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rinrin: Volkmann, Arthur (Germany, 1851 - 1941)17Germany4 years ago
rinrin: Breker, Arno (1900-1991, German)27Germany4 years ago
rinrin: Eberlein, Gustav (1847-1926) 1876, Berlin, Altes National Galerie - a new look17Germany5 years ago
rinrin: Bleeker, Bernhard (1881-1968) - 1940, Berlin22Germany5 years ago
rinrin: Kraus, August (1868-1934) 1904, exhibited in Savigni Platz, in Lietzenseepark and in NG Berlin31Germany5 years ago
rinrin: Kolbe, Georg (1877 - 1947)62Germany5 years ago
rinrin: Krepp, Siegfried (born in 1930), sculpture of 2 boys, 1970, can be viewed in Eisenhuttenstadt (ex Stalinstadt) and in Rostock30Germany5 years ago
rinrin: Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Berlin, DDR, 1975 - Rudolfplatz, Friedrichshain, Berlin)14Germany5 years ago
rinrin: Grzimek, Waldemar (1985, Wittenbergplatz, Berlin)12Germany5 years ago
rinrin: Eberlein, Gustav (1847-1926) 1876, 18__ - Berlin, Altes National Galerie29Germany5 years ago
rinrin: Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Chemnitz (ex. Karl Marx Stadt), DDR, 1980s)13Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Roesch, Johann Wilhelm (1850-1893)14Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Dankberg, Friedrich Wilhelm (1819 - 1866) Germany, Berlin, Schlosspark Glienicke43Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Hopfgarten, Heinrich, 1832, and other sculptors (Germany, Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg)20Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Ritter, Fritz (Germany, Berlin, Kissingenstr), 1981 - this one still in its place13Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Ritter, Fritz (1974, Germany, Berlin, Baumschulenweg 1 und Neue Krugallee 217), actually the statue recently STOLEN!!!16Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Latt, Hans (Berlin, 1918, exhibited in front of Polizei department #26, Rudolfstadter Str., Berlin)48Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Gaul, August (1869 - 1921) "The Donkey Rider", exhibited in the yard of the Staedel Museum, Schaumainkai 63, Frankfurt-am-Main, and in Spandau Rathaus, Berlin33Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Berlin, DDR, 1980s - near to Museums Insel)34Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Stoetzer, Werner (1931-2010, German) - Berlin, Erich-Weinert-Strasse, Hosemannstrasse and Halle, Neustadt13Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Unknown Artists (DDR - Eisenhuettenstadt (Stalinstard) und andere Staedte)14Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) Kraas, Bilbo Esserei)12Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Unknown Sculptors (Germany, Eisenhuettenstadt, ex Stalinstadt) - TWO BOYS WRESTLING, may be Sigfried Krepp50Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Scheibe, Richard (1931), exhibited in Georg Kolbe Museum in Berlin12Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Rossi, Eduardo (1867-1926), Berlin, Theodor-Francke-Park, AlbrechtStrasse, 188523Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Volland, Walter (1898-1980) - exhibited in Germany, Berlin, DDR part - Weberwiese / Marchlewskistrasse33Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Mields-Kratochwil, L. (1987, Frankfurt an der Oder) - two pubercent girls12Germany6 years ago
rinrin: ___GREEK & ROMAN SCULPTURES (exhibited in Munich Glyptotek, Germany)16Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (Eisenhuttenstadt (ex. Stalin Stadt), DDR, 1980s)13Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Baldamus, Senta (1920-2001, German)20Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Klingbeil, Karsten (born in 1925) - Vivantes Klinikum, Neukolln, Berlin19Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Jastram, Joahim (1928-2011), 1973 - exhibited in Magdeburg, Eisenhuttenstadt (ex Stalinstandt), Rostock24Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Fitzenreiter, Wilfried (1932-2008; Germany, Frankfurt (Oder) (near Polish border), Lennepark - 1963-64)42Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Blumenthal, Hermann (1905-1937)16Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Klinge, Maximilian (born in 1964) (Germany, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Assmannshauser Strasse 10a) - house owner's son at age 10 in 200825Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Baucke, Heinrich Carl (1875-1915) - Germany, Duesseldorf (Barbarensieger, 1897)22Germany6 years ago
rinrin: Bonk (1986-87, Berlin, Karl Marx Platz)36Germany7 years ago
rinrin: Puech, Denys (1854-1942), title Siren, first exhibited 1890 - Denmark, Copenhagen (Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek)14Germany7 years ago
rinrin: Lewin-Funcke, Arthur (1866 - 1937), Germany (Compesmuehlenweg 43, Moenchengladbach) 1895, Boys fighting over a bunch of grapes - a composition which I consider the best ever58Germany10 years ago
rinrin: Stoll-Rommerskirchen, Anna Maria (1909 - 1985), Bunter Garten, Moenchengladbach, Germany71Germany10 years ago
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