Frey, Olivier (British, born in 1948 in Zurich), aka "Zack"14undefined0+980303 years ago
Friant, Emil (1863-1932), 18991kids0+1013025 years ago
Friedrich, Nikolaus (1865-1914, ca. 1898, Koln)4collection0+90707 years ago
Friend, Donald (Australian, 1915-1989)38nudity2+5973713 years ago
Fritel, P. (1970)1nudity0+195905 years ago
Frohwein, Joop (contemporary Artist)7nudity0+2314010 months ago
Frolova-Bagreeva, L. (1948)3Russia0+653406 years ago
Frutschi, Friedrich (1892 - 1981, Swiss, Interlaken)118Switzerland16+2058333 years ago
Fueter, Max Glaukus (1898-1983), 19321collection0+60908 years ago
Fuller, Henry Brown (USA, 1867-1934), Illusions before 19011collection0+769709 years ago
Gabard, Ernest (1879 - 1957, France, Pau)5travel0+140302 years ago
Gabbiani, Antonio Domenico (1652-1726)2collection0+83902 years ago
Gad, Mogens (1887 - 1931, Danish painter) - boys bathing2collection0+96801 year ago
Gagneraux, Benigne (1756-1795), exhibited in Geneve Art and History Museum5Switzerland0+204302 years ago
Gai, Francesco (1884) - exhibited in the Rome Museum, Palazzo Bruschi, piazza Navona, Rome3collection1+229906 years ago
Gaidukevich, Stanislav (Belarus, Minsk, hotel "Kronschtadt"), Demetra with children, 1913, taken down in 1952, placed back in 20043travel0+117103 years ago
Galakhov N.N. (born in USSR in 1929)1collection0+574708 years ago
Galberg, Samuil (1787 - 1839) - exhibited in the Russian museum, Petersburg, and in the National art gallery, Minsk, Belarus11Russia0+870903 years ago
Gallen-Kallela, Akseli (Axel) (Finnish, 1865 - 1931)5Finland0+2054317 years ago
Gallian, Octave (Toulon, France, 1855-1905) - boys bathing, 18841nudity0+474606 years ago
Galofre (Gimenez), Baldomero (1849 - 1902, Spanish)3kids0+127903 years ago
Galvao, Alfredo (1900-1987, Brasilian), 19251nudity0+471705 years ago
Gambello, Vittore (1460 - 1537)1collection0+77404 years ago
Garbaruk G.G. (2003, Younth) exhibited in Museon Sculpture Park in Moscow4kids0+90902 years ago
Garcia, Alfredo Claros (1893 – 1965, Spanish)3nudity0+465404 years ago
Gardet, Joseph Antoine (1861-1891)1collection0+335607 years ago
Gasteiger, Matthias (1871-1934, 1895 - can be seen in Neuhauser Strasse near to Karlsplatz, Munchen, Germany)10Germany0+1021514 years ago
Gaston, Louis Jospeh (1870-1946) - 19011collection0+403907 years ago
Gatti, Gesualdo (1855 - 1893, Italian sculptor)7nudity0+121225 months ago
Gaudar de la Verdine, Augustin Alphonse (1780-1804), painting of 1801 - what a short life of the Artist, but what a Beauty left...1collection0+112614 years ago
Gaudissard, Emile (1873 - 1951, British)1collection0+59902 years ago
Gauguin, Paul (1848 - 1903)7kids1+1410404 years ago
Gaul, August (1869 - 1921) "The Donkey Rider", exhibited in the yard of the Staedel Museum, Schaumainkai 63, Frankfurt-am-Main, and in Spandau Rathaus, Berlin33Germany3+785804 years ago
Gaumont, Marcelarmand (1908, EBA Paris)1collection0+700010 years ago
Gedney, William Gale (American, 1932 - 1989)43kids4+2695813 years ago
Geibel, Hermann (1889-1972)5nudity2+430907 months ago
Geiser, Karl (1898 - 1957) Austria48nudity1+148357110 months ago
Gelbke, Georg Hermann (German, 1882-1947)4collection0+298602 years ago
Gemito, Vincenzo (1852-1929, Naples, Italy)35nudity4+7346705 months ago
Geoffrey, Laurence (born in 1949)4nudity0+609903 years ago
Gerard (1770-1837), student of De Parme, Julien (1736-1799)1kids0+96403 years ago
Gerhard, Hubert (17th C.) exhibited in NGA in Washington D.C.1travel0+97004 years ago
Gerlach, Martin (1846 - 1918)1collection0+65102 years ago
Gerome, Jean-Leon (France, 1824-1904), and his followers from Russia and France17nudity1+5032442 years ago
Gerstel, William (1879-1963)1Germany0+165806 years ago
Gerts, Lyle (1997)1nudity0+1052010 years ago
Gervis, Paul (born in 1933) - Bogota, Columbia6nudity0+382011 year ago
Geselschap, Friedrich (1835-1898)3collection1+351205 years ago
Getman, R.A. (1913 - 1980s, USSR)7show0+2190108 years ago
Geudens, Albert (1869 - 1949, Belgian painter)1nudity1+77101 year ago
Geyer, Gerhard (Eisenhuttenstadt)10Germany0+190104 years ago
Geyger, Ernst Moritz (1861-1941)3collection0+67601 year ago
Ghe (Gay), Nikolay (1831 - 1894), exhibited in Belarus National Art Gallery, Minsk3collection0+225303 years ago
Giacometti, Giovanni (Swiss, 1868-1934) - paintings of 1910-1912 - a 'Cult of Ephebe' trend19nudity2+2699201 year ago
Giacomo, Lorenzo2collection0+121303 years ago
Giardiello, Giuseppe (1877 - 1920)2undefined0+124804 years ago
Gibert, Jean Amedee (1869)2collection0+241005 years ago
Gibson, John (1790-1866)11travel0+197416 years ago
Gies (Guis), Henri ( 1881 - 1950 )6nudity0+222201 year ago
Gilbert, Alfred (1854-1934; Metropolitan Museum, NY; London, various places)15collection0+979102 years ago
Gill, Eric (1882-1940, England, Boywrestlers)4collection0+198604 years ago
Gille, Christian Friedrich (1805-1899)3collection0+145502 years ago
Gilles, William George (1898 - 1973, British)1nudity0+165212 years ago
Gillet, Nicolas-Francois (1709 - 1791, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris3France0+440808 years ago
Ginsburg, Ilya (1886)3collection0+5821010 years ago
Girardet, Jules (1856 - 1946, French), Pan1collection0+70203 years ago
Giraud, Henri (1840-1895)1collection0+576010 years ago
Girodet de Roucy-Trioson, Anne-Louis (1760-1824)2collection0+107803 years ago
Gisler, Hans (1889 - 1972) Silkeborg, Denmark, 19501travel0+80003 years ago
Gladenbeck, Oskar - Gladenbeck Foundry - Berlin - ca. 190015collection0+520102 years ago
Gladstone, Philip (password protected)23nudity0+739712 years ago
Glasser, Michaelis (1969)1collection0+705010 years ago
Glatz, Ozskar (1872 - 1958) ca. 1900, exhibited in the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest a recent auction painting9kids1+280204 years ago
Gleason, Duncan2kids0+305604 years ago
Gleyre, Marc Charles Gabriel (1806 - 1874, Swiss)8show0+453602 years ago
Glicenstein, Enoch Henryk Enrico (1870 - 1942)2collection0+174904 years ago
GN1nudity0+794506 years ago
Godal, Eric2collection0+120403 years ago
Godefroid, Marie Eleonore (1778 - 1849, painting of 1810)1kids0+659309 years ago
Godfrey, Neil (1937 - living, Cornwall, UK)25nudity4+1297155 years ago
Godov, A. (1957, рисунки к рассказам Екатерины Рязановой)6kids0+478216 years ago
Goettsche, Hans-Peter (Berlin suburb Marzahn, Clara-Zetkin-Park, east of Borkheider Strasse)4Germany0+130813 years ago
Goettsche, Hans-Peter, 1968-69 (Germany, Berlin, Weinertpark)9Germany0+145204 years ago
Goetz, Johannes (1865 - 1934), 188818collection3+364504 years ago
Gohs, Rolf ('Rob', Sweden)10nudity0+464316 years ago
Goicolea, Anthony (USA)1kids0+193506 years ago
Gold, Karl Ferdinand (1882-1981)2kids0+276305 years ago
Goldin A.V. (contemporary, Russian)11kids0+1452323 years ago
Golosovski, Mikhail (born in 1938, Soviet photographer)2kids0+656201 year ago
Golovanov (Archer, 1995, exhibited in the Olympic Park, Lausanne, Switzerland)8Switzerland0+145103 years ago
Goor, Gaston (1902-1977)34nudity1+4512333 years ago
Gorbunov, Yuriy (born in 1933)1kids0+114502 years ago
Gordeev, Dmitriy, 19731Russia0+100504 years ago
Gorelikov N., Anikin A.N., Gnatyuk, Andrei (1955, Kasli studio, USSR)22collection0+4292766 years ago
Gorelov, Gavriil (1880-1966)1kids0+211616 years ago
Gorokhov, Ivan (1863 - 1934, Russian)6kids0+160902 years ago
Gossin, Louis (1846 - 1928, France) 1878 - Enfant et papillon1collection0+209406 years ago
Gotz, Johannes (1865-1934)1collection0+479010 months ago
Goulden, Richard (1877-1932), at Dover War Memorial, Biggin Street, Dover, 19247travel1+1271506 years ago
Gourgouillon, Henri (French, 1858 - 1902)1France0+83004 years ago
Gourlier, Michel (French illustrator, 1950-60-70-80s)63nudity1+11036122 years ago
Gourlier, Michel (French illustrator, 1950-60-70-80s) - continued15collection9+831101 year ago
Grablevskaya, Olga (St. Petersburg, Russia, nowadays)10show0+2287208 years ago
Graessel, Franz (1861-1948), 18831nudity0+106003 years ago
Graf, Franz (1880-1950)1collection0+176704 years ago
Grandin, Leon (1891) Mort Hyacinthe - exhibited in the Hotel de Ville, Fontenay-le-Comte, Vendee, France1collection0+370706 years ago
Grandmoulin, Leandre (1873 - 1957) 1912 - Antwerp10travel2+128303 years ago
Grandy, Winfred Milton2collection0+544607 years ago
Grant, Duncan (1885-1978)27nudity2+3642302 years ago
Grass, Herbert (1886-1978) 19111nudity0+116304 years ago
Gray, Frederik (1878-1932), 19141collection0+456708 years ago
Greenshields, Tom4collection0+1079808 years ago
Gregoire, Jean Louis (1840 - 1890)3kids0+127401 year ago
Greiner, Otto (1869-1916) - Lithographic Works 18928nudity1+857602 years ago
Grenness, Johannes (1875 – 1963, Norwegian)7kids0+525412 years ago
Griepenkerl, Christian Ludwig (1839 - 1916, German)2collection0+112803 years ago
Griffoni - Russian artist (19th Century)2Russia0+669707 years ago
Grigoriev, Sergei (1910 - 1988)9kids0+2123110 months ago
Grimeland, Joseph (born in 1916, Norway)4collection1+499006 years ago
Grinager, Alex (USA, 1865-1949) 18941kids0+92806 years ago
Grinyuk, Ivan (1915-1996)3kids0+646602 years ago
Griselli, Italo (1880-1958)1collection0+150606 years ago
Gromov, Alexey (born in 1988)14show2+843502 years ago
Grono, Carl (German)1kids0+100504 years ago
Gronvold, Marcus (1845-1929, Norway)3kids0+255306 years ago
Gross, Garry 19812collection1+584604 years ago
Grosse, Franz Theodor (1829-1891), Knabenakt1collection0+125404 years ago
Groth, John (USA, 1908-1988)1collection0+214606 years ago
Gruchy, Gabriel1collection0+930010 years ago
Gruyere, Theodor Charles (1814-1855) - Ujazdow Park, Warsaw2travel1+105904 years ago
Grzimek, Sabina (Berlin, 1983-84 - Ernst-Thaelmann-Park, Danziger Strasse 107-109 and in Magdeburg)7Germany0+207504 years ago
Grzimek, Waldemar (1985, Wittenbergplatz, Berlin)12Germany2+1420703 years ago
Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Jorgen (1895-1966) Denmark, Norway4travel0+266906 years ago
Guenot, Auguste (1882 - 1966, French), 19301France0+78304 years ago
Guenther-Gera, Heinrich (1864 - 1941, German)1collection0+89003 years ago
Guercino (Giovanni Francesco Barbieri - 1591 - 1666) - exhibited in the Capitolian Museums, Rome3Italy0+201106 years ago
Guidi, Ugo (1912 - 1977, Italian sculptor)5nudity1+163804 months ago
Guillaume, Eugene (1822 - 1905, France, Italy), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris5France1+668404 years ago
Guillou, Alfred (1874)1collection0+568009 years ago
Guisto, Fausto (1867 - 1941, Italian) - ragazzi di Napoli sulla spiaggia1Italy0+66402 years ago
Gukasov, Georgiy (2009) - exhibited in Jan-Feb 2010 in the Central House of Artists, Moscow2Russia0+292706 years ago
Gundelach, Karl (1856-1920)1Germany0+72604 years ago
Gurtner, Werner (Meersburg, Bodenseekreis)1Germany0+219107 years ago
Gusev, Leonard (born in 1929, USSR)4Russia2+153104 years ago
Gusev, Vladimir2Russia0+163304 years ago
Gustafson, Scott (American, contemporary)3collection1+160704 years ago
Gut knecht, Carl (1878 - 1970, Swiss), 1934, Solitude-Promenade, Basel, Switzerland9Switzerland0+196403 years ago
Guthrie, James Joshua (1874 - 1952, British)1kids0+77203 years ago
Gutknecht, Karl (1878 - 1970) - Solitude-Promenade Basel4kids0+1178010 months ago
Guttuso, Renato (1911-1987, Italian)14show0+1163216 years ago
Haapasalo, Johannes (Finnish, 1880 - 1965)38Finland3+1481903 years ago
Habich, Ludwig (German, 1872 - 1949)11Germany0+217203 years ago
Hacker, Arthur (1858-1919) 18971collection0+185006 years ago
Hacklaender, Ernst2Germany0+347907 years ago
Hadelich, Martin (1903 - 2004, German)2Germany0+133804 years ago
Haerning, August (1874 - 1961, Danish)1kids0+75402 years ago
Hagan, Robert1kids0+8598010 years ago
Hagen, Theodor Joseph (1842 - 1919)3kids0+958010 months ago
Hale, Edward Matthew (1852-1924) 1892 'After the Raid'1collection0+406108 years ago
Hales, Robert (illustrations to "Seacrow Island" of Astrid Lindgren)7collection0+250304 years ago
Halgass, Jeno Zoltan (Hungarian, born in 1912)1collection1+140505 years ago
Halonen, Eemil (1875-1950) 1937, Helsinki2Finland0+180206 years ago
Halonen, Pekka (Finland, 1865-1933)21nudity5+10377163 years ago
Hamilton, Hugh Douglas (1734 – 1808), exibited in National Gallery of Ireland3collection0+989111 year ago
Hamilton, Jane3collection2+1267807 years ago
Hammershoi, Vilhelm (1864 - 1916, Danish)2nudity0+117603 years ago
Hampshire, Michael (end 1960s, USA)3collection1+776407 years ago
Hanc0ck, Walker Kirtland (1901 - 1998) - Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina, USA2undefined0+224104 years ago
Hansen, Andrea and Duane (USA, 1970s)4nudity0+246702 years ago
Hansen, Christian (1899)1kids0+2038010 years ago
Hansen, Johannes (1903-1995)6kids0+135003 years ago
Hansen, John (born in 1957, Canadian)2kids0+180503 years ago
Hansen, Jorgen (1862 - 1937) ca. 19001kids2+86504 years ago
Hansen, Peter Marius (Danish, 1868-1928), exhibited in Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen4kids0+3865005 years ago
Harlamov (1985)1undefined0+159915 years ago
Harrisson, Thomas-Alexander1kids0+718010 years ago
Hartmann, Karl (1861 - 1927, German)7kids0+246502 years ago
Hartmann, Peter (1921-2007)2collection0+109103 years ago
Hartwell, Charles Leonard (1873 - 1951, British) - a very charming boy, 19071collection0+88802 years ago
Harvey, Charles Y. - 1912 (USA, Worcester Mass, Turtle Boy)2travel1+918505 years ago
Harvey, Harold (UK, 1874 - 1941)19kids0+33898010 months ago
Haskell, Ida (1861-1932)2nudity1+550423 years ago
Hasselberg, Per (1850-1884) - boy angel in Stockholm (Mariatorget)20travel0+3929302 years ago
Hasselberg, Per (1850-1884) - girls in Stockholm (Mariatorget, Royal Academy of Arts and Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde, Djurgarden)16travel1+4841662 years ago
Hasselblat, Vitaly Emil (Russia, 1990s)4kids1+1302907 years ago
Haverkamp, Wilhelm (1864 - 1929) Rome, 189110travel0+331803 years ago
Hawthorne, Charles Webster (1872-1930)2portrait0+185906 years ago
Hazrati, Shahrzad (born in 1957, Iranian)1kids0+93903 years ago
Hebert, Antoine Auguste Ernest (1817 - 1908, French)3nudity0+136302 years ago
Hebert, Pierre (1804 - 1869), 1849, exhibited in Louvre5France0+579104 years ago
Heerdink, Maurice (1980s, Holland)6nudity2+340717 years ago
Hegzmann, P., 1908, nude boy akt1nudity0+283213 years ago
Heiberg, Jean (1884-1976, Norway), exhibited in National Gallery, Oslo8nudity1+812502 years ago
Heise, Josef (Germany, 1912; sculpture stolen in 1991, current location unknown)2Germany1+760018 years ago
Heitmann, Christine (Dresden)1Germany0+365307 years ago
Helbig, Konrad (1917-1986)12collection0+4358607 years ago
Helbig, Konrad (1917-1986) - from Homo Sum (EZ) (password protected)35nudity0+85050133 years ago
Heldens, Wim (Dutch, born in 1954)14show0+1565273 years ago
Hellhoff, Heinrich (1868 -1914, German)1collection0+71803 years ago
Hempfing, Wilhelm (1886-1948)1kids0+76802 years ago
Henn, Rudolf (1880-1955)19collection0+667504 years ago
Henner, Jean Jaques (1829-1905)7collection0+339432 years ago
Henningsen, Eric (1855-1930), 1888, exhibited in Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen2show0+175405 years ago
Herbo, Leon (1850 – 1907, Belgian)2kids0+61401 year ago
Hering, Henry Elsie Ward (USA, 1901) 1874-1949, Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina, USA6travel1+4287908 years ago
Herland, Emma (1855 - 1947)1kids0+72202 years ago
Hermann, Jannet (ca. 1900)3nudity0+587915 years ago
Hernandez, Fanor (Columbian, contemporary) - exhibited in Italy, Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo alle Terme9nudity0+316702 years ago
Herran, Saturnino3collection0+126802 years ago
Hertzt, Karin (born in 1921)1travel0+65803 years ago
Heson, Jan (1869-1950)1collection1+675607 years ago
Heu, Joseph (1876 - 1952, German)1collection0+79304 years ago
Heyerdahl, Hans Olaf Halvor (1857-1913, Norwegian)7nudity0+812905 months ago
Heylaerts, Aloysius (1978, 1980, 1988)12collection2+2622507 years ago
Heymann, Paul (19-20th Century)3nudity0+136802 years ago
Heyne, Heinrich-Friedriech (ca1899)1collection0+6931010 years ago
Hideki, Kohs (Japan, contemporary) - drawings6undefined0+1036406 years ago
Hideki, Kohs (Japan, contemporary) - from a recent sculpture exhibition26nudity0+5137503 years ago
Hinchliffe, Richard George (1868 - 1942, Australian)1kids0+88304 years ago
Hine, Lewis (1874-1940)15kids1+2446907 years ago
Hintermeister, Henry (1897 - 1972, American illustrator)38kids1+2526165 months ago
Hiolle, Ernest (1834 - 1886, France) - young Tiberius, 18651collection0+788010 months ago
Hiolle, Ernest (1834 - 1886, France) exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris14France0+2173508 years ago
Hirsch, Auguste-Alexandre (Lyon 1833-1912 Paris)1nudity0+138409 months ago
Hirsch, Wilfred (1905-1982)1collection0+364407 years ago
Hirschenhauser, Rudolf1nudity0+107303 years ago
Hirschl, Adolf Hiremy (1860-1933)1nudity0+156605 years ago
Hockney, David (1960-70s, born 1937)7nudity0+2968008 years ago
Hodge, John (UK, Essex, High Street, Braintree)3travel0+227613 years ago
Hodler, Ferdinand (Swiss, 1853-1918)11collection0+2334805 years ago
Hoeger, Otto (1881 - 1918, German) 19091family0+106404 years ago
Hoelzer, Adolf (1853-1934)1collection0+92804 years ago
Hofer, Gottfried1collection0+73303 years ago
Hofer, Karl (1879 - 1955, Berlin)6collection0+1199902 years ago
Hoffmann, Otto (1885 - 1915, German)1kids0+96703 years ago
Hofman, Vlastimil (Poland, 1881 - 1970)23kids8+2493314 years ago
Hofmann, Heinrich (end 1960s, USA - homo (pedo) erotic heros of the Bible)8portrait0+6915617 years ago
Hogan, John (1800 - 1858, Irish) - Iveagh House, Dublin1travel0+65402 years ago
Hohenzollern, Karl Emil, (1655-1674), child of Friedrich Wilhelm1undefined0+704808 years ago
Hohlovkina, Elza (Russian, born in 1934)3kids0+176904 years ago
Holmgren, Wilhelm (1863-1943, Swedish)3nudity0+372805 years ago
Homer, Winslow (1836-1910)9kids0+2602010 months ago
Hoopes, Florence and Margaret (USA, 1970s)4collection0+939607 years ago
Hopfgarten, Heinrich, 1832, and other sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg)20Germany0+598504 years ago
Hopkins, Arthur (1848-1930)1kids0+6999010 years ago
Horosheva, Olga Nikolaevna (born in 1954, paintings made in Russia in the years of Freedoms and Hopes, 1992-1996)7kids0+657304 years ago
Horst, Franz (Austrian, 1862-1956)2collection0+294906 years ago
Hoursolle, Pierre (1877)2collection0+478608 years ago
Houston, Mary G. (ca. 1900)1nudity0+165806 years ago
Howitt, John Newton (1885 - 1958, American)5kids0+256804 years ago
Howland, Elizabeth (USA, 1913)5travel0+1259308 years ago
Howland, Meghan (contemporary)4portrait0+120403 years ago
Hubacher, Hermann (Swiss, 1885 - 1976 ), Zurich1946, Biel-Bienne 194515Switzerland1+1791153 years ago
Huber, Hugo (1852-1913)1nudity0+376907 years ago
Hubrencz, 18641collection0+68803 years ago
Hudler, August (1868-1905)1collection0+76704 years ago
Hughes, George (1907-1990, American illustrator)12lulz2+607001 year ago
Hugles, George (Boyhood Australia)1show0+1519815 years ago
Hugues, Dominique Jean-Baptiste (1849 - 1930)1travel0+74804 years ago
Humbert, Charles August (1914)1nudity0+311314 years ago
Humphrey, Walter Beach (1892 – 1966)7collection1+219604 years ago
Hunt, William Morris (1824-1879), exhibited in the Metropolitain Museum, New York4collection0+1253803 years ago
Huntington, Anna (1924), exhibited in the the Huntingdon Art Museum, Brookgreen Gardens, San Marino, California, USA4travel0+1362209 years ago
Hurst, Oliver1collection0+100102 years ago
Hurum, Per (1910 - 1989), Norway, 193617travel1+1084306 years ago
Ianchelevici, Idel (1909 — 1994), Liege, Belgium4travel0+284406 years ago
Idrac, Antoine (1849-1884, France)14France0+2420206 years ago
Ikeda, Tetsuo (Japanese, contemporary)3kids0+236202 years ago
Ilmoni, Einar (Finland, 1880-1946)7collection0+1283522 years ago
Ilyin, Mikhail (born 1959, Russia - paintings of the early 1990s)7nudity2+1719708 years ago
Ilyinskiy, Igor (1925 - 1989, Soviet illustrator)10kids0+313601 year ago
Ingersoll, Truman Ward (1862 - 1922), photo of 18981kids0+112503 years ago
Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique (1780 - 1867) Montauban - France1nudity0+562609 years ago
Injalbert, Jean Antoine (Antonin) (1845 - 1933) Beziers - France6collection0+802306 years ago
Ionescovalbudea, Stefan - Romania, Bucharest (National Art Museum of Romania)1collection0+12061010 years ago
Itscher, Eric (contemporary)6nudity1+285512 years ago
Itterman, Robert (Hagen, Grugapark, Essen, Germany; 1886-1970)1Germany0+466807 months ago
Ivanov, Alexander Andreyevich (1806 - 1858) - continued6nudity1+266141 year ago
Ivanov, Alexander Andreyevich (1806 - 1858, Italy) exhibited in Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg106nudity9+6335344 years ago
Ivanov, Alexander Andreyevich (1806 - 1858, Russia, Italy) - неизвестная биография художника7undefined0+1160008 years ago
Ivanov, Anton (1815 - 1848), Russian museum, Petersburg4Russia0+526907 years ago
Ivanov, Sergei (1828-1903), exhibited in Kazakhstan State Museum of Arts7nudity0+118607 months ago
Ivanov, Sergei (1828-1903), Tretiakoff Gallery, Moscow4Russia0+983104 years ago
Ivanov, Sergei Andreevich (1822-1877, St. Petersburg - Rome)3nudity0+17756010 years ago
Ivanov, Yuri (born in 1940, Soviet illustrator)3Russia1+88901 year ago
Ivanyi Grunwald, Bela (Hungarian, 1867 - 1940)1kids0+734010 years ago
Ivar, Ahlenius-Bjork (Sweden, Eslov, Kockska parken) - bollspelande pojkar, 19611undefined0+239207 years ago
Iverd, Eugene (1893-1938, American - Rockwell#2)26kids0+1200215 years ago
Jacob, Walter (German, 1893-1969) 19153collection0+112323 years ago
Jacoby, Mainhard (1873-1956)2undefined0+110701 year ago
Jacomb-Hood, George Percy R.E. (1857-1937), 18972kids0+310512 years ago
Jacovacci, Francesco (1838 - 1908)1collection0+169605 years ago
Jaggi, Luc (1887-1976), 19391collection0+133505 years ago
Jahn, Georg (German, 1869-1940)3nudity0+462403 years ago
James, Greg (Australia, Perth, Shenton College)1travel0+82104 years ago
James, William (Cycling beside Don River, between Don Mills Road and Leslie, Toronto, c. 1912)1nudity0+351716 years ago
Jamin, Paul Joseph (1853-1903) 18982collection1+319206 years ago
Jano (1966)1undefined0+261306 years ago
Jansen, Lambertus Mattheus (1891 - 1965)5collection0+247713 years ago
Janson-Maniser, Elena (1890-1971) - Russia, Moscow, Metro DINAMO, 193821city0+919502 years ago
Janssen, Victor Emil (1779 - 1851)2nudity0+99403 years ago
Jansson, Fredrik Eugene (Sweden, 1862-1915) - works exhibited in the National Museum, Stockholm (password protected)27nudity1+5311012 years ago
Jansson, Viktor (1886 - 1958), Finland, Tampere6Finland0+121704 years ago
Jarnefelt, Eero (1863-1937) - 18953nudity1+1708008 years ago
Jastram, Joahim (1928-2011), 1973 - exhibited in Magdeburg, Eisenhuttenstadt (ex Stalinstandt), Rostock24Germany3+802704 years ago
Jastram, Thomas (born in 1959, German)3Germany2+129304 years ago
Jekl, Gustav (ca. 1910)1nudity0+37304 months ago
Jeltsema, Frederik Engel (1879-1971) Goningen, Netherlands6travel0+312206 years ago
Jennewein, C. Paul - 1933 - Fairmount, Philadelphia Museum of Art - Tympanum2travel0+96804 years ago
Jerichau, J.A. (1816-1883, Danish), exhibited in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen3travel0+206005 years ago
Jimeno, Edwin (Spanish)1collection0+78104 years ago
Jirasek, Anton - ca. 19201nudity0+102404 years ago
Jiuge1undefined0+283415 years ago
Jobst, Franz (1840-1890)1nudity0+268505 years ago
Jochmus, Harry (Heinrich) (1855-1915)1collection0+73603 years ago
Johansen, Viggo (1851 - 1935, Danish)1kids0+89512 years ago
John, Augustus3nudity0+317406 years ago
John, William Goscombe (1860 - 1952)9travel0+1862933 years ago
John, William Goscombe (1860 - 1952) - a stolen scultpture copied, and placed back1nudity0+47915 months ago
Johnson, Burt (1890-1927) Flutist fountain, Bridges hall, Pomona College, Claremont-California-USA1travel0+159207 years ago
Johnsson, Ivar (1885-1970, Swedish)23travel0+1540404 years ago
Jokilehto-Gerli, Ullasari (born in 1943, Finnish), boy with a geese, 19661kids0+66102 years ago
Jollain, Nicolas-Rene (1732 - 1804, French painter)1undefined0+51111 year ago
Jorgensen, Aksel Karl (1883 - 1957, Danish)3nudity0+67104 months ago
Josephson, Ernst (1851-1906) - The Water Spirit - National Museum, Stockholm2nudity0+276903 years ago
Joshua, Nellie1collection0+102412 years ago
Joubert, Pierre (France, 1910-2002)161collection9+66950163 years ago
Joubert, Pierre (France, 1910-2002) - continued47nudity3+247605610 months ago
Julien, Pierre (1731 - 1804) - exhibited in Louvre3collection0+85402 years ago
Julien, Rene (Belgium, Liege, in front of University - leapfrogging girls)2travel0+265517 years ago
Kalin, Zdenko (Slovenia, Ljubliana, 1911-1990)6travel0+1161106 years ago
Kalin, Zdenko (Slovenia, Ljubliana, 1911-1990) - one more wonderful shot1nudity0+52507 months ago
Kalinovskiy, Gennadiy (1929 - 2006, Soviet illustrator) - рисунки к Мойдодыр, 1980-е7kids1+140301 year ago
Kallay, Karol (Czech Republic, 1960s)1kids0+282007 years ago
Kallos, Ede (1866 - 1952, Budapest)7travel0+1286806 years ago
Kallstrom, Hugo Lennart (1920 - 2007) - 1950s, Vastertorp, Stockholm27travel2+1046802 years ago
Kallstrom, Hugo Lennart (1920 - 2007, Swedish)6travel2+287204 years ago
Kalmar, Marton (born in 1946, Hungary)1travel1+68604 years ago
Kamban, Janus (Faroe Islands, 1959)1undefined1+81704 years ago
Kando, Ata3undefined3+497804 years ago
Karfiol, Bernard (1886 - 1952)1collection2+427308 years ago
Karpinski, Alfons (1875-1961, Polish)3nudity0+352503 years ago
Kasimir, Alois (1852-1930)3collection3+249304 years ago
Kasper, Ludwig (1893 - 1945, Austrian) - sculptures of the 1930s9nudity0+9235010 months ago
Kattentidt, August (German sculptor, - 1956)6nudity0+176009 months ago
Kauffmann, Angelica (1741 - 1807)4collection1+706102 years ago
Kaufmann, Hugo (1868 - 1919, German)1collection1+79404 years ago
Kaus, Max (1891 - 1977, German)2nudity0+422505 years ago
Keast, Harry, 19091collection1+98604 years ago
Kechli, Friedrich (1870)1collection1+6479010 years ago
Kel5undefined1+176602 years ago
Kelemen, Emil (1895-1973, Hungarian-American)1collection1+322004 years ago
Kemeys, Edward (1895, Mowgli)1undefined1+7104010 years ago
Kempinski, Maciej (contemporary Artist) (password protected)21nudity0+1527904 months ago
Kennington, Thomas Benjamin (1856-1916) - daily boy's bread1kids2+89102 years ago
Kernstok, Karoly (1873 - 1940, Hungarian)12nudity2+4760523 years ago
Kerr, James3kids1+12858010 years ago
Kessels, Mathias (1784-1836) - exhibited in Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, UK, Belgium, Brussels, MBA, and other museums6travel5+205023 years ago
Kiefer, Turo2collection1+202205 years ago
Kim, Hyun Soo (Korean, born in 1976)3kids1+133802 years ago
Kim, Sangduck (Korean, contemporary)1collection1+91202 years ago
Kiprenskiy, Orest (1817) gardner boy1kids1+66302 years ago
Kirchbach, Frank (1859 - 1912)3collection1+97102 years ago
Kirillova, Roksana Sergeevna (1922-2008) - Мальчики в сахарной пудре43city4+3983842 years ago
Kiselev, Alexander (1838 - 1911)1undefined1+519010 months ago
Kisling, Moise (1891 - 1953)4collection3+141401 year ago
Kiss, Gyorgy - Hungary, Budapest (corner of Jozsef Koruta and Jozsef Utca), 19271travel1+277707 years ago
Kist, Gert (contemporary Artist)2undefined0+757010 months ago
Kite, Joseph Milner (1864 - 1946)2kids3+124704 years ago
Kjellberg, Johannes Fritiof (1836-1885) - lekande faunen - National Museum, Stockholm2collection1+151106 years ago
Klammerer, Paul (1868 - 1950, German)2collection1+101303 years ago
Klauer, Martingottlieb (1742-1801)1collection1+7933010 years ago
Klett, Hans (1876 - 1950, German)1collection1+70502 years ago
Klimov, Oleg (Moscow, nowadays)5collection6+1147608 years ago
Klimsch, Fritz (1870 - 1960)4show4+144403 years ago
Klingbeil, Karsten (born in 1925) - Vivantes Klinikum, Neukolln, Berlin19Germany3+562804 years ago
Klinge, Maximilian (born in 1964) (Germany, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Assmannshauser Strasse 10a) - house owner's son at age 10 in 200825Germany7+3869504 years ago
Klinger, Max (1857 - 1920)4show3+565703 years ago
Klossowski de Rola, Balthazar (1908-2001)2kids1+306204 years ago
Klossowski, Pierre (French, 1905 - 2001)9nudity0+358732 years ago
Kluska, Johannes (1953)1collection1+141104 years ago
Knauss, Ludwig (1829-1910)1collection2+73603 years ago
Kneulman, Carel - erected since 10 September 1960 (Holland, Amsterdam)1undefined1+217615 years ago
Knight, Laura Dame (1877-1970)11kids5+999912 years ago
Kobel, R.1collection2+197005 years ago
Kobke, Christen (1810-1848) - exhibited in Staten Museum, Kopenhagen5collection2+1094604 years ago
Koch, Johanna (born in 1886)1kids1+83703 years ago
Kochergin, Nikolay (Soviet illustrator, 1897 - 1974)6kids1+97001 year ago
Koci, Josef (Prague 1880)1collection1+88704 years ago
Koe, Laurence (1869 - 1913)1collection1+94804 years ago
Koenig, Henri (Swiss, 1896 - 1983), 1946-48, Kreuzlingen1Switzerland1+77503 years ago
Koenig, Henri (Swiss, 1896 - 1983), 1946-48, Parc de la Grange, roseraie72Switzerland11+1847843 years ago
Koenig, Henri (Swiss, 1896 - 1983), 1946-48, Rue de Delices - Rue Cavour, in front of Musee, Voltaire129Switzerland14+2764403 years ago
Koenig, Henri (Swiss, 1896 - 1983), 1946-48, Rue de la Cloche - Rue Philippe23Switzerland3+1062303 years ago
Koh, Heideki (Japanese contemporary Artist) (password protected)3nudity0+149102 years ago
Kohlmann, Hermann (1907-1982)1portrait1+227016 years ago
Kokareva, Iya1kids2+88604 years ago
Kokoschka,Oskar (1886-1980) 19061collection1+79604 years ago
Kolbe, Georg (1877 - 1947)62Germany13+2526103 years ago
Kolig, Anton (1886-1950) (password protected)46nudity0+3064612 years ago
Kolk, Ellen (Estonian), exibited since 1980 in Viimsi Haigla (Viimsi Hospital near Tallinn), больница рыболовецкого колхоза им. Кирова, Хайгла, под Таллинном, 19802travel1+65401 year ago
Koller, Rudolf (1828-1905) exhibited in Kunst Halle, Zurich, and other collections4nudity0+858211 year ago
Koltsov, Valeriy (Simferopol, Ukraine)3travel2+266106 years ago
Komarov, Evgeniy (USSR, 1930s)2Russia3+271207 years ago
Komarov, Nikolay1kids1+110604 years ago
Komov, Oleg (1932 - 1994, Soviet) - 1965, boy with a dog, exhibited in Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow1Russia1+171502 years ago
Konchalovski, Petr (1876-1956) USSR, "Утро испанских пионеров в летнем лагере", 1939, и "На полдни", 194712Russia3+5498007 years ago
Konigsburg, E.L. (USA, 1973) - and the fountain from which the drawing was made (by Carl Milles, Stockholm)7collection4+1020306 years ago
Konti, Isidore (1862 - 1938)6collection2+335206 years ago
Korneev, Igor, 19881collection2+84603 years ago
Kornilov, A. (1956)1Russia1+74304 years ago
Korolenko, Denis - wonderful drawings by a 14 y.o. Russian teenager, contemporary (on 3 Feb. 2011 Den turned 15 - congrats!)21kids5+5673305 years ago
Korosec, Irena (born 1962, Yugoslavia) - paintings of her own son4kids3+11528010 months ago
Kosenkov, Vasiliy (1919 - 1992)1kids1+108302 years ago
Koshelev, Nikolay (1840 - 1918), Mercury lulls the shepherd Argus to sleep, exhibited in Dogadin Gallery of Arts (Russia, Astrakhan)5Russia1+160102 years ago
Koskinen, Pauli (1921-2003), Kouvola, Finland5Finland1+169204 years ago
Kostenko, Elena (Russian, born in 1926)2Russia1+1373609 years ago
Koster, Jo (1868-1944)1nudity1+218304 years ago
Kovesdy, Geza (1887-1950) Boys at Balaton1collection1+435905 years ago
Kozitsyn, Kuzma (1881 - 1942), Russia, USSR - "Купание в жаркий день" (1920-е гг.)1Russia1+543608 years ago
Kozlenko, Nikolay (Russian, contemporary)11kids3+302004 years ago
Kozlovski, Mikhail Ivanovitch (1753 - 1802) Russia14Russia3+3184323 years ago
Kozorezenko, P. (born in USSR, 1953)4Russia3+845006 years ago
Kraft, Christophe (Europe, golden 1970s)6nudity1+1262206 years ago
Kraus, August (1868-1934) 1904, exhibited in Savigni Platz, in Lietzenseepark and in NG Berlin31Germany7+638053 years ago
Krause, Emil Axel (1871-1945, Danish), bathing boys and girls, 19105nudity0+425911 year ago
Krause, Heinrich (1885 - 1983)1family1+78503 years ago
Kravchenko, Alexei (1889 - 1940)3kids2+95101 year ago
Krepp, Siegfried (born in 1930), sculpture of 2 boys, 1970, can be viewed in Eisenhuttenstadt (ex Stalinstadt) and in Rostock30Germany14+9221103 years ago
Kreuzberg, Carin, 1985 (Germany, Berlin, Bezirksamt Prenzlauer Berg, Froebelstrasse 17; before 1996 served 9 years in Wisbyer Strasse, corner of Lewaldstrasse in front of the medical clinic)3Germany1+142403 years ago
Kreytan, Vasily (1832 - 1896), 1862 - a seed-thrower - exhibited in Russian museum, St. Petersburg5nudity2+396030 days ago
Kricke, Norbert (1922-1984) 19491collection1+1579208 years ago
Krivonogov, Alexander (Russia, in the Eltsin Era)13undefined8+8252357 years ago
Krolis, Huibert2undefined3+572007 years ago
Kron, Eugen (1920s)4nudity0+178903 years ago
Kroyer, Marie (1867-1940), painter and wife of Kroyer, Peter Severin (1851-1909)4undefined0+1142010 months ago
Kroyer, Peter Severin (1851-1909) Denmark17kids3+1435016 years ago
Krug (1882)1collection1+580807 years ago
Kubrick, Stanley (1928-1999)10kids2+476503 years ago
Kuchkina T.S. (1909 - 1942), Leningrad, 1936 - exhibited in the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg3kids3+81401 year ago
Kufferath, Camille (1881 - 1955, Belgian painter), boys bathing, 19031nudity0+86801 year ago
Kugler, August (Austrian), 1882, nude ephebe2nudity1+135004 years ago
Kuhmayer, Robert (1883 - 1972), Bratislava, Slovakia, 19142travel1+87402 years ago
Kummel, Heinrich (1810-1855)5Germany3+754703 years ago
Kupka, Frantisek (1871-1957)2nudity0+566304 years ago
Kuznetsov, Mikhail (1904-1989)1kids1+81502 years ago
Kwiatkowski, Schuler Julie (contemporary Artist)6nudity1+102204 months ago
La France, Saint Jean3collection0+6203010 years ago
La Thangue, Henry Herbert Raroi (1859-1929, British)10show0+518815 years ago
Labatut, Jacques Theodore Dominique (born in 1851), 18841collection0+152705 years ago
Laborcz, Ferenc (Hungary, Miskolc)1travel0+68004 years ago
Laimis (Lithuania, contemporary)3kids0+635804 years ago
Laing, Andrew (The Apotheosis of Sabrina, 1980-1. The quay, Bristol, UK)1travel1+431808 years ago
Laing, William Wardlaw (1873 - 1928)1collection1+81402 years ago
Laletas, Dmitris (Greek, 1964 - 2011)4undefined1+110302 years ago
Lamb, Henry Taylor (21 juin 1883 – 8 octobre 1960)8kids3+148802 years ago
Lambeaux, Jef (1852-1908), Bruxelles1travel1+130416 years ago
Lambert, George Washington (1873-1930)10collection1+989602 years ago
LaMonaca, Francis (1882-1926) Young Boy with Bee7collection3+857505 years ago
Landenberger, Christian (1862 - 1927)25nudity0+7799003 years ago
Landini, Taddeo (Italy, Rome, Piazza Mattei, Fontana delle Tartarughe - constructed in 1581-1588; Rijksmusem Amsterdam 1590)26Italy3+1884613 years ago
Lange, Guglielmo (1839 - 1914) 1885 - Musee de Picardie, Amiens, France3France1+208406 years ago
Lange, Max (1832-1899, Leipzig)2Germany1+162905 years ago
Lange, Richard W. (ca. 1900)11collection2+157433 years ago
Laoust, Andre (1843 - 1924)1France1+195406 years ago
Larche, Raoul (1860 - 1912)11show4+1589705 years ago
Larrive, Jean (1875 - 1928), 1908 - MBA Lyon1France1+72304 years ago
Larroux, Antonin (1859 - 1913, French)2kids2+79701 year ago
Larson, Jeffrey T. (contemporary, USA)7kids1+640204 years ago
Larsson, Carl (1853 - 1919) - Swedish Fairytale - National Museum, Stockholm36show14+6502263 years ago
Lassen, Holger (born in 1965, German)1collection1+75704 years ago
Laster G. Michael2nudity0+478907 years ago
Laszlo, Marton (1989, Budapest)2travel1+11594010 years ago
Lathrop, Dorothy Pulis (1891 - 1980) - A Little Boy Lost, 193814kids2+32102010 months ago
Latt, Hans (Berlin, 1918, exhibited in front of Polizei department #26, Rudolfstadter Str., Berlin)48Germany2+613214 years ago
Laurence, Paul Albert (1870 - 1934)1collection0+386017 years ago
Laurens, Jean-Paul (1838 - 1921, French)2collection0+103304 years ago
Lautenbacher, Hias (Germany, 1941)1collection0+407907 years ago
Laveretsky, Nikolai (1837-1907), exhibited in the Belarus National Art Gallery, Minsk2travel0+77603 years ago
Lawson, George Anderson (1832 - 1904)1collection0+308017 years ago
Lazzerini, Giuseppe: Hagar and Ishmael 1869. Sotheby`s sale, London 19941collection0+3233010 years ago
Le Clerque (Europe, 1980s)6kids0+2891417 years ago
Le Dauphin (Europe, 1970-80s) (password protected)4nudity0+707806 years ago
Le Saint, Jean Francois (contemporary)15kids2+495306 years ago
Le Sueur, Eustache (1616 - 1655)1collection0+63502 years ago
Lebasque, Henry (1865 - 1937, French painter)9kids0+278902 years ago
Lebourg, Charles-Auguste (1829 - 1906)2collection1+177803 years ago
Lecomte, du Nouy Jean-Jules-Antoine (1842 - 1923)3collection0+580003 years ago
Lee, Erica (1920 - 1960, British)3collection0+104403 years ago
Lee, Y (contemporary)1collection0+78102 years ago
Lefebvre, Jules Joseph (1836-1911), France3collection0+1002206 years ago
Lefebvre, Paul Abel - 18591collection0+75104 years ago
Lefevre, Robert Jacques Francois Faust - Cupidon 17982collection0+91803 years ago
Legendre-Heral, Jean Francois (1796 - 1851) - FULL SIZE3France0+314426 years ago
Legendre-Heral, Jean Francois (1796 - 1851) Musee des Beaux Arts, Lyon, France4France0+272906 years ago
Legrand, John M. (born in 1921)5nudity0+160902 years ago
Lehmann, Kurt (1905-2000) 19539Germany1+1353514 years ago
Lehmbruck, Wilhelm (1917) exhibited in NGA in Washington D.C.2travel0+108504 years ago
Lehnert, Rudolf (1878 - 1948) and Landrock, Franz (1878 - 1966) - photography from the Mediteranian Arab countries of early XX Century20documentary0+6104527 years ago
Leibl, Wilhelm (1844-1900), Hermitage, St. Petersburg1kids0+88914 years ago
Leighton, Frederic Archer (1830 - 1896)12show0+3888913 years ago
Leland, Henry (French, 1850-1877)6nudity0+404403 years ago
Lemon, Arthur (1850 - 1912, British)5kids1+177902 years ago
Lemzakov, Nikolay (1916 - 1993)3kids1+159702 years ago
Lenoir, Charles Joseph (1844 - 1899, France), 1886 - Idylle4collection0+325005 years ago
Leplae, Charles (1903-1961), Holland, Utrecht, Immalaan str. AND Bruxelles, 1944-4513travel0+543436 years ago
Leppanen, Lauri Aukusti (1895 - 1977, Finnish)2collection0+79502 years ago
Lepri, Stanislao (1905-1980)1kids0+73702 years ago
Lerche, Walter (1881-1951), in Tiergarten, Berlin1Germany0+69504 years ago
Leroux, Georges-Paul (1877-1957)1collection0+83503 years ago
Leroux, Louis Hector1collection0+667509 years ago
Lessing, Otto (1846-1912)2collection0+84904 years ago
Lessore, Frederick (1879 - 1951, British)1collection0+67903 years ago
Leuschner, P. (ca. 1900)13collection0+1308024 years ago
Levasseur, Henry Louis (1853-1934)1collection0+146707 years ago
Level, Helene (1896)1collection0+1330010 years ago
Levi, Carlo (1902 - 1975, Italian anti-fascist painter)8nudity1+210702 years ago
Levi, Max (1865 - 1912, German)1collection0+73004 years ago
Levick, Ruby Winifred (1872 - 1940, British)2kids0+90803 years ago
Lewin-Funcke, Arthur (1866 - 1937), Germany (Compesmuehlenweg 43, Moenchengladbach) 1895, Boys fighting over a bunch of grapes - a composition which I consider the best ever58Germany14+8502768 years ago
Leyendecker, Joseph Christian (1874-1951, USA) - 'More Than a Million and Three-Quarters Circulation Weekly', 191120collection1+1201456 years ago
Lezama, Daniel (Mexico)17nudity15+10363397 years ago
Lidbury, Malcolm (British, born in 1959) (EZ) (password protected)15nudity0+1516704 years ago
Liebermann, Ferdinand (German, 1883-1941)12collection2+1916603 years ago
Liebermann, Max (1847 - 1935) Berlin - Germany38nudity0+3973702 years ago
Ligare, David4nudity0+258923 years ago
Ligita, Francesca Ulmanes (Latvia, Daugavspils)3travel0+87802 years ago
Liipola, Yrjo (1881-1971) Finland, Tampere, Joensuu and Viipuri (Wyborg)17Finland2+1282104 years ago
Lilien, Ephraim Moses (1874–1925)3nudity0+74704 months ago
Lilypad - H. Behrnd Foundry, Dresden - ca. 19003collection0+263605 years ago
Linde-Walther, Heinrich (1868-1939)1collection1+113604 years ago
Lindgren, Astrid (Sweden, 1905-2002) - Karlson pa taket - now forbidden in the USA3undefined0+37188010 years ago
Lindsay, Norman (1879 – 1969)8nudity0+304723 years ago
Lippits2kids0+422814 years ago
Lippoth, Achim (German, born 1968)5kids0+448604 years ago
Lismann, Hermann (1878-1943), Bathing Boys, 19206nudity0+185005 months ago
List, Herbert (1903-1975)31nudity0+4975016 years ago
Litzroth, Adriaan (Dutch, contemporary)8nudity1+347813 years ago
Livache, Victor-Rene (French, 1872-1944)2collection0+110103 years ago
Lock, Kevin1undefined0+1609309 years ago
Loeffler, Bertold (1874 - 1960) Ruzodol - Nieder-Rosenthal - Czech Republic1collection0+750709 years ago
Logsdail, Edward (1896-1923)4Italy0+133402 years ago
Lohmu*ller, Otto (born in 1943; Germany, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s)20nudity14+3673937 years ago
Lohmu*ller, Otto - the Struggle Against the Todie's Society Madness5nudity0+2763107 years ago
Lomakina, Maria (1896 - 1964), two boys in Petrov-Vodkin studio, 1923-27 - at a current exhibition in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg5nudity0+472030 days ago
Long, Sydney (1871 - 1955, Australian painter)2collection1+99502 years ago
Longley, Stanislaus Soutten (1884-1966) - Icarus1collection0+101502 years ago
Lorenzetti, Lorenzo - ca. 19301collection0+83602 years ago
Lorenzi, Domenico (1527-1594), kidnapping of Ganymede1Italy0+55001 year ago
Lorieux, Julian (1876-1915)2collection1+1713010 years ago
Lotto, Lorenzo (ca. 1540)1nudity1+68303 years ago
Loubat, Henri Jean Pierre (1855 - 1926, French)1portrait0+79104 years ago
Loudyeu - "Licht und Schatten" (EZ) (password protected)6nudity0+4072708 years ago
Lovell, Thomas (1909 - 1997)6kids0+244302 years ago
Loyau, Marcel Francois (1895 - 1936)1collection0+62802 years ago
Luce, Maximilien (French, 1858-1941)3nudity0+1426709 years ago
Lucius, Sebastian3show0+147104 years ago
Luksch-Makowsky, Elena (1878, St.Petersburg - 1967, Hamburg)3nudity0+125731 year ago
Lund-Jensen, Robert (Danish, 1915-2003)2travel0+197504 years ago
Lundberg, Teodor (1852-1926) - near National Museum, Stockholm, and in Djurgarden, Stockholm19travel0+874502 years ago
Lundgren, Max - Pojken med guld byxorna - 19722collection0+110704 years ago
Lundkvist, Bengt Inge (born in 1913, Swedish)1travel0+72104 years ago
Lundqvist, John (Skogskyrkogarden)1travel0+70004 years ago
Lupanov (USSR, 1960)5collection0+556027 years ago
Lustig, Leonardo (contemporary, Italy)5collection1+790407 years ago
Lutenko, Sergey (Russia, nowadays)2collection0+645407 years ago
Lynch, Rene (USA, contemporary)10collection1+632904 years ago
Mabille, Jules Louis (1843-1997)1collection0+145306 years ago
Mac Donald, Richard (contemporary US artist)2collection0+694010 months ago
Mac Monnies, Frederik William (1863-1937) - Metropolitain Museum, NY, 200517travel0+898108 years ago
Mac Neil, Hermon At kins (1866-1947), 1898, exhibited in Metropolitan Museum, NY, with a replica in the Art Institute of Chicago4travel0+1366003 years ago
Maccagnani, Eugenio - Italy, Rome, MUSEO DI RINASCIMENTO, MONUMENTO RE VITTORIO EMMANUELE II, Piazza San Marco - 191120Italy3+2722806 years ago
Macdonald, Lawrence - Hyacinthus (Гиацинт), 18421collection0+59501 year ago
Machard, Jules Louis (1839-1900, French)3nudity0+328705 years ago
Mader, Karl - 19351nudity0+136804 years ago
Madrassi, Luca (1848 - 1919) Tricesimo - Italy 18852collection0+906209 years ago
Maeldum, Hilde (born in 1944 in Norway) Kristiansand, Elvagata - 19911travel0+199806 years ago
Maes, Nicolas (Netherlands), 1670, nude boys bathing1collection1+1085152 years ago
Maetzel, Emil (1877-1955)10nudity2+573511 year ago
Maetzel-Johannsen, Dorothea (1886-1930)5nudity0+409004 years ago
Magnier, Philippe (1647 - 1715, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris5France0+665318 years ago
Maillol, Aristide (1861-1944), a statue of Harry Graf Kessler's boylover (cyclist, 1907), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris, in Neue Pinakothek, Berlin and in Harward University30France6+11257113 years ago
Maindron, Etienne Hippolyte (1801 - 1884) Maine-et-Loire - Champtoceaux - France 18431collection0+526609 years ago
Maison, Rudolf (1892 - Otto-Dix Stadt)1travel0+205607 years ago
Makarov, Ivan (1822 - 1897, born in Saransk, Russia, study drawing of 1846)1nudity0+604309 years ago
Makovski, Vladimir (1846 - 1920), Russia7collection0+1179203 years ago
Maksimov, Konstantin (USSR)2collection0+748405 years ago
Maksimov, Vasiliy (1844-1911), exhibited in the Belarus National Art Gallery, Minsk2kids0+84003 years ago
Malbin, Ursula (born in 1945, Israel)8travel0+1701406 years ago
Malczewski, Jacek (Polish, 1854-1929)9show1+420306 years ago
Mallett, Timmy1kids0+696308 years ago
Man*n, Sally (born 1951) (EZ) (password protected)8kids0+2507703 years ago
Manalt, Celestin (1867 - 1942), Perpignan, France1France0+50401 year ago
Mancini, Antonio (Italy, 1852-1930), 1885, 188710Italy0+1097704 years ago
Mancini, Armando, works exhibited Museo di Capodimonte, Naples, Italy3collection0+102703 years ago
Manet, Edouard (French, 1832-1883)2kids0+963108 years ago
Manfredi, Bartolomeo (1582-1622) Cupid Chastised, 1613 - exhibited in Chicago Art Institute1collection0+77503 years ago
Manighetti, Silvio1collection0+605317 years ago
Maniser, Matvei (1891 - 1966) - Russia, Moscow, Metro Ploschad Revolutsii, 193812Russia0+847706 years ago
Maniser, Matvei (1891 - 1966), 1927-1935, Russia, Moscow, Gorky Park42Russia1+838803 years ago
Manship, Paul (1885-1966, USA) - New York, 20044travel1+362205 years ago
Manson, Robert (Europe, 1940s-1950s)4collection0+1685007 years ago
Manuhin, Yaroslav (Soviet illustrator, born in 1925), 19738kids0+166901 year ago
Manzu, Giacomo (1908-1991) Italy29nudity7+4525807 years ago
Marc, Franz (1880 - 1916, German)2nudity0+111604 years ago
Marco (Brasil, contemporary artist)2undefined0+282716 years ago
Marinova, Anna2kids0+1090208 years ago
Marioton, Claudius (1844 - 1919, French) Eros Making the World Turn According to His Pleasure, 19031collection0+66603 years ago
Marioton, Eugene (1857 - 1933)1undefined0+66601 year ago
Maris, Jacob - 1868 Den Haag Gemeentemuseum1kids1+69103 years ago
Markewitsch, Victor (1881-1931)1family0+104304 years ago
Marlier, Marcel (1930 – 2011, Belgian illustrator)15kids1+3727021 year ago
Maroniez, Georges Philibert Charles (1865-1933)2collection0+262406 years ago
Marotta, Cinzia3nudity0+616704 years ago
Marqueste, Laurent-Honore (1848-1920) exhibited in Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen and in Musee D'Orsay, Paris, 188213travel3+1978005 years ago
Mart, Rovereto (Italy, 1920s)1collection0+328307 years ago
Marti Alsina, Ramon (1826-1844)1collection0+214705 years ago
Martin, Jacques (drawings)3nudity0+329106 years ago
Martin, Jules-Leon-Gabriel-Alexandre (1842 - 1922)2nudity1+51203 months ago
Martin, Milo (Swiss, Morges, 1893 - 1970)164Switzerland4+3245403 years ago
Martin, Ryan (password protected)3nudity0+202702 years ago
Martinelli, Onofrio (1900-1966)3nudity0+159202 years ago
Martos, Ivan (1753 - 1835) - works can be viewed in Peterhof and in Moscow architecture museum3undefined0+821010 months ago
Marx (Marcks, Gerhard (1889-1981, Germany; works of 1934: Freunde, Kleine Schwestern)17collection0+1304404 years ago
Masereel, Franz (1889 - 1972)1collection0+657109 years ago
Massoule, Andre (1851-1901) 1900, Paris, Pont AlexandreIII41France2+1126308 years ago
Matare, Ewald (1887 - 1965) - Aloisiuskolleg, Bonn, Germany - two boys1Germany0+44007 months ago
Matisse, Henri (1869 - 1954), exhibited in Hermitage, Russia4nudity0+181503 years ago
Mattes, Georg (German, 1874-1942)12collection1+472804 years ago
Matthiasdottir, Saddle (Iceland, 1917-2000)1collection0+97504 years ago
Matthiesen, Oscar (Sweden, 1861-1957) 19061collection0+488517 years ago
Matveev, Alexander (Russia, 1878 - 1960), exhibited in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, and other places35Russia0+3111604 years ago
Mauquoy, Alfonse (1880-1954, Belgian)2collection0+161205 years ago
Mauries, Dominique1undefined0+266605 years ago
Maurin, Charles (1856-1914)1nudity0+149604 years ago
Maury, Georges Sauveur (born in 1872), girls in paintings and drawings11nudity1+2895003 years ago
Mayor, Harriet Hyatt Randolph (1868-1960) Brookgreengardens, SC, USA1collection0+124406 years ago
Mazza, Damiano (16th Century)1collection0+61502 years ago
Mazzola (Parmigianino) Girolamo Francesco (1503-1540)5collection0+309502 years ago
Mazzuola, Giuseppe (1641 - 1725), exhibited in Hermitage3Russia0+96404 years ago
McBride, Willy (1931-2015) - interview to Destroyer magazine in 2008 - BOYS, MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!!!3nudity0+7564214 years ago
McBride, Willy (1931-2015) - paintings, sculptures, photography24nudity7+4033017 years ago
McBride, Willy (1931-2015) - story of the Artist, published in GayMe magazine4nudity0+12435010 years ago
McCallum (1893)1collection1+7400010 years ago
McCartan, Edward (1923, 1926) exhibited in NGA in Washington D.C.2collection0+109504 years ago
McGill, David (1902)1collection0+143806 years ago
McKenna John (born in 1964) - arrick on Shanon, Ireland2travel0+80502 years ago
Meade, Arthur (1863 - 1947, British) - Sea Urchins1kids0+68302 years ago
Medeiros, Jose (1921 - 1990, Brasil)2kids0+145604 years ago
Mediavilla, Manuel (Spanish, contemporary)4collection0+144503 years ago
Mednayanszky, Laslo (1852-1919)1collection0+83204 years ago
Medvedev, Eugeny (born in 1934, USSR) - illustrations to books of Krapivin27kids1+21831196 years ago
Meier Wilhelm (1880 - 1971) - Seepark, Romanshorn, Switzerland, 19332nudity0+35002 months ago
Melchers, Julius Gari (1860-1932)1collection0+98304 years ago
Meltsner, Paul Raphael (American artist, 1905–1966)2collection1+120103 years ago
Mengs, Anton Raphael (1728 -1779, German)2collection0+91903 years ago
Mengue, Jean-Marie (1855-1949) ca. 18871collection0+317007 years ago
Menlibayava, Almagul (Central Asia, contemporary)1undefined0+155304 years ago
Menn, Barthelemy (1815-1893), Geneve, Art and History Museum3Switzerland0+124103 years ago
Menshikova, Julia - иллюстрации к книге Г.Л.Олди "Одиссей, сын Лаэрта"1kids0+59201 year ago
Mercie, Marius Jean Antonin (1845 - 1916, France), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, France; in NGA in Washington D.C.; in Santa Barbara Museum of Arts, LA, CA; various other places15collection1+1638704 years ago
Merli, Bruno7collection1+215504 years ago
Merritt, Anna Lea (1844-1930, born in USA)5kids1+1540603 years ago
Merson, Luc-Olivier (1846-1920) - Awakening Spring7nudity1+1650306 years ago
Mertens, Alexandra (2003) "Мальчишки"1kids0+1810609 years ago
Mertens, Karl (1903 - 2003, German)2Germany0+88504 years ago
Meshkov, Eugeniy (born in 1932, Soviet illustrator) - иллюстрации к Мой-до-Дыру, 1969 г.10kids0+161501 year ago
Messina, Francesco (1900 - 1995) - exhibited in Russia, St. Peterburg, Hermitage, and in Villa Clerici, Milan, Italy40show1+4366103 years ago
Messina, Francesco (1900 - 1995) - other works2collection0+71402 years ago
Metcalf, Conger (1914 - 1998)4kids0+105901 year ago
Metcalf, Willard Leroy (1858-1925) 18861collection0+138608 years ago
Metchenko, Gennadiy (born in 1945, Soviet illustrator), "С добрым утром!" (Москва, "Детская литература", 1989)5kids0+136501 year ago
Mettler, Walter (Swiss, 1868-1942)4travel0+103403 years ago
Meyer, Carl Vilhelm (1870 - 1938, Danish)4kids0+155502 years ago
Meyer, Hans Jacob (1907-1993, Norwegian), Bergen, 1958 (Meyer, Hans Jacob (1907-1993) (erected in front of the Theatre)5travel3+435704 years ago
Meyer-Amden, Otto (1885-1933) (EZ) (password protected)12nudity0+2239913 years ago
Meyerheim, Eduard (1808-1875)1collection0+73804 years ago
Michahelles, Ernesto (1893 - 1959)2nudity0+51904 months ago
Michallon, Hippolyte-Alexandre (nickname) - see Beard, Mark1collection0+61603 years ago
Michelangelo (Bounarroti, Michelangelo, Italy, 1475 - 1564) - paintings3collection1+108902 years ago
Michelangelo (Bounarroti, Michelangelo, Italy, 1475 - 1564) - sculptures37collection1+1665703 years ago
Michetti, Francesco Paolo (1851 - 1929, Italian)5Italy0+131803 years ago
Michurov, Marat (Russian photographer, contemporary)7France1+128507 months ago
Midelfart, Willi (1904-1975, Norway) - painting in the Oslo City Hall, 195031travel0+2646906 years ago
Miehe, Walter (1883-1972), 19272kids0+279404 years ago
Mields-Kratochwil, L. (1987, Frankfurt an der Oder) - two pubercent girls12Germany2+3937604 years ago
Mikhailov, Pavel (1857) Russian Museum, St. Petersburg2Russia0+486807 years ago
Mileham, Robert (contemporary)9nudity1+352703 years ago
Millar, Addison Thomas (1860 - 1913, American)1nudity0+35704 months ago
Miller, Wayne (American, born in 1918)8kids1+322103 years ago
Milles, Carl (1875 - 1955), Eskilstuna, Sodermanland; Nacka strand, Stockholm, Sweden6travel1+120204 years ago
Milles, Carl (1875 - 1955), Nackna strand (in front of Royal Palace), and other places in Stockholm, Sweden10travel0+138702 years ago
Milles, Carl (Sweden, 1940-50s) - Millesgarden, Stockholm - garden sculptures16travel3+1703306 years ago
Milles, Carl (Sweden, 1940-50s) - Millesgarden, Stockholm - garden sculptures - continued90travel0+2611126 years ago
Milles, Carl (Sweden, 1940-50s) - Millesgarden, Stockholm - inhouse sculptures29travel0+1751706 years ago
Milles, Ruth (1873 - 1941) children s books illustrations 1900-1920s - exhibited in Millesgarden, Lidingo, Sweden4kids0+103802 years ago
Millet, Jean-Francois (1814-1875)2nudity0+173904 months ago
Millichip, Paul (1929)1collection0+403908 years ago
Ming, Musk (Japanese, contemporary)2collection0+91502 years ago
Minne, George (1866 - 1941)23collection0+549604 years ago
Mintz, Ian (Contemporary Artist)4nudity0+207801 year ago
Mischenko P., 1977 - Макаренко и мальчик1kids0+133502 years ago
Mitoraj, Igor (born in 1944, Polish)3travel0+700902 years ago
Miturich, Petr (USSR, 1925)1collection0+405708 years ago
Moest, Hermann (1868 - 1945, German)11nudity3+1162404 years ago
Mogk, Johann Heinrich1portrait0+147704 years ago
Moiseenko, Evsey Evseevich (1916 - 1988, U.S.S.R.), boys bathing, 1974-7817show7+17062714 years ago
Mokhorev (Maksimov), Eugeniy (Russia, 1990s to now) (EZ) (password protected)27nudity0+32302113 years ago
Mol, Woutherus (1785 - 1857), exhibited in Teyler Museum, Amsterdam2nudity0+111403 years ago
Molin, Johan Peter (1814-1873), 1847 - herdegosse sittande pa en klippa - National Museum, Stockholm5travel0+216606 years ago
Molitor, Mathew (1873 - 1926)2collection0+96104 years ago
Mollenhauer, Frank1nudity1+164905 years ago
Mombur, Jean Ossaye (1850-1896) France, 1885, 18897collection1+1846406 years ago
Monakhov, S. (Soviet illustrator), 1976 Белый пудель5kids0+186001 year ago
Mongini, Constanzo (1918-1981) 'Adolescenza', Milan, Tobiolo2collection0+862408 years ago
Mongrell Torrent, Jose (1870 - 1937, Spanish painter)6nudity0+90904 months ago
Monks, Alissa (a young girl in bed)1nudity0+88302 years ago
Montald, Constant (1862-1944), exhibited in Royal Art Museum, Brussels5collection0+682603 years ago
Moore, Neil (born in 1950, British)6nudity0+816815 years ago
Moore, T. Dylan (US, contemporary)1undefined0+75903 years ago
Mora, Luis (1874-1940, American born in Uruguay)6show0+405704 years ago
Moreau, Gustave (1826 - 1898) Paris - France6nudity0+179807 years ago
Moreau, Louis Auguste (1855 - 1919, French)5collection0+140903 years ago
Moreau, Mathurin (1822-1912) - 18841collection0+127406 years ago
Moreau-Vauthier, Augustin Edme (1831 - 1893, French)3collection0+100503 years ago
Moriseaux, Bertha Marie Poline (1841 - 1895)1kids0+71304 years ago
Morlon, Pierre (1877)1collection0+242206 years ago
Moroz, V. (Soviet illustrator) - 1940 Дядя Степа Милиционер11flea market0+190601 year ago
Motovilova, M. - 1950 - Russia, St. Petersburg, Park Pobedy14city0+1989534 years ago
Moulin, Hippolyte Alexandre Julien (1832 - 1884, France), exhibited in Musee D'Orsay, Paris39France3+4179404 years ago
Mounchy, Louis-Philippe (1734 - 1801, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris3France0+416408 years ago
Mounthood1nudity0+1527619 years ago
Mouradian, Razmik (born in 1938, Armenian) boy with a hedgehog, 19751collection1+504505 years ago
Mowbray, Henry Siddons (1858 - 1928, American), 18802nudity0+58204 months ago
Mozhaiskiy, Boris (1980, Roston-na-Donu)1kids0+73102 years ago
Mucha, Alphonse (1860-1939)9nudity0+1643614 months ago
Mueck, Ron (Australian - exhibited in Denmark, Arhus)2show0+147604 years ago
Mueller, Eduard - 1879 - exhibited in ANG Berlin2Germany0+88404 years ago
Mueller, Otto (1874 - 1930, German)3show0+114802 years ago
Muellner, Josef (1879 - 1968, Austrian)4collection0+114503 years ago
Muenier (Meunier), Jules-Alexis (1863 – 1942, French)2kids0+963904 years ago
Mukhina, Vera (1889 - 1953, USSR) - a boy with a fish and a crab, in front of Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow26city1+1168922 years ago
Muller, Heinz (1872-1937), or Mueller, Hans (1873 - 1937, Austrian sculptor)5kids0+149801 year ago
Muller, Richard (1874-1954) Youth and Snake - 19212nudity0+615605 years ago
Mullins, Edwin Roscoe (1848-1907)6collection0+160404 years ago
Mulready, Augustus Edwin (1844 - 1903, British)1collection0+60602 years ago
Munk (Munch), Edward (1863-1944), Norway16nudity1+4683101 year ago
Munkacsi, Martin (1896-1963)3collection1+991707 years ago
Munoz, Jano (contemporary Artist)2kids0+959010 months ago
Murashov (1960, USSR)2kids0+1224107 years ago
Murer, Augusto (Italian, 1922-1985) - exhibited in Hermitage, St. Petersburg and other places18show0+884603 years ago
Murillo, Esteban Bartolome (1617-1682)9show1+2215209 years ago
Mussini, Luigi (1813-1888) - Education in Sparta1collection0+65602 years ago
Muybridge, Eadweard (1830-1904) (EZ) (password protected)3nudity0+883106 years ago
Myburgh, Bernard (born in 1951), South Africa - Holland8nudity0+2196254 years ago
Naeke, Gustav Heinrich (1786-1835)1collection0+309106 years ago
Nanuka (Russia, 2004 - from 'Hooligan' magazine)1undefined1+351706 years ago
Natarevich, Mikhail (1907-1979), 1960-70s, USSR5kids0+1004101 year ago
Natoire, Charles Joseph (1700 - 1777)3undefined0+100902 years ago
Navarro, Llorens (1867 - 1923, Spanish)5kids0+223802 years ago
Neeb1collection0+138804 years ago
Nehtman, Britta (Sweden, Gothenburg - Liseberg Park) 19501travel0+246806 years ago
Nerdrum, Odd (born in 1944, Norwegian)1nudity1+38403 months ago
Nerdrum, Odd (Norwegian, born in 1944)4nudity0+224003 years ago
Nesterov (1890)2show0+749204 years ago
Nesterov F. (USSR)2collection0+627008 years ago
Neuschul, Ernst (1895 – 1968, Austrian)1nudity1+334204 years ago
Newcomb, Mary (1922 - 2008)1collection0+75803 years ago
Nilsson, Gunnar (Karlavagen, Stockholm)1travel0+280007 years ago
Noack, Astrid (Sweden, Goteborg, Kungsladugard)1travel0+69304 years ago
Nocchi, Bernardino (1790) - exhibited in the Rome Museum, Palazzo Bruschi, piazza Navona, Rome3collection0+202706 years ago
Noelken, Franz (1884 - 1918, German)3kids0+129703 years ago
Nogin, Mikhail (Tulln, Austria)5travel0+242604 years ago
Nomellini, Plinio (1866-1943, Italy)4Italy0+622707 years ago
Norena, Miguel (Mexico, 1843-1894) - La leccion, 18766Mexico1+1351726 years ago
Norman, Kelly (1980)1undefined1+11708010 years ago
Normanno, Rocco (born in 1974, Italian)4show0+564104 years ago
Novak, Janos (Hungary, Budapest, Margaret Island)2travel0+529208 years ago
Novoskoltsev, Alexander Nikonorovich (1853 - 1919), 18756nudity0+297602 years ago
Nuriakhmetov F.S. (2003, The White River) exhibited in Museon Sculpture Park in Moscow5city0+83302 years ago
Nuse, Roy Cleveland (USA, 1885 - 1975)2kids0+528506 years ago
Nv, Jin (Hong Kong, born in 1984)1show1+149404 years ago
Nylund, Felix Arthur (1878-1940) Helsinki, in front of Old Students House, 193214Finland1+1771003 years ago
Nystrom, Jenny (1940s - Sweden)1travel0+250206 years ago
O'Connor, John (1913-2004)2nudity1+629806 months ago
Odainik, V. (1980, Ukraine)1collection0+491408 years ago
Odevaere, Joseph Denis (1778 - 1830, Flemish painter)2collection1+101601 year ago
Oelzner, Rudolf (1906 - 1985, German)5Germany1+233403 years ago
Oittinen, Mauno (1896 - 1970) 1937-38 - boys Matti and Jaakko - found in Finland, Helsinki - at the crossing of Ramsays strand, Munksnas allen and Hoplaksvagen16Finland4+1552902 years ago
Olaf, Erwin (Dutch)2nudity0+183403 years ago
Ollila, Yrjo (1887-1932)2collection0+750305 years ago
Opium22kids3+4310666 years ago
Orlovski, Boris (1797 - 1837), Russian museum, Petersburg; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow12Russia0+2443904 years ago
Orpen, Sir William Newenham Montague (1878-1931)7nudity0+1024602 years ago
Orpheo5collection1+3174019 years ago
Ortil, Hajo (1905-1983) - story of the Artist7nudity0+867207 years ago
Osipov, Sergei (1915-1980), 19503kids0+256606 years ago
Ostaev, Alexei Evgenievich (Russia, nowadays)28show3+12700227 years ago
Ostrov S. Остров С. - иллюстрации к "Я тоже был маленький" С.Михалкова1kids0+57901 year ago
Ostrova, Lidia (Lia) (born in 1914)8kids0+1882804 years ago
Ottesen, Johannes (1875-1936)1nudity0+270504 years ago
Oun, Ulo (Tartu, Estonia, 2004) - the ugliest sculpture ever1nudity0+97504 years ago
Ovenden, Graham (born in 1943, England)1nudity0+394514 years ago
Ozkaya, Serkan (Turkish Artist, contemporary) - David in NY7nudity0+176911 year ago
P., Paul9nudity0+251102 years ago
Paczka-Wagner, Cornelia (1864-1930), girl akt1nudity0+91903 years ago
Paernio, Demetrio (Genova, 1851-1912), 18992Italy0+90903 years ago
Pagliacci, Aldo (1913 - 1991), 19654show0+155603 years ago
Pakhomov Andrei (son of Pakhomov Alexei) born in 1947, living, St. Petersburg12show0+1202007 years ago
Pakhomov Andrei (son of Pakhomov Alexei) born in 1947, living, St. Petersburg (EZ) (password protected)10nudity0+2867107 years ago
Pakhomov, Alexey (USSR, 1900-1973)66nudity4+8121413 years ago
Pakhomov, Dmitry (2003, по рисунку Нади Рушевой, Dom Kino, St. Petersburg)4city0+844706 years ago
Palmer, Alfred1collection0+56802 years ago
Panov, Igor (Russia, Togliatti, nowadays)10show0+3031026 years ago
Pansowova, Emerita (1946-1992),19763Germany0+158504 years ago
Pantasenko, V. (USSR)1sport0+244805 years ago
Pape, William Friedrich Georg (1859 - 1920)1collection0+93304 years ago
Papety, Dominique Louis (French Academic Painter, 1815-1849)1nudity0+38004 months ago
Parente, Gabriele (1900 - 2000, Italian sculptor)8nudity1+137904 months ago
Parker, Al (1906 - 1985), 1950 - an American illustrator2kids0+322106 years ago
Parrish, Maxfield (1870-1966, Egypt (1902)9show0+2925606 years ago
Pasch, Clemens (1910 - 1985, German)12collection1+1418013 years ago
Pascin, Jules (1885-1930, Bulgarian)2nudity0+531704 years ago
Pashin1nudity0+704707 years ago
Pashkov, Pavel (USSR, 1929)2nudity0+1156908 years ago
Pasolini, Pier Paolo (drawings; screenshots from Decameron and Arab Nights)120nudity9+38301417 years ago
Passini, Ludwig Johann (1832 - 1903) - a very different Venezia2kids1+49003 months ago
Patko, Karoly (1924)1collection0+59398010 years ago
Patomaki, Panu (born in 1949, Finnish) Rheumatism foundation hospital in Heinola, city centre of Mikkeli3Finland1+129702 years ago
Patrick1undefined0+654207 years ago
Patrioli, Tony (von Gloeden of the 1970-80s)11show2+3842817 years ago
Pauli, Georg (1855-1935) - exhibited in National Museum, Stockholm1nudity0+183506 years ago
Paulsen, Jon Boe (Norwegian Artist, born in 1958)2nudity0+1365010 months ago
Pavlov, Yuri (Belarus, Minsk)66nudity8+1633933 years ago
Pavlov, Yuri (Belarus, Minsk, Kostel Sv. Rokha)21city3+1290101 year ago
Peagram, Shane13kids3+1716501 year ago
Pears, Charles (1873 - 1958, British)2kids0+121703 years ago
Pecheux, Laurent1collection0+807203 years ago
Pedersen, Jan - first love1nudity0+498605 years ago
Peel, Paul (1860-1892, Canadian)16collection4+10320463 years ago
Pegram, Bertram Alfred (1873 - 1941, British)4travel0+138903 years ago
Pegram, Henri Albert (1862-1937)4collection0+2197410 months ago
Peinte, Henry (1845-1912, France)3collection0+859533 years ago
Pelez, Fernand (1843-1913)5collection0+1044304 years ago
Pellizza da Volpedo, Giuseppe (1868-1907)1nudity1+90003 years ago
Perkins, Henry, UK, "Dans le Creux de la Main"1collection0+5615010 years ago
Perkins, Mary Smith Taylor (1875-1931) USA2show0+249906 years ago
Pernot, Cecile1collection0+232407 years ago
Perrey, Leon Auguste (1841-1900), "Jeune garcon jouant a la Toupie" - France, Douai, Musee de la Chartreuse1collection0+399707 years ago
Perron, Charles Theodore (1862-1934)3collection0+101203 years ago
Peruzzi, Baldassare Tommaso (1481 – 1536)1Italy0+56302 years ago
Peschanaya, Olga3undefined1+952318 years ago
Pesenti, Vindizio Nodari (1879-1961) Tiratore di Fionda1collection1+133406 years ago
Peterich, Paul (1864-1937, Germany, Holland, 1908 - 'Stehender Knabe', exhibited in the German National Gallery, Berlin)11Germany0+1732004 years ago
Petitot, Louis-Messidor (1794 - 1862, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris7France0+645704 years ago
Petras, Hubert (1929 - 2010, German), 19581collection0+79803 years ago
Petrov-Vodkin, Kuzma Sergeevich (Russia, 1878-1939)27collection1+6525201 year ago
Petrovskiy, Petr (1814 - 1842)2kids0+80902 years ago
Peyfuss, Carl Johann (1865-1932, Austrian)3nudity0+257505 years ago
Peynot, Emile Edmond (1850-1932), 1884 'Pro Patria' - Musee du Luxemburg, Paris, France2France0+223003 years ago
Pfaender, Max, La Fontaine de l`Adolescent beside the lake in La Neuveville, Switzerland1France0+727208 years ago
Pfeifer, Felix Georg (1871 - 1945, German)4nudity0+173201 year ago
Pforr, Franz (1788 - 1812)2collection0+98704 years ago
Pfrundt, Georg (1603 - 1663, German)1nudity0+59309 months ago
Philipsborn, Dorothea Luise Mathilde Auguste (1894 - 1971, German)3collection0+130603 years ago
Philipsen, Theodor Esbern (1840 - 1920, Danish)4collection0+120603 years ago
Phillips, Walter (1884-1963)3kids0+157002 years ago
Philpot, Glyn Warren (1884 - 1937, British)5kids0+128402 years ago
Philpot, Glyn Warren (1884 - 1937, British) - continued4show0+153403 years ago
Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)32nudity1+4647711 year ago
Piccirilli, Attilio (USA, 1866-1945)11travel0+1829806 years ago
Pichier, Paul (ca. 1900)1collection0+348107 years ago
Pickery, Henri (1828-1894), exhibited in Royal Art Museum, Brussels8travel0+150203 years ago
Picot, Francois-Edouard (1817)1collection0+688003 years ago
Piekuras, Gediminas (born in 1962, Lithuanian) Kaunas, Bistornas, 19861travel0+126405 years ago
Pierre et Gilles5undefined0+1224002 years ago
Pietschmann, Max Ernst (1865-1952), bathing boys1kids0+244604 years ago
Pigalle, Jean-Baptiste (1714 - 1785) France 17535France0+933709 years ago
Pils, Isidore (1813 - 1875)2collection0+109202 years ago
Pimenov, Nikolay Stepanovich (Russian, 1812 - 1864) - a begging boy - exhibited in the Russian Museum and in the Tretyakov Gallery5kids0+904404 years ago
Pimenov, Stepan Stepanovich (1784 - 1833) - Elagin island, St.Petersburg35city1+342202 years ago
Pintado, Marco Diez (Spain, Valencia Musuem of Fine Arts)1Spain0+299607 years ago
Piper, Carl Friedrich August (1856 - 1933), 19081collection0+60003 years ago
Pippel, Otto Eduard (1878 - 1960)2nudity1+138104 years ago
Piranesi, Giovanni Battista (1720–1778)1collection0+63902 years ago
Pirner, Maximilian (1854 -1924, German)1Germany0+73603 years ago
Pittendrigh MacGillivray, James (early 20th Century, Coates Gardens, Edinburgh)16travel0+2020907 years ago
Plaisir, Michel4show0+167602 years ago
Plastov, Arkadi (1893-1972)14Russia1+6631032 years ago
Plastov, Arkadi (1893-1972) - continued7kids2+171503 months ago
Plensa, Jaume (Spanish, born in 1955) - France, Nice, place Massena - Fontaine du Soleil6France1+117104 years ago
Pleshanov, Pavel (1829 - 1882)1collection1+60402 years ago
Pluschow, Wilhelm (Guglielmo) Eduard Hermann Gottlieb (1852 - 1930)4collection0+654602 years ago
Pluschow, Wilhelm (Guglielmo) Eduard Hermann Gottlieb (1852 - 1930) - story of the Artist (EZ) (password protected)11nudity0+6304607 years ago
Pohl, Hermann (1959, Kassel, Germany)1Germany0+324008 years ago
Polonsky, Rolanda1collection0+260907 years ago
Pomeroy, Frederick William (1856 - 1924, British)5collection0+105402 years ago
Pomi, Alessandro (1890 - 1976)3Italy0+301406 years ago
Ponomarev, Igor (born in 1960)2collection0+108304 years ago
Pontormo, Jacopo (1518)11nudity1+1697503 years ago
Popkov, Viktor Efimovich (1932-1974, Soviet)6nudity2+495606 months ago
Porter, James Tank (1883 - 1962)5kids0+155541 year ago
Portsmouth, Percy (Mirth, 1907)2collection0+110703 years ago
Postalchuk, Olga (Ukraine, Odessa boy, 2000)1kids0+949408 years ago
Potter, Andrew3show0+914808 years ago
Potthast, Edward Henry (1857 - 1927)6kids0+919302 years ago
Poulsen, Aksel (Danish, 1887-1972), 1912 - exhibited in Odense, Kunstmuseum - !!!a lovely Masterpiece!!!3collection0+225713 years ago
Powers, Hiram (1805-1873), 1844, 'Fisherboy' exhibited in Boston MFA and in Vir ginia MFA2collection0+531313 years ago
Poynter, Edward (1836 - 1919)4collection0+864403 years ago
Pozdniakov Pasha (14 y.o., Russia)4Russia2+2880139 years ago
Pradier, Jean-Jacques (James) (1792-1852), Louvre and Geneve Arts and History Museum13Switzerland2+2217223 years ago
Prado, Vasco (1914-1998, Brasilian)1travel0+178805 years ago
Pratt, William (1855 - 1936)1collection0+68304 years ago
Preisler, Jan (Czechoslovakian, 1872-1918)8show1+1389303 years ago
Preiss, F.1travel0+127404 years ago
Pribylovskaya, Tatiana (USSR, 1975, illustration to Astrid Lindren's book 'Barnens dag i Bullerbyn')1Russia0+551047 years ago
Prinni, Giovanni (1879-1958) - Torso di Giovinetta, 19411collection0+126606 years ago
Prinz, Bernhard (2000)1collection0+137213 years ago
Prior, Lauritz (1840-1879) 1865 (when Artist was 25), exhibited in Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen8travel2+1432205 years ago
Priou, Louis (1845-1917)3show0+284306 years ago
Procter, Dod (Doris) (1892 - 1972, British painter)11nudity0+590211 year ago
Procter, Ernest (1886 - 1935)8show2+1069014 years ago
Prodan, Aureliu (born in 1968, Moldovan)2collection2+257604 years ago
Proshkin, Viktor (1906 - 1983), 1929 - two boys - exhibited in the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg1collection0+53801 year ago
Proskudin-Gorskiy, Sergey (1861-1944), color photography, ca. 191016collection0+787324 years ago
Prud'hon, Pierre-Paul (France, 1758-1823), 181412nudity9+4478713 years ago
Puech, Denys (1854-1942), title Siren, first exhibited 1890 - Denmark, Copenhagen (Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek)14Germany1+722205 years ago
Puget, Pierre1collection0+210007 years ago
Puggelli, D. (contemporary Italian Artist)1collection0+561010 months ago
Purrmann, Hans (1880-1966)1collection1+161705 years ago
Putintsev, Viktor (Russia, the golden 1990s)16nudity0+5196713 years ago
Putnam, Arthur (1873 - 1930), Young Museum sculpture garden, San Francisco3collection0+99104 years ago
Pye, William - location unknown1collection1+863108 years ago
Quagliato, Nereo (Vicenza, Italia, Piazza delle Poste, Fontana dei Bimbi), 198420Italy2+2762605 years ago
Rabinovich, I.A. - 1950 (Russia, Moscow, Underground "Culture Park" - metro "Park Kultury")7city0+271604 years ago
Rafael, studio of (ca. 1541)1collection0+54019 years ago
Raittila, Tapani (born in 1921, Finnish)7kids0+130502 years ago
Raksha, Yuri (1937 - 1980, Soviet Artist)6show1+1173107 years ago
Rakutin, Yuri (1926 - 1996, Soviet)1kids0+68702 years ago
Ramazanov N.A. (1818 - 1867), 1839 - exhibited in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg2Russia0+352407 years ago
Ramsay, Hugh (1877 - 1906, Australian), 1895, boy akt1collection0+90903 years ago
Rane, Walter1kids0+87802 years ago
Rank, Georg (1855 - 1938), 19021collection0+62602 years ago
Rathsack, Svend (1885-1941) - continued2nudity0+117405 months ago
Rathsack, Svend (1885-1941), 1920, exhibited in Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen5travel0+219805 years ago
Rauset, Oyvind (1952 - living) Oslo - Norway6nudity0+9363010 years ago
Ravage, Lucas (contemporary)2collection0+86203 years ago
Raverat, Gwen [Gwendolen Mary] (1885-1957, British)2nudity0+117903 years ago
Ray, Charles (born in 1953) known for his Boy with a Frog in Venice, Punto di Dogana31travel6+8753534 years ago
Realier-Dumas, Maurice (1860-1931) - ca. 18901collection0+338107 years ago
Rebolledo Correa, Benito (1880-1964)6Spain0+4007214 years ago
Rebull, Joan Torroja (1899-1981, Spanish) - boys of Barcelona6nudity0+445304 months ago
Recchia, Richard Henry (1885-1983), Flute Boy - in S. Carolina, Brookgreen Gardens4collection0+912405 years ago
Regnault, Jean-Baptiste (1754 - 1829)1collection1+64603 years ago
Rehder J. (Youth, Karlsruhe, 1884)1collection0+751010 years ago
Reid, D ick-William (1878-1961)6collection0+108703 years ago
Reid, Eileen (1894 -1981, Irish)1collection0+91503 years ago
Reineck, Georg Emil (1848-1916) 19016collection0+145003 years ago
Reinhold, Walter (1898 - 1982) - Germany, Dresden, Bernhard strasse, Dresden, Schulhof-Brunnen, in front of Fritz-Loeffler Gymnasium1Germany0+595202 years ago
Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, 1606-1669) Sitting boy, 16462collection0+1283108 years ago
Renda, Giuseppe (1859 - 1939) Polistena, Reggio Calabria - Italy8collection0+1457605 years ago
Rene, Follet (born in 1931, Belgian)1undefined0+213305 years ago
Rene, Paul (1936) Summer Idyll1kids0+82303 years ago
Reni, Guido (1575-1642)3collection0+94003 years ago
Rennie, George (London, the Victoria and Albert Museum), 183110show0+143823 years ago
Renoir, August (1841-1919)3nudity0+109707 years ago
Renvall, Essi (1911-1979) Kotka, Finland, in front of cityhall27Finland3+2957103 years ago
Repin, Ilya (1844-1930), exhibited in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg6nudity0+129006 years ago
Reshetnikov, Fedor (1906-1988)9show0+303806 years ago
Ressu, Camil (Romanian, 1880 - 1962)3collection0+118804 years ago
Reusch, Josef (1887-1976)1collection1+206505 years ago
Reyl-Hanisch von Greifenthal, Herbert (1898-1937)9nudity0+165005 months ago
Rheineck, Georg (1848 - 1916, German)1collection0+70404 years ago
Rhoades, Christopher (UK, ca. 1950) - it's a bath time!1kids0+76102 years ago
Ricci, Stefano (1765 - 1837) - exhibited in Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Piazza Pitti, Florence, Italy1nudity0+61301 year ago
Riccio, Domenico (c. 1515-1567) !!!1nudity1+100414 years ago
Richardson, Douglas (1853-1932)1collection0+134506 years ago
Richier, Germaine (1904 - 1959), Loretto, Italy, 19341nudity0+37704 months ago
Riesener, Jean-Henri (French, 1734-1806)1collection0+2728010 years ago
Riganelli, Agustin (1890-1949), Argentina, street boy, 1913; monument to Luis Guemes, 19352travel0+197006 years ago
Riggs, Robert (1896-1970, American)4nudity0+1607805 years ago
Riminaldi, Orazio (1593-1630) exhibited in Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti – Firenze2collection0+84202 years ago
Ripamonti, Riccardo (exhibited in GAM, Milan, Italy)1collection1+291208 years ago
Ritter, Fritz (1974, Germany, Berlin, Baumschulenweg 1 und Neue Krugallee 217), actually the statue recently STOLEN!!!16Germany2+2558354 years ago
Ritter, Fritz (Germany, Berlin, Kissingenstr), 1981 - this one still in its place13Germany2+4127924 years ago
Riviere, Briton (1840-1920)2collection0+84302 years ago
Rizzi, Antonio (1869-1940)2Italy0+80301 year ago
Roberts, William Goodridge (Canada, 1904-1974) exhibited in the Canadian National Gallery8nudity3+1539806 years ago
Robinson, Frederick Cayley (1862 – 1927, English)4collection1+439902 years ago
Robinson, Ruth (ca. 1913)1collection0+189106 years ago
Rockwell, Norman (USA, 1894-1978)57lulz2+7712247 years ago
Rodchenko, Alexander (1891 - 1956)7kids0+257003 years ago
Rodgers, Terry2nudity0+1679817 years ago
Rodin, Auguste (1840-1917) - amazing, same sculpture found in Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Lyon, Stockholm, Hermitage (St. Pete), New York, Antwerp, NGA in W.D.C....46travel0+897413 years ago
Rodriguez Zapateur, Juan Jose (1866-1921, Spain)1collection1+209906 years ago
Roed, Jorgen (1808 - 1888, Danish), a boy1nudity6+195103 years ago
Roesch, Johann Wilhelm (1850-1893)14Germany0+737804 years ago
Roger, Francois (1843 - 1898)3collection0+493007 years ago
Rohde, Johan (1856-1935) Belgium1kids0+295307 years ago
Rohlfs, Christian (1849-1938)5nudity0+266902 years ago
Rolfe, Frederick, Baron Corvo (1860-1913)8nudity0+978604 years ago
Roman, Jean-Baptiste (1792 - 1835, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris10France1+1126208 years ago
Romano, Giuglio (1499-1546)2collection0+114701 year ago
Romanov, Sakhi (Kazakhstan, 1955)1collection0+1742010 years ago
Romanova, Elena (USSR)8show0+1155407 years ago
Romanova, Zinaida (born in 1932) - Kaliningrad (ex Koenigsberck) sculpture park, 'World without War' 198141Russia0+2246334 years ago
Romanova, Zinaida (born in 1932) - Kaliningrad sculpture park, World without War 1981, and other works6collection0+149921 year ago
Rommel, Gerhard (born in 1934)5Germany0+443313 years ago
Rond ot, Gilles8nudity1+294813 years ago
Rose, Paul1nudity0+292905 years ago
Rosen, Maximilian1kids0+85203 years ago
Rosenblum, Walter (USA, 1919-2006)2undefined0+112504 years ago
Rosenthal, Toby Edward (1848 – 1917) - boy wakening in the morning5kids0+220019 months ago
Ross, Denman Waldo (1853-1935) USA1collection0+221266 years ago
Rosset-Granger, Paul Edouard (1853-1934)1collection0+293501 year ago
Rossi, Eduardo (1867-1926), Berlin, Theodor-Francke-Park, AlbrechtStrasse, 188523Germany1+463614 years ago
Rosso, Elisa1nudity2+754108 years ago
Rotanov, Evgeniy - "Millenium", St. Petersburg (sculpted in 1989, erected in 1999)22city1+2536804 years ago
Rotanov, Evgeniy - sculptor's son Nikita - Boy at Serebristy Prud, St. Petersburg (2000)19Russia4+5364222 years ago
Rotanov, Evgeniy - sculptor's son Nikita - Rotanov Sculpture Park in Astrakhan, Southern Russia (2009)53Russia3+2857206 years ago
Roty, Oscar (1846-1911, French)6collection0+347705 years ago
Rouband, Louis Auguste (Junior) 1828-19061collection0+325907 years ago
Rousseau, Viktor (1865-1954), 1903 - "Vers la vie" (Towards Life); location Belgium, Brussels, musee de Bruxelles3travel0+594804 years ago
Roux, Constant (1865 - 1942)4collection0+89603 years ago
Rubens, Peter Paul (1577 - 1640)3collection0+87802 years ago
Rude, Francois (1784-1855, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris and other museums in France37France1+864006 years ago
Rudy, Charles H. (1904-1986, USA) Brookgreen Gardens, SC, USA1travel0+122606 years ago
Ruekel, Anton1collection0+256107 years ago
Rueter, Pam George (1906-1998)3show0+118402 years ago
Ruggles (Kitson), Alice (Theodora) (1876-1932)1collection0+75604 years ago
Ruhm O.6collection0+134304 years ago
Runeberg, Walter (1838-1920, born in Porvoo, Finland; studied in Copenhagen; worked in Paris and Rome) - AM LOOKING FOR THE PHOTO OF RUNEBERG'S 'CENTAUR AND CHIRON TEACHES THE YOUNG ACHILLES' - 1863 (IN THE ARCHIVES OF ATENEUM)65Finland4+1348553 years ago
Rusov, Lev - 19551kids0+80504 years ago
Russell, John Peter (1858-1930, Australian)2kids0+449222 years ago
Rusu-Ciobanu, Valentina (born in 1920, Moldovian)4show0+161303 years ago
Ruszkowski, Zdzislaw (1907 - 1990, Polish)2show0+94803 years ago
Rut, Thomasz (Polish, born in 1961)6undefined0+203603 years ago
Rybalko, Valentina (1918-1991, USSR)24collection0+2374914 years ago
Ryland, Henry (1856 - 1924, British)3kids1+156604 years ago
Saake, Robert (1874 - 1959)15collection1+1509515 years ago
Sabatte, Fernand (1874 - 1940)1collection0+642010 years ago
Sacchi, Andrea (1599 - 1661)1collection0+60002 years ago
Sacrevoir (aka Noack, Heiko - Germany, nowadays)31nudity10+5888063 years ago
Sacrevoir (sculpture)3collection0+326106 years ago
Sadolin, Gunnar (1874 - 1955, Danish painter), 1895 - a Hellenic Scenery1nudity0+32704 months ago
Sagayko, S.V. (2007 Dreams) exhibited in Museon Sculpture Park in Moscow8Russia0+121402 years ago
Saikina (1974, 1979, USSR)2sport0+80315 years ago
Saint-Ours, Jean-Pierre (1752-1809), exhibited in Geneve Art Hist Museum5Switzerland1+144303 years ago
Saleman, Hugo (Залеман Гуго Робертович, 1859—1919) - Russia, Moscow, Pushkin Museum - ex Alexander III Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 189813Russia0+1230885 years ago
Salieti, Joaquim1nudity0+157005 years ago
Salini, Tommaso (1575 - 1625, Italian Artist)8collection0+669101 year ago
Salisbury, Francis Owen (Frank) (1874-1962) 19121collection0+72803 years ago
Salty Rose46undefined1+1843803 years ago
Salzman, Yu. (USSR)2collection0+649617 years ago
Samain, Louis - 1893, Bruxelles1travel0+1601010 years ago
Samsonov E.I. (USSR, 1970, "Мальчишки")1kids1+1009708 years ago
Samuel, Charles (1862-1938)3collection1+166706 years ago
Samuelson, Peter (1912 - 1996) USA17nudity2+2725902 years ago
Sandoz, Edouard-Marcel (1881-1971, Lausanne, Switzerland)16Switzerland1+536923 years ago
Sannamees, Ferdi (1895 - 1963, Estonian) - Memorial to the Estonian Boys who defended their Motherland in the Independence War of 1918-1920, Tallinn, near to the National Theater - monument erected in 192710travel0+159902 years ago
Sanson, Justin (1833-1910)4collection0+101002 years ago
Sanson, Justin (1833-1910) - France, Fontainebleau, 18652France0+160503 years ago
Sansovino, Jacopo (1486-1570) - exhibited in NGA in W.D.C.2travel0+144713 years ago
Santarelli, Emilio (1801 - 1886), 1857 - Narcissus - exhibited in Kazakhstan State Museum of Arts4nudity1+81807 months ago
Santo, Augusto (Purtugal, 1868 - 1907) - exhibited in Museu nacional de soares dos reis, Porto, Portugal2travel0+170706 years ago
Sanzel, Felix (1829-1883), l`Amour Captif 18685France0+2338010 months ago
Sargeant, Bruce (nickname) - see Beard, Mark - in a fashion shop in Bruxelles, 20121travel0+63803 years ago
Sargent, John Singer (1856 - 1925)39show0+1301904 years ago
Sarluis, Leonard1collection0+541010 years ago
Sartorio, Giulio Aristide (1860 - 1932)29Italy1+3477332 years ago
Sauber, Rob (USA, 1980s)2kids0+833717 years ago
Saudek, Jan (born in 1935)4nudity2+729307 years ago
Sauer, Josef Eduard1collection0+50205 years ago
Sauer, Lothar (born in 1930 in Germany)14kids5+1467026 years ago
Saur, Anna (1868 - 1940, German)1nudity0+47304 months ago
Savage, Augusta (1930s)1collection0+504010 years ago
Savchenko, Anatoliy (1924-2011)5Russia0+212205 years ago
Savelieva, Valentina (born 1930, Russia)3Russia0+587308 years ago
Schad, Christian (1894 - 1982, German painter)5kids0+97202 years ago
Schad-Rossa, Paul (1862 - 1916)1nudity0+161605 years ago
Schadow, Johann Gottfried (1764-1850, Berlin, exhibited in the German National Gallery, Berlin)10Germany1+695414 years ago
Schadow, Ridolfo (1786-1822, Rome, exhibited in the German National Gallery, Berlin)5Germany0+581604 years ago
Schaeffer, Mead (1898-1980, Amercian illustrator), Swimming Hole, Saturday Evening Post cover, July 25, 19493kids0+124611 year ago
Scharff, William (1886 - 1959, Danish)5show0+158603 years ago
Scheibe, Richard (1931), exhibited in Georg Kolbe Museum in Berlin12Germany0+402604 years ago
Scheller, Peter3collection0+396407 years ago
Schick, Gottlieb Christian (1776 - 1812, German)3Germany0+82002 years ago
Schiele, Egon (1890-1918)17nudity1+2613404 years ago
Schiffner, Johannes (1886-1960, German), 19251collection0+122305 years ago
Schinkel, Karl Friedrich (1781-1841, Berlin)4Germany0+449007 years ago
Schiotte, Auguste1nudity0+4561010 years ago
Schlueter, Carl (1824-1884)1collection1+471808 years ago
Schlumberger, Suzanne Weyher (French, 1878 - 1924) - portrait of the son1kids0+531010 months ago
Schmid, Adolf (born in 1867)7collection2+379205 years ago
Schmidt, Wilhelm (Swiss painter, 1892–1971)1nudity0+62302 years ago
Schneider, Sascha (1870-1927) - continued11nudity0+4310110 months ago
Schneider, Sascha (1870-1927), Gymnasium (1912), and his follower25nudity4+7626182 years ago
Schneider-Reichel, Margarete (1891-1944) a German painter known for children book illustrations1collection0+84504 years ago
Schneider-Schulz, Ursula (Liebespaar, Eisenhuettenstadt, Germany)1Germany0+111804 years ago
Schoeler, Christian (contemporary Artist, portraying wonderful teenage boys)5portrait0+207012 years ago
Schoff, Otto (1884 - 1938, German)5undefined1+175903 years ago
Scholl, Johannes1collection0+517010 years ago
Schrader-Velgen, Carl Hans (1876 - 1945, German)2collection1+122604 years ago
Schroeder, Jean-Louis-Desire (1828 - 1898), 1852 - exhibited in the Grenoble Musee des Beaux Arts1France0+155906 years ago
Schuck, A., 1913, Boys Bathing1nudity2+329503 years ago
Schulze, Marc12portrait0+997323 years ago
Schwab, Wladimir (contemporary Crimean Artist)2kids0+607010 months ago
Schwarz, Heinz (1922-1994), Switzerland, Geneva - statue of a verry beautiful ephebe (also a girl in a tiny square of drug sellers)82Switzerland6+7684613 years ago
Scott (Stott), William (1857-1900) Manchester, 18864nudity0+1554603 years ago
Scott, Edward (1859-1918), "The River Bank", acquired in 1908 by Manchester City Art Gallery1collection0+202106 years ago
Scott, Kathleen, Baroness Kennet (UK, 1878–1947)10travel0+1229206 years ago
Seale ,Gilbert (Hugh, John) (1862 - 1933, British sculptor)1city1+46902 years ago
Sebti11kids2+2027010 years ago
Sekirin, Nikolay (1899 - 1962) "Пионерский лагерь", 1920-30е гг. - from a current exhibition in the Russian museum, St. Petersburg1nudity0+766030 days ago
Semeghini, Sandra (Brasil, San Paolo)4travel0+224904 years ago
Semiradskiy (Siemiradzki), Genrikh (1843 - 1902)13kids1+3079303 years ago
Sendak, Maurice (USA - 1960-70s)5collection0+1248507 years ago
Senyei, Karoly (1854 - 1919; Hungary, Budapest)17travel0+814307 years ago
Serebriakova, Zinaida Evgenievna (1884 - 1967)12Russia2+4795814 years ago
Seredy, Kate (1899 - 1975), illustrator2kids0+79901 year ago
Sergel, Johan Tobias (1740-1814) - Stockholm, Tallinn4travel0+248404 years ago
Serneels, Clement (1912 – 1991, Belgian)2nudity0+353704 years ago
Serov, Valentin (Russia, 1865-1911), 1905, exhibited in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg3nudity0+5699030 days ago
Serrano, Carmen Jimenez (born in 1920, Spanish)1collection0+171505 years ago
Serusier, Paul (1864-1927) 19064nudity0+953605 months ago
Seurat, Georges (1859 - 1891) France2collection1+676509 years ago
Severgina, Ekaterina2kids0+887508 years ago
Sharrer, Honore (1999)1undefined1+10691010 years ago
Shatilov, Andrei (contemporary) - Outlawed Derelict (Изгой) - from an Art Fairy in St. Petersburg, 26 April1show0+54901 year ago
Shebuyev, V. (1777 - 1855) - exhibited in Kazakhstan State Museum of Arts1undefined0+33307 months ago
Shepherd, Eve (contemporary)1undefined0+57702 years ago
Sheppard, Joseph6kids0+273803 years ago
Sheppard, Oliver (1865 - 1941, Irish)2collection0+103003 years ago
Sherer, Robert (USA, 1960s) - A Good Boy Always Sleeps with his Hands Above the Covers!12collection27+6411623 years ago
Shevchenko, Mikhail (Russia? Ukraine? contemporary)4nudity0+1328604 years ago
Shevchenko, Taras (Ukraine, XIX Century)2collection1+534928 years ago
Shirokov, Eugeniy (born in 1931, USSR)2hockey0+1186406 years ago
Shukhaev, Vasily (1887-1973)2collection1+120202 years ago
Shulz, Adolf Robert (American, 1869 - 1963)3nudity0+161413 years ago
Shulzhenko, Vasili (USSR, 1970s - иллюстрации к книге "Васька-Василёк")18kids0+3353657 years ago
Shun, Li Min, 1992 (EZ) (password protected)9nudity0+481023 years ago
Sicard, Francois (Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park Corner, Sydney)2travel0+94804 years ago
Sichel, Ernest Leopold (1862 - 1941)3collection0+114604 years ago
Siedman, Scott (USA, born in 1948)3collection0+91502 years ago
Signol, Emile1undefined0+104504 years ago
Simberg, Hugo (1873 - 1917) Finland - 1900s45Finland4+1549834 years ago
Simberg, Hugo (1873 - 1917) Finland - Tampere - 1900s - Cathedral28Finland0+4490476 years ago
Simeon, Francis (1879-1954) Nude Ephebe1collection0+1006705 years ago
Simon, Lucien (1861 - 1945)1kids1+60402 years ago
Simon, Tavik Frantisek (1877-1942)2collection0+408405 years ago
Simonis, Eugene - 18341collection0+68104 years ago
Simonson, Douglas4nudity0+140903 years ago
Sims, Charles Henry (1873 - 1928, British)9kids0+250813 years ago
Sinding, Otto (1842 - 1909, Norwegian)3nudity2+116804 months ago
Sinding, Stephan (1866-1922), 1909, exhibited in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen2travel0+214005 years ago
Sinken, Hein (1914 - 1987), 1952, Berlin1Germany0+66804 years ago
Sintinis (Sintenis), Renee (1888-1965) Jungling mit Pferd11collection1+357102 years ago
Sivadi, Ardo - 1932 (exhibited in Narva Art Gallery, Estonia)2nudity0+79803 years ago
Sjogren, Nils (1894-1952, Swedish) - Malmo, in front of the City Theater, erected in 195310travel0+437705 years ago
Sknarin, Anatoliy (born in 1940 - Rostov-na-Donu)2kids0+125702 years ago
Sleigh, Bernard (1872-1954) (EZ) (password protected)5nudity0+2797010 years ago
Slevogt, Max (1868-1932, Austrian) Boys bathing 19112collection2+804306 years ago
Sluijters, Johannes (1881-1957)2collection0+409007 years ago
Smirnov N., 1981 (erected in 2000, Russia, Novomoskovsk (by the source of the river Don, near to the Children's railway)36Russia1+17620003 years ago
Smirnov, Vladimir (Russia, nowadays)1kids0+1944419 years ago
Smith, Arnold, A Boy Absence, published in 20084collection0+562216 years ago
Smith, Gladys Nelson (1890-1980)1collection0+68402 years ago
Smith, Jos (Mowgli)1undefined0+9857010 years ago
Smith, Sidney (USA)44nudity8+13875173 years ago
Soffici, Argengo (1879 - 1964, Italian), 19291kids0+67203 years ago
Sohn-Rethel, Otto (1877 - 1949)7nudity0+322203 years ago
Sokolenko, Alexey (born in 1938)5kids0+968010 months ago
Sokolov Petr, the Junior (1764 - 1835), 1789, Amour (a copy from Buchardon sculpture) - exhibited in the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg1show0+50501 year ago
Sokolov, Petr 1777 (exhibited in the Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow)1Russia0+904505 years ago
Soldan-Brofeld, Venny (1863 - 1945) 1916, 'Observatoren' and other paintings of this female artist21Finland0+7114602 years ago
Soler de las Casas, Ernesto (1864 - 1935)1nudity0+392007 years ago
Solomon, Simeon (1865)1collection0+561309 years ago
Solomon, Thomas (contemporary)1kids1+95803 years ago
Solovyova-Efimova, Margarita (1932 - 2011), Boy with a kurai - 1971 - found in Russia, city of Ufa, since 197425Russia3+9053033 years ago
Somogyi, Arpad (Hungary, Miskolc)1travel0+58504 years ago
Somov, Konstantin (1869 - 1939)8nudity0+206201 year ago
Son B.N. - 1950 - Russia, St. Petersburg, Park Pobedy16undefined1+607904 years ago
Sopers, Antoine, 1859: exhibited in the Royal Fine Arts Museum, Brussels, Belgium3collection2+1125309 years ago
Sorensen, Henrik (1882 - 1962) Norway 19132nudity0+441903 years ago
Sorolla, Joaquin (1863-1923)63show2+3215133 years ago
Soungouroff, Antonin (1894 – 1982, Russian)14kids1+1069003 years ago
Sovkov, Sergey (Russia) - a new look29nudity2+10364042 years ago
Sovkov, Sergey (Russia) - illustration to 'The Big Miau'8kids0+119601 year ago
Sovkov, Sergey (Russia, Togliatti - a visit to the Artist's Studio in July 2015)45undefined7+4260921 year ago
Sovkov, Sergey (Russia, Togliatti - in the Artist's Studio in July 2013)99undefined7+5507222 years ago
Sovkov, Sergey (Russia, Togliatti - in the Artist's Studio in July 2013) - continued73undefined3+10013202 years ago
Sovkov, Sergey (Russia, Togliatti, nowadays)79undefined6+202996113 years ago
Speed, Harold (1872 - 1957, British)1holiday0+65613 years ago
Spetzler-Proschwitz-Anni (1927)1collection0+673010 years ago
Sprinchorn, Gerda (1871 - 1951, Swedish) - boy resting2kids0+76201 year ago
Sprung, Sharon1collection1+945808 years ago
Stabbert, Richard6undefined0+155702 years ago
Stagi, Pietro (ca. 1797), exhibited in Hermitage, St. Petersburg2show1+531908 years ago
Stammen, Peter (born in 1886)2collection0+224004 years ago
Stanevich, Vladimir (born 1925), boy, 19781kids0+320106 years ago
Stapper, Josta (born in 1941, German)4kids0+159402 years ago
Starcke, Henrik (1954, Middelfart, Denmark, Algade 24)1travel0+63604 years ago
Stark, Constantin (Germany, 1866-1939)2Germany0+291405 years ago
Stark, Constantin, 1928 (Germany, Berlin, Botanischer Garten Zehlendorf)8Germany0+114104 years ago
Stavasser, Petr Andreyevich (1816-1850 - sculpture made in 1839 - at the age of 23; at the age of 34 the great Artist passed away...) - exhibited in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg12show0+2286007 years ago
Steen-Hertel, Elna Sophie Kathrine (1872 - 1947, German)1kids0+75503 years ago
Steger1collection0+325306 years ago
Stein, Fritz (1914)1collection0+176905 years ago
Stein, Theobald Johan Carl Hendrik (Denmark, 1829 - 1901)3collection1+223603 years ago
Steiner, Clement Leopold (1853 - 1899)1undefined0+48201 year ago
Steinert, Hannes (contemporary) (password protected)6nudity0+79102 years ago
Steinhauser, Carl Johann (1813 - 1879) Bremen - Germany 18491undefined0+497409 years ago
Sterligova, Evgenia (USSR) - illustrations to books by Krapivin6kids0+597106 years ago
Stevens, L.T., Woodman Life Building1family1+67503 years ago
Stielow, Eike (1934 - living) Frankfurt - Germany 19873Germany0+1540209 years ago
Stillman (USA, 1961)1undefined0+680508 years ago
Stoetzer, Werner (1931-2010, German) - Berlin, Erich-Weinert-Strasse, Hosemannstrasse and Halle, Neustadt13Germany1+964004 years ago
Storch, Artur (1870 - 1947, German)1collection0+70304 years ago
Storm, Per Palle (1910-1994, Norway)8travel0+282606 years ago
Story, William Wetmore (American, 1819-1895), 1863, in Museum of Fine Arts, Boston1travel0+71504 years ago
Stouf, Jean-Baptiste (1742 - 1826, France), exhibited in Louvre, Paris3France0+414008 years ago
Straka, Josef (1864 - 1946, Austrian)1undefined0+72613 years ago
Stratz, Carl Heinrich - Koerper des Kindes und Seine Pflege - published in 1908, reprinted in 19091undefined1+1022506 years ago
Strecker, Paul (1925)1collection0+592109 years ago
Strindberg, Tore (1882-1968)4nudity1+86406 months ago
Stuart, Jay (USA, 1960s-1970s) - story of the Artist5undefined4+511606 years ago
Stuart, Jay (USA, 1960s-1970s) - story of the Artist (continued) (EZ) (password protected)6nudity0+1435606 years ago
Sturges, Jock (USA, living)2undefined0+849007 years ago
Sturis, Vladimir (contemporary)2kids1+103502 years ago
Sturm, Josef Franz (1858-1935)4collection0+95802 years ago
Stursa, Jan (Czech, 1880-1925) - Victory - 1921 - also in Moscow11collection1+530105 years ago
Sudkovski (from a 1935 postcard by LenOblLit, USSR)2kids0+246005 years ago
Sulaj, Agim (Italy, contemporary)4collection0+1002327 years ago
Sureniyants V. (1860 - 1921) - Abandoned child - Покинутая - exhibited in Kazakhstan State Museum of Arts1kids0+37907 months ago
Surikov, Vasiliy (1848-1916) Russia4collection0+98304 years ago
Susemihl, Heinrich (1862-) Sitting Nude Boy - 18881collection0+101603 years ago
Susini, Gianfrancesco (Italy, 1575 - 1653), exhibited in Louvre, Paris3France0+518408 years ago
Sussmann-Hellborn, Louis (1828-1908) 18561collection0+125606 years ago
Sutcliffe, Frank Medows (1853-1941) - photography of 1870-80s10nudity0+2908607 years ago
Suvorova, A.P. 1950s7kids0+1426010 years ago
Svinin, Boris (1938-1994), 1975 - exhibited in Mordovian MBA, Saransk, Russia1collection0+2992010 years ago
Swan, John MacAllan (1847-1910) Holland Park, London6collection0+965706 years ago
Swane, Sigurd (1879-1973) Badende drenge, 1913 - exhibited in Statens Museum, Kopenhagen3nudity1+595305 years ago
Swarbrick, Philipp (USA)6nudity0+1102823 years ago
Sweerts, Michael (1618-1664)6collection0+138704 years ago
Swynnerton, Annie Louisa (British, 1844 - 1933) 18918show0+895303 years ago
Syberg, Fritz (1862-1939, Danish)3collection0+650815 years ago
Szentgyorgyi, Istvan (Hungarian, 1881-1931)2collection0+750803 years ago
Szonyi, Istvan (Hungarian, 1894-1960)4collection0+288905 years ago
Tacca, Pietro (1577-1640), exhibited in Hermitage7Russia2+400403 years ago
Tadeusz, Franz Hanna3collection0+1097909 years ago
Tadolini, Adamo (1789-1868), exhibited in Hermitage, St. Petersburg1Russia0+142805 years ago
Tafuri, Clemente (1903-1971)1kids0+205607 years ago
Tahl, Carl (1822-1865)1collection0+63003 years ago
Talavera, Leoncio (1851 - 1878, Spanish)1collection0+77004 years ago
Tamburini, Arnaldo Casella (Florence 1885 - Chicago 1936)4nudity1+397905 years ago
Tapani, Raittila (Finnish, born in 1921)11collection2+209404 years ago
Tarkovskiy, Andrey (1932 - 1986)4kids0+128602 years ago
Tatarintsev A.A.1collection0+44211 year ago
Tatham, Agnes Clara (English, 1893-1972)1collection0+72802 years ago
Taucher, Konrad (1873-1950, German) - Freiburg im Breisgau, Colombiapark, 1906; Kleinen Kirche, Karlsruhe, 19057kids0+108701 year ago
Tchelitchev, Pavel (1898 - 1957) born in Kaluga, emigrated after revolution9nudity0+398202 years ago
Tchizhov, Matvei (1838 - 1916), 1872, a Peasant and a Boy, exhibited in Dogadin Gallery of Arts (Russia, Astrakhan), and in the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg)2collection0+106303 years ago
Tchizhov, Vladimir1kids0+10896010 years ago
Tchuikov, Semen (1902 - 1980)1nudity0+70001 year ago
Tegner, Rudolf (1873 - 1950)3collection0+115503 years ago
Teichmann, Ida (born in 1875) girl drawings11nudity0+1284605 years ago
Teixeira Lopes, Antonio (1866-1942)6undefined0+984010 months ago
Tenerani (exhibited in the Rome Museum, Palazzo Bruschi, piazza Navona, Rome), 18231collection0+360108 years ago
Terbrugghen, Hendrick (1621-1623)2collection0+617609 years ago
Teuber, Hermann, 19511collection0+707010 years ago
Teuchner, P. ca. 19006collection0+128803 years ago
Thabard, Adolphe Martial (1831-1905)5collection1+3004010 months ago
Theed, William (1851, 1845) in the UK Royal Collection2collection0+709713 years ago
Thegeratrom, Robert (1857 - 1919, Swedish), 18881kids0+66602 years ago
Thiele, Franz (1868 - 1945, Austrian painter)4nudity0+78704 months ago
Thirion, Eugene Romain (1839-1910)6collection1+561006 years ago
Thivet, Antoine Auguste (The Young Street Vendor)1collection0+1197609 years ago
Thivier, Emile (1858-1922, French)1collection0+142305 years ago
Thoe, Scott (American Norwegian, contemporary)1collection0+160606 years ago
Thom, Robert Alan (1915 - 1979, American)1family0+96103 years ago
Thoma, Hans (Germany, 1839-1924) (EZ) (password protected)16nudity0+2964103 years ago
Thome, Verner (1878-1953, Bathing Boys / Playing Boys (1903, 1910...))22nudity37+177360114 years ago
Thorns, J., 19401collection0+71303 years ago
Thornycroft, Sir William Hamo (1850 - 1925) - continued8collection1+1327010 months ago
Thornycroft, Sir William Hamo (1850-1925)5collection1+1107006 years ago
Thornycroft, Sir William Hamo (1850-1925)1collection0+67803 years ago
Thorsen, Trygve (1892 - 1965, Norwegian)1nudity1+28803 months ago
Thorvaldsen, Bertil (1777-1844) - works exhibited in the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia58show1+702203 years ago
Thorvaldsen, Bertil (1777-1844) - works exhibited in Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark65show0+4281004 years ago
Thorvaldsen, Bertil (1777-1844) - works exhibited in various other places16collection4+1530703 years ago
Thorvaldsen, Bertil (1777-1844), exhibited in Minneapolis Institute of Arts6travel0+135104 years ago
Thumann, Friedrich Paul (1834 - 1908)3collection0+645303 years ago
Tieck, Christian Friedrich, 1851 (Germany, Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt)4Germany0+130524 years ago
Tilgner, Viktor Oskar (1844 - 1896, Slovakian), Bratislava, in front of Opera House3travel0+78802 years ago
Timmling, Walter (1897 - 1948)29nudity3+3463126 months ago
Timofeev, Vladimir (born in 1954), the Von Gloeden of Russia in 1990s1collection0+439206 years ago
Tirronen, A. - 1972, Pieksamaki, Finland2Finland0+83404 years ago
Tirsa E.A. - boys wrestling1collection0+101704 years ago
Tishin, Vladimir (born in 1963, Russian Artist)2nudity2+67106 months ago
Titian (1488-1576) exhibited in NGA in W.D.C.5show0+204502 years ago
Tito, Ettore (1859 - 1941, Italian)7nudity0+359407 months ago
Toft, Albert (1862 - 1949), 19063collection0+167502 years ago
Tonetti-Dozzi, Francois Michel Louis (1898)1collection0+141106 years ago
Torelli, Stefano (1712 - 1784)1show0+46702 years ago
Torjay, Walter (contemporary)3kids0+202902 years ago
Tornai, Gyula (Hungarian, 1861–1928)5nudity0+216001 year ago
Torsleff, August Valdemar (1884 - 1968, Danish)2kids0+114103 years ago
Tortez, Viktor1collection0+611010 years ago
Trebacz, Maurycy (Polish, 1861 - 1941), 18871collection0+87403 years ago
Treherne, Katie Thamer1collection0+760109 years ago
Tremois, Pierre Yves (1921 - living) Paris - France 19981collection0+663409 years ago
Tribolo, Niccolo (1500-1550)2collection0+354802 years ago
Triscornia, Paolo Andrea (1757-1833), exhibited in Hermitage and Manege, St. Petersburg14city0+1295528 years ago
Tristan, Alexander2nudity0+344106 years ago
Trolle, Rolf (boy taking a bath), 1923, Sweden1nudity0+1073207 years ago
Tropinin, Vasiliy (1776-1857)11kids0+438513 years ago
Troschel, Julius (1806-1863)1collection0+71703 years ago
Troshev, Evgeniy (born in 1928 in the USSR)1undefined0+394008 years ago
Troyanowski, Vadim (St. Petersburg, Russia, nowadays)9Russia0+1443008 years ago
Trubetskoi, P., exhibited in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg3undefined0+392307 years ago
Truebner, Wilhelm (1851 - 1917)1kids0+69503 years ago
Tsaplin, Nikolay (Fishers)1kids0+606010 years ago
Tscherbakov, Valentin (1880 - 1957), 1909 - Башкирский Дворик - exhibiited in the Arts Academy, St. Petersburg2undefined0+71801 year ago
Tscherbin V., Pesotskiy Yuriy (Russia, St. Petersburg, metro 'Pionerskaya', plus Stary Oskol)13kids4+2043618 years ago
Tsereteli, Zurab (born in 1934), "Купальщики" (Abkhazia (ex Georgia), Pitsunda), 19674travel1+169943 years ago
Tsvetkov, Viktor (born in 1920, Tver, Leningrad, Russia)7nudity0+287401 year ago
Tsygal, Viktor (1916-2005, Soviet illustrator)9kids0+794741 year ago
Tuckermann, Walter (1895 - 1981) - by a ground school in Bytom, Poland1nudity1+46806 months ago
Tuerlinckx, Joseph Giotto (1812)2undefined0+295107 years ago
Tuke, Henry Scott (1858 - 1929) Green Waters - UK107collection1+60850112 years ago
Tulloch, Karin - Judith, a beautiful girl, 1936 - Howard Street, Perth, Australia3travel1+844205 years ago
Turcan, Jean (1847 - 1895)1undefined0+43701 year ago
Turck, Sven (Danish, 1897 - 1954)7kids1+403204 years ago
Turner, William1undefined0+225309 years ago
Turner, Winifred (1934)1show0+88204 years ago
Tutunov, Andrey (born in 1928), 1949, Boys Bathing2kids0+139302 years ago
Tyrsa, Nikolay (1887 - 1942)10kids1+195901 year ago
Ubbelohde, Otto (1867-1922)2collection0+65506 years ago
Uhl, Josef (1877-1945) Sommerwonne-Knaben3kids0+786103 years ago
Uischner, Tilo (German, born in 1969)5kids0+159102 years ago
Umlauf, Charles (1910-1994) - exhibited in Charles Umlauf Sculpture Garden, 605 Robert E. Lee Road, Austin, Texas, USA9show2+147801 year ago
Ung, Per (born in 1933, Norway, Denmark)15nudity1+2178714 years ago
Unger, Hans Carl Friedrich (1872 - 1936)1diving0+75503 years ago
Ungerer, Jacob (1840 - 1920), 1910, Hamburg Bridal Gate, City Hall, Leipzig6Germany0+102901 year ago
Unknown Artist (Russia, St. Petersburg, Academy of Arts) - found at a temporary exhibition4collection0+119101 year ago
Unknown Artist - ca. 1615-1620 - Kidnapping of Ganymede3nudity1+116706 months ago
Unknown Artists ('Artek' pioneer camp, 1930s, exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow)1collection0+594407 years ago
Unknown Artists ('Bucolique', 1881)1kids0+210506 years ago
Unknown Artists ("Зайчик") (EZ) (password protected)2undefined0+1536028 years ago
Unknown Artists (Belgium, Brussels, the horrible Arms Museum)14travel1+1312513 years ago
Unknown Artists (Book covers) - please help identify the names3kids0+1317407 years ago
Unknown Artists (ca. 1820)1collection0+640807 years ago
Unknown Artists (Czech Republic, 1920)1Czech Republic1+1198709 years ago
Unknown Artists (DDR - Eisenhuettenstadt (Stalinstard) und andere Staedte)14Germany0+895104 years ago
Unknown Artists (Flemish school, Holland: Prince Edward VI, 1544 - 1546 and other paintings)5collection0+1265306 years ago
Unknown Artists (from a private Russian collection)4collection0+154603 years ago
Unknown Artists (German postcards - early XXth Century)2collection0+1925909 years ago
Unknown Artists (Kazakhstan Boys Art)2collection0+980010 years ago
Unknown Artists (please help identify names)2kids0+269406 years ago
Unknown Artists (Russia, Moscow, Metro "Frunzenskaya")5city0+102002 years ago
Unknown Artists (USSR)11kids0+870805 years ago
Unknown Artists (USSR, 1930s - Crimea, Artek)1collection0+384006 years ago
Unknown Artists (USSR, 1970s)2kids1+1037807 years ago
Unknown Artists (USSR, 1980s)1nudity1+270016 years ago
Unknown Artists - 1 (please help to find out the names)42nudity10+43605106 years ago
Unknown Artists - 2 (please help to find out the names)82nudity6+318938145 years ago
Unknown Artists - 3 (please help to find out the names)26nudity7+18546893 years ago
Unknown Artists - 4 (please help to find out the names)23nudity0+186109103 years ago
Unknown Artists - 5 (please help to find out the names) (password protected)31nudity0+237152192 years ago
Unknown Artists - 6 (please help to find out the names)12nudity1+3550331 year ago
Unknown Artists - 7 (please help to find out the names)10nudity5+5261230 days ago
Unknown Artists - The Jungle Book (as illustrated in1983)12collection2+4106126 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Argentina, Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cemetario)3travel0+86402 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Australia, Leura, Everglades Gardens)1travel0+160805 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Australia, Melbourne) - 'Curiosity'1travel1+140516 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Australia, Wilyabrup - 4070 Caves Road, Flutes Restaurant at Brookland Valley Winery)1travel0+142306 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Austria, Linz)2travel0+67903 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Austria, Rittergut Benningsen)1travel0+53204 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Austria, Wien)15travel0+12232010 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Belarus, Minsk)9travel0+112603 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Belarus, Minsk, DINAMO stadium)8sport0+99303 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Belarus, town of Zhlobin)1travel1+345108 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Belgium, Antwerp)15travel0+708313 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Belgium, Brussels)41travel0+1082013 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Belgium, Brussels, City Museum)7travel2+69203 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Belgium, Brussels, Ixelles Cemetary)4travel0+121504 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Belgium, Brussels, numerous replicas of the Pissing Boy exhibited in the City Museum and in the streets)24travel5+3274243 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Bulgaria, Sofia)2travel0+171107 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Cyprus, Paphos district, Peyia)1travel0+48204 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Czech Republic, chateau Hluboka nad Vltavou and other places)8Czech Republic0+567213 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Denmark, Copenhagen)15travel0+862703 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Denmark, Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek)8travel1+249505 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Denmark, Valby Library)1travel0+107306 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo)14travel1+1468008 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Estonia, Pirita fountain), 19831kids0+42111 year ago
Unknown Sculptors (Estonia, Tallinn)4family0+706008 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (exhibited in National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., USA)5travel1+124704 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Finland, Helsinki)11Finland0+727706 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Finland, Helsinki, Helsinginkatu 28)3Finland0+63502 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Finland, Helsinki, Mannerheimintie 3, Old Student House)8Finland0+109003 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Finland, Koitsanlahti, on the boarder with USSR)20Finland1+1664404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Finland, Viipuri (Wyborg), a second largest Finnish city detached by the USSR from Finland in 1939)11Finland0+5300204 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (France, Avignon, 1891)2France0+61704 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (France, Bordeaux, Hotel Les Sources de Caudalie)1France0+41103 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (France, Metz)4France0+221608 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (France, Paris)30France0+6713513 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (France, Paris, Hotel de Ville)2France0+121104 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (France, Paris, Jardin de Plantes)2France2+64202 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (France, Paris, Versailles)3France0+151005 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Georgia, Adzharistan, Batumi)1collection1+58004 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, at the entrance to the German National Gallery)9Germany0+870808 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Corner of Friedrichstrasse and Franzosische Strasse)3Germany0+76703 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Hallesche-Ufer-Bruecke)9Germany3+79504 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Kleistpark, Kjenigskolonnaden, Merkur)1Germany0+48004 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Landesvertretung Niedersachsen - Herrenhauser Garten Hannover)5Germany0+86504 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Museum Insel - DDR times), now this boy sculpture disappeared; any idea where to???3collection0+895107 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Nollendorfplatz)6Germany0+129704 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Pichelsdorfer Strasse, Ecke Heerstrasse, westlich des Grimnitzsees)3Germany1+72704 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Rathaus Wittenau)3Germany1+58304 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Reichstag)4Germany0+105304 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, S-Frankfurter Allee (Jungling mit Fisch)3Germany0+58504 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Stadtpark Lichtenberg)6Germany0+137114 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Tiergarten) - 15Germany0+83104 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Tiergarten) - 26Germany0+93203 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Unter den Linden)3Germany1+72203 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, various places)3Germany0+2901926 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Von-der-Heydt-Strasse 16-18, Stiftung Preussiger Kulturbesitz)6Germany0+80704 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Bremen, Boettcherstrasse)2Germany0+85004 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Chemnitz, Chemnitz Klinikum)3Germany0+76704 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Dresden)3Germany0+1874208 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt) - did not find when there, need to come back again :)3Germany0+413904 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt, ex Stalinstadt) - TWO BOYS WRESTLING, may be Sigfried Krepp50Germany3+7702314 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Ettlingen)1Germany1+48804 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) - various)12nudity1+620004 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) Kraas, Bilbo Esserei)12Germany1+584314 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main)3Germany0+895408 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Frankfurt-am-Mein, Schaefergasse)2Germany0+91514 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, from a private collection)5collection1+184444 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Hamburg, Billstedt)2Germany0+60604 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Hamburg, Rathausmarkt)2Germany0+92904 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Magdeburg)3Germany0+91404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Munchen)4Germany1+722203 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Munchen, Glaspalast), 18921collection0+49004 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Nurnberg)1Germany0+46904 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Paderborn)1Germany0+259208 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Potsdam)11Germany4+1049823 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Rostock)4Germany0+318404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Stuttgart)4Germany0+146404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Unknown locations)2Germany2+323305 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Greece, Athenes, National Garden)1Greece0+52602 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Greece, Athenes, Sintagma Square)1Greece0+284808 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Hungary, Budapest City Park, near 56-osok Square)1travel0+51604 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Hungary, Miskolc)1travel0+45804 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Hungary, Szentendre, Alkotmany utca)1travel0+47004 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Genova, Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno)1Italy0+43304 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Matera)1nudity0+115806 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Milan, sede di Banca Commerciale Italiana, davanti al Teatro alla Scala)5Italy0+251705 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Milan, Stazione Centrale, 1930s)3Italy0+142905 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Museo Brera, Milan)3Italy0+135205 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Rome, Centrale Montemartini)1Italy0+45904 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Rome, Chiesa di San Giuseppe, viccino ad Arco di Settimo Severo)2Italy0+110006 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Rome, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza di San Pantaleo), scultura a Marco Minghetti)3kids0+176804 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Rome, piazza Colonna)3Italy0+113206 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Rome, piazza di San Bartolomeo All'Isola)4Italy0+193306 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Rome, Stadio dei Marmi, Foro Italico, 1930s)3sport0+70304 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Rome, via dei Funari, Studi Americani)7Italy0+239706 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Tivoli (near to Rome), XVII Century)1Italy0+1682308 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Italy, Venice)13Italy0+467104 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Japan, Hiroshima RW Station)1travel0+153606 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Japan, Miyoshi City)1travel0+123106 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zhybek Zholy walking street - local Arbat)3travel0+67808 months ago
Unknown Sculptors (Kosice, Slovakia)1travel0+44404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Mexico, Morelos, Cuernavaca - Jardin Revolucion) - a pissing boy1Mexico0+960905 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Moscow oblast, Dzerzhinsky) - a monument to the underage victims of repressions - памяти малолетних жертв репрессий2Russia0+116901 year ago
Unknown Sculptors (Norway, Aarhus)1travel0+108706 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Norway, Fredrikstad)1collection0+113905 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Norway, Oslo)29travel0+1117006 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Norway, Oslo, corner of Josefines Gt. and Pilestredet)1travel0+50104 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia - Gay Togliatti)24nudity11+2269261 year ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Chusovoi)1Russia0+209607 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Ekaterinburg, home town of Boris Eltsin - ulitsa Ispanskih Rabochih, in front of childrens policlinic), 1990s1Russia0+905808 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, ex. Koennigsberg, unknown German sculptor)1Germany0+345707 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Kineshma)1Russia0+248917 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Krasnoyarsk, проспект им. газеты Красноярский рабочий)2Russia0+353705 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Moscow, 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya st. 48)4city0+149406 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Moscow, Begovaya Alley)11city0+380806 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Moscow, Kudrinskaya square, 1) 1949-195413city0+1256713 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Moscow, Luzhniki, Olympic swimming pool)5city1+89302 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Moscow, Metro "Vorobiovy Gory", a temporary exhibition of the Museum of Physical Culture of Russia in September 2013)70show0+2508502 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Moscow, Sculpture Park - near to the XX Century Tretiakoff Gallery)11show0+136226 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Moscow, World Trade Centre)3Russia0+57403 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Moscow, Zemlyanoy val, 25)3city0+68503 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Priozersk (ex Keksholm) 'Maugli&Bagira', 1969)5kids0+1310303 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Sestroretsk, 1989)7Russia0+84904 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Sochi, the Dendrarium - the 1920 nationalized park of Sergei Khudekov)6Russia0+389325 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, "Baltic Pearl" housing site, 2011)3family0+96303 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya street)3city0+921609 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Elagin Ostrov)1Russia0+97206 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, from a private collection)48collection1+4028303 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Hermitage)13show0+509803 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Kapella)1city0+259307 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Matilda Kszesinski Palace, 1906)4city0+64003 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Millionnaya street)1city0+407207 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Pediatricheski Institute (St. Petersburg, 2005) - Vigeland, Gustav ?2kids0+486010 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Pushkin / Tsarskoye selo, Royal Summer Palace)5undefined0+70201 year ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Red Lights Street - Улица Красных Фонарей)7undefined0+75608 months ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Tavrichekiy Sad, monument to boys and girls of Leningrad, perished during the siege of the city by the Germans in 1941-44) - photographed by Vitaly Hasselblat1kids0+623010 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, St. Petersburg, Underground Headquarters - metro "Tekhnologicheski Institut"))1Russia0+673308 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Tver)22city1+357103 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, unknown exact location)1kids0+264307 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Volgograd)1Russia0+51404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Russia, Voronezh, boy sculpture of the Soviet era)6undefined1+941504 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (South Korea, Chuncheon)1travel0+50304 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (South Korea, the Yeosu Odong Island sculpture festival)1kids1+147306 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Spain, Barcelona, by seaport)1kids0+56103 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Spain, Castellon)2Spain0+370807 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Brunnsviken, Hogskola, 1937)1travel0+42304 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Hudiksvall)1travel0+46704 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, in a school yard)1travel0+185306 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Linkoping, RaoulWallenbergsPlats, Vasavagen)1travel0+40204 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Malmo)1travel0+50004 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Malmo, Gustav Adolfs Torg)4undefined0+187005 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Ostersund, badhusparken)5travel1+86404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Rottneros) - one more copy of Lo Spinario1travel0+40404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Stockholm Central Railway Station) - girl statue to commemorate the Royal Gymnastics Central Institute (1813 - 1944)4kids0+79602 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Stockholm City Hall)4travel0+330506 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Stockholm)35kids0+2117824 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Stockholm, "Fishing Boy" from Stockholm Fair in 1897. Now to be seen in Lundgrens shop window in Old Town, Stockholm.)5kids0+708110 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Stockholm, boy statues on a Swedish military ship built in 1628)9travel1+138102 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Sweden, Tram Museum)1kids1+44502 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Switzerland, Aarau, Kantonsschule)1Switzerland0+46004 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Switzerland, Bern)49Switzerland0+992613 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Switzerland, Biel-Bienne)1Switzerland0+137005 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Switzerland, Geneve)22Switzerland2+545203 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Switzerland, Interlaken)5Switzerland0+68803 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Switzerland, Lausanne, Parque Olympique)9Switzerland0+87403 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Switzerland, Morges, Place de Hotel de Ville)15Switzerland1+1893733 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Switzerland, Zurich)2Switzerland0+58703 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Thailand, Pattaya, Beach Road) - boys and girls installed in approx. 2006, still existed in 2008 - completely disappeared in 201132Thailand6+2093106 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (UK, England, Lode, Quy Rd)1collection0+48704 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (UK, Leeds, Harewood)2travel0+66404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (UK, London, Hyde Park)1travel0+44404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (UK, Scotland, Edinburgh, Lothianshire)1undefined1+52504 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (UK, Scottish-English Border, by an anonimous Vietnamese Artist, contemporary)1travel0+276607 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (UK, Suffolk, Red House Garden)2travel0+59603 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (UK, Wales, Pennal, Order of Sancta Sophia)1travel0+46204 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Belaya Tserkov)3travel1+395008 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Crimea, Alushta) fountaine: boy with a fish2undefined0+255705 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Crimea, Eupatoria - monument to the memory of Chernobyl)4undefined0+486205 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Crimea, Feodosia)2undefined0+63802 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Crimea, Gurzuf, Fountain 'Night' - photo of 1939)4travel0+670010 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Crimea, Koktebel)2kids0+177706 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Crimea, Yalta)3travel0+61508 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Kharkiv)1undefined0+49804 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Kyiv, Arsenal)2show0+65602 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Kyiv, in front of the Shevchenko University)12undefined1+354405 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Kyiv, Koncha-Zaspa Olympic Center)2kids0+72603 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Kyiv, near to Puppet Theatre)31kids1+967206 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Kyiv, Zhylianska street, 109)4undefined1+75003 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Lviv University) - fotograffato da Enrico, Italia10travel0+1761524 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Odessa)41travel0+2157103 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (Ukraine, Sloviansk, Karl Marx Street, 39)2undefined0+59903 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, CA, Hearst Castle, San-Simeon)1undefined0+41601 year ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, California, Festival Hall - Boy Pan)1collection0+546308 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, California, Los Angeles, GettyVilla)7travel0+315504 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago)1travel0+49404 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, Florida, Ringling (Rinrin) Museum)9nudity0+174103 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, Florida, Saint Augustine, Oldest House)1undefined0+105816 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, MO, Sineca, G.Washington Carver Monument)1kids0+50002 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, Norwich, 1972)1kids0+113506 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, Philadelphia)1undefined0+97905 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, South Carolina - Brookgreen Garden)1undefined0+135006 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, Texas, Austin)30kids1+911405 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USA, Texas, Galveston)2kids0+68902 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USSR)6collection0+115516 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USSR) - 1930s, exhibited in the Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg5kids0+133331 year ago
Unknown Sculptors (USSR, 'мальчик с книгой')2collection0+756807 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USSR, Leningrad, 1920-1930s, later disappeared with no trace)2city0+48606 years ago
Unknown Sculptors (USSR, Vologda, boys fountain in front of Dvorets Pionerov - now disappeared)2kids0+80803 years ago
Unknown Sculptors - OTHER 1 - please help identify names / locations71nudity7+515682121 year ago
Unknown Sculptors - OTHER 2 - please help identify names of the Artists / locations15nudity4+14163004 months ago
Unknown Soviet Artist - Boys at a Beach1kids1+370302 years ago
Uphues, Josef (1850 - 1911)11undefined0+100902 years ago
Utne, Lars (1862-1922) Boys facing the Norway National Theater, Oslo; Boy with Belt. Oslo National Gallery17travel5+6238516 years ago
Vahtanov1collection0+613908 years ago
Valadon, Suzanne (1865 - 1938) - drawings of her son and daughter7nudity6+301702 years ago
Valentiny, Janos (1842-1902, Hungarian)3kids0+522103 years ago
Valiakhmetov, Amir (1998)1kids0+88304 years ago
Valikhanov, Shota (born in 1932) - Kazakhstan, Almaty, The Republic Square - a girl and a boy on two horses12kids6+2471008 months ago
Vallgren, Ville (Helsinki, Athenum Museum, 1855-1940)15Finland1+617208 years ago
Valls, Dino6nudity1+357302 years ago
Valters, Janis (Johann Walter-Kurau; 1869-1932, Latvia)2kids0+63506 years ago
Van Asseldonk, Martien (born in 1964 in Holland)3kids0+517406 years ago
Van Baburen, Dirck (1595 - 1624)1kids0+526409 years ago
Van Beers, Jan (1852 - 1927, Belgian painter)2kids0+98601 year ago
Van Beurden, Alphonse (1854-1938), exhibited in the Royal Art Museum, Antwerpen, Holland9show0+123007 years ago
Van Biesbroeck, Jules Pierre (1873 - 1965, Belgian)5collection0+179903 years ago
Van Broekman, Lidi (Holland, 1955)2travel0+724008 years ago
Van Caulaert, Dominique (1897 – 1979), 19336collection5+334002 years ago
Van den Berg, Eja Siepman (born in 1943, Dutch)4nudity0+230104 years ago
Van den Kerckove (1841-1913) Belgium, Bruxelles - 18872undefined0+163606 years ago
Van den Meersche, Gustaaf (1891 - 1970), 19171undefined0+50809 months ago
Van der Kant, Wim (1949 - living, Holland)39nudity7+5760627 years ago
Van der Linden, Frederic (1852-1926, Belgian), ca, 1880-902nudity0+192702 years ago
Van der Maat, Dirk (Holland)2undefined1+832807 years ago
Van der Schardt, Johann Gregor (1530-1581), exhibited in the National Museum, Stockholm3show0+183506 years ago
Van der Vliet, Willem (1584-1642), exhibited in Royal Art Museum, Brussels2kids0+65903 years ago
Van Dulmen Krumpleman, Erasmus Bernhard (1897-1987) - girls and boys bathing9nudity0+4107010 months ago
van Dyck, Sir Antony (1599-1641)6kids0+155704 years ago
Van Ek, Jaap (contemporary)11undefined1+146002 years ago
Van Houten, or Сosidetto ('Cosidetto von Gloeden', or 'So Called von Gloeden', 1970s-80s) - story of the Artist12undefined0+2995417 years ago
Van Hove, Victor Francois Guillaume - (1825 - 1891, Belgian sculptor & painter)1kids0+60302 years ago
Van Kessel, Jan (1626-1679), exhibited in the Belarus National Art Gallery, Minsk2undefined0+67403 years ago
Van Loo, Charles-Andre (1705 - 1765)2collection0+85002 years ago
Van Santen, Martin-Jan (contemporary)12nudity2+1679212 years ago
Van Strydonck, Guillaume (1861 - 1937, Belgian)3kids0+126642 years ago
Van Syben de Maroye, Edmond (1876 - 1970, Belgian)1undefined0+96603 years ago
Van Vorst Sewell, Robert (1860-1924) - Pleasures of Youth1nudity0+75801 year ago
Vargas, Raul (1908-1980) Chile1travel0+149206 years ago
Varlese, Giovanni (1888 - 1922) Naples - Italy 19003nudity0+798805 months ago
Vasilkovskaya, Amaya (Russia)1undefined0+203406 years ago
Vasse, Louisclaude (1757)1collection0+496010 years ago
Vaszary, Janos (1867-1939)3collection0+362416 years ago
Vatagin, Vasiliy (1883 - 1969, Soviet illustrator) - Maugli, 1922-19267kids0+127901 year ago
Vaulina, Olga (1902-1996)2kids3+370906 years ago
Vecchiato, Andrea1nudity0+77602 years ago
Vecellio, Tiziano (1488—1576)1kids0+129705 years ago
Vedder, Elihu (1836-1923)15Italy1+5066213 years ago
Vedres, Mark (1870-1961) - Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest6show0+239303 years ago
Veith, Eduard (1856 - 1925), 18804collection0+97802 years ago
Velionski P. (1889) - exhibited in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg6kids1+3722527 years ago
Veneziano, Domenico (1445) exhibited in NGA in W.D.C.1show0+109004 years ago
Veniceno, Giovanni Battista Franco (1510 - 1561)1undefined0+51412 years ago
Verdier, Auguste Maurice (ca. 1900, France)1France0+275117 years ago
Vereschagin, Vasiliy (1842 - 1904), first work destroyed by the Artist, the second and many others - still exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, and other museums7nudity0+259917 months ago
Verginer, Willy (Italian, born in 1957)13show1+1684804 years ago
Verlato, Nicola (born in 1965)4undefined0+190504 years ago
Vermare, Andre-Cesar (1869-1949)2show0+98304 years ago
Verocchio, Andrea (1435-1488) (and the replicas)7undefined0+194305 years ago
Veronese2show0+244705 years ago
Veter, F. (Switzerland, Bern, 1940)29Switzerland0+712903 years ago
Vidal, Henri Crous (1864-1918, ca1900)1collection1+129406 years ago
Videnin, Oleg (Russian, born in 1963)12kids3+3774813 years ago
Vigee-Lebrun, Elisabeth-Louise (1755 - 1842), 1789, exhibited in Gemaeldegalerie, Berlin3undefined0+350903 years ago
Vigeland, Gustav (1869 - 1943) Oslo - Norway117travel0+2047743 years ago
Vik, Ingebrigt (1867-1927, Norway)1show0+122206 years ago
Villani, Gennaro (1885 - 1948)4nudity0+209905 months ago
Vincotte, Thomas (1850 - 1925) Borgerhout - Belgium1collection0+434010 years ago
Virgillo, Constantini (1882-1940) UK 19201kids0+446808 years ago
Vischer, Hans (Germany, Nuernberg (Hof des Rathauses) - 1532)2Germany0+713707 years ago
Visconti, Eliseu d'Angelo (1866-1944, Italo-Brasilian)6nudity0+633703 years ago
Vitman, Irina (Soviet, 1916—2012), 1964, Boy at a Beach3kids0+189402 years ago
Vogel, Gerd-Helge; Vogel, Christian Leberecht6undefined0+604307 years ago
Vogel, Heinrich Max (born in 1871) - boys bathing3show1+318103 years ago
Vogel, Hemann - 17851undefined0+55402 years ago
Vogel, Karel (1960, UK)1travel0+163806 years ago
Volkert, Hans (1905, illustration to 'The Golden Years of Childhood')1collection0+1728809 years ago
Volkmann, Arthur (Germany, 1851 - 1941)17Germany0+6636502 years ago
Volkova, Nina Pavlovna (1917 - 1993), two boys1collection0+58501 year ago
Volland, Walter (1898-1980) - a new discovery, Germany, 1930s3nudity1+196205 months ago
Volland, Walter (1898-1980) - exhibited in Germany, Berlin, DDR part - Weberwiese / Marchlewskistrasse33Germany3+2951624 years ago
Volz, Wilhelm (1855-1901)1collection1+184806 years ago
Von Blaas, Eugene1kids0+698709 years ago
Von Carolsfeld, Julius Schnorr (1794-1872)5nudity0+523902 years ago
Von Gloeden, Wilhelm (Guglielmo) - краткий очерк на русском (1856-1931)14nudity1+3304214 years ago
Von Gloeden, Wilhelm (Guglielmo) 1856-1931 (Taormina, Sicily, Italy) - story of the Artist38show0+3004114 years ago
Von Gloeden, Wilhelm (Guglielmo) 1856-1931 (Taormina, Sicily, Italy) - story of the Artist - continued (EZ) (password protected)14nudity0+2236207 years ago
Von Hambuchen, Georg (German, 1901-1971)3collection0+257505 years ago
Von Hildebrand, Adolf (1847-1921, many sculptures exhibited in the German National Gallery, Berlin)56nudity7+2440003 years ago
Von Hoesslin, George (German, 1851-1923)5nudity1+841604 years ago
Von Hofmann, Ludwig (1861 - 1945) - continued4nudity0+2227010 months ago
Von Hofmann, Ludwig (1861 - 1945) Darmstadt - Germany52nudity3+8577333 years ago
Von Kupffer, Elisar (early XX Century)1collection0+770407 years ago
Von Marees, Hans (Germany, Italy, 1837-1887), Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin and other museums18nudity2+9418103 years ago
Von Miller, Ferdinand and von Kreling, August (Tyler Davidson Fountain (the Genius of Water), 5th St. and Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio (1871)9undefined0+1362704 years ago
Von Piloty, Carl Theodor (1826-1886)1nudity0+72804 years ago
von Spaun, Paul (German, 1876-1932)1undefined1+71302 years ago
Von Stuck, Franz (1863 - 1928)9nudity1+178417 years ago
Von Svoboda, Andexander (Portland, Oregon), 19702travel0+92804 years ago
Vordermayer, Ludwig (1868 - 1933)3nudity1+75006 months ago
Voronov, Ivan (Russia)1collection0+590308 years ago
Vroutos, Georgios (1896, Athens, National Gallery)1Greece0+74624 years ago
Vysotskiy, V. - к книге Александра Михайлова "Как я подружился с дельфином" (Москва, "Малыш", 1974)3kids0+113301 year ago
Waagner, Alfred (1886-1960)10kids0+323703 years ago
Wackerle, Josef (1880-1959)4travel0+191204 years ago
Wagrez, Jacque2collection0+787010 years ago
Wainwright, Albert (1898 - 1943)10nudity0+246412 years ago
Walker, Arthur-George1collection0+465010 years ago
Walker, Frederic (British, 1840-1875), painting of 18672kids0+83917 years ago
Walker, Henry Oliver (1843-1929) - - decoration of National Library, New York10collection0+1367302 years ago
Walker, M.J.1undefined0+549010 months ago
Wallenberg, Axel (1898 - 1996, Swedish)8collection0+1024406 years ago
Wallenberg, Axel (1956) - boy with a horse, 'Ungdom och Trohet', in Rasunda ground school yard, Rasunda, Sweden (near to Stockholm)33travel0+5757506 years ago
Walpoth, Bruno (born in 1959, Italian)6collection0+328914 years ago
Walravens, Frans (born in 1928, Belgium)1collection0+140806 years ago
Walter Kreisel ("Junge mit Fisch" 1970, Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) - Oder Promenade)36kids0+1074534 years ago
Walton, Conor (contemporary Artist)1kids0+35104 months ago
Ward, Edmund Franklin (1892 - 1891, American illustrator)5kids0+177709 months ago
Ward, John Quincy Adams (Public Garden, Boston, 1868)1travel0+67404 years ago
Wardle, Arthur (British, 1864-1949)4kids0+1408004 years ago
Washington, Allston (1779 - 1843, American)2kids0+97003 years ago
Wassmer, Ricco-Eric Jean-Duphare (Swiss, 1915-1972)109nudity6+20762593 years ago
Waterhouse, John William (1849 - 1917, British)4kids0+127702 years ago
Watkins (Serpell) Susan, (1875-1913) - 1906, Capri3kids0+198905 years ago
Watson, Harry (1871 - 1936, British) - two boys bathing1kids0+63901 year ago
Watson, Ross (2007)1undefined0+93603 years ago
Watts, George Frederic (1817 - 1904, British)5nudity0+166803 years ago
Weckenbach, Oswald (1895-1962, Dutch)3nudity0+298006 years ago
Wei, Guo8kids0+1434010 years ago
Weingartner, Pedro (1853 -1929)2nudity1+65004 months ago
Weinmann, Adolf - 1927 (USA)3collection0+1011515 years ago
Weinmann, Moisej (1913 - 1973, Soviet sculptor)27undefined1+5739110 months ago
Weir, Julian Alden (1852-1919) - University of Utah Museum7nudity0+1799005 years ago
Weise, Georg (contemporary)27undefined1+423202 years ago
Weisgerber, Albert (1878 - 1915, German)9nudity0+193901 year ago
Weiss, Wojcieh (Polish, 1875-1950)7nudity0+212806 years ago
Weisshaar, Hans1kids0+402407 years ago
Weizenberg, August Ludwig (Estonian, 1837 - 1921) - Koit ja Hamarik (Заря и Сумерки)4undefined0+90301 year ago
Welzel, Manfred (born in 1926, German)2collection0+96404 years ago
Wenck, Ernst (1865-1929) - 1914, NG Berlin1collection0+277608 years ago
Wendelin, Martta (1893 - 1986, Finnish)1kids0+61702 years ago
Werner-Galow, Margot (1902-1984)2nudity0+181004 years ago
Wessinger, Robert (1825 - 1884)1nudity0+77404 years ago
West, Benjamin (1738 - 1820)11undefined1+506903 years ago
Westmancott the Younger, Richard (1799 - 1872), 1832 - exhibited in Chatsworth House, UK1collection0+48601 year ago
Weston, Edward - Bathers 1919 (EZ) (password protected)6nudity0+389003 years ago
Wetlesen, Wilhelm (1871-1925)2undefined0+291506 years ago
Wetzel, Martin (1929 - 2008, German)2Germany1+83603 years ago
Wheatley, Oliver (1868 - 1931, British)1undefined0+59703 years ago
Whichelo, Philip (British, 1905-1989)1nudity0+150704 years ago
Whistler, James Abbott McNeill (1834 - 1903, American)4show0+121202 years ago
White, Clarence Hudson (USA, 1871-1925)6nudity0+772105 years ago
Whittaker, John Barnard (1836 - 1926, American)3show0+143004 years ago
Wiberg, Annie (1950s, Stockholm)4kids0+225506 years ago
Widerberg, Frans (born in 1934, Norway)3collection0+208306 years ago
Widrig, Hanspeter, born in 1945 in Germany (Linkoping Sweden at the entrance to hospital)1travel0+527308 years ago
Wikland, Ilon (born in 1930 in Tartu, Estonia), an Estonian-Swedish artist and illustrator (illustrationer till Astrid Lindgren's Karlson pa taket, 1955, and other books)9kids0+217733 years ago
Wikland, Ilon (How they dressed him in Germany, while he was naked in Sweden)8kids2+8839117 years ago
Wikland, Ilon (illustrationer till "Barndoms Landet")3kids0+118202 years ago
Wikland, Ilon (illustrationer till "Barnensdag i Bullerbyn" av Astrid Lindgren)6kids0+194604 years ago
Wikland, Ilon (illustrationer till "Mio Min Mio" av Astrid Lindgren)18kids0+884004 years ago
Wikland, Ilon (illustrationer till "Nar vi regnade inne" av Hans Peterson, 1960)11kids0+3071110 years ago
Wikland, Ilon (illustrationer till "Nils Karlsson-Pyssling" av Astrid Lindgren)12kids1+1094304 years ago
Wikstrom, Emil (1888) exhibited in the Mantaa Art Museum (Mantaa, Finland) - (1864-1942)7kids2+671007 years ago
Wilckens, August (1870-1939, Danish)1nudity0+276305 years ago
Wilhelm, Gottlob (1867 – 1925)1nudity0+197505 years ago
Willink, Albert Carel (1900 - 1983, Dutch), 19211nudity0+83103 years ago
Willumsen, Jens Ferdinand (Denmark, 1863 - 1958)20nudity4+4329062 years ago
Wimmer, Hans (1952, Munchen) - drawing by Sacrevoir2Germany0+765316 years ago
Winge, Sigurd (1909-1970, Norway)2collection1+202906 years ago
Winkler, John (1919, Boysbathing)3kids0+1139010 years ago
Winkler, Rolf (1930 - 2001)1collection0+166304 years ago
Winter, Christopher3undefined0+131503 years ago
Winter-Shaw, Arthur (1869 - 1948, British painter) - boys bathing2collection0+80301 year ago
Winternitz, Richard (1861-1928)3kids0+124501 year ago
Witkamp, Ernest Sigismund (1854-1897)2show0+195605 years ago
Witkowski, Karl (1860-1910)2kids0+108804 years ago
Witzel, Josef Rudolf (1896, long before the years of current hysteria)2collection0+689407 years ago
Wlerick, Robert (1882 - 1944), exhibited in Musee Despiau, Mont de Marsan, Landes, France2show0+96704 years ago
Wohlrab, Hans (1905-1978)1kids0+284212 years ago
Wolf, Emil (1802 - 1879) - Germany, Berlin, Schlossbruecke8kids0+174423 years ago
Wolf, Emil (1802 - 1879, sculptures of ca. 1835-1836)31show0+1080113 years ago
Wolmark, Alfred (1877 - 1961), 1918, 'The Models'1nudity0+93902 years ago
Wood, Elizabeth (British, born in 1930) boys bath, 19641kids0+93002 years ago
Wood, Francis Derwent (1871-1926)4collection0+146503 years ago
Woods, Rex (1903-1987, Canadian illustrator)3kids0+106001 year ago
Woolrych, Francis Humphrey William (1868-1941)7kids0+484115 years ago
Worlidge, J. (London, 1768)1undefined0+59002 years ago
Wretling, David (1901-1986) - Sweden, Sala, town's park - a beautiful boy with a plane model2travel0+123803 years ago
Wrightson, Margaret (1877-1976), 1928 - Charles Lamb Memorial, Inner Temple Garden, Crown Office Row - Victoria Emb2travel0+588606 years ago
Wroblewski, Andrzej (1949, Poznan)1kids1+209004 years ago
Wugs, Auguste2nudity1+147002 years ago
Wyatan, Abas1undefined0+655708 years ago
Wyeth, Andrew (USA, 1917-2009)4undefined0+1206413 years ago
Wyeth, Jamie (1990)2nudity0+2440010 years ago
Wynne, David (Boy with Dolphin, 1975: Chelsea Embankment, London - on both side of a pedestrian bridge in London near Albert Bridge)25travel1+7441207 years ago
Wyspianski, Stanislaw (Poland, 1869 - 1907)14collection0+1697306 years ago
Xiaodong, Liu (contemporary Chinese Artist)1nudity2+51206 months ago
Ximenes, Ettore (1855-1926), Brasil4travel0+152404 years ago
Yablonskaya, Tatyana (U.S.S.R. - Ukraine, 1917-2006) Morning, 19542kids0+594009 years ago
Yakovlev, Alexander Evgenievich (Russian, 1887-1938, "Купание" 1913, Петербург) - exhibited in Russian Museum, St. Petersburg11nudity0+222317 years ago
Yashenko, Leonid - Belarus, Minsk, "The Four Cupids" composition - the Artist used his son, Nikita, as a model36kids0+4779003 years ago
Yencesse, Ovide (1869-1947, Belgian)3kids0+341511 year ago
Yrurtia, Rogelio (1879-1950) Argentina4travel0+333306 years ago
Ysursa, Antonio1undefined0+104103 years ago
Zadow, Fritz (1862 - 1926)1nudity0+30602 months ago
Zagonek, Vyacheslav (1919 Irkutsk - 1994 Petersburg)4show0+934006 years ago
Zaitsev, Nikolay (born in 1940, USSR)5nudity0+765103 years ago
Zakharevich, Oleg6kids0+1045928 years ago
Zamarripa, Rafael (born in 1964, Mexican)2Mexico0+200105 years ago
Zaozerski (USSR, 1964)1undefined0+535508 years ago
Zartmann, Kristian (1915)1nudity0+308005 years ago
Zatsepina, Zinaida (Soviet, 1913-1986), 1966, 19752kids0+132402 years ago
Zdravkovic, Nebojsa (1969 - living) Kragujevac - Serbia - Yugoslavia16nudity1+4551305 years ago
Zeller, Eugen Georg (Switzerland, 1889-1974) - Der Spazierganger, 19111show0+879909 years ago
Zerge, Owe (Swedish, 1894-1983) (EZ) (password protected)66nudity1+11729823 years ago
Zet, Milos (Czech Republic, Prague) 1920-1995 - sculpture dated ca. 19626travel0+133001 year ago
Zeuthen, Ernst Johan (1880 - 1938, Danish)2collection0+155502 years ago
Zhalalov, B. (USSR, Central Asia, 1980)1kids1+679008 years ago
Zhbanov, Vladimir (Belarus, Minsk, Suvorov military school for boys)1kids0+89103 years ago
Zhilinski, Dmitriy (USSR, born in 1927)28show1+7429724 years ago
Zhilinski, Dmitriy (USSR, born in 1927) - continued1show0+62502 years ago
Zhurov, Maxim & Olga (Russia, nowadays)2show0+1203908 years ago
Zille, Heinrich (1858-1929)2nudity0+495804 years ago
Ziya, Izzet (Turkey, 1880-1934)6kids0+1184006 years ago
Zoubek, Olbram (Praha, Jizni mesto)1show0+96104 years ago
Zwintscher, Oskar (1870-1916) - boy and lilie, 19044nudity0+995703 years ago
_"It is dangerous to contact unknown persons. Either the parents give this lesson, or the real lesson will be cruel!" (an ad in metro, by Governor of Petersburg) - a pedohysteric search of the new public enemy - and a comparison from the past4undefined1+287303 years ago
_"Детям посчастливилось найти взрослого друга, который помогает им узнавать новый мир обычной жизни, а взрослым открылись новые грани человеческих отношений" (год 2013-й, Москва)8kids0+361602 years ago
_1918, Holland1collection0+120503 years ago
_A Boy's Absence3undefined0+222202 years ago
_A century ago things were viewed differently6undefined0+4472307 years ago
_A coverup for Minnie Lou, the Art Deco sculpture in the Great Hall of the Department of Justice3undefined0+271607 years ago
_Advertising of the past2collection0+144202 years ago
_American sanctimony and pietism, year 2016 - Американское ханжество, год 2016-й4nudity0+169813 months ago
_An incredibly shocking story happened in Russia. In 2011 a lousy leaf was attached to the statue of Petr Clodt' s Apollo on Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, following what Mr. Ashcroft did on US Ministry of Justice 10 years before. ТОРЖЕСТВО ХАНЖЕЙ9nudity0+5353163 years ago
_Anti... what?1kids0+42535 months ago
_Antwerp Postfanfaren 19131collection0+89803 years ago
_Banknotes of 1900-30s - largely depicting male youth nudity36collection5+21095743 years ago
_BEWARE: Age of protection (die Schutzaltergrenze für sexuelle Verhältnisse) raised to strict 18 all across Europe and... Russia, from December 20136documentary1+188801 year ago
_Boy, 14, kissed girl, 13 – must register as sex offender - if you think this is news from the US, you are wrong, it is news from the nowadays Germany (!) Nazis are back!2undefined1+266923 years ago
_Boys Puberty: the hard facts your mother wont tell you (password protected)9undefined0+279907 months ago
_comparisons - американское Ханжество -нынче и в россии... БертильТорвальдсен вряд ли думал, что его скульптуру юноши оденут в шорты. Неодетую можно до сих пор наблюдать в Эрмитаже в Питере ив Музее художника в Копенгагене (где 100 лет назад... смотрите с6undefined2+736104 years ago
_Contrasts of Modern and Old Renaissance Art - exhibited in the National Museum, Stockholm - one can only dream of the new Renaissance, but so far one is left to cry...3undefined0+336706 years ago
_Dodge Brothers Special Touring Car1car racing0+74302 years ago
_Estonian fairytales - see on muinasjutt! (Eesti raamat, 1977)3flea market0+105301 year ago
_Europe was different at times...3undefined1+2894709 years ago
_Fallos is an accepted and honorable symbol in most cultures, except in Christianity and Islam. Guess why? (EZ) (password protected)25undefined0+11529318 years ago
_Fascismo - purtroppo, non e' in passato / Fascism - unfortunately, not in the past, and wide spread around the globe in different but very similar forms / Фашизм - к сожалению, не в прошлом5undefined0+228693 years ago
_FKK-Jugend in Deutschland1nudity2+3810325 years ago
_FORBIDDEN TO FORBID! VIETATO VIETARE! ЗАПРЕЩЕНО ЗАПРЕЩАТЬ! Is this not a slogan to repeat these days?2undefined0+1230215 years ago
_Fun Comics of the Past7kids0+399403 years ago
_Golden Boys7undefined0+180001 year ago
_Internationale Kunstausstellung Dresden 19011show1+468105 years ago
_Is the model 18 y.o.? - questioned the Estonian police, opening yet another criminal case under Article 175 of the Estonian Penal Code3undefined2+120901 year ago
_Isn't it ridiculous that in American cinema and TV the tiny girl always beats up the big guys?1undefined1+450305 years ago
_Karl Luger Platz, Wien2undefined0+27144110 years ago
_Kidnapping of Ganymede - new version - exhibition in Musee d'Orsay5show2+168401 year ago
_Les Aventures de V*rginie en Afrique Occidentale - exhibition in Musee d'Orsay2nudity0+118001 year ago
_Letters from a US Prisoner of Conscience (continued) - a 33-year sentence to a 15yo boy for playing with his 12yo nephew - does america understand what it does???4undefined0+229233 years ago
_Letters from a US Prisoner of Conscience (currently serving his 20th year)10undefined2+274643 years ago
_Lord, what fools these mortals be!1undefined0+90902 years ago
_Make Love, not War!1undefined0+343116 years ago
_Manuel a 15 ans et s'il est un peu timide2undefined0+97108 months ago
_Mezhdunarodnaya new metro station in St. Petersburg - initial version and the censored one1undefined0+65111 year ago
_Ministry of "Love", Oslo. Your comments welcome.1undefined0+464346 years ago
_Minors under 21 prohibited in this area! Practice abstinence! Persons 14-18 must be in groups of two! Vietato anche a respirare? Forbidden also to breath?15undefined8+23508310 years ago
_Moscow, 6 May 2012 - Запретите пропаганду ненависти! Равные права без компромиссов! Москва, 6 мая 2012 года2undefined0+138014 years ago
_My First Time - edited by Jack Hart51undefined6+1934411 year ago
_No comment6nudity1+422404 years ago
_Olympic Games, Stockholm, 1912 (Sweden used to be 'a bit' more tolerant than nowadays)1undefined0+937117 years ago
_Olympische Spiele, Berlin, 1936 - Ein Boyscout sammelt fur den USA Olympiafonds3undefined1+1380005 years ago
_Open photographic exhibitions in France - Golden early 1980s - Tolerant and Accepting22nudity5+12499843 years ago
_Paris - Cigarillos Habanos1undefined0+54901 year ago
_Postcards from the past / Открытки из прошлого6collection0+462404 years ago
_Predators House2undefined1+72308 months ago
_Protests against the new 'Juvenile Justice' in Russia, year 20129kids0+254304 years ago
_schools in the USA were different at a time1kids0+68105 months ago
_Scorpions, 'Vir gin Killer', 19764nudity0+534903 years ago
_Soviet European U nion Headquarters, Brussels - плакаты с портретами передовиков капиталистического труда (исключительно женщины), неосталинская архитектура и ужастики современного "искусства"6nudity0+312913 years ago
_Symbol of power of the little kings of the past3undefined4+46297010 years ago
_The Famous Hot Dogs from Texas and Stockholm and Crimea (EZ) (password protected)3travel0+3525432 years ago
_The Pissing Boy of Brussels - an obsession - una follia24kids16+3927403 years ago
_Time will come!1nudity1+147577 years ago
_Undressed boys and girls dancing around the Prosecutor's House in the Dark Jardin in Narva, Estonia4kids0+144401 year ago
_US soldiers at rest5documentary0+241003 years ago
_Watch your pennies grow into pounds1undefined0+84602 years ago
_When does the so hailed ... become the so hated ... ? by Carl Anderson, Norman Rockwell and Robert Sherer8undefined0+432713 years ago
_XIXth Century Ateliers3undefined0+439705 years ago
_Young Loving Husbands, 19271undefined1+64906 months ago
__'Farm Journal', July 19391kids0+157513 years ago
__'Gaselli Poika'1kids0+116502 years ago
__'Gay Whore'1undefined0+140102 years ago
__Apollo - Информационный бюллетень "Аполлон", №2, 2002 год18undefined0+596343 years ago
__Justin Bieber - now in sculpture!2undefined0+412505 years ago
__Justin Bieber fever - is this not similar to how beautiful young boys were made idols in the 1960s and 1970s in gay press? MORE CUTE BOYS, Hottie you should know, Cute boy alert...42undefined16+287939155 years ago
__Life Class1undefined0+272404 years ago
__Magazine 'John Bull Illustrated', 19591kids0+230603 years ago
__Magazine 'The Lover', #01, September 201523undefined10+37356011 months ago
__Magazine 'The Lover', #02, Spring 201614undefined8+2087335 months ago
__Magazine "Babilonia" - edizione speciale del 199614undefined5+3583707 years ago
__Magazine "Boys Intensive" (Denmark,1976)3undefined5+521702 years ago
__Magazine "Destroyer" (nowadays)3undefined0+1645407 years ago
__Magazine "Du&Ich", 1979, No.02,03,04,07,08,0912undefined1+11897161 year ago
__Magazine "Gayme" (USA, early 1990s)28documentary4+22598067 years ago
__Magazine "Glam Lelaki" (Malaysian fashion magazine, June 2014)12collection5+1598121 year ago
__Magazine "Jugend" (late 1890s-early 1900s)25nudity5+18108443 years ago
__Magazine "Mick" (Denmark,1973)1documentary1+877927 years ago
__Magazine "One" (USA, 1966)1undefined0+180902 years ago
__Magazine "Piccolo" (Denmark, 1970s) 'It can be condemned, ridiculed, supressed. But, like flowers growing through the concrete, these are feelings so strong nobody can bind them'1undefined2+452123 years ago
__Magazine "Revolt" (1982) - gay people in Sweden were outraged in 1982 with what was starting in the USA - Hej, People! Where are you now???11documentary1+5427417 years ago
__Magazine "Scout" (France,1950s), illustration by Pierre Joubert1kids1+124211 year ago
__Magazine "Stern" (Germany, 1975)8undefined0+3813507 years ago
__Magazine "The Grecian Guild" (USA, 1955-1968)9undefined1+1609817 years ago
__Magazine "Tommy" (Berlin, 1972-73)27undefined38+3349812 years ago
__Magazine "АМЕРИКА" (1960s - published in the USA by the US Government(!), and openly sold in the USSR) - America was presented somewhat differently then12documentary2+5341437 years ago
__Magazine "Мальчишник" (№1'1992)6undefined1+2259407 years ago
__Magazines published once upon a time, in the Pre-Hysteric Era53undefined6+17074665 years ago
__The Jungle Book - as illustrated by numerous artists13kids0+6296063 years ago
___ANCIENT ART - from the collection of Carl Milles, exhibited in the Millesgarden, Stockholm8travel0+588206 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - continued)42nudity1+2759812 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in various museums world wide)97nudity3+46650153 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in Altes Museum, Berlin, Germany)13nudity1+1929133 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in Ashmolean Museum, London, UK)3nudity0+116604 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in Brussels Art and History Museum)57nudity1+2360703 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia)47nudity2+2348203 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in Louvre, Paris, France)54nudity1+6437115 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in Metropolitain Museum, New York)1nudity0+61604 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark)6nudity0+332605 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in Pushkin Museum (Alexander III Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1898), Moscow, Russia)59nudity3+2033804 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (ceramics - exhibited in Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark)14nudity0+923605 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (the plunger, 480 B.C.)1nudity0+167405 years ago
___GREECE B.C. (небольшой экскурс в греческую мифологию)21nudity0+2166205 years ago
___GREEK & ROMAN AND RENAISSANCE SCULPTURE (exhibited in Pushkin Museum, Russia, Moscow) - a re-visit29collection1+923904 years ago
___GREEK & ROMAN SCULPTURE COPIES (exhibited in Pushkin Museum - ex Alexander III Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1898, completed in 1912), Russia, Moscow)46show0+2178005 years ago
___GREEK & ROMAN SCULPTURES (exhibited in Munich Glyptotek, Germany)16Germany1+714004 years ago
___GREEK & ROMAN SCULPTURES (exhibited in various museums worldwide)84collection3+8837203 years ago
___GREEK & ROMAN SCULPTURES - continued3undefined0+72802 years ago
___Italy, Florence, Museo Nazionale Archeologico1collection0+55103 years ago
___Italy, Milan (Museo Archeologico) - Ganymede1undefined0+55102 years ago
___Italy, Naples, Museo Nazionale Archeologico90collection2+4914972 years ago
___Italy, Rome, 1928 Olympic stadium - mosaics76sport3+1365102 years ago
___Italy, Rome, 1928 Olympic stadium - piscina30sport1+647302 years ago
___Italy, Rome, 1928 Olympic stadium - stadio50sport2+2302002 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Musei Capitolini - Lo SPINARIO - sculpture made 2,100 years ago19Italy0+3328253 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Musei Capitolini - VARIOUS ANCIENT SCULPTURES68Italy7+2728103 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Musei vaticani - Ganymede4show0+128102 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Musei vaticani - VARIOUS ANCIENT SCULPTURES14show0+2313313 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Museo Nazionale - Palazzo Venezia3Italy0+118222 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Altemps9travel1+228403 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo alle Terme36Italy1+2307972 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano - Terme di Diocleziano9Italy0+118902 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Palatino - EFEBO, FANCIULLO E GIOVANE PRINCIPESSA9collection0+674306 years ago
___Italy, Rome, Palazzo Barberini5collection0+110702 years ago
___Italy, Venice (Museo Archeologico) - Ganymede1undefined0+76902 years ago
___POMPEI - a different world, preserved as it was 2,000 years ago63nudity1+15767133 years ago
___ROMAN SCULPTURES (exhibited in various museums worldwide)78show1+12080533 years ago
___ROMANS IN PESTUM, B.C.2undefined0+153402 years ago
___Spain, Madrid (Museo Prado) - Ganymede1collection0+88502 years ago
___Sweden, Stockholm (Medelhavsmuseet (Mediterranean Museum) - including Boys in Greek Vases12show1+5690402 years ago
___Sweden, Stockholm, Konstakademien (Arts Academy)4collection0+148802 years ago
___Switzerland, Geneve, Art and History Museum43show1+5107363 years ago
___The British Museum16show1+1111604 years ago
___THE JAPANESE AND CHINESE ART (18-19th CENTURIES) (EZ) (password protected)15nudity1+7296013 years ago
___The Seven Wonders of the World (from a Children Encyclopedia)1undefined0+246603 years ago
___THE WARREN CUP (exhibited in the British Museum, London) - and other atrefacts of Roman Love12nudity18+17080857 years ago
___Victoria and Albert Museum, London (very similar by design to Pushkin Museum in Moscow!)15collection1+1035604 years ago
____Various Ateliers, worldwide22nudity3+32170792 years ago
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