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Real name: Destroyer Map
email: hidden, contact via comments
 Joined on: 2007-12-05
User info: Destroyer Map is a collection of Youth Art Sculptures sorted by countries and locations. Some photos are presented full-size. Click on "оригинал"/'original' under a photo. I APOLOGIZE, BUT IT IS NO MORE POSSIBLE TO LEAVE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS - PLEASE CONTACT ME BY E-MAIL
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! Destroyer Map - your Art contributions very appreciated!!!2various6+73199+92410 years ago
Argentina, Buenos Aires (School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires) - by Riganelli, Agustin (1890-1949), street boy, 1913; monument to Luis Guemes, 1935-372various1+16588+209 years ago
Argentina, Buenos Aires - by Yrurtia, Rogelio (1879-1950) - built in 1905-19223various1+17094+1609 years ago
Armenia, Erevan, sculptor Bendzhanian (1970, USSR times)1various1+17336+6011 years ago
Australia, Leura (Everglades Gardens), by unknown Artist1various0+6644+307 years ago
Australia, Melbourne (exact location unknown) - 'Curiousity'1various0+8033+1709 years ago
Australia, Perth (at Shenton College)1various2+5225+506 years ago
Australia, Perth (Howard Street) - by Tulloch, Karin - Judith, a beautiful girl, 19363various3+15504+1507 years ago
Australia, Sydney (Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park Corner), by Sicard, Francois2various0+4279+1006 years ago
Australia, Sydney (Art Gallery of New South Wales), by Frampton, George James (1860-1928) - Peter Pan, 19112various0+7607+609 years ago
Australia, Sydney - by unknown Artist2various0+4823+205 years ago
Austria, Rittergut Benningsen1various0+3360+106 years ago
Austria, Tulln - by Nogin, Mikhail5various0+5756+706 years ago
Austria, Wien (Cemetary) - a boy with a rose2travel2+3117+413 years ago
Austria, Wien (Kunst Historisches Museum)4various0+6921+218 years ago
Austria, Wien (metro station Karl Lueger Platz), Roman vases4various1+16069+3011 years ago
Austria, Wien, streetboys12various17+61687+19011 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (Dinamo stadium)8various1+5381+806 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (fountaine Yunost (Youth), in the back of Gostiny Dvor)6various2+4861+1006 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (garden next to the Presidential Palace), by Erdmann, Kalide Theodor (1801-1863), a boy with a swan, erected in 1874; a replica also in Gliwice, Poland10various1+6721+1606 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (garden next to the Presidential Palace), by Erdmann, Kalide Theodor (1801-1863), a boy with a swan, erected in 1874; a replica also in Gliwice, Poland - A NEW LOOK18various5+19007+903 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (Hotel "Kronschtadt"), Demetra with children, 1913, by Gaidukevich, Stanislav (taken down in 1952, placed back in 2004)3various2+3213+506 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (in front of TsUM (ЦУМ) - a boy and a girl watching themselves in a mirrow4various0+4287+916 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (in the metro)2various0+2422+106 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (in the yeard of Kostel Sv. Rokha) - by S.V. or O.V.20various3+8380+3053 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (National Arts Museum, in the back of the Presidential Palace), by various artists54various5+24605+8706 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (Suvorov military school for boys), by Zhbanov, Vladimir1various0+1823+206 years ago
Belarus, Minsk (Vera Khoruzhei street, in front of Kupalovskaya library)2kids2+2628+603 years ago
Belarus, Minsk - four angelboys38various2+15509+5006 years ago
Belarus, Minsk, by Pavlov, Yuri (1996) - an angelboy73various4+58617+4406 years ago
Belarus, Soligorsk - by unknown Artist1various0+1395+105 years ago
Belarus, Zhlobin, Unknown sculptor (1990)1various0+6265+2011 years ago
Belgium (Borgerhout) Vincotte, Thomas (1850 - 1925)1various1+6436+4011 years ago
Belgium (Undisclosed location), J. L. Delmonte3various0+10312+10011 years ago
Belgium, Antwerp (by various Artists)31various2+9973+626 years ago
Belgium, Antwerp (Middelheim Park), by Rodin3various0+6465+3010 years ago
Belgium, Antwerp (the Royal Art Museum) - unfortunately, currently closed and works cannot be seen6various0+10982+916 years ago
Belgium, Antwerp (unknown location - in front of the Museum of Modern Art did not find), by Van Beurden, Alphonse (1854-1938)3various0+5618+209 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles (Art & History Museum) - boys on Greek vases and in Roman sculptures57various5+43748+506 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles (boulevard de Waterloo - near to the crossing with rue de Pepin) - by Beard, Mark (aka Bruce Sargeant, aka Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon, aka Edith Thayer Cromwell) born in 195610travel3+3198006 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles (Ixelles Cemetary)3various1+2209+206 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles (Musee de Bruxelles), including a pissing boy collection12nudity37+161552+5546 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles (Quartier Ravenstein) by Viktor Rousseau, 19221various0+1244006 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles (the Royal Fine Arts Museum)28various14+12041+1106 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles (unknown location - tried to find in Musee de Bruxelles - but these works are not there), by Viktor Rousseau, 1903, and other Artists8various0+12799+808 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles (unknown location) - by Lois Samain, 18931various0+2098008 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles (unknown locations - not in the Royal Fine Arts Museum), Sopers-Antoine (1859), Mathias Kessels: 'Amor Sharpening an Arrow', Antoine-Felix Boure (1874)5various0+11458+409 years ago
Belgium, Bruxelles streetboys and girls44kids22+107544+47116 years ago
Belgium, Gent (Emile Braunplein), by George Minnes, 192711various1+9396008 years ago
Belgium, Liege (at river embankment), by Ianchelevici, Idel (1909 — 1994)4various2+3428008 years ago
Belgium, Liege (in front of University - leapfrogging girls) - by Rene Julien2various0+4154+209 years ago
Brasil, Rio de Janeiro (Baptist Cemetery) - boy with flower1various0+1005+413 years ago
Brasil, San Paolo (Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo), by Bourdelle, Emile-Antoine (1861-1929), 18856various0+6434+517 years ago
Brasil, San Paolo (Praca Ragueb Chohfi, Amizade - monument devoled to friendship of Syria and Lebanon), by Ximenes, Ettore (1855-1926)3various0+1879+106 years ago
Brasil, San Paolo (unknown location and artist)1various0+2519+607 years ago
Brasil, Sao Francisco de Paula - by Prado, Vasco (1914-1998)1various0+2573+208 years ago
Bulgaria (naked boy in an unknown place)1nudity1+90001 month ago
Bulgaria, Sofia (street sculptures)2various2+3501+219 years ago
Canada, Montreal1various0+1481+206 years ago
Canada, Quebec (Quebec Parliament Building) - Indian boy shooting an arrow1various0+637002 years ago
Chile, Santiago (MBA), by Arias, V irginio (Chilean, 1855-1941), 18881various1+1206006 years ago
Chile, Santiago - by Vargas, Raul (1908-1980)1various0+2098+109 years ago
China - various locations, by Wenling, Chen (born in 1969)34various2+18069+306 years ago
Cuba, Habana (Hotel Cevilla)1various0+884+204 years ago
Cuba, Havana (exact location unknown)1various0+2142+109 years ago
Cyprus, Paphos district (Peyia)1various0+955+106 years ago
Czech Republic (chateau Hluboka nad Vltavou) - by unknown artist4Czech Republic3+5664+509 years ago
Czech Republic, Prague (6 Hradcany - Toy Museum), by Milos Zet, ca. 196112Czech Republic10+37878+6111 years ago
Czech Republic, Prague (Jizni mesto), by Zoubek, Olbram1Czech Republic0+1421006 years ago
Czech Republic, Prague (Letohradek kralovny Anny, Prazsky hrad), by Jan Stursa (1880 - 1925), Victor, 1921 - a copy also in Moscow, in front of Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts2Czech Republic0+3977+218 years ago
Czech Republic, Prague (Mistodrzitelsky letohradek, Stromovka park) - by Dvorak, Karel (1893 - 1950), 19301Czech Republic0+336001 year ago
Czech Republic, Prague (Poliklinika Brevnov)2Czech Republic0+4973006 years ago
Czech Republic, Prague, streetboys3Czech Republic1+2248006 years ago
Denmark (unknown sculptor) 19621various0+2905+209 years ago
Denmark, Aars (Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium) by Nellemose, Knud (Danish, 1908 - 1997)1gymnastics0+483001 year ago
Denmark, Arhus (Museum of Modern Art), by Ron Mueck, Australian2various0+4413+626 years ago
Denmark, Copenhaden (Gronningen) - by Carl-Nielsen, Anne Marie (1863-1945)1various0+1928008 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (Carlsberg Museum), works by Bissen, Christian Gottlieb Vilhelm 1836-19139various0+128990010 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (exact location unknown) - by Dannecker, Johann-Heinrich (ca1810)1various0+50100011 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (Gronningen) - by Theobald Stein (1829-1901)2various0+2475008 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek): various sculptors, a very nice collection97various12+59912+4128 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (Statens Museum For Kunst), various sculptors40various0+27265+2146 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (the Royal Museum of Fine Arts), Aarsleff, Karl (1893)1various0+4187+3011 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (Thorvaldsen Museum) - a new look9various2+2870006 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (Thorvaldsen Museum) - can anyone imagine a celebration of the 200th anniversary of a statue by an alive naked boy performing to imitate the statue in a museum? In 1910 the 100th anniversary was exactly such way. Comments welcome1nudity1+6941+406 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (Thorvaldsen Museum), Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844)91various2+47634+2806 years ago
Denmark, Copenhagen (Tivoli and other places) - by various sculptors9various0+3771008 years ago
Denmark, Holmgreen (Gentofte stadion) - by Joergen Gudmundsen (1895-1966) - 19551nudity1+3051+203 years ago
Denmark, Middelfart (Algade, 24), by Henrik Starcke, 19541various0+932006 years ago
Denmark, Middelfart (Ostergade, 11) by Per Ung, 19661various0+915006 years ago
Denmark, Odense (Kunstmuseum), by Poulsen, Aksel (Danish, 1887-1972), 19122various1+1986+206 years ago
Denmark, Valby (Valby Library) - by unknown sculptor1various0+1838009 years ago
Dominican republic (Santo Domingo)14various0+140540011 years ago
Estonia, Pirita fountain1various0+717+303 years ago
Estonia, Tallinn (Kadriorg palace) - by Sergel, Johan Tobias (1780-1814)3various1+2719+106 years ago
Estonia, Tallinn - 1918-1920 Independencу War Memorial, by Sannamees, Ferdi (1895 - 1963), 192710various1+1925004 years ago
Estonia, Tallinn - unknown sculptor4various1+47210010 years ago
Estonia, Tartu - by Oun, Ulo (2004)1various0+1366+106 years ago
Finland, Hamina - unknown Sculptor1Finland0+2141009 years ago
Finland, Harkatori - by Haapasalo, Johannes (1880 - 1965)4Finland0+1377006 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (Alexanderinkatu)5Finland0+13954008 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (boy at the bottom of the monument to Tsar Alexander II), by Runeberg, Walter (also exhibited in the Athenum Museum)38Finland0+67360-108 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (crossing of Ramsays strand, Munksnas allen and Hoplaksvagen) - by Oittinen, Mauno (1896 - 1970) 1937-38 - boys Matti and Jaakko27Finland4+22651005 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (Finnish National Art Gallery - Athenum Museum), Various Artists15Finland2+283250011 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (Gert Skytten puisto) - to the Boys who defended Finland against the Soviets in 1940 - by Aaltonen, Vaino (1894 - 1966)29Finland10+27652+1005 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (Helsinginkatu 28) - by unknown Artist5Finland0+1095005 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (Hietaniemi Cemetary) - a boy by Walter Runeberg29Finland22+22832+209 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (Hietaniemi Cemetary) - monument to Selim Palmgren1Finland1+75001 month ago
Finland, Helsinki (Mannerheimintie 3, Old Student House)11Finland0+2091005 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (monument to Finns persished in the struggle for the independence of Finland in 1918), Unknown artist3Finland0+65820011 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (near Old Students House) - by Felix Nylund8Finland1+9454+105 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (near to Olympic Stadium), by Aaltonen, Waino4Finland0+1074005 years ago
Finland, Helsinki (Paasivuorenkatu), by Haapasalo, Johannes (1880 - 1965), erected in 193027Finland3+13810006 years ago
Finland, Joensuu (Town Hall), by Haapasalo, Johannes (1880 - 1965), 19145Finland1+1071006 years ago
Finland, Joensuu - by Liipola, Yrjo 1881-19714Finland0+2567006 years ago
Finland, Koitsanlahti (on the boarder with ex USSR)20Finland0+24186+406 years ago
Finland, Koitsanlahti (on the boarder with ex USSR) - continued2nudity2+706+2010 months ago
Finland, Kotka (in front of cityhall), by Renvall, Essi (1911-1979), 195021Finland0+11788006 years ago
Finland, Kouvola (Valikatu), by Koskinen, Pauli (1921-2003)5Finland0+1703+106 years ago
Finland, Lahti - by Jansson, Viktor (1886 - 1958)1Finland0+694006 years ago
Finland, Mantaa (in the park of the Mantaa Arts Museum) by Emil Wikstrom, 18887Finland3+5422009 years ago
Finland, Mantaa (inside the Mantaa Arts Museum) by Walter Runeberg2Finland1+2024009 years ago
Finland, Mikkeli - by Haapasalo, Johannes (1880 - 1965)1Finland0+742006 years ago
Finland, Pieksamaki - by Tirronen, A., 19722Finland0+1032006 years ago
Finland, Porvoo (Borga), Cemetary - by Runeberg, Walter (1838-1920, born in Porvoo, Finland; studied in Kopenhagen; worked in Paris and Rome)3Finland0+3210009 years ago
Finland, Porvoo (Borga), Walter Runeberg's museum5Finland2+4372009 years ago
Finland, Räisälä, now Russia, Melnikovo (monument to Finnsih boys persished in the struggle for the independence of Finland in 1918), Unknown artist, monument destroyed2Finland0+268008 months ago
Finland, Tampere - by Jansson, Viktor (1886 - 1958)4Finland1+969006 years ago
Finland, Tampere - by Liipola, Yrjo 1881-19716Finland0+3490006 years ago
Finland, Tampere, the Cathedral - by Hugo Simberg, early XX Century - СЕДЬМОЕ ЧУДО СВЕТА24Finland0+24532+609 years ago
Finland, Terioki (now Zelenogorsk, Russia) - two sculptures, photo of 1951 - sculptures stolen in 20182Finland2+103001 month ago
Finland, Turku - by Aaltonen, Waino2Finland0+936006 years ago
France (Semur-en-Axois, Musee Municipal), by DuMont, 18271France1+35110011 years ago
France (unknown location), by Cacheux, Francois (born in 1923 in Paris)1France0+2835009 years ago
France (unknown location), unknown artist1France0+35310011 years ago
France, Aix-en-Provence (Musee Granet) by Ferrat, Jeanjoseph (1843)1France1+21730011 years ago
France, Amiens (Musee de Picardie) - by various sculptors6France0+5798+358 years ago
France, Angers (David D'Angers Museum) - Pierre Jean David, David d'Angers (1788 - 1856)7France1+12055+806 years ago
France, Angers (Musee des Beaux Arts), Etienne Hippolyte Maindron (1801 - 1884)1France0+45820011 years ago
France, Autun (Musee Rolin) - by Beguine, Michel-Leonard (1855-1929), 18872France0+2298008 years ago
France, Avignon (Monument to the uni0n of the Comtat Venaissin with France in 1791, erected 1891)2France0+896006 years ago
France, Avignon (Museet Calvet), by Bosio, Francois Joseph (1769-1845)1France0+631006 years ago
France, Belleville-et-Chatillon-sur-Bar (centre departemental de l`Enfance) - by AIZELIN Eugene Antoine (1821-1902)2France0+43450010 years ago
France, Beziers, Jean Antoine (Antonin) Injalbert (1845 - 1933)1France0+34640011 years ago
France, Bordeaux (Hotel Les Sources de Caudalie)2France1+888005 years ago
France, Cambrai (Musee municipal), by Frere, Jeanjules (1851-1906), "Amour Pique" ca. 19001France0+22630011 years ago
France, Clermont-Ferrand (Musee d'Art Roger Quilliot) - by Gourgouillon, Henri (French, 1858 - 1902)1France0+715006 years ago
France, Cote d'Azur1France0+682005 years ago
France, Dijon (Musee des Beaux Arts) - AMOUR DOMINATEUR DU MONDE, 1857 - by Cabet, Jean Baptiste Paul 1815-1876 and other Artists5France0+6756008 years ago
France, Douai (the Musee de la Chartreuse), various sculptors5France0+6879+207 years ago
France, Fontainebleau (exact location unknown), by Sanson (1865)1France0+1176008 years ago
France, Grenoble (Jardin de Ville, Fontaine du Torrent), by Urbain Basset, 18872France0+2378008 years ago
France, Grenoble (Musee des Beaux Arts) - by various sculptors5France0+3859008 years ago
France, Landes (Musee Despiau, Mont de Marsan), by Wlerick, Robert (1882 - 1944)2France0+862006 years ago
France, Lille, by Cortot1France1+43160010 years ago
France, Lyon (Musee des Beaux Arts) by LEGENDRE-HERAL Jean Francois (1796-1851) and other sculptors5France2+3363+106 years ago
France, Marceille (Palais des Arts, Place Carli), by Delaplanche, Eugene (1836-1891) 18661France0+655006 years ago
France, Metz (boulevard Poincare), by Legendre, Henri (1898 - 1978)4France1+2644008 years ago
France, Metz - by Terroir, Alphonse Camille (1875 - 1955) - Prix de Rome 1902 - this group sculpture was first exhibited at the Salon of French Artists in Paris in 19126France1+918001 year ago
France, Nantes (Musee des Beaux Arts) by various sculptors4France1+2237008 years ago
France, Nice (Place Massena, Fontaine du Soleil) - by Plensa, Jaume (Spanish, born in 1955)3France0+1081006 years ago
France, Ornans (Place Courbet, et la Mairie) - by Courbet, Goustav (1819 - 1877)2France0+427001 year ago
France, parc du chateau d'Arcangues1various0+647005 years ago
France, Paris (Boulevard St. Germain, Square Felix Desruelles) - by Coutan, Jules Felix (1848-1939)3France0+2628009 years ago
France, Paris (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, 14 Rue Bonaparte) - by Paul Capellaro1France0+1753007 years ago
France, Paris (Hotel de Ville)2France0+1236+207 years ago
France, Paris (Jardin de Plantes)1France0+575+105 years ago
France, Paris (Jardin des Tuileries)27France0+24790+106 years ago
France, Paris (Jardin du Luxemburg), by Astruc, Zacharie (1835 - 1907), 18836nudity3+2254002 years ago
France, Paris (le Petit Palais) - les jeunes musiciens3France0+1016+203 years ago
France, Paris (Louvre) - boys on Greek vases39France11+42241+627 years ago
France, Paris (Louvre), Various Artists146France9+119549+3216 years ago
France, Paris (Musee du Luxembourg) - by PEYNOT Emile Edmond, 18841France0+2207+109 years ago
France, Paris (Museum D'Orsay), Various Artists175France1+109165+746 years ago
France, Paris (National Library) - a very beautiful ephebe2France1+1107006 years ago
France, Paris (Palais de Chaillot, Place du Trocadero), by Bouchard, Henry, 19376France0+1955006 years ago
France, Paris (Parc Monceau)1France0+31030011 years ago
France, Paris (Ponte Alexander III), Massoule Andre (1900)36France0+23088+7011 years ago
France, Paris (Rodin Museum)1France0+31540010 years ago
France, Paris (the Petit Palais), Larche, Raoul (1906)1France0+4567+3011 years ago
France, Paris (Versaille), Unknown Artists4France0+2434006 years ago
France, Paris, streetboys25France1+63503016 years ago
France, Pau - by Gabard, Ernest (1879 - 1957)1France0+578015 years ago
France, Perpignan - by Manalt, Celestin (1867 - 1942)1France0+517+203 years ago
France, Reims (Musee des beaux arts), by Enderlin, Louis Joseph (1851-1910), 18881France0+3471+3310 years ago
France, Rennes (Musee des Beaux Arts) by Dubois, Julien-Charles (1807-1891) 18422France0+4448+708 years ago
France, Toulouse (Jardin du Grand Rond, and Musee des Augustins), by Falguere2France0+913006 years ago
France, Valenciennes (MBA, Parc de la Rhonelle and other places)6France1+19901006 years ago
France, Vendee (at Fontenay-le-Comte, in the Hotel de Ville), by Grandin, Leon - Mort Hyacinthe (1891)1France0+26080010 years ago
Georgia, Adzharistan, Batumi - by Unknown Artist1various0+691006 years ago
Georgia, Kutaisi4travel1+1075+103 years ago
Germany (location unknown - actually stolen in 1991) - by Heine, Josef (1912)2Germany0+42040011 years ago
Germany (location unknown) by Lautenbacher, Hias (1941)1Germany0+35540010 years ago
Germany (location unknown) Marx, Gerhard (1934, Freunde)2Germany0+43820011 years ago
Germany (location unknown), De Lotto, Annibale (1877-1932)4Germany1+8264+1010 years ago
Germany (private collection of Otto Lohmueller), by De Lotto Annibale2Germany0+9782+10111 years ago
Germany (unknown location) - by Blumenthal, Hermann (1905-1942)2Germany0+2357009 years ago
Germany (unknown location) - by Geibel, Hermann (1889-1972) 1930s1Germany0+1632009 years ago
Germany (unknown location) - by Guertner, Werner1Germany0+1499009 years ago
Germany (unknown location) - by Hacklaender, Ernst, 1930s2Germany0+2120+109 years ago
Germany (unknown location) - by Kolbe, Georg (1877 - 1947)1Germany0+1200009 years ago
Germany (unknown location) - by unknown Artists 22Germany0+2545008 years ago
Germany (Unknown location) by Fitzenreiter, Wilfried1Germany0+1459009 years ago
Germany, Aurich (Bürgermeister-Müller-Platz) - by Kattentidt, August (German sculptor, - 1956)1nudity1+1061+403 years ago
Germany, Basel (Solitude-Promenade) - by Gutknecht, Karl (1878 - 1970)4Germany0+1146+413 years ago
Germany, Berlin (a private collection)5Germany1+1893007 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Altes Museum) - boys in Greek vases28Germany3+40391035 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Altes Museum) - Greek and Roman Sculptures69Germany0+14472+215 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Altes National Galerie) - a new look58Germany0+11663+205 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Altes National Galerie), Various Artists159Germany14+98227+236 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Artist's studio) Willy McBride16Germany3+56057+6111 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Baumschulenweg - oder - Neue Krugallee 142, Treptow) - 1988, by Senta Baldamus2Germany0+9403007 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Baumschulenweg 1 und Neue Krugallee 217), by Ritter, Fritz, actually the statue recently STOLEN!!!16Germany1+7622006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Bernau)1Germany0+427+102 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Bezirksamt Prenzlauer Berg., Froebelstrasse 17) by Kreuzberg, Carin 19852Germany0+842006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Botanischer Garten Zehlendorf) - by by Constantin Stark, 19288Germany0+1610006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Brandenburger Thor)4Germany0+844005 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Coubertin-Gymnasium, Conrad-Blenkle-Strasse 34), by Fitzenreiter, 19733gymnastics3+1062006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Erich-Weinert-Strasse, 1956), by Stoetzer, Werner (1931-2010)12Germany0+4579006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Ernst-Thaelmann-Park, Danziger Strasse 107-109) - by Grzimek, Sabina6Germany0+1697007 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Friedrichstrasse / Franzoesische Strasse Ecke)7Germany1+1166005 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Gemaeldegalerie)22Germany5+5491+1105 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Gendarmenmarkt), by Christian Friedrich Tieck, 18514Germany0+1247007 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Georg Kolbe Museum) - by Blumenthal, Hermann (1905-1942)11Germany0+2004007 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Georg Kolbe Museum) - by Kolbe, Georg (1877 - 1947)48Germany17+8674+207 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Georg Kolbe Museum) - by Scheibe, Richard (1931)12Germany1+3008007 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Hallesche-Ufer-Bruecke)9Germany0+1417006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Historisches Museum)5Germany0+1028005 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Humannplatz, 1956), by Stoetzer, Werner (1931-2010)1Germany1+157006 months ago
Germany, Berlin (Karl Marx Platz), Bonk 1987-8830Germany4+16336+1011 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Kielblockstrasse - Lichtenberger Stadtpark), Latt, Hans (late 1920s)2Germany0+3937+1011 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Kissingenstr), by Ritter, Fritz, 1981 - this one still in its place13Germany1+12309006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Kleist Park) - by Petr Clodt (1805-1867)4Germany0+1639004 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Kleistpark, Kjenigskolonnaden, Merkur)1Germany0+554006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Landesvertretung Niedersachsen - Herrenhauser Garten Hannover)5Germany1+1266+116 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Lietzenseepark) - by Charl Speertraeger Bernhard Bleeker 194014Germany0+5202+107 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Mueggelschlosschenweg, Krankenhauses Park), by unknown sculptor2Germany0+1989018 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Museum Insel, DDR times) unknown Sculptor - and unknown where the sculpture disappeared3Germany0+4129+1110 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Neue Pinakothek) - by Maillol, Aristide (see also Paris, D'Orsay)2Germany0+2756009 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Neues Museum)2Germany0+743+205 years ago
Germany, Berlin (New National Gallery), Various Artists12Germany0+12153+2010 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Nollendorfplatz)6Germany0+1376007 years ago
Germany, Berlin (opposite to the Museum Insel), by Fitzenreiter, Wilfried33Germany0+15521006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (opposite to the Museum Insel), by Fitzenreiter, Wilfried - a new look6Germany2+1523005 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Ortsteil Neu Hohenschonhausen), by Baldamus, Senta (1920-2001)3Germany2+1090+107 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Pichelsdorfer Strasse, Ecke Heerstrasse, westlich des Grimnitzsees)3Germany0+831006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Rathaus Spandau), by Gaul, August (1869 - 1921) 1912 - a copy also in the yard of Staedel Museum, Schaumainkai 63, Frankfurt-am-Main7Germany1+4926006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Rathaus Wittenau)3Germany0+686006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Reichstag) - Dem Deutschen Volke!4Germany0+1184+207 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Rudolfplatz), by Fitzenreiter15Germany0+3775006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (S-Frankfurter Allee (Jungling mit Fisch)3Germany0+839006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Savigny Platz), by Kraus, August (1868-1934)54Germany0+17397+106 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Schloss Charlottenburg - Lientzenseepark), Bleeker, Bernhard (1940)3Germany0+55960011 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Schloss Charlottenburg)21Germany0+5119006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Schlossbruecke) - by Emil Wolf5Germany0+1476006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Schlossbruecke) - by Emil Wolf - a new look12Germany3+3933+205 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Schlosspark Glienicke), by Friedrich Wilhelm Dankberg (1819-1866)43Germany1+8078006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Sensburger Allee 25, in the garden of the Georg Kolbe Museum), 19361Germany0+1151008 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Stadtpark Lichtenberg)6Germany0+1345007 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Theodor-Francke-Park, AlbrechtStrasse), by Rossi, Eduardo (1867-1926), 188523Germany0+5473007 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Tiergarten)11Germany7+1872006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Tiergarten) - a new look6Germany0+1067005 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Unter den Linden)3Germany0+904006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Vivantes Klinikum, Neukolln) - by Baldamus, Senta16Germany0+11997+1607 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Vivantes Klinikum, Neukolln) - by Klingbeil, Karsten (born in 1925)18Germany0+5394+2107 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Von-der-Heydt-Strasse 16-18, Stiftung Preussiger Kulturbesitz)6Germany0+1097006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Weberwiese / Marchlewskistrasse), by Volland, Walter (1898-1980)42Germany1+181300011 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Weberwiese / Marchlewskistrasse), by Volland, Walter (1898-1980) - photos from a different angle18Germany0+6150+107 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Weinertpark), by Hans-Peter Goettsche, 1968-699Germany0+1406006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Wilmersdorf, Assmannshauser Strasse 10), sculpture of the house owner's 10 yo son - by Maximilian Klinge, 2006 - born in 196425Germany8+23186+217 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Wilmersdorf, Rudolstaedter Strasse 79, in front of Polizeiabschnitt 26), Latt, Hans (1918)64Germany0+24799006 years ago
Germany, Berlin (Wittenbergplatz)10Germany0+2176007 years ago
Germany, Berlin - by Drake, Heinrich (1903-1994)3Germany0+1203007 years ago
Germany, Berlin - by Sinken, Hein (1914 - 1987), 19521Germany0+595+106 years ago
Germany, Berlin, streetboys12Germany0+34277+237 years ago
Germany, Bietigheim (Stadtrundgang), by Gerhard Marks - 19311Germany0+1710007 years ago
Germany, Bonn (Akademisches Kunstmuseum)1Germany0+22500110 years ago
Germany, Brandenburg (Schulplatz 3), by Mertens, Karl (1903 - 2003), erected in 19561Germany0+544006 years ago
Germany, Bremen (Boettcherstrasse)2Germany0+836007 years ago
Germany, Bremen (exact location unknown), Steinhauser, Carl Johann (1813 - 1879)1Germany0+19360011 years ago
Germany, Bremerhaven-Leherheide (Thieles Garten)2nudity2+1118002 years ago
Germany, Chemnitz (at corner of Salzstrasse and Hechlerstrasse) by Fitzenreiter2Germany0+644006 years ago
Germany, Chemnitz (Chemnitz Klinikum)2Germany0+905006 years ago
Germany, Chemnitz (ex. Karl Marx Stadt, DDR, 1980s), by Fitzenreiter, Wilfried11Germany0+5286007 years ago
Germany, Chemnitz (in front of Kafe Moskau), by Belz, Johann (1874-1957)2Germany0+844006 years ago
Germany, Dessau (Dessau Stadtpark), by Hadelich, Martin (1903 - 2004), 19702Germany0+823+106 years ago
Germany, Dresden (Schulhof-Brunnen, Bernhard strasse, in front of Fritz-Loeffler Gymnasium), by Reinhold W.2gymnastics3+4627+206 years ago
Germany, Dresden (unknown exact location), Unknown sculptor3Germany0+30830011 years ago
Germany, Dresden - by Heitmann, Christine1Germany0+1412009 years ago
Germany, Duesseldorf (Barbarensieger, 1897), by Baucke, Heinrich (1875-1915)2Germany0+874+106 years ago
Germany, Duesseldorf (Humboldt Gymnasium), by Ivo Beucker, 1938 - drawing by Sacrevoir2gymnastics0+51240010 years ago
Germany, Duisburg (unknown exact location)1Germany0+597006 years ago
Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt (ex Stalinstadt - a town where ferrum was always in abundance for the great piecies of Art) - by unknown Eastern German artists15Germany1+8567016 years ago
Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt (Inselfriedhof)1Germany0+677007 years ago
Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt (Neuzeller Strasse / Diehloer Strasse) - by Drake, Heinrich (1903-1994)5Germany0+1156007 years ago
Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt (Neuzeller Strasse / Diehloer Strasse) - by Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (1932-2008)13Germany2+4162007 years ago
Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt (Neuzeller Strasse / Diehloer Strasse) - by Geyer, Gerhard11Germany4+1640007 years ago
Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt (Neuzeller Strasse / Diehloer Strasse) - by Krepp, Siegfried (1970)26Germany0+5590007 years ago
Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt (Neuzeller Strasse / Diehloer Strasse) - may be Sigfried Krepp50Germany0+6476007 years ago
Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt (Pawlow Allee / Friedrich Engels Strasse) - by Jastram, Joahim (1928-2011), 197315Germany3+4571+107 years ago
Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt - by Burschik, Herbert (1922 - 1990) Gelaende des Krankenhauses, oder vor demFriedrich Wolf -Theater Eisenhuettenstadt, und die Schule II)4Germany0+1548026 years ago
Germany, Essen, Hagen, Grugapark - by Adolfs, Heinrich (1901 - 1964), 19361Germany0+462003 years ago
Germany, Ettlingen1Germany0+514006 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) (Grosse Scharrnstrasse) - by F.P., 198510Germany2+2121+907 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) (Karl-Marx Strasse)4Germany0+1294007 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) (Karl-Marx Strasse) - by Mields-Kratochwil, L. (two pubercent girls, 1987)12Germany3+25307+407 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) (Lennepark) - by Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (1932-2008)43Germany0+8225007 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) (Lindenstrasse)9Germany2+1599007 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) (Oderpromenade) - by Walter Kreisel, title "Junge mit Fisch" 197036Germany5+12387007 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) (Platz der Republik) - Kraas, Bilbo Esserei12Germany0+2712007 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main (exact location unknown), Stielow, Eike (born in 1934)3Germany1+37890011 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main (Schaefergasse)2Germany0+844007 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main (Staedelschen Museum) - boys in Greek ceramics5Germany0+9704008 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main (the yard of Staedel Museum, Schaumainkai 63), Gaul, August (1912) and Arthur Volkmann (1911)35Germany5+21695+1110 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main (Willy-Brandt-Platz): by Kolbe, Georg (1877 - 1947)5Germany0+1666009 years ago
Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main (Willy-Brandt-Platz): Elkan, Benno (1925) and 2 unknown sculptors7Germany0+78560010 years ago
Germany, Freiburg am Breisgau (Columbia-park) by Konrad Taucher6Germany0+3620+403 years ago
Germany, Hagen (Grugapark, Hagen, Essen) by Itterman, Robert (1886-1970)3Germany1+2485009 years ago
Germany, Halle (Neustadt, 1967), by Stoetzer, Werner (1931-2010)1Germany0+1630008 years ago
Germany, Hamburg (besides Kennedy bridge) - by Fritz Fleer (1921 - 1997), 19551Germany0+507+205 years ago
Germany, Hamburg (Billstedt)2Germany0+31690010 years ago
Germany, Hamburg (Hamburger Kunsthalle)2Germany0+758005 years ago
Germany, Hamburg (Rathausmarkt)2Germany0+811007 years ago
Germany, Hamburg - by Behn, Fritz (1878 - 1970)3Germany0+952006 years ago
Germany, Holst (Schule Wedel) by Siegfried Assmann, 19681Germany0+2254008 years ago
Germany, Jena (University) - by Molitor, Mathew (1873 - 1926), 19091Germany0+545006 years ago
Germany, Karlsruhe (Kleinen Kirche) - by Konrad Taucher, 19053Germany0+801+203 years ago
Germany, Kassel (Treppenstrasse) - by unknown sculptor3Germany0+2210009 years ago
Germany, Kassel (unknown location), Pohl, Hermann, 19591Germany0+18890010 years ago
Germany, Koln (Rheinpark, Koln), 1952 by Kurt Lehmann3Germany0+2127008 years ago
Germany, Koln (Wallraf-Richartz Museum), by Friedrich, Nikolaus - Sandalenbinder - ca18981Germany0+23840011 years ago
Germany, Kronberg im Taunus, Hessen (Fritz-Best-Museum - Talweg 41, Kronberg 61476), and a sculpture from a private collection30Germany1+9634007 years ago
Germany, Leipzig3Germany0+1005006 years ago
Germany, Leipzig-Gohlis (Schller-Gymnasium) - by Molitor, Mathew (1873 - 1926), 19161gymnastics0+554006 years ago
Germany, Magdeburg (Breiter Weg)3Germany1+1386007 years ago
Germany, Magdeburg (exact location unknown) - by Jastram, Joahim (1928-2011)2Germany0+868007 years ago
Germany, Magdeburg (Ostlich Allee-Center Materlikstrasse in 39104 Mitte) - by Wilfried Fitzenreiter2Germany0+824+107 years ago
Germany, Magdeburg - by Grzimek, Sabina1Germany0+759007 years ago
Germany, Magdeburg - by Pansowova, Emerita (1946-1992), 19763Germany0+1128006 years ago
Germany, Mannheim (Kunsthalle, Skulpturengarten), by Gerhard Marcks1Germany0+752+107 years ago
Germany, Marienberg - by Mertens, Karl (1903 - 2003), erected in 19621Germany1+519+206 years ago
Germany, Moenchengladbach (Bunter garten) - 1950, by Stoll-Rommerskirchen, Anna Maria (1909 - 1985)71Germany5+21670+2010 years ago
Germany, Moenchengladbach (Compesmuehlenweg, 43), Lewin (Lewin-Funcke, Arthur (1895) - one of the best masterpiecies of Art - ever!55Germany1+318880010 years ago
Germany, Munchen (Galerie Lenbachhaus)1Germany0+559005 years ago
Germany, Munchen (Glaspalast), 1892, by unknown Artist1Germany0+577006 years ago
Germany, Munchen (Glyptotek)16Germany0+5218007 years ago
Germany, Munchen (in der Neuhauser Strasse - in der Naehe vom Karlsplatz - Stachus), by Matthias Gasteiger, 189510Germany0+10839+217 years ago
Germany, Munchen (in der Neuhauser Strasse - in der Naehe vom Karlsplatz - Stachus), unknown author3Germany0+66870011 years ago
Germany, Munchen (Unknown location) by Wimmer, Hans (1952) - drawing by Sacrevoir (2005)2Germany0+1713009 years ago
Germany, Munchen-Laim (Furstenrieder Str. 53, Stadtbibliothek Laim1Germany0+188006 months ago
Germany, Nuembrecht (Weiherplatz), by Paschke, 19831Germany0+470006 years ago
Germany, Nuernberg (Hof des Rathauses) - by Hans Vischer, 15323Germany0+4365+108 years ago
Germany, Nurnberg1Germany0+485006 years ago
Germany, Nurnberg (Marienplatz) - by Zadow, Fritz (1862 - 1926)1Germany0+458002 years ago
Germany, Osnabruck - by Lehmann, Kurt (1905-2000) Knabe mit Taube, Bronze 19581Germany0+1626009 years ago
Germany, Otto-Dix Stadt - by Rudolf Maison, 18921Germany0+1254009 years ago
Germany, Paderborn - unknown sculptor1Germany0+21900010 years ago
Germany, Potsdam (Garten Potsdam-Sanssouci), by Emil Wolf1Germany0+511006 years ago
Germany, Potsdam (near Berlin), various sculptors16Germany0+13198+605 years ago
Germany, Remseck am Neckar (Rathaus, Fellbacher Strasse 2; and between town-hall and restaurant Bootshaus), by Roesch, Johann Wilhelm (1850-1893)9Germany0+1683006 years ago
Germany, Reutlingen (at the corner of Carl-Diem-Strasse and Schweidnitzer Strasse), by Fahrner, 19604Germany0+1011+303 years ago
Germany, Rostock (Brunnen der Lebensfreude / Fountain of Vitality) - by Jastram, Joahim (1928-2011)8Germany1+1970+107 years ago
Germany, Rostock (streetboys)3Germany1+19297+318 years ago
Germany, Rostock - by Krepp, Siegfried (1970)2Germany0+911+107 years ago
Germany, Rostock - by SCHAMAL Karl-Heinz (1970s)1Germany0+1256+109 years ago
Germany, Sachsen (Grimma, Army Barracks)1Germany0+544005 years ago
Germany, Schwedt-Oder - by Fitzenreiter, 19732Germany0+835006 years ago
Germany, Staufen am Breisgau, Baden-Wurttemberg - by Lehmann, Kurt2Germany0+736006 years ago
Germany, Stuttgart (Staatstheater and other locations)4Germany0+1104006 years ago
Germany, Stuttgart (Staedtisches Lapidarium), by Roesch, Johann Wilhelm (1850-1893)4Germany0+1087006 years ago
Germany, Xanten (Roemer Museum)1Germany0+518006 years ago
Greece, Athenes (National Archaeological Museum) - boys on Greek vases and in sculptures31Greece5+41251+1804 years ago
Greece, Athenes (National Garden)1Greece0+564004 years ago
Greece, Athenes (National Museum)7Greece0+6338+106 years ago
Greece, Athenes (Sintagma Square), Unknown sculptor1Greece0+37090011 years ago
Greece, Pella (near Salonika, Attika) - funerary stele of a boy soldier1Greece0+430+103 years ago
Guinea, Conakry (Noel Ballay monument, 1908) by Allouard, Henri Emile (1844 - 1929)3various0+1450007 years ago
Holland (Kampen) Wim van der Kant, born 194918various0+50279+60011 years ago
Holland (location unknown), by S.Blairberg, 1957 - Running children1nudity2+367001 year ago
Holland (Unknown location), by van Broekman1various0+3054+1011 years ago
Holland, Amsterdam (Dutch National Museum of Antiquities)1nudity1+642+102 years ago
Holland, Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum), by Lorenzo Bartolini (ca. 1836), Adriaen de Vries (1610) and other Artists4various0+1336+116 years ago
Holland, Den Haag (in front of the Congress Hall in Den Haag), Lidi van Mourik Broekman (1955)1various1+2174+2011 years ago
Holland, Groningen (Emma-plein ( Emma-square), about 300 meters North-West of the Main-railway station in Groningen) - by Jeltsema, Frederik Engel (1879-1971)6various7+2882+208 years ago
Holland, Groningen (Oosterpark) by Weckenbach, Oswald (1895-1962)3various0+1981+208 years ago
Holland, Utrecht (Emmalaan) - by Leplae, Charles, 194510various14+11303+1110 years ago
Hong Kong - by Nv, Jin, contemporary1various0+1173+306 years ago
Hungary, Budapest (City Park, near 56-osok Square), by Unknown Artist1various0+558006 years ago
Hungary, Budapest (corner of Jozsef Koruta and Jozsef Utca) - by Gyorgy Kiss, 19271various0+2031009 years ago
Hungary, Budapest (Hungarian National Gallery - Magyar nemzeti muzeum), Various Artists51various3+27044+2608 years ago
Hungary, Budapest (Margaret Island), by Janos Novak2various0+28570010 years ago
Hungary, Budapest (Porgettyuzo) - by Andrassy, Kurta Janos (1911 - 2008), 19601various0+603006 years ago
Hungary, Budapest (tram tacks on Donau embankment), Marton, Lazlo, 19892various0+28590011 years ago
Hungary, Budapest (Vaci Utca), Ferenczy, Beni (1890-1967)16various6+10360+16111 years ago
Hungary, Budapest - by Senyei Karoly (1854 - 1919)25various0+22063+109 years ago
Hungary, Medgyesegyhaza (Bekes megye), by Kalmar, Marton (born in 1946), 19771various0+486006 years ago
Hungary, Miskolc - by various Artists3various0+874006 years ago
Hungary, Szentendre (Alkotmany utca)1various0+597006 years ago
Hungary, Velence (Velencefurdo), by Andrassy, Kurta Janos (1911 - 2008), 19661various2+479006 years ago
Hungary, Veszprem - by Bors, Istvan (1938 - 2003), 19631various0+525006 years ago
Ireland, Arrick on Shannon - by McKenna John (born in 1964, British)1various0+528005 years ago
Israel (Sculpture Garden by Malbin, Ursula)6various2+63730010 years ago
Italy (exact location unknown) Luca Madrassi (1848 - 1919)2Italy1+36930011 years ago
Italy (exact location unknown) Tribolo, Niccolo (1500-1550)1Italy0+26870011 years ago
Italy (Florence?) Del Verrocchio, Andrea (1470)1Italy0+28700011 years ago
Italy (Reggio Calabria, Polistena) Giuseppe Renda (1859 - 1939)1Italy1+29730011 years ago
Italy, Bergamo (Piazza Matteotti), by Giacomo Manzu2Italy0+27460010 years ago
Italy, Cormons (Piazza 24 Maggio) by Canciani, Alfonso (1894), "David"2Italy0+32760010 years ago
Italy, Florence (Bargello museum) - by Vincenzo Gemito (1852 - 1929)3Italy0+43620011 years ago
Italy, Florence (Bargello) 'David' by Donatello7Italy2+7330+1011 years ago
Italy, Florence (Genio by Lorenzo Bartolini)1Italy0+29000011 years ago
Italy, Florence (in the Boboli Gardens) - by Caccini, Giovani Battista (1556 - 1612), 16081Italy0+1122009 years ago
Italy, Florence (Museo Nazionale Archeologico)1Italy0+459005 years ago
Italy, Florence (Piazza della Signoria - Loggia dei Lanzi; also Bargello museum) by Cellini, Benvenuto (1500 - 1571)5Italy2+3843006 years ago
Italy, Florence, "David" by Michelangelo (1524?)1Italy0+31030011 years ago
Italy, Genova (Cemetero Staglieno) tomba di Carlo Celesia, by Paernio, Demetrio (Genova, 1851-1912), 1899, and others2Italy1+705006 years ago
Italy, Ischia, Lacco Ameno (Hotel della Reggina Isabella)7nudity3+1328002 years ago
Italy, Ischia, Lacco Ameno (Hotel La Reginella) - hidden remnants of a different culture20nudity46+54561+302 years ago
Italy, Matera (exact location unknown), by unknown Artist1Italy0+1155+109 years ago
Italy, Milan (GAM), Ripamonti, Riccardo1Italy0+22170010 years ago
Italy, Milan (Museo Brera)3Italy1+1822008 years ago
Italy, Milan (private collection), "Adolescenza" by Constanzo Mongini2Italy0+9359+2010 years ago
Italy, Milan, boys at the headquarters of Banca Commerciale Italiana5Italy0+9376008 years ago
Italy, Milan, boys of the Stazione Centrale3Italy0+4892008 years ago
Italy, Naples (Museo Nationale Archeologico)14Italy0+10764+606 years ago
Italy, Naples (Museo Nationale Archeologico) - a new look (password protected)191nudity18+30903+265 years ago
Italy, Naples (Museo Nazionale Archeologico - continued)6Italy1+1367+305 years ago
Italy, Naples, Royal Palace - by Petr Clodt (1805-1867)5Italy0+1403008 years ago
Italy, Pompei (a re-visit in 2013)20Italy6+7817+435 years ago
Italy, Pompei (by the railway station - the sculpture not there any more!!!)4Italy0+1903019 years ago
Italy, Pompei (scavi) - incl. Lupanario25Italy0+12388+117 years ago
Italy, Rome (?), Bennini?2Italy0+34500011 years ago
Italy, Rome (Banca D'Italia)2Italy0+532005 years ago
Italy, Rome (Centrale Montemartini)1Italy0+484006 years ago
Italy, Rome (Chiesa di San Giuseppe, viccino ad Arco di Settimo Severo)2Italy0+1185009 years ago
Italy, Rome (Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza di San Pantaleo), scultura a Marco Minghetti1Italy0+1806004 months ago
Italy, Rome (Fontana delle Tartarughe, Piazza Mattei) - da Taddeo Landini (constructed in 1581-1588)25Italy6+10823+106 years ago
Italy, Rome (Galleria comunale d'arte moderna) - by Ximenes, Ettore, ca. 19151Italy1+436+103 years ago
Italy, Rome (Galleria Nazionale d`Arte Moderna), by Annibale Delotto, "Pure Linfe"1Italy0+12430011 years ago
Italy, Rome (Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia, 12)4Italy0+844002 years ago
Italy, Rome (Musei Capitoline, piazza San Marco) - miscellaneous Antique sculptures75Italy0+20484+106 years ago
Italy, Rome (Musei Capitoline, piazza San Marco) - the famous 'San Giovanni Battista' by Caravaggio, 16016Italy0+3187009 years ago
Italy, Rome (Musei Capitoline, piazza San Marco), lo 'Spinario', 1st Century A.C.17Italy1+11682+106 years ago
Italy, Rome (Musei Vaticani)14Italy1+6164+606 years ago
Italy, Rome (Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo alle Terme)43Italy2+20763005 years ago
Italy, Rome (Museo Nazionale Romano - Terme di Diocleziano)9Italy1+1573005 years ago
Italy, Rome (Museo Nazionale Romano)1Italy0+519006 years ago
Italy, Rome (Museo Terme)1Italy0+500006 years ago
Italy, Rome (Palatino) - efebo, fanciullo e giovane principessa7Italy0+3889009 years ago
Italy, Rome (Palazzo Barberini)6Italy0+1049005 years ago
Italy, Rome (Palazzo Venezia) - advertising of an exhibition in the Rome subway, October 20134Italy0+841005 years ago
Italy, Rome (piazza Colonna)4Italy0+1252009 years ago
Italy, Rome (Piazza di San Bartolomeo All'Isola)4Italy1+1505009 years ago
Italy, Rome (Stadio dei Marmi - mosaics at Foro Italico, 1928)62Italy1+11857005 years ago
Italy, Rome (Stadio dei Marmi - piscina, 1928)26Italy0+9804005 years ago
Italy, Rome (Stadio dei Marmi, 1928)126nudity4+37988-1305 years ago
Italy, Rome (Stadio dei Marmi, Foro Italico, 1928)51Italy4+11796+106 years ago
Italy, Rome (the Renaissance Museum (Museo di Rinascimento) - the Monument to King Vittorio Emmanuele II, 1911) - by Eugenio Maccagnani13Italy3+8238009 years ago
Italy, Rome (the Rome Museum, Palazzo Bruschi, piazza Navona, Rome), by Tenerani, 18231Italy0+28490011 years ago
Italy, Rome (via dei Funari, Studi Americani)10Italy2+4458009 years ago
Italy, Rome (Villa Medici)1Italy0+525006 years ago
Italy, Tivoli park (near Rome), Unknown sculptor, XVII Century1Italy0+25140011 years ago
Italy, Turin (Piazza Carlo Emanuele) - monument to Camillo Cavour, 1873 - by Dupre, Giovanni (Italy, 1817 - 1882)4Italy2+1197+103 years ago
Italy, Venice (Ca d'Oro), by Gambello, Vittore (1460 - 1537)1Italy0+478006 years ago
Italy, Venice (Ca Pesaro), by unknown Artist4Italy1+965006 years ago
Italy, Venice (Ca Rezzonoco), by Antonio Canova1Italy0+468006 years ago
Italy, Venice (Museo Correr) Antonio Canova (1757-1822)15Italy4+12628+307 years ago
Italy, Venice (Punta della Dogana), by Charles Ray31Italy3+19770+106 years ago
Italy, Venice, boys by the canals15Italy5+28945+706 years ago
Italy, Viareggio (Molo Marinai d'Italia), 2009, by Maggini, Libero7nudity7+1002+208 months ago
Italy, Vicenza (Palazzo Chiericati), by Domenico Riccio (c. 1515-1567), 15581Italy0+525006 years ago
Italy, Vicenza (Piazza delle Poste, Fontana dei Bimbi), Sculptor Nereo Quagliato, 198431Italy4+14487+208 years ago
Japan (exact location unknown)1various0+1364009 years ago
Japan (exact location unknown), by Giacomo Manzu5various1+59380010 years ago
Japan, Hiroshima (Railway station) - by an unknown Artist1various0+1357008 years ago
Japan, Mukonoso (Hyogo Prefecture)1travel0+493+103 years ago
Kazakhstan, Almaty ('Auezov Theater' Metro Station)5travel0+799+303 years ago
Kazakhstan, Almaty (State Museum of Arts) - by various artists84travel6+10351+883 years ago
Kazakhstan, Almaty (The Republic Square) - a girl and a boy on two horses12travel8+9411+513 years ago
Kazakhstan, Almaty (Zhybek Zholy walking street - local Arbat) - children bathing in a fountain4kids4+1090+423 years ago
Libya, Museum of Cyrene1various0+491006 years ago
Lithuania, Kaunas (Bistornas), by Piekuras, Gediminas, 19861various0+1097008 years ago
Mexico, Mazatlan Aquarium2various0+411001 year ago
Mexico, Mexico City (MUNAL, Mexico's National Museum of Art; Museo de San Carlos), by Norena, Miguel (La leccion, 1876)7various0+6654008 years ago
Mexico, Morelos, Cuernavaca (Jardin Revolucion) - by unknown sculptor (probaby not there any more)2various1+2410017 years ago
Mexico, Puerto Vallarta (Puerto Vallarta harbor) - by Zamarripa, Rafael (born in 1964)2various1+1214018 years ago
Norway (Unknown location) - by Dietrich, Robert (1877-1913), Young Girl, 1905, Young Boy, 19142various0+3731009 years ago
Norway (Unknown location) - by Grimeland, Joseph (born in 1916)4various1+2333009 years ago
Norway, Aarhus, by unknown Artist1various1+977008 years ago
Norway, Akershus (Baerums Verk), by Per Ung, born in 19333various0+1614006 years ago
Norway, Bergen (in front of the Theatre) - by Meyer, Hans Jacob (1907-1993)5various1+2660-107 years ago
Norway, Fredrikstad (unknown location) - please help identify (and actually save this beautiful sculpture!)1various0+1797+108 years ago
Norway, Kristiansand (Elvagata) - 1991, by Maeldum, Hilde, born in 19441various0+1046+208 years ago
Norway, Kristiansand (Otra River Park), by Vigeland---Boy-Bear1various0+556006 years ago
Norway, Kristiansand - by Berulvson, Ingemund (1900-1976)2various0+1330009 years ago
Norway, Narvik - by Unknown Sculptor2nudity0+1429+505 years ago
Norway, Olso (in the yard of the Radhus) - by Storm, Per Palle (1910-1994)11various0+2239008 years ago
Norway, Olso (inside Radhus) - by Midelfart, Willi (1904-1975), 195137various5+7771008 years ago
Norway, Oslo (corner of Josefines Gt. and Pilestredet)1various0+492006 years ago
Norway, Oslo (in front of the National Theater), by Arne Durban (1912-1993), erected in 1957149various8+43812+1308 years ago
Norway, Oslo (in front of the National Theater), by Arne Durban - SELECTED FULL-SIZE24various1+6644+1308 years ago
Norway, Oslo (in front of the Radhus, Radhusplassen) - by Per Hurum (1910-1989)25various7+6480008 years ago
Norway, Oslo (National Gallery) - by various Artists11various1+6942008 years ago
Norway, Oslo (National Theater) - by Utne, Lars (1862-1922)32various4+7176+1428 years ago
Norway, Oslo (Sagene Kirke), by Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Jorgen (1895-1966) 1937-392various0+1189008 years ago
Norway, Oslo (Vigeland park) Vigeland, Gustav (1869 - 1943)155various46+45950+8108 years ago
Norway, Oslo - streetboys43various3+14870+208 years ago
Peru, Lima (Italian Art Museum) - cheerful boys3nudity0+595+2010 months ago
Poland, Gliwice - by Erdmann, Kalide Theodor (1801-1863), a boy with a swan; a replica also in Minsk, Belarus1various0+1459+109 years ago
Poland, Oederan - by Igor Mitoraj (born in 1944)1various0+2018+1011 years ago
Poland, Warsaw (Ujazdow Park) by Gruyere, Theodor Charles (1814-1855)2various0+776+106 years ago
Portugal, Cidade do Porto (Jardim da Cordoaria) - Capture of Ganymede by De Sa, Antonio Fernandes (1874 - 1959)4various1+975+103 years ago
Portugal, Porto (Museu nacional de soares dos reis), by SANTO Augusto, 18872various0+1396008 years ago
Romania, Bucharest (National Art Museum of Romania), by Ionescovalbudea, Stefan1various0+44820011 years ago
Russia (Unknown location), Murashov, 19611Russia0+18830011 years ago
Russia (Unknown location), Unknown sculptor - 21Russia0+16350011 years ago
Russia, Astrakhan (Dogadin Gallery of Arts)9Russia1+1401005 years ago
Russia, Astrakhan (Kuibysheva street, 3, ex swimming pool)2Russia0+2884008 years ago
Russia, Astrakhan (Lenin square, behind Kremlin - Rotanov sculpture park), by Evgeniy Rotanov - some graffitti added this year9Russia4+1399006 years ago
Russia, Astrakhan (Lenin square, behind Kremlin - Rotanov sculpture park), by Evgeniy Rotanov, 2008104Russia7+17958008 years ago
Russia, Chusovoi (unknown location) unknown Artist1Russia0+15000010 years ago
Russia, Ekaterinburg, home town of Boris Nikolayevich Eltsyn (ulitsa Ispanskih Rabochih, in front of childrens policlinic), Unknown author, 1990s3Russia1+5914004 years ago
Russia, Kaliningrad ('ZAGS' - atheist wedding house), by unknown Artist2Russia0+2340007 years ago
Russia, Kaliningrad (ex Koennigsberg), Sculpture Park - by Zinaida Romanova, born in 1932 - World without War, 198141Russia7+12805+806 years ago
Russia, Kaliningrad (ex Koennigsberg), Unknown German sculptor1Germany0+2050009 years ago
Russia, Kaliningrad (Sculpture park) - by Alexander Matveev, also exhibited in the Russian museum in St. Petersburg1Russia0+1629008 years ago
Russia, Kazan (Kazan Art Gallery)2Russia0+698005 years ago
Russia, Kineshma1Russia0+16120010 years ago
Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia (exact location unknown), unknown sculptor2Russia0+2628007 years ago
Russia, Moscow (3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya st. 48)4Russia0+1169008 years ago
Russia, Moscow (a young Mercury in front of World Trade Centre)3Russia0+795006 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Arkhangelskoye)4Russia1+1002003 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Bolshoi Theatre) - by Petr Clodt (1805-1867)3Russia0+1234008 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya) - a monument opened in 20131Russia0+570005 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Gorky Park), by Maniser, Matvei (1891 - 1966), 1927-193541Russia2+8043006 years ago
Russia, Moscow (in front of the city Hippodrome, metro 'Begovaya'), by Roksana Kirillova (1922-2008)54Russia5+18644+1207 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Kuzminki) - by Petr Clodt (1805-1867)5Russia0+2737+208 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Metro "Barrikadnaya" station, Kudrinskaya ploschad, 1)34Russia0+6114005 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Metro "DINAMO", 1930s)15Russia2+5232005 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Metro "Frunzenskaya")5Russia1+1276005 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Metro "Kuskaya" station 5 min walk from, in Sadovoye Koltso, ul. Zemlyanoy Val, 25)2Russia0+656005 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Metro "Park Kultury" - Underground "Culture Park")7Russia1+2445026 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Metro "Ploschad Revolutsii")14Russia0+4190+208 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Metro "Vorobiovy Gory") a temporary exhibition in September 201324Russia7+34296-2905 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Museon open-air museum of sculptures at Krymsky Val, near to the Tretyakov Gallery, XX Century Art) - by various Artists - Boy on Turtle not there any more...11Russia1+8869008 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Museon Sculpture Park)30Russia1+7201+104 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Pushkin museum, ex. Museum of Fine Arts of Alexander III)46Russia1+7761+506 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Pushkin museum, ex. Museum of Fine Arts of Alexander III), Boys in Greek Vases57Russia56+44374+206 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Pushkin museum, ex. Museum of Fine Arts of Alexander III, founded in 1898, completed in 1912), various Artists103Russia11+15061007 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Tretyakoff Gallery), Various Artists33Russia2+42048+3215 years ago
Russia, Moscow (Tretyakov Gallery) - a lucky look by Sergey Sovkov14Russia1+9270+105 years ago
Russia, Moscow (VDNH) - by Son, Boris (1922 - 2009), 19541Russia0+253001 year ago
Russia, Moscow Oblast, Dmitrov (Dmitrov Kremlin museum) by Griffoni2Russia0+2058019 years ago
Russia, Moscow oblast, Dzerzhinsky - a monument to the underage victims of repressions6Russia0+1261+603 years ago
Russia, Moscow, Begovaya Alley12Russia2+3935009 years ago
Russia, Moscow, Luzhniki, Olympic Stadium and Swimming pool - 196439Russia3+12372004 years ago
Russia, Novomoskovsk (by the source of the river Don, near to the Children's railway), by Smirnov N., 1981, erected in 200029Russia1+21206+2905 years ago
Russia, Orel (monument to composer Kalinnikov, opened in 2009) - a boy sculpted by Leonid Bugay2Russia0+920+105 years ago
Russia, Priozersk (ex. Keksholm, Finland), Maugli - Unknown sculptor4Russia0+5063006 years ago
Russia, Rostov-na-Donu2Russia0+770004 years ago
Russia, Saransk (Mordovian MBA), by Boris Svinin, 19751Russia0+500006 years ago
Russia, Saratov (Saratov Art Gallery)3Russia2+818005 years ago
Russia, Sestroretsk (near to St. Petersburg), 19897Russia0+1021006 years ago
Russia, Sochi (the Dendrarium - a park of Sergei Khudekov, nationalized by the Soviets in 1920) - by Capellaro, Paul Gabriel (1890s)8Russia0+2739008 years ago
Russia, Sochi (the Dendrarium - a park of Sergei Khudekov, nationalized by the Soviets in 1920) - by unknown sculptor (probably 1970s-1990s)6Russia4+2792008 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (5, Bolshaya Morskaya Ulitsa), Unknown Artist5Russia0+37150011 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (5, Bolshoi prospekt on Petrograd island)3Russia0+879003 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Academy of Arts museum)3Russia0+32380011 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Academy of Arts), Various Artists26nudity25+74897+6733 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Academy of Arts), Various Artists - a new look25nudity13+46988+2902 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (an affiliate of Hermitage in Staraya Derevnya)1Russia0+474006 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Dom Kino) by Dmitry Pakhomov, 20034Russia1+3368009 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Elagin island) - by Pimenov, Stepan Stepanovich (1784 — 1833)5Russia0+1422005 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Fontanka river - opposite to Circus), Rotanov (1990s)28Russia2+23693+107 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (from a private collection) by Vadim Troyanowski8Russia1+81270011 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Hermitage), Boys in Greek Vases53Russia15+56204+306 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Hermitage), Various Artists113Russia16+57416007 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Hermitage), Various Artists - a new look239Russia14+43957+906 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (house in which a famous artist Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin lived - Kamennoostrovskiy prospect 14)4Russia2+760003 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (in the yard of the British Consulate)1Russia0+405002 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Kapella), Unknown sculptor1Russia0+20770010 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Komarovo - Cemetary of famous artists, 2km away from R/W station), a sculpture of an adolescent, by M.Weinmann, 1964 - on the grave of the Artist20Russia2+12701+603 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Manezh), by Triscornia, Paolo Andrea (1757-1833)10Russia0+5566009 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Matilda Kszesinski Palace, 1904-1906)5Russia0+921005 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (metro 'Park Pobedy'), 1950-1951 - Boy with a Fish, by Son, Boris (1922 - 2009)19Russia4+12533006 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (metro 'Park Pobedy'), 1950-1951 - on a Boy Isle, by Motovilova, M. and Drok, L.27Russia0+19118+316 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (metro 'Park Pobedy'), 1950-1951 - other artists8Russia0+1029006 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (metro 'Park Pobedy', SKK), 1981 - by V.Rybalko9Russia0+981006 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (metro 'Pionerskaya'), by Tscherbin V., Pesotskiy Yuriy, 198710Russia0+52620010 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (metro 'Sportivnaya') - nude boys and men in the Greek-style mosaics - by Bistrov, A. 1985, 19977Russia1+50577+298 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (metro 'Sportivnaya'), 1985, 1997, by Bistrov, A.3Russia0+693003 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Nevskiy prospekt, Eliseevskiy Store)13Russia0+3089006 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Nevsky prospect, Anichkov bridge over Fontanka river ('the 16 balls bridge'), by Petr Clodt, XIX Century8Russia0+7666007 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Peterhof)8Russia2+1480006 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Pushkin, Tsarskoye selo, Alexandrovskiy Park)2Russia0+934007 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Pushkin, Tsarskoye selo, Royal Summer Palace)7Russia1+1041003 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Red Lights Street - Улица Красных Фонарей)12Russia0+7445+103 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Russian Museum) - a new look48nudity10+62720+5802 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Russian Museum), Various Artists75Russia1+50713+906 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Serebristy Prud), Rotanov18Russia2+30423-305 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Tavricheski Sad), Unknown sculptor, monument to boys and girls of Leningrad, perished during the siege of the city by the Germans in 1941-441Russia0+176790011 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Underground Headquarters - metro station "Technologicheski Institut")1Russia0+919009 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (yard of Pediatricheski Institute), Gustav Vigeland?2Russia0+36650011 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg (Yusupov Palace)6Russia0+1194006 years ago
Russia, St. Petersburg - street boys and girls1Russia0+167870010 years ago
Russia, Togliatti (Karl Marx street, 86), statue of Mercury erected by the local enterpreneur in front of his shop in the 1990s23Russia1+7320+103 years ago
Russia, Tver (near to the old bridge across the Volga, on the side of the old Stadium) - to the Memory of the Victims of the Repressions - Памяти Жертв Репрессий - by Felix Azamatov, erected in the Freedoms Decade, 19972Russia0+1866008 years ago
Russia, Tver - by unknown Sculptor22Russia0+4157016 years ago
Russia, Ufa, by Solovyova-Efimova, Margarita (1971)23Russia2+9369007 years ago
Russia, Unknown location, Unknown sculptor1Russia0+18930010 years ago
Russia, Volgograd - by Unknown Sculptor1Russia0+495006 years ago
Russia, Voronezh, Unknown Soviet sculptors11Russia1+3693007 years ago
Russia, Wyborg (ex Viipuri, Finland - Castle Museum) - boy and girl sculptures (1911 and 1912), by Dietrich, Leopold8Finland1+1478003 years ago
Russia, Wyborg (ex Viipuri, Finland) streetboys18Finland1+44479009 years ago
Serbia, Bujanovac2travel0+274008 months ago
Singapore, sculptor Chong Fah Cheong - read also the plate for the whole story of the sculpture16various5+22520+316 years ago
Slovakia, Bratislava (Duck Fountaine) - by Kuhmayer, Robert (1883 - 1972), 19142travel0+777004 years ago
Slovakia, Bratislava (Ganymede Fountain in front of Opera House), by Tilgner, Viktor Oskar (1844 - 1896)7travel1+1281005 years ago
Slovakia, Kosice - by unknown Artist1various0+439006 years ago
Slovenia, Ljubliana (in front of RTV and in Tivoli Park), by Zdenko Kalin5various0+5668009 years ago
Slovenia, Ljubliana (the nude sculptures on the portal of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia), by Zdenko Kalin, 19589nudity1+1736002 years ago
South Korea, Chuncheon - by Unknown Sculptor1various0+491006 years ago
South Korea, the Yeosu Odong Island sculpture festival - by unknown sculptor1various0+1084009 years ago
Spain, Barcelona (Casa de la Cuidad - City Hall), by Rebull, Joan Torroja (1899-1981) - HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC - ONLY BY THE MEMBERS OF THE CITY HALL OF BARCELONA HAVE A PRIVILEGE TO OBSERVE2nudity0+2904+202 years ago
Spain, Barcelona, by seaport - by an unknown Artists4Spain1+1065005 years ago
Spain, Castellon (Unknown Artist)2Spain0+2275009 years ago
Spain, Madrid (Prado Museum)6Spain0+5538006 years ago
Spain, Reus - by Rebull, Joan Torroja (1899-1981)2Spain1+1381008 years ago
Spain, San Agustin, Gran Canaria - by BENITEZ A. L.1Spain0+1196009 years ago
Spain, Santader (seaport) - by Jose Calderon2Spain0+5224+513 years ago
Spain, Valencia (Musuem of Fine Arts) - by Pintado, Marco Diez1Spain0+1529009 years ago
Sweden (Slottsskogsvallen ... ) Tampande pojkar - by Stig Blomberg, 19511various0+32630010 years ago
Sweden (Stadstradgarden in ... ), by Stig Blomberg 19471various0+20240010 years ago
Sweden (unknown exact location) - by Stig Blomberg2various2+1309009 years ago
Sweden (unknown exact location) - by unknown sculptor1various0+1009008 years ago
Sweden (various other places - please help identify) - by Karl Eldh4various0+1116006 years ago
Sweden or Germany (current location unknown), exhibited at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin), Two Boys Wrestling, by Stig Blomberg2various0+133140010 years ago
Sweden, Brunnsviken (Hogskola) 19371various0+449006 years ago
Sweden, Eskilstuna (at Jarnvagstorget) - by Lundkvist, Bengt Inge (born in 1913)1various0+498006 years ago
Sweden, Eskilstuna (next to the zoo) - by Karl Eldh1various0+475006 years ago
Sweden, Eskilstuna - by Karl Milles4various0+817006 years ago
Sweden, Eslov (Kockska parken) by AHLENIUS-BJORK Ivar, 19611various0+1208009 years ago
Sweden, Falkenberg (Vintergatan) Salami Zulamith, by Stig Blomberg1various0+18780010 years ago
Sweden, Goteborg (Kungsladugard), by Noack, Astrid1various0+481006 years ago
Sweden, Goteborg (Linnestaden, Slottsskogsvallen) - two boys wrestling, 19512nudity1+595001 year ago
Sweden, Gothenburg (Liseberg Park) - by Nehtman, Britta (19501various0+963008 years ago
Sweden, Granna (Braheparken), by Eldh, Carl Johan (1923)4various0+5096006 years ago
Sweden, Helsinborg (Stadsparken) - by Borjeson, John (1835-1910)1various0+827009 years ago
Sweden, Hudiksvall - by Unknown Artist1various0+502006 years ago
Sweden, Jonkoping (Radhusparken), by Stig Blomberg, 19472various0+21080010 years ago
Sweden, Kalmar - by Karl Eldh1various0+458006 years ago
Sweden, Lidkoping - by Karl Eldh5various0+3771006 years ago
Sweden, Linkoping (at the entrance to hospital), by Widrig, Hanspeter1various0+2815+1010 years ago
Sweden, Linkoping (RaoulWallenbergsPlats, Vasavagen)1various0+441006 years ago
Sweden, Linkoping, by Stig Blomberg2various0+30170010 years ago
Sweden, Malmo (Gustav Adolfs Torg), by Unknown Sculptors7various0+2060008 years ago
Sweden, Malmo (in front of Malmo Stad Teater) - by Nils Sjogren, 19538various0+2154008 years ago
Sweden, Malmo (Stenkulaskolan, Ostra Farmvagen) - Pojke (1961) - by Lennart Kallstrom1various0+1229009 years ago
Sweden, Malmo (Storgatan 39) - Pojke (1957) - by Lennart Kallstrom2various0+2017006 years ago
Sweden, Malmo - by Carl Eldh, 19342various0+2313008 years ago
Sweden, Malmo - others1various0+475006 years ago
Sweden, Marielund (and other places) by Johnsson, Ivar (1885-1970)7various0+3802009 years ago
Sweden, Orebro (stadsparken) - by Lennart Kallstrom (born in 1920)1nudity0+885005 years ago
Sweden, Osterby - by Karl Eldh1various0+454006 years ago
Sweden, Ostersund (badhusparken), by Unknown Artist5various1+940006 years ago
Sweden, Rottneros (city library) - by Karl Eldh4various0+926006 years ago
Sweden, Rottneros (Rottneros Park) - boy by Hasselberg, Per (1850-1884)1various0+234001 year ago
Sweden, Rottneros - copy of Lo Spinario1various0+474006 years ago
Sweden, Sala (town's park) - a beautiful boy with a plane model, by Wretling, David (1901-1986)1various0+671+211 year ago
Sweden, Sala (town's park) - by Karl Eldh2various0+547006 years ago
Sweden, Salvesborg - by Stig Blomberg (1901 - 1970)4various0+2712-1010 years ago
Sweden, Skogskyrkogarden - by Lundqvist, John1various0+459006 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (boy in a Tram Museum)4kids1+987005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Central Railway Station) - girl statue to commemorate the Royal Gymnastics Central Institute (1813 - 1944)4gymnastics0+1289005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (City Hall), by Eldh, Carl Johan (1873 - 1954) and other sculptors10various1+8170+109 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Djurgarden Island) - a boy with a fish, by Teodor Lundberg (1852 - 1926)4various1+643001 year ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Djurgarden Island) - Orpheus by Teodor Lundberg (1852 - 1926), 190513travel0+2585005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Gamla Stan, Tyska Stallplan) - by Ivar Johnsson12various0+4281009 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (in Carl Eldh's Ateliermuseum) - the ladies in the museum saw me filming and stopped me - so I did not manage to take pictures of all the works21travel9+9812+1105 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Karlavagen) by Gunnar Nilsson1various0+1091009 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Konstakademien (Arts Academy)14travel0+2655005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Lidingo, Millesgarden) by Karl Milles, 1950s - a new look55travel4+5462005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Lidingo, Millesgarden) by Karl Milles, 1950s - in the house36various3+18250+4309 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Lidingo, Millesgarden) by Karl Milles, 1950s - in the park84various9+17109+3809 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Mariatorget) - by Per Hasselberg, 188027various2+8846005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Medelhavsmuseet (Mediterranean Museum)26travel1+3613005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Nacka strand and other places - by Milles, Carl (1875 - 1955)7travel0+1252005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Nacka strand), by Karl Milles1various0+475+106 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (near to the National Museum) - by John Borjeson (1835-1910) - a new look8nudity0+1737005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (near to the National Museum) by John Borjeson (1835-1910) and Teodor Lundberg (1852-1926)18various0+4921+609 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (near to the National Museum) by Teodor Lundberg (1852-1926) - a new look8nudity0+1548005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Odenplan), by Marklund, Bror (1907-1977)2various1+571006 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Oestra Real School, Oestermalmsgatan, 86), by Carl Eldh (1873 - 1954)16various1+4930005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Ostra Real)2various0+560006 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde - on Djurgarden Island)35travel0+3781005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Reimersholme island, Vindragarvagen 2, Kvarteret Vinfatet) by ERICSON, Sten (born in 1909)9kids1+3226005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Ringvagen 66 - in the yard of Eriksdalsskolan) - by Stig Blomberg, 1942-43 - Florez och Blanzeflor65various2+15497+109 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Ringvagen 66-70) - by Annie Wiberg4various0+1436009 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Royal Theater)2travel0+556005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Solna stad, Northern Cemetary) - by Karl Eldh, 19193various0+849006 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Solna stad, Strakvagen 11, in the yard of Rasunda skolan) - by Axel Wallenberg, 1956 - Ungdom och Trohet35various2+8611009 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Stockholm Stadium and Krakberget outside Granna)3various1+827006 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (the National Museum) - by Christian Eriksson (1858-1935; sculpture of 1897)10various1+5003009 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (the National Museum) - by various Artists32various0+18746+1606 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Vasa museum - boy statues on a military ship built in 1628)5travel0+897005 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Vastertorp, in the park 500 meters away from metro station) - staende pojke by Lennart Kallstrom, 194433nudity1+33693+9805 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Vastertorp, in the park 500 meters away from metro station) - two sisters by Stig Blomberg28nudity18+104172+2705 years ago
Sweden, Stockholm (Vastertorp, near to the exit from metro) - sittande pojke by Marklund, Bror (1907-1977)45nudity7+45077+7005 years ago
Sweden, Stoсkholm, streetboys9kids4+10306005 years ago
Sweden, Uppsala - by Blomberg, Stig3various0+1022+206 years ago
Sweden, Uppsala - by Wallenberg, Axel3various0+2745009 years ago
Sweden, Vestreras (Stadshotel) by Carl Milles, 19002various0+3351+1010 years ago
Sweden, Ystad (Osterportstorg) - by Lennart Kallstrom, 19451various0+880009 years ago
Switzerland (?), Munster (Krautergarten), by Karl Geiser1Switzerland0+26660010 years ago
Switzerland (unknown location), by Mettler, Walter (1868-1942)3Switzerland1+822006 years ago
Switzerland, Aarau (Kantonsschule), by unknown artist1Switzerland0+541006 years ago
Switzerland, Bern (by the Central Railway Station), by unknown sculptor16Switzerland5+6269006 years ago
Switzerland, Bern (by University), by unknown artists (Greek Man-Boy education?)10Switzerland1+1588006 years ago
Switzerland, Bern (Floetenspielerbrunnen), by unknown artist1Switzerland1+455006 years ago
Switzerland, Bern (Hotel Bern), by unknown artist3Switzerland0+621006 years ago
Switzerland, Bern (in front of Arts Museum), by unknown artist4Switzerland1+693006 years ago
Switzerland, Bern (Rathausgasse), by F.Veter, 1940 - a 15yo boy playing flute33Switzerland2+17890-106 years ago
Switzerland, Biel-Bienne (Schusspromenade, Museum Neuhaus), by Hermann Hubacher, 194523Switzerland1+8353+306 years ago
Switzerland, Geneva (at the crossing of Rue de la Cloche and Rue Philippe, near to a closed gay locale), by König, Henri - ca. 194719Switzerland1+15814006 years ago
Switzerland, Geneva (drug dealers square near to the central railway station), by Scwarz, Heinz (1920-1994)2Switzerland0+744006 years ago
Switzerland, Geneva (Geneva Lake, Quai Wilson), by Schwarz, Heinz (1920-1994) - a 14yo boy with a horse84Switzerland5+38821+406 years ago
Switzerland, Geneva (Mont de la Reformation, promenade des Bastions), by Chaponniere, Jean-Etienne (1801-1835), David with the head of Goliath 183430Switzerland0+9272+206 years ago
Switzerland, Geneva (Parc de la Grange, roseraie), by König, Henri - a 14yo boy playing flute, ca. 194782Switzerland6+43287+406 years ago
Switzerland, Geneva (Rue Ch.Galland, 2, Art and History Museum) - boys in Greek vases and other artists56Switzerland4+42562+236 years ago
Switzerland, Geneva (Rue de Delices / Rue Cavour, in front of Musee Voltaire), by König, Henri - 14j. KnabenAkt ca. 1947138Switzerland4+51311+2136 years ago
Switzerland, Geneva - by unknown artists18Switzerland0+6343+306 years ago
Switzerland, Geneve (parc Mon Repos) - by Bourcart, Daniel (1862 - 1887, Swiss), 18851Switzerland0+521004 years ago
Switzerland, Interlaken - by Frutschi, Friedrich (1892 - 1981), a statue of a 12yo boy with a dog and a 12yo girl with a duck119Switzerland17+94990+53376 years ago
Switzerland, Interlaken - by unknown sculptors5Switzerland0+849006 years ago
Switzerland, Kreuzlingen - by Koenig, Henri1Switzerland0+502006 years ago
Switzerland, La Neuveville (beside the lake in La Neuveville), by Max Pfaender1Switzerland0+3216+1010 years ago
Switzerland, Lausanne (Le Parc Olympique)22Switzerland0+7641006 years ago
Switzerland, Lausanne - by Sandoz, Edouard-Marcel (ca. 1960s)12Switzerland0+6232006 years ago
Switzerland, Morges (Canton of Vaud), by Martin, Milo (1893 - 1970) - 13 yo boy and 13yo girl pouring water at each other68Switzerland7+52283-306 years ago
Switzerland, Morges (Place de Hotel de Ville), by unknown artist34Switzerland5+8196+106 years ago
Switzerland, Ouchy (Canton of Vaud), by Martin, Milo (1893 - 1970)4Switzerland1+728006 years ago
Switzerland, Vevey (Entre deux Villes), by Sandoz, Edouard-Marcel (ca. 1960s)3Switzerland1+736006 years ago
Switzerland, Zurich (Kunsthalle) - by Johnsson, Ivar (1885–1970, Swedish)8Switzerland0+2312006 years ago
Switzerland, Zurich - by Hubacher, Hermann, 19467Switzerland1+2709006 years ago
Thailand, Pattaya, Beach Road - boys and girls exhibited in Beach Road in approx. 2006, still existed in 2008 - completely disappeared in 2011 - a quick guess - some Americans believed they are too erotic and definitely not 18 - and asked to remove32Thailand33+236879+609 years ago
Thailand, unknown exact location1nudity0+1046+205 years ago
Turkey, Istanbul (Archeological Museum)1Turkey0+511006 years ago
Ukraine (Belaya Tserkov, near Kyiv), Unknown sculptor3various0+19960011 years ago
Ukraine, Crimea, Alushta - fountain: Boy with a fish2various0+4235007 years ago
Ukraine, Crimea, Eupatoria (monument of memory of Chernobyl)3various0+24260110 years ago
Ukraine, Crimea, Feodosia2various0+666004 years ago
Ukraine, Crimea, Koktebel, streetboys2various0+7206018 years ago
Ukraine, Crimea, Simferopol - by Valeriy Koltsov3various0+8577019 years ago
Ukraine, Crimea, Yalta, streetboys3various0+81670011 years ago
Ukraine, Kharkiv - by Unknown Sculptor1various0+443006 years ago
Ukraine, Kyiv (Arsenal)2various0+650005 years ago
Ukraine, Kyiv (House of Teachers) - by Dietrich, Leopold Augustovich (1877 - 1954)37various10+9965005 years ago
Ukraine, Kyiv (in the Russian Art museum), by Alexander Deineka, 1930s2various0+1323009 years ago
Ukraine, Kyiv (Koncha-Zaspa Olympic Center)2various0+741+106 years ago
Ukraine, Kyiv (near to Puppet Theatre) - Buratino (Pinocchio) made alive21various0+6641008 years ago
Ukraine, Kyiv (Peyzazhnaya Alley) by Alexeev, Aleksandr (contemporary)4various0+831005 years ago
Ukraine, Kyiv (Shevchenko University), Unknown sculptor12various0+3364007 years ago
Ukraine, Kyiv (Zhylianska street, 109)5various1+806005 years ago
Ukraine, Kyiv, streetboys11various1+17582028 years ago
Ukraine, Lviv (Ivan Frank University), Unknown sculptor8various0+6006+117 years ago
Ukraine, Odessa (Archaeological Museum, Theatre, other)41various3+7028+705 years ago
Ukraine, Odessa (Molodaya Gvardiya Pioneer Camp)4kids0+1467+305 years ago
Ukraine, Sloviansk (Karl Marx Street, 39)3various0+622005 years ago
Ukraine, Zakarpatskaya oblast (Svalyavskiy rayon, Polyana, sanatorium Solnechnoye Zakarpatye)1travel1+47001 month ago
United Kingdom (Cornwall), Godfrey, Neil (born 1937)22various2+14153+9011 years ago
United Kingdom (private collection), Henry Perkins, "Dans le Creux de la Main"1various1+29400011 years ago
United Kingdom (Sheffield City Art Gallery), by Kathlene Scott - 19341various0+913009 years ago
United Kingdom (Trentham, Staffordshire) by Emil Wolf1various0+567006 years ago
United Kingdom (Unknown location), by Vogel, Karel (1960)1various0+912009 years ago
United Kingdom (Unknown location), Tuke, Henry Scott (1858 - 1929)1various0+17710011 years ago
United Kingdom (Welwyn Garden City), by Kathlene Scott, Ad Astra1various0+832009 years ago
United Kingdom (WWI and WWII Slimbridge Wetland Centre, Gloucestershire; New Street, Oundle, Oundle School Chapel Gdns, Northamptonshire) - by Scott (Kennet), Lady Kathleen (1878 - 1947)4nudity0+945001 year ago
United Kingdom, Bradford (Cartwright Hall), Reid, Dick-William (1878-1961)2various0+65050011 years ago
United Kingdom, Bristol ("The Apotheosis of Sabrina", 1980, in the quay), by Andrew Laing1various0+21530011 years ago
United Kingdom, Cambridge (Scott Polar Research Institute), by Kathlene Scott, Youth, 19204various0+2652009 years ago
United Kingdom, Derbyshire (Chatsworth house) - by John Gibson and by Antonio Canova, and by Kessels, Mathias (1784-1836)5various0+2058006 years ago
United Kingdom, Dover (Biggin Street, the Dover War Memorial), by Richard Goulden, 19247various1+6963+309 years ago
United Kingdom, Edinburgh (Coates Gardens) MacGillivray Pittendrigh (early 20th Century)18various1+9218+1209 years ago
United Kingdom, England, Lode (Quy Rd)1various0+408006 years ago
United Kingdom, Essex (High Street, Braintree) - by unknown Artist2various0+1249008 years ago
United Kingdom, Glasgow (Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Kibble Palace), by Mullins, Edwin Roscoe (1848-1907)3various1+858006 years ago
United Kingdom, Gloucestershire (Slimbridge Wetland Centre) - previously in Winchester (West Downs School) - by Kathleen Scott, "Here am I" - a better resolution picture is searched, many thanks in advance for your contributions1various0+53330010 years ago
United Kingdom, Gloucestershire (Slimbridge Wetland Centre), by Kathleen Scott, early 20th Century3various0+3957009 years ago
United Kingdom, Kew, Surrey (Temperate House, Royal Botanic Gardens)2various0+611006 years ago
United Kingdom, Leeds (Harewood)2various0+662006 years ago
United Kingdom, Liverpool (the Walker Art Gallery), Dressler, Conrad (1856 - 1940) 19072various0+674004 years ago
United Kingdom, Liverpool (the Walker Art Gallery), Gibson, John (1818)2various1+40030111 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Ashmolean Museum) - boys on Greek vases3various0+833006 years ago
United Kingdom, London (BBC house), by Eric Gill1various0+475005 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Boy with Dolphin, 1975: Chelsea Embankment - UK, London, on both side of a pedestrian bridge in London near Albert Bridge), by Wynne, David25various2+53432+9010 years ago
United Kingdom, London (British Museum) - Antique Art, including the Warren Cup32various9+19190+1926 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Charles Lamb Memorial, Inner Temple Garden, Crown Office Row - Victoria Emb., 1928), by Wrightson, Margaret2various1+2672008 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Chelsea Embankment) by Copnall, Edward Bainbridge, 19744various1+2031006 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Great Ormond Street, Hospital Children's Charity) - by Marr-Johnstone, Catherine1kids0+347+201 year ago
United Kingdom, London (Holland Park) by Macallan Swan, John4various0+6907019 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Hyde Park) - ERECTED1various0+560006 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Piccadilly Circus), Alfred Gilbert (1854 - 1934)2various0+28660011 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Regent's Park) - by Reid D ick, 19312various1+1623007 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Royal Academy), by John Gibson1various0+17000011 years ago
United Kingdom, London (Tate Museum), various collections8various1+2746007 years ago
United Kingdom, London (the Victoria and Albert Museum - !very much like the Pushkin Museum in Moscow!)32various1+20885+1526 years ago
United Kingdom, Manchester (City Museum) - by Thorvaldsen1various0+783007 years ago
United Kingdom, Painshill, Cobham - by Cheere, John1various0+435006 years ago
United Kingdom, Plymouth2various0+612006 years ago
United Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh (Lothianshire)1various1+467006 years ago
United Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh (Scottish National Gallery), Thomas Campbell: The Hon William Kinnaird, 18221various0+26070011 years ago
United Kingdom, Scottish-English Border, by an anonimous Vietnamese Artist, contemporary1various0+31210010 years ago
United Kingdom, Suffolk (Red House Garden) - by Ehrlich, Georg (1897-1966), 19332nudity1+652+101 year ago
United Kingdom, Wales, Cardiff (Welsh Folk Museum), by William John Goscombe, 18015various0+3118004 years ago
United Kingdom, Wales, Pennal (Order of Sancta Sophia), by Unknown Artist1various0+498006 years ago
Unknown location (Berlin?), Drake, Heinrich Jungling (1936)1various0+23110011 years ago
Unknown location, 'Charpentier, Alexandre Louis Marie (1856-1909)1various0+1798+1011 years ago
Unknown location, Alabaster, Brian4various0+37240011 years ago
Unknown location, Bouillon, Henri (1896)1various0+17200011 years ago
Unknown location, Carles, Jean Antoine (Antonin) 1851-1919, 19042various0+27770011 years ago
Unknown location, Champigny Robert1various0+1744+1011 years ago
Unknown location, Cook Rosemary1various0+19860011 years ago
Unknown location, Crawford Thomas (1853)1various0+18240010 years ago
Unknown location, De Martino, Giovanni (ca.1900, Boy with a Crab)2various0+38900011 years ago
Unknown location, Fueter, Max-Glaukus (1932)1various0+14740011 years ago
Unknown location, Gotz, Johannes (1888)1various0+15580011 years ago
Unknown location, Greenshields, Tom4various0+37340011 years ago
Unknown location, Innocent, Enzo (ca.1930)1various0+40180011 years ago
Unknown location, Kasper, Ludwig (1935)1various0+16070011 years ago
Unknown location, Klauer, Martingottlieb1various0+1889-1011 years ago
Unknown location, Kricke, Norbert-Alfred (1949)1various0+18400011 years ago
Unknown location, Lehmann, Kurt (1953)1various0+16850011 years ago
Unknown location, Lorieux, J. (ca1900)2various0+19690011 years ago
Unknown location, Montald, Constant (1904)1various1+14340011 years ago
Unknown location, Ossaye, Mombur Jean (France, 1885, 1889)1France0+44380011 years ago
Unknown location, Reid, Dick-William (1878-1961)1various0+57370011 years ago
Unknown location, ROUBAUD Louis Auguste (Junior) 1828-19061various0+3068+1010 years ago
Unknown location, Rybalko Valentina (USSR)16various0+14508+8010 years ago
Unknown location, Theed, William (1851)1various0+18470011 years ago
Unknown location, Thornycroft, William (1879)2various0+36970011 years ago
Unknown location, Walker, Arthur-George1various0+19130011 years ago
Unknown locations, Unknown Artists - !please help identify!15various4+11054+2516 years ago
Unknown locations, Various museums worldwide - Boys on Greek Vases93nudity137+499494+18986 years ago
USA (exact location unknown), by Howland, Elizabeth (1913)4various1+38770011 years ago
USA (exact location unknown), by Weinmann A.A. (1927)3various2+3382008 years ago
USA (from a private collection) - by Henn, Rudolf (1880-1955)19various0+7001+507 years ago
USA, California (Festival Hall), Unknown sculptor1various0+20590011 years ago
USA, California, Los Angeles (Getty Villa), by Unknown Sculptors7various0+2787006 years ago
USA, California, Los Angeles (Santa Barbara Museum of Arts), by Marius Jean Antonin Mercie 1874, and by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux 18758various0+1255006 years ago
USA, California, San Marino (the Huntingdon Art Museum) Huntington (1924)4various0+3818+2011 years ago
USA, Claremont, California (flutist fountain, Bridges hall, Pomona College) by Johnson, Burt, 1890-19271various0+1141009 years ago
USA, Connecticut, Norwich - by unknown artist, erected in 19721various0+1769009 years ago
USA, Detroit (Detroit Institute of Arts), by Benzoni, Giovanni (1809-1873) - see also Hermitage6various0+1125006 years ago
USA, Florida (Saint Augustine, Oldest House) - by unknown Artist1various1+1011+109 years ago
USA, Illinois, Chicago (The Art Institute of Chicago)1various0+501006 years ago
USA, Kentucky, Louisville (Speed Art Museum) by Vedder, Elihu (1836-1923)10various1+8196+5011 years ago
USA, Maine (Memorial to the Perished Marines) - by Picirilli, Attilio, 19133various0+2261008 years ago
USA, Maryland, Baltimore (Mount Vernon, Washington Monument) - by Henri Crenier, 19162various0+704006 years ago
USA, Maryland, Baltimore (south pool of Baltimore's Washington Monument), by Edward Berge (1876-1924)3various0+4378009 years ago
USA, Massachusets, Boston (Public Garden), by Ward, John Quincy Adams, 18681various0+530006 years ago
USA, Massachusets, Upper Common Park in Fitchburg - by Adams, Herbert, 18896various0+1500+303 years ago
USA, Massachusetts, Boston (Fine Arts Museum) - boys in Greek vases, and by Wetmore, William (1819-1895), 18633various0+5166+206 years ago
USA, Massachusetts, Worcester (Worcester Art Museum) - by Thomas Crawford, 18531various0+1165009 years ago
USA, Massachusetts, Worcester (Worcester Mass) - by Charles Y. Harvey 19122various0+2345007 years ago
USA, Minnesota (Minneapolis Institute of Arts), by Gilbert, Alfred, 1882, and by Thorvaldsen7various1+1556006 years ago
USA, Missouri (St. Louis Uni campus), by Falguiere, Jean-Alexandre (1831 - 1900, France)2various0+1962+408 years ago
USA, Missouri, Kansas City (Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art)1various0+534006 years ago
USA, MO (Sineca, G.Washington Carver Monument)1various0+527004 years ago
USA, Nevada (South Las Vegas), a replica of Micheleangelo's boy1various0+587006 years ago
USA, New Jersey (Botanical Garden at Skylands), by Erdmann, Kalide Theodor (Polish, 1801-1863)1various0+624+206 years ago
USA, New York (at the entrance to the United Nations Headquarters) - by Elkan, Benno (1877-1960) - naked boy, 1906, The gift of the German nation; previously exhibited in National Gallery in Berlin2various0+10330009 years ago
USA, New York (Brooklyn Museum), by Freeborn, Sarah Malcolm (1861-1906)2various0+1666008 years ago
USA, New York (Metropolitan Museum), Various Artists and Boys in Greek Vases40various6+88064+3816 years ago
USA, New York (Woodlawn Cemetery), PICCIRILLI, Attilio, 19131various0+30860211 years ago
USA, New York, streetboys6various0+16883009 years ago
USA, Ohio, Cincinnati (5th St. and Vine St., Tyler Davidson Fountain), by von Miller, Ferdinand and von Kreling, August9various2+12097006 years ago
USA, Oregon, Portland - by Count Alexander von Svoboda, erected in 19702various0+846006 years ago
USA, Pennsylvania (Capitol Building, Harrisburg), 1906, by Grey, Barnard George (1863 - 1938)4various0+1064006 years ago
USA, Pennsylvania (Fairmount, Philadelphia Museum of Art - Tympanum), by Jennewein, C. Paul - 19332various0+739006 years ago
USA, Philadelphia (Italian Fountaine) - by unknown Artist1various0+1110007 years ago
USA, Philadelphia (William McKinley Memorial) - by Konti, Isidore (1862 - 1938)3various0+1959009 years ago
USA, South Carolina (Brookgreen Gardens) - by various sculptors17various1+14480+316 years ago
USA, Tennessee (Bridgestone Arena)1various0+1192+106 years ago
USA, Texas, Austin30various28+9242+607 years ago
USA, Texas, Austin (Charles Umlauf Sculpture Garden, 605 Robert E. Lee Road)5various0+1349+603 years ago
USA, Texas, Dallas (Crow Center), by Rodin, Auguste1various1+681006 years ago
USA, Texas, Galvestone2travel0+854004 years ago
USA, Utah (University of Utah Museum) - by Weir, Julian Alden (1852-1919)4various1+4209+308 years ago
USA, V irginia, Richmond (V irginia Museum of Fine Arts)1various0+906006 years ago
USA, Washigton, Seattle (Olympic Sculpture Park), by Louise Bourgeois, 'Father and Son'5various0+67770010 years ago
USA, Washington D.C. (National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution)41various6+23438+627 years ago
USA, Wisconsin (Riverside Park in Neenah), Dallas J. Anderson (1998)1various1+3809+3011 years ago
USSR, Leningrad, 1930s (monument perished during WWII, now there is metro station 'Chkalovskaya' in its place)2various1+8058+709 years ago
USSR, Vologda (boys fountain which was in front of Dvorets Pionerov - does not exist any more)2various4+2395005 years ago
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