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Comments to '6 pack x 2 nips =':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 02:45):

Can I borrow him for doing my laundry on his tummy? :-)
tmann (2011-03-25 04:59):

SAID: Ok lad, i've seen the skin on your chest so you might as well take everything off now, after all skin is skin and you'll still be dressed in it without your pants on so technically i've already seen it, right? :)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:12):

@atero-boy, yes, that would be a clothes encounter...- @tmann gimme some skin bro! :)... ; @dan11111- i have to see if i have some stamps left, i might!
coltboy (2011-03-25 16:27):

bratley (2011-03-28 20:53):

Very nice looking boy
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:14):

i think his excitement is contagious!
visionedit2u (2012-03-07 16:15):

hope they used a straw!
leashen (2013-10-28 14:06):

^^^^^ y u talking to urself? ^^^^^

Comments to 'activity.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 02:46):

Better NOT telling in public, hu? :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:01):

visionedit2u (2011-03-28 21:23):

I like swimming at night in the moonlight.
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 21:55):

then they can't see how .... you are, lol
visionedit2u (2011-03-29 16:46):

butt its a full moon!
tibo-jan (2011-03-29 17:26):

I think I'm gonna look the other way now
visionedit2u (2011-03-29 22:59):

Wow,tibo, the stars are glowing, and so is your face, how nice, awwwww. :D
leashen (2013-10-28 14:08):

Ohhhh... This comments are crack up LeL

Comments to 'adventure.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 02:48):

Hannes... He had been a REAL sweetie in "Die wilden Kerle"...
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:02):

Never seen that serie, but I can imagine...
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:52):

accept, I come to soap him personally
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 21:24):

i have no towels left.
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 22:02):

No need to, dude. We have our body heat...
atero-boy (2011-04-05 01:10):

Have quite some pix from him on my albums...
visionedit2u (2011-04-05 02:48):

really? which albums?
atero-boy (2011-04-05 03:29):

In Album 02 & 03...
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 20:45):

He makes my top 10 favourite list!
tonimaro77 (2013-01-27 01:54):

der hat mir auch gefallen,bei den wilden Kerle

Comments to 'band aid.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 02:50):

Would you also "wear" it when the latest fashion is "wearing" only your birthday suite? :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:03):

I do hope so, atero-boy! I'm in
atero-boy (2011-03-28 17:05):

I´d hope for THAT fashion since YEARS... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 21:26):

why are things fashionable as a baby and not when grown up a little bit? where is my binky?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 21:45):

Thru the "education" of your enviroment and thru ppl who try to tress you into THEIR opinion of modesty!?
leashen (2013-01-24 13:11):

Had tht hair whenever I wake up lol

Comments to 'painted bandaid.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 02:52):

Viva la France, even when they are cowards in soccer... :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:04):

doesn't matter, I take him anyway... (for some comfort, of course)
atero-boy (2011-03-28 17:06):

Me too, knew alot of things immedeatlly i would to for/with him... *blush*
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 21:58):

The style is the boy himself
visionedit2u (2011-10-27 02:29):

Eye agree! The eyes are the exclamation points of a boy!! what good is a nice body with an ugly face and bad eyes??
visionedit2u (2011-10-27 04:02):

The beauty of a person must be seen from in their eyes, because that is the doorway to their heart, the place where love resides.

Comments to 'amplified.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 21:56):

Money and success don't change people; they merely amplify what is already there.
visionedit2u (2011-09-15 15:44):

Most of the time i prefer cute boys with longer hair.
visionedit2u (2011-10-27 02:26):

this one has such a nice face. i agree he could use a trim, just a touch shorter.
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:10):

Every person has a story to tell, their life. We need more people to listen and care.

Comments to 'bird and boy.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 02:59):

I would for sure feed him with better stuff... I even would "hunt" ( :-) ) the cow on my own to get him a steak...
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:06):

same thoughts...
gball1 (2011-04-13 12:08):

visionedit2u (2011-04-14 00:27):

Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.
badebuxe (2011-04-14 16:33):

nice combination of text / picture!
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 21:12):

thanks bade, I try to relate words to give depth to pictures. A vision in your mind, not just a simple photo on a page. Photos speak, many times we ignore what they say, or don't understand what they are saying. And my interpretation could be different from yours or another's. I could just throw some pics in an album, but i strive for depth, definition. :)
niklaslip (2015-10-03 13:02):


Comments to 'belly button.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:01):

I´f i say would comes to my filthy mind right know i would get my mouth washed with soap! :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:07):

so don't, I know what you mean
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 06:08):

and the liferaft is still available for a midnite under the stars cruise, just relaxing and enjoying peace, love and tranquility, and maybe a little raspberry ice cream and pizza.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 17:32):

Perfectly pepperoni, no baloney, or Tony. Livin free, like you and me, in the deep blue sea.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 18:32):

i love building sand castles on the shoreline, and watching as the tide rolls in and destroys them. I love the beach at night, looking out in the distance and maybe seeing a passing ship, or watching as the full moon rises up over the horizon. I usually eat a sub-sand-wich, a moon pie and some starburst, or pizza, and i bring my toothbrush and a bag of red balloons. :)
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 14:49):

oh, yes the ocean is a respectable foe, and i try to make walls and fortify the castle with a few other small objects. and pencils and such are great for flying a castle flag, and hoping the enemy doesn't capture it. I love making a moat around it also, for the water to sort of flow around.
daniel3927 (2011-08-19 15:39):

i wish humans could stay under water long time
visionedit2u (2011-08-20 01:30):

yes, especially the boys! and i wish also peoples comments could stay posted a long time. it looks like i am talking to myself up
daniel3927 (2011-08-20 01:36):

@vision maybe you could qoute the comment and then reply to it, and why do they dissapear?
visionedit2u (2011-08-20 01:40):

good idea about quoting! the comments disappear everytime some ones account gets deleted.
visionedit2u (2011-10-27 02:24):

ah, yes, i think he has juiced returned from the sand bar!
theviewlover (2013-12-29 22:06):

love the tan

Comments to 'blur.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 00:29):

Words, like eyeglasses, blur everything that they do not make clear.
visionedit2u (2011-10-27 02:22):

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between love and play.
visionedit2u (2011-10-27 03:56):

Love isn't Love if it is forced. Same with play. It must be "freely given", equally and freely shared to be proper and perfect.

Comments to 'boy shopping.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:03):

If it´s with "return" after warrenty is over, SURE! :-)
titusvorenus (2016-05-13 18:07):

I'll take two!

Comments to 'brother love.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:04):

Drop your allready to known brother, try me... :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-28 17:04):

The lil´ one looks like Oliver Davis an american boy actor...
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:08):

don't know Oliver Davis, but they're cute!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 17:12):

Unfortunatelly i cant post links here, but will send it via mail...
kosmol (2011-09-25 02:34):

Look at the pic for more than a few seconds...they really are nice.
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:16):

there is an attraction for sure! look into their eyes and its like gravity, drawing you closer to them.
jura2015 (2015-10-11 04:19):

titusvorenus (2016-05-13 18:32):

I wonder if they would be willing to share a lollipop?

Comments to 'bummin.jpg':
maddog652 (2011-03-28 02:19):

...watching you!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:09):

Me? O, I'm just hanging around and enjoy this sight...
visionedit2u (2012-02-10 23:58):

yes, he does look alot like Robert Sheehan! nice comparison! :)

Comments to 'burger.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:06):

And who is my dessert?
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:12):

Too late, we already have an appointment
atero-boy (2011-03-28 17:23):

Ok, but i still want my candy... :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:24):

allowed, just have to be careful, he's so tender
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:46):

Dont worry, i will handle him soft and like some real rare diamond!
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 19:53):

aren't diamonds really hard?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:01):

Sometimes they can be, yes! :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:12):

He doesn't mean the stones, vision. Boys are more beautiful and more valuable than àny diamond in the world!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:19):

visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:43):

i already knew that, they are beyond the beauty of anything on this earth. and their value can't be expressed in monetary terms. How do you put a price on a sunrise, or describe the beauty of the feeling of Love?
mercedesabdel (2011-08-15 01:33):

coocking a burger ? are you crazy young beautiful man ? No need for that Mc Donald's junkfood to see happy kids !

Comments to 'color cameraphone also.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:07):

visionedit2u (2011-03-26 18:06):

I agree! This pic is great just the way it is. No color needed here.
visionedit2u (2011-10-19 16:10):

His eyes have that look of want and desire in them. His face almost glows like an angel, and his hair is beautiful, with a "halo" on it! the one advantage to posting anonymously is that the comments never disappear unless you delete them. I miss many of your previous comments. My comment above does not go with the "NO" comment above it. it went with your comment about black and white.
visionedit2u (2011-10-27 02:16):

i hear what you are seeing! :)

Comments to 'color cameraphone birthday.jpg':
gball1 (2011-04-13 12:17):


Comments to 'color cameraphone.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:09):

AND were´s YOUR reward for vision? But i suspect vision wont share the "better" pix with us... :-(
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 21:30):

Still waiting for fotomat to return the negatives.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 06:11):

yes, he is amazing and nice, and lives not too far away from me.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 17:37):

uh,,, uh... uh-huh! we both like football....ohhhhoh ohhh
visionedit2u (2011-05-06 17:54):

We need to vote on that and make it a law!
visionedit2u (2011-05-07 00:54):

You just never know when the situation might require a quality picture!
visionedit2u (2011-05-08 20:02):

oh, but its the surprise pics that are the best!
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 23:14):

The planned ones that look surprising are talent shows.
visionedit2u (2011-05-12 03:44):

Ha! That would be neice! Remember only the Nephews are allowed cam-phones! Unless you want a bunch of text charges and food pics! :)
liveeffects (2012-01-09 12:25):

=0 who is he!!!???

Comments to 'cody christian greyson.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:10):

I would have a VERY special microphone for Greyson... :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:14):

same taste, atero
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 21:47):

personally, i'd give Greyson a Chance. :)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 22:07):

Ha, what's in a word. But you're too late: I'm already gone with him, hehe
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 22:02):

All I know is that all of you love my dreams.
jaarea3 (2011-05-10 21:35):

Sorry, erratum !! Caption true: Cody Simpson, Chistian Beadles and Jordan Jansen (*) * ;) The third boy is not Greyson Chance (USA) but Jordan Janse, Asutralian in the same city Cody
visionedit2u (2011-05-11 00:14):

jaarea3....Wow! Yes this is a deceptive photo! In this pic,alone, Jansens hair looks black, and his face not so wide, more narrow, like Greyson's. Jansen's face looks more rounded in other pics. Real cool how in this pic alone,(none others i have seen) he looks like Greyson! Even in the previous photo in your album, you can tell its not Greyson, his hair looks different, and his face looks more rounded. Thanks for your information! My eyes are opened to this new revelation! I stand corrected! (now i feel stupid) LOL... :D
visionedit2u (2011-05-11 00:16):

By the way, i like Jordan as well! :)

Comments to 'coney island.jpg':
maddog652 (2011-03-28 02:21):

So...who's turn is it to be the donkey?
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:15):

funny island
ww3663 (2011-04-10 20:10):

Gives new meaning to the word "conehead" lol
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 01:05):

this pic is almost disturbing! :)
farren123 (2011-09-09 22:26):

Please take off the glove first then pull down my shorts and underwear and then give me a good spanking till my butts are nice and red.
visionedit2u (2011-09-22 05:23):

ah, a "cheeky" comment, lol...:)
benjiboy00 (2014-01-18 07:38):


Comments to 'designer outerwear.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 11:56):

Ouch! Maybe just nibble his nipple?
6641978lb (2017-07-12 13:11):

looks like he was ready for that to happen.

Comments to 'diving board accident.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:14):

FIRST of all we HAVE to remove the speedo to check if everything is ok... :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 05:39):

Nah rizen, trust is ok, but proof is BETTER! :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:45):

I will do it properly, trust me! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:35):

if that was a reflecting pool, then you could see both sides of him....i need to be a photographer!
farren123 (2011-09-09 22:18):

This is what happens when all of a sudden the pool moves and the ground come up and hits you.
visionedit2u (2011-09-15 15:35):

happens alot in earthquake zones like california!
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:15):

lol, of course...wish everyone could be happy and enjoy life....:)
leashen (2013-10-28 15:13):

A flipin body

Comments to 'do ya think.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 01:05):

Is it a question?
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:16):

Like earlier: Mind -> filthy -> mouth -> soap! :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:18):

looks better than Rod Stewart!
cody01 (2011-04-11 06:28):

oh yes
buffy1977 (2011-09-15 15:17):

downtheroad2 (2011-10-17 19:19):

visionedit2u (2011-10-19 18:20):

yes! perfect face.
tonimaro77 (2013-01-27 01:56):

schade,den würd ich gern ganz sehen...hat ein hübsches Gesicht
zackjulian (2015-12-20 17:04):

Those lips can launch ships. Sexy? Yes!

Comments to 'Double VISION my twin.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:32):

i like tight jeans.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 23:40):

not me, just my brother is.
visionedit2u (2011-05-05 16:23):

lol, it looks like i talk to myself, both in the pic and above where a comment was deleted after a user was deleted. The missing comment said after the tight jeans comment "Looks like Double Trouble." I wish they could leave the comments somehow, it really messes up the flow of the conversation sometimes1
visionedit2u (2011-05-07 00:34):

The grass grows on the tin roof where the river runs through the trains hamburger during a re-run of the flower has thorns.
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 01:24):

thats why i prefer 'Tulips", as they generally are soft and sweet!
zackjulian (2015-12-20 17:07):

Tight jeans. The tighter the better. Ummmm.

Comments to 'dreamy.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:20):

Is it a needle/pin out of his lips??
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:34):

its a fish hook. i tried to catch him but he ate my worm.
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:46):

Bet your "worm" must have look quite funny then, huh? :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:16):

you should see it now!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 06:15):

*iiiiiiiiiiiiks* A scrumpy, ol´ & smelly worm... NO thx! NOW i even dont have to wash my mouth, also the brain go get THIS vision from vision´s worm out of it... I HOPE to have a look at a younger and balder one will help... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 01:59):

i like hair. love to run my fingers through it. baldness is for old wrinkled men.

Comments to 'drink the rainbow.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:22):

YES it´s true, there is a treasue on the end of every rainbow!
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:38):

I see Leper and Kahn, his dogs, guarding the gold!
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:48):

I always keep some "rubber" with me to get them something to chew on :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-26 12:29):

Took some time to see, but it seems like he is fumbling at his lil´ *piep*... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:16):

maybe you could say there is gold at the end of both rainbows, and a few golden showers as well?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 06:08):

*yukky* Golden showers are disgusting... :-( Never met a boy who like such things... Shower him and get him shiney & golden, yes that i would admit! :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:22):

anyway a nice pic, even with the dogs on the background...
atero-boy (2011-03-28 17:34):

And better with the cutie in the front... :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:31):

of course, but we all now thàt
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:48):

Thought so...
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:01):

do you see that guy with binoculars looking out the upper window of that yellow house?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:08):

That´s you??
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:13):

He sure is! But can we blame him?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:19):

Nah, it´s okay... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:36):

Just looking at the birds!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:45):

WHAT else, huh?
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:51):

and their nesting grounds
atero-boy (2011-03-28 21:41):

visionedit2u (2011-03-30 01:52):

back to golden showers. once i was in the pool, and we were chicken fighting, the cute 13 year old on my shoulders decided to warm me up so to say. it felt nice, that warm flow going down my back. guess you had to be there...:D
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 03:10):

okay i agree with you on that. that was my one and only experience with that sort of thing, actually. (blushing)

Comments to 'eagle.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-07 20:02):

Congratulations anonymous 69.254.35! YOU are the winner! Nobody else caught this yet, or they didn't comment, if they did. 350,000 page views and 500 comments later, though, you got it! I do some of these things on purpose to see who is really paying attention. Its just my way of having some extra fun with albums. And this is one of the reasons i love anonymous comments also. XD...:)...:D
visionedit2u (2011-05-05 16:29):

oh not you, its just that too many anons leave quote "filthy comments", as quoted by the master. I like many of the anons comments, like the one above, but too many abused the priveledge, and now all boy albums are stopped from accepting anon comments by the higher powers that be in control of this site. my vacation album allows anons comments!
visionedit2u (2011-05-07 00:44):

Words are programmed into the computer. Just like in the comments, if you use certain words, it achnowledges them, and rebukes the comments. If you use the word "Boy" in the title, it sets your comments to not allow anons comments.

Comments to 'flash.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 16:39):

the shot heard round the world!

Comments to 'footbath.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-03-24 18:25):

A kid needs to cool off...and mom needs to do laundry! very nice mom, beautiful memory!
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:23):

I LOVE doing my laundry the ol´ way by hand and THIS item had to be washed really careful! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 19:42):

careful with those delicates!
downtheroad2 (2011-10-17 19:23):

he is nude if you zoom in u can see that
jaydream (2011-11-02 16:58):

Quick! Call Jeff Foxworthy!
clockworks (2014-10-17 03:31):

So cute and precious

Comments to 'friends.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:25):

Sry, you DIDN´T turn it off, so hand my all your cloth to dry it! :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:26):

And from your buddys also! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:40):

Soon, it will be a real "POOL" table! :)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 16:41):

oh, so he is next? the other two look worn out!

Comments to 'fun.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:26):

So where´s my hose?? :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:41):

Is that a trick question?
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:49):

Hehe... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:14):

It must be in Ida?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 06:06):

lda? Sry, dont know that... :-(
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 18:43):

well, then get cleaned up and lets go play in the mud.
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:16):

visionedit2u (2011-04-08 00:50):

I should post my "mud" wrestling pics from my young days. Nah, then i would be banned for posting "dirty" pics. :)

Comments to 'great.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:28):

Adorable! Just simply adorable...
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 00:34):

Handsome is as handsome does. The lion is most handsome when looking for food.
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:23):

oh no...the boy is the Lion. you are the prey! He cas you captivated, caught, and helpless. Resistance is not possible! :)
tonimaro77 (2013-01-27 01:56):


Comments to 'heels over head.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:32):

Remembers m on a former boy, he did it over the whole backyard... *sigh* Somtimes it seemd quite impossible what he could do with his body!
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:45):

would make for a great video. probably would go viral.
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:50):

I bet so! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:12):

they call me the lumber one. lats time i tried that, i laid a few logs!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:28):

I'm wondering who's the lucky one
fantasyboy2006 (2011-06-11 18:10):

very sexy body!More from this boy?Send E-Mail

Comments to 'horses.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:33):

Let´go ride... YA know allready folks: Mind -> filthy -> mouth -> soap! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:47):

there may be some sheep for you to ride instead....b-a-a-a-a-a-d idea? :)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:51):

N-a-a-a-a-a-h... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:11):

oh, i hear the horse liked you!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 06:03):

But that lasted only ´til i showed the horse what fun it could have had if he would had the boy let ride HIM... :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:29):

...soap, atero, soap...!!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 17:35):

Yes, i´d allready did hide cuz that... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 18:41):

sounds like you need some saddle soap, extra strength!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:16):

NO! I PROMISE i´ll behave from NOW on...!!!

Comments to 'hulk.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-03-24 18:28):

i agree with you sv, looks better now since he isn't green! :D
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:31):

incredible, yes, no hulk
atero-boy (2011-03-28 17:36):

Did you check EVERY part sv1443 if there isn´t any green spot left?? :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:34):

will you help me with that? Sorry, I know: I don't have to ask thàt, do I?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:51):

Hmmmmm... IF i have too... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:08):

just don't make him mad, everything swells up when you do that!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:15):

so, we'll handle him with care, don't we atero?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:15):

THEN i ran screaming & hide somewhere! If the rest is as build like what´s visible...
visionedit2u (2011-05-06 17:49):

visionedit2u (2011-05-07 00:50):

It always amazed me in the original series, how the hulk never lost his pants! His shirt was always shredded to pieces,and his shoes gone. why weren't his pants shredded as well? And he didn't wear those stretchy kind of pants.
fantasyboy2006 (2011-06-11 18:13):

This boy is very,very cute!Do you have mor from him?Send e-mail!
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 05:14):

i am green with envy

Comments to 'hypnotized.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:36):

Didn´t you need a certain pont to focus on to get hypnotized? I would know one... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 06:17):

no, this is as good as it gets! He is definitely most absolutely the best boy in this album. He could easily fill the hole in my heart for the desire of a son. Most People keep looking, unsatisfied, I could stop right here, and both of us would be very happy.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 17:51):

Searching, always searching, wandering, gazing, looking, wondering, funny isn't it? A sort of game we play. I think my mind would like a rest from searching, and settle on this one, at least for awhile, a different kind of peace, mentality, to arrive at a destination. To win the race. To decide on exactly the kind of pizza you like, and order it, then enjoy it! Its like that. To stop running around doing things, and just relax and enjoy life at this very moment. :)
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 17:36):

oh yes, there are favourites, a select few, head and shoulders above the rest, the elite group! Wish it were so simple like ordering a pizza. with my luck they would send the wrong pizza, one with sardines, ewe!
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:29):

its the eyes on his shirt?
titusvorenus (2016-05-13 18:01):

Beautiful & Mesmerizing, and I like girls! A beauty like him makes me consider going both ways.

Comments to 'i like to dream.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:36):

Anf you would gimme bad dreams...
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:51):

after riding the "horse", you would probably have night-"mares"....
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 01:15):

yes, he is waiting for the hot water heater to catch up. we just did a load of clothes, and the hot is a bit on the lukewarm side right now.
visionedit2u (2011-10-22 19:08):

yes, and there were a few extra dark racing stripes and oil spills on the inside.
theviewlover (2014-01-01 20:40):

...and cream? :)

Comments to 'I want you.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:37):

Ooooooookay, if i HAVE to... :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 05:40):

WHAT for? :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:55):

for a good laugh?
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:52):

After you got undressed? :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:09):

i don't wear dresses, are you sure you aren't seeing your reflection?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 06:01):

Ups, yes, sry at first sight i didn´t recognize the stunning beauty in the mirror!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:33):

visionedit2u (2011-03-28 18:39):

nice legs!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:50):

Yes, nice legs... wonderful to have such an imagination
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:29):

actually, you left your webcam on, i just couldn't resist looking...:D
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:42):

you're welcome, anytime
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 21:11):

hey you dropped something over
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 21:53):


Comments to 'idaho.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:38):

No I or U daho, ME_do_u! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:57):

oh noooo, no ho ho ho? :)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:53):

HoHoHo? Are YOU Santa? :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 18:37):

oh, please! I want the reindeer to get jealous!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:15):

The reindeer would make a nice meal, or?

Comments to 'if a star fell.jpg':
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:34):

thinking of me?
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 23:50):

To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest

Comments to 'imagination.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 17:39):

I am imagination. I can Vision what the eyes cannot see. I can hear what the ears cannot hear. I can feel what the heart cannot feel.
visionedit2u (2011-10-21 04:34):

He might have to split hairs to see that!

Comments to 'Jason homework.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:41):

Damn, if it goes on like that i will have the cleanest mouth in the world... And a taste of soap for years! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:01):

you will become a living "Irish Spring"! :-) (did i hear you say something about writing with his pen?)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:54):

NO, i still could taste the soap from the last time i did! :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-26 12:33):

Yeah right, a real sweetie! He looks a bit like young Jimmy (Tonik)...
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:05):

he does look like young Tonik! beautiful! And Irish Spring is like the fountain of youth!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 05:51):

MAYBE it is him? Before he realized HW is crap and he started an career as model?? :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:38):

No, it's not Tonik, he's more beautiful, in my modest opinion
atero-boy (2011-03-28 17:45):

I know, but he looks quite like him... And somehow you are right, even when his face is only to be seen from the side... Btw. mail is out... :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:35):

visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:11):

he is so cute, no matter what. and that light is perfect on him.
farren123 (2011-09-09 22:57):

Dear Santa I just want one presant for Christmas a nice beautifull blonde blue eyed boy for fun and games in bed thank you.
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 18:45):

Dear St. Nick, please bring clothes for all those boys on daddy's computer who are going without!
leashen (2013-01-31 07:57):

I like this pic the most actually I love all ur pics but for some reason u made ur pics more interesting and valuable by adding just mere words. Words tht r truly meaning full u used those words to amplify the pic or I'd say amazing ur just ...
theviewlover (2014-01-01 20:53):

maybe homework with nothing on would be more rewarding ;)
clockworks (2014-10-17 03:32):

He is a very cute boy

Comments to 'killer looks.jpg':
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:40):

Nn, I'm standing before him. He just doesn't want lurkers around

Comments to 'kronik energy level.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 00:38):

The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.

Comments to 'little one.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 23:47):

A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.

Comments to 'mountain walls.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 06:21):

yes, a most romantic spot. perfect scenery for feeling good, being with someone you care about and expressing those feelings.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 23:57):

Vision without Action is a dream. Action without Vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.
visionedit2u (2011-05-12 20:51):

poor aryan2 was deleted along with all his magnificet comments. Now all my albums look like i am talking to myself! :(
animator19 (2011-10-16 07:11):

Beautiful photo, only the shorts would make better composition. The mysterious smile, contrast tanning and t-shirts ... Just good!!!

Comments to 'muddsy.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:45):

Think i take the right one and clean every lil´ inch of his body to see whats hidden underneath the mud! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:10):

hard to tell which one is the right one? it might be the one in the center. someone else can have whats left.
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:55):

Right, gave the left one to some pervert who is in ol´ guys! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:01):

like that old fat dude in the blue bikini who made me puke the other day.
atero-boy (2011-03-28 05:43):

YOU like fat ol´ guys in speedos? And I thought the whole time i´m a pervert for liking lil´ boys... :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:45):

keep on arguing, you guys, I'll take care of the boy in the middle
atero-boy (2011-03-28 18:01):

Tztztz... Sounds like you are into lil´ boys, huh? ;-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 18:31):

wow! the mud slinging is reaching beyond the confines of the picture- cool!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:14):

tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:39):

hah, I can better shut up now
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 19:40):

you guys Rock!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:53):

DONT you like the taste of soap, tibo?? :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:08):

Don't need the soap, my friend! You can use... Oops!
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 20:50):

nicely stated, :)
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 04:57):

ah yes, then when they are in the showers, finish yours, then sneak out and accidently borrow their clothes and go back to your tent. then return as if you just got there and offer to help them....i know the hammer and the chainsaw!
farren123 (2011-09-09 23:03):

You know what they say a good mud bath does your skin the world of good and it also put lead in your pencil the one that hangs between your legs.
visionedit2u (2011-09-15 15:29):

Write on, dude! :)

Comments to 'new style.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:47):

A lil´ bit to much cloth, huh?
atero-boy (2011-03-25 09:25):

Tztztz... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:14):

He wears it well... Well, he wears it, for now....:)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:56):

But perhaps every piece unterneath is allready gone!? :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-26 11:56):

How was it? Today WE belong to the ppl our parents always warned us about, huh?
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 16:30):

oh? i am still free to choose who i want to belong to. not sure, though, if thats a good thing....i'll get back with you on that.
atero-boy (2011-03-28 05:16):

tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:47):

my kind of boy, anyway
atero-boy (2011-03-28 18:05):

´kay, WONT chase him away... :-)
mercedesabdel (2011-08-15 01:21):

sure boy we like your style, let's ay new dresscode for next schoolyear ?
visionedit2u (2011-09-15 15:31):

i like the way you think mercedes!
visionedit2u (2011-10-30 05:01):

ahh, a Hot, Cool Kid! yes! :)
puck11 (2011-12-16 06:13):

Wow I dont know how his siblings keep their hands to themselves
visionedit2u (2011-12-16 21:15):

lol, i am not sure that they do! :)
jackinlad16 (2017-02-15 20:40):

I like his chest. Super !

Comments to 'paint.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:48):

Keep your tongue, i keep the lil´ one and his private lil´ "brush" with me! :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 09:27):

Nah, No need to fight! YOU just gonna get the ol´ one! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:24):

He has a nice sprayer. he can do both of you quickly then move on to me, a much bigger project :)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 20:59):

But what ´bout the rest of the night, when your brush is empty after 5 minutes? Then i can show him MY painting technique... :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-26 12:01):

Start with the ol´ one i take the lil´ one! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 16:59):

what if he offered you a drink from his bottle?
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 19:07):

you can't do that, because then they would have to change the name from Ramen to Raboys!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 05:37):

Nah, even not then, vision! Sry, no chance...! I like my boys to be REALLY boys...
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:51):

O yes, you can tell a lot, but I'm the artist here, so I will take the youngest one with me for a real artistic lesson in my private rooms; I'll learn him to use his brush the best ways... No public allowed
atero-boy (2011-03-28 18:08):

Then he is in the hands of someone who knew quite will to work with small & fragile lil´ brushes... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 18:29):

I think i hear moana Lisa screaming for you and your tiny microscopic pubic bushes!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:13):

Thats why i prefer them withOUT any, so it´s not a big mess to clean it up afterwards!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:42):

hehe, I have my secrets...
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:54):

Ooooookay... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:19):

i have been known to tickle even the deepest secrets out of people. Oh tibo....where are you???
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:39):

Wait, i go & catch him!
visionedit2u (2011-03-29 06:33):

Cool! Thanks! I can tickle your elmo with one feather while you circle my wagons with warpaint. Then we can share peacepipe and chew the bark of a log, and in the end there is piece for everyone!
ae2012 (2012-01-03 07:42):

nice pic. would love both ;)
theviewlover (2014-01-01 20:59):

very well-trained tongue i'm sure
titusvorenus (2016-05-13 18:16):

I've got something that needs painting. Lots & lots of painting.

Comments to 'relax enjoy.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:49):

Did you put some socks down there?
atero-boy (2011-03-25 05:40):

SO clothed? *duckaway_and_run*
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 21:50):

Has anyone seen my socks?
fantasyboy2006 (2011-06-11 18:16):

he is so sexy!More in E-Mail!
visionedit2u (2011-07-21 09:37):

yes, a very memorable location for sure.... :)
visionedit2u (2011-07-21 12:41):

have you looked in his underwear drawers?
chriss58 (2011-08-27 08:36):

Sensual pic
visionedit2u (2011-10-04 22:22):

okay, thanks! please let me know if you find my socks! my feet are getting very cold! :)
stone7 (2012-03-19 00:20):

Please lose the shorts!
stone7 (2012-03-19 00:20):

Please lose the shorts!
felixschwanz (2016-05-06 23:20):

Help him!

Comments to 'relax tight.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-29 05:06):

Made some updates vision, mabe you´d like to have a look at them sowmhow the next days...
visionedit2u (2011-03-29 05:59):

Yes i love tight, and i love updates, almost like blind dates. I figure if they can't see me they will love me for who i am rather than what i look like. Yes, atero, i will check them out in the next few days. Birthday was yesterday, plus work plus lefe etc.. been hectic, but good, i will get there from here.
atero-boy (2011-03-29 06:37):

Birthday? AND were is the cake, huh? :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-29 06:39):

Nah, to be earnest: My best whishes for the new year that lay ahead of you! Hopefully your dreams & whishes may come true!
visionedit2u (2011-03-29 06:40):

its right here, still have some left, come and get you a piece. Ice cream also. and barbeque. good leftovers.
visionedit2u (2011-03-29 06:51):

thanks. and all the best for you as well, hope things work out well.
joselito1 (2011-07-23 09:46):

joselito-madrid at hotmail
farren123 (2011-09-09 23:17):

Ill have to stop wearing that plug up my butt 24/7 its starting to make me want to scrache myself all the time
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 18:32):

ooooooh! thanks alot farren, lol, now i am squirming in my chair just from thinking about that! :)
win64_ny06 (2016-08-16 23:20):


Comments to 'Robert peek.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:51):

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:29):

united we stand, divided we fall? :)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 21:01):

Maybe he would let his undies fall? :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 16:52):

while he was standing tall?
atero-boy (2011-03-28 05:32):

and then i get an immediately call! :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:57):

he just needs a little help (from a friend)
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 18:24):

a friend is here, my friend, and your help from a friend, doesn't rhyme at all! :)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:47):

I think you'd better stay away here for a moment, I'll take care of the matter, hehe
visionedit2u (2011-05-06 17:39):

Well, Rick, Pick up the ball, throw it down the hall, if it bounces tall, and hits the wall, the mirror, it will fall!
fantasyboy2006 (2011-06-11 18:18):

Sexy bulge in his shorts!more in E-Mail!
felixschwanz (2016-05-06 23:19):

georgej20088 (2012-11-16 20:47):

I think this is from "Joe the king"

Comments to 'rock guitar.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 23:59):

Music is what feelings sound like.
shakespeare88 (2011-11-19 22:40):

i like blond boys!
visionedit2u (2011-11-21 02:19):

Blond boys rock!
stezko (2013-11-02 00:28):

the charming blond
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:03):

you can play with something else too :)

Comments to 'Ryans hope.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:52):

A few more and he will follow without hesitation... ;-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:59):

I drink on that
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 19:52):

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Those beverages are outta this world!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:05):

JupiLer, vision, Jupiler! It's a nice cold Belgian beer... I'm drinking one now, on yoù!
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:32):

lol, i guess i was spacing out....think my vision is going bad... :)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:43):

never mind, there's always that boy to keep you satisfied
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 01:41):

i don't recall ever seeing that kind here. i may have to find a place that sells it, and give it a try.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 06:23):

oh, yes, the black and white pic was nice, but this one is much better, especially his hair and eyes. :D
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 18:02):

me too. i have only the three pics of him, all at this location.
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 14:32):

yes, it is mainly a close up of this one, when i find it i can post it.
mercedesabdel (2011-08-15 01:17):

Indeed Jupiler may be the best sold beer in our country, but I like better and stronger high quality beer, like there are so many in our country. To be honest, I prefer this white hair boys company for a weekend, with or without beer !

Comments to 'save me.jpg':
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:02):

no need for the "caped crusaders", I'll help them all by myself
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:05):

visionedit2u (2011-04-14 17:44):

Superheroes- I believe in you, like you believe in me.. You know I won't desert you, never.. I believe in you... When I saw you I realized together we are invincible, Invincible together, at every time... You have no time to loose... You have no time, no time to loose anymore... The hero inside of you is getting activated... The heroes are getting activated... You have, you have, you have the makings of a superhero

Comments to 'seeing.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:50):

visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:27):

I would never be leaving him behind.
atero-boy (2011-03-25 21:00):

Rather do it from behind? :-)
atero-boy (2011-03-26 12:04):

And he is bald, ehm, ehm BOLD i mean! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 16:57):

if he was naked, i still would only vision his eyes, (for awhile anyway).
atero-boy (2011-03-28 05:36):

At least i would try to! :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:56):

I melt away from the eyes, I drown in it, and then I watch the rest
atero-boy (2011-03-28 18:11):

His eyes are great for sure, but have seen many, many other boys with MUCH more fascinating eyes...
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 18:26):

Show me the mon-eye!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:44):

nice pun!
bratley (2011-03-28 20:55):

Very hot boy

Comments to 'shot.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 03:56):

Mind -> filthy -> mouth -> soap!!!! Better NOT saying what Doc is doing after gave him some sedative...
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:36):

hope the Doc didn't make you cough, over and over again!
atero-boy (2011-03-25 21:02):

To prevent him, he gave him something to keep his mouth busy! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:59):

nothing like a great game of poker! i'm all in.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 06:26):

msebdt (2014-02-16 07:06):

He should have been given the shot on his rearend

Comments to 'sleep angel.jpg':
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:03):

veeery covered
mercedesabdel (2011-08-15 01:19):

or let us say that the other pics from this serie were mutch better ?
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:33):

haven't seen them. :(
adam007 (2011-11-22 07:05):

theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:07):

and wet too i hope
benjiboy00 (2014-01-18 07:41):

sweat dreams

Comments to 'snacks.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:04):

Trust me, i would get & keep you warm without paying! :-)
bratley (2011-03-28 20:56):

Very hot boy
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 01:43):

he is so hot that all the unpopped kernals in my popcorn bag are now needing butter! :)
zackjulian (2015-12-20 17:13):

Rising to the occasion

Comments to 'spiderman.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:05):

atero-boy (2011-03-26 12:08):

´kay you get spidy (undie) on your face and i´m the content of the undies! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 18:01):

sounds like a new definition of surfing the web! :D
atero-boy (2011-03-28 07:16):

Changes allover... :-)

Comments to 'spray point.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:07):

I would spot the hottie in his blue speedos immeadetaley! :-)
hasenf (2011-03-27 09:43):

Schönes Wasserfoto = Beautiful underwater photograph
gorge123 (2011-09-08 19:29):

farren123 (2011-09-09 23:28):

He reminds me of the boy who saved Holland by putting his finger in the hole in the dam.
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 18:28):

Ha! thats funny! yes i can vision that! maybe we should call this boy and remake the scene? :)
dhekuchkuch (2011-10-19 14:58):

I wish to be their trainer and have each one in my closed room one after another for a special lesson. The hottie in blue speedos will be the first.
animator19 (2011-12-09 06:59):

Very nice!!!

Comments to 'sunshine button.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:10):

Sweet... Nive bb, a peek-a-boo on his undies and a cute face! Tell me your mobile# and i will call you in 2-3 years... :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:10):

if his belly is that shining, wonder 'bout the rest...
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:54):

You can always try ;-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 01:46):

i would gladly show you if i had more of him. I know tibo could draw a realistic sketch that would be so amazing of him.

Comments to 'sunshine love.jpg':
benjiboy00 (2014-01-18 07:43):


Comments to 'Surf.jpg':
puck11 (2011-12-16 06:16):

hold on a sec whilst I readjust myself....
visionedit2u (2011-12-17 05:22):

ok i am holding on, please get a grip! :)
leashen (2013-01-24 13:16):

I love it when people smile it courages me

Comments to 'sweet boy.png':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:11):

DAMN, when mom see´s i killed another window, she´ll get a cow... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:44):

what will she do with a cow? i sh-udder at the thought of that!
atero-boy (2011-03-25 21:03):

Being happy to see her family again? :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 16:50):

well, breaking a window sure is a pane to fix!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 05:30):

Dunno know HOW often mom&dad net to call insurance for me doing such things... :-)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:09):

ah, there's something wrong with that ball..., it's very simple
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 18:22):

with all the flags on it, it should fly high on someones pole! OUCH!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:46):

nothing, friend, nothing, just keep on dreaming...
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:15):

he could play pocket-pool too ;)

Comments to 'swim.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:13):

NO! But can imagine alot of many other things rather then swimming... :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:49):

nah, swimming is the best! the backstroke and the breast stroke can't be beat!
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 00:59):

looks as if he has a tighter pair on underneath. I don't mind baggy shorts in my pool, especially when they slip down just a little bit. :)
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:17):

and then lets meet in the shower ;)

Comments to 'thou shalt not.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:16):

I HATE SUCH BULLSH*T! It´s NOT right to tread a boy like that! :-(
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 06:45):

Exactly! most people at this site agree about that!
atero-boy (2011-03-25 09:31):

I CANT imagine NO reason to use my strength & force ´gainst a boy! NEVER!!! Such things makes my so angry, upset, helpless and sad!
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 17:54):

sure, we play alot here, joke about pics, and fantasize much, but when it comes right down to it, I am with you 100% about this stuff! NEVER USE FORCE!!! my feelings exactly!
atero-boy (2011-03-25 21:06):

But TO many dont have the balls to face a real man!
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:21):

i am glad a few have stood up and kicked back. i wish all of them would!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 06:30):

I think u misunderstood me!? I DONT mean boys dont have the balls, i talked ´bout this a**-holes who beat up (lil´) boys. These idiots are often not enough man to fight a man, instead a kid! Yeah, some kids do, vision, but often they end up in ER after that... :-( Damn thinking ´bout that and remember such things makes me so DAMN angry and helpless, close to cry... :-(
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:14):

Amen! I will fully explain myself in agreement with you, atero-boy!
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 19:00):

ok now i understand you. and fully agree.
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:02):

Yeah, BUT we are the ones who hurt them, huh? I NEVER did hurt one of my boys or even THINK about it... Damn, you cant imagine how mad i get ´bout these things! ;-(
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:05):

What we do here, is fooling ´round and some (nasty) fun, but NEVER would consider to touch a boy in THAT way! Have seen TO many hurt and nearlly killed kids over the years to even think ´bout accept jokes ´bout that! FU**, i think i NEED to hug my lil´ weekender NOW!
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 19:11):

and i also never have hurt or forced any boy nor ever will, ever!. i know what they say about us, and it aint true about me or you for sure. oh, i can relate, really. i want to get a stick of dynamite and put it where the sun don't shine on those sort of people who do force and do hurt them....and thats just for the beginning. I will stand strong to protect them from those people.
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:40):

Dynamite? No, NEVER! Much to fast the "fun" with these idiots will end... Gave them some of their own medicine, the´d gave to the boys! And trust me, in THAT i´m REALLY, REALLY generous...
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 19:59):

I go for 100% agree with you, atero & vision, I think it is reasonable and my personal experiences emphasize that fully!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:05):

Even got a teporary decree for one of this a**h*les, but that´s NOT for here!
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 20:16):

i would like to just get rid of them quickly. wouldn't want there to be ANY chance for them to escape and hurt anyone else, ever!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:18):

atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:20):

Ok, cant argue ´gainst it!
bratley (2011-03-28 20:58):

Very handsome lad
cab4boys (2011-04-11 10:30):

Still get´s me mad & angry when i see such motives! Never will & cant understand to let a boy be the target of your rage! :-(
visionedit2u (2011-04-12 01:56):

These kind of people who do such things have no understanding of Real Love. Self satisfaction and Lust is the opposite of Real Love. Caring and deep concern for others is at the Heart of Real, True Love. Ther must be "compassion" in love, not just "passion!"
cab4boys (2011-04-12 02:34):

You are right, like always, vision! Cant understand why ppl take comfort in hurting boys or use their force on others who are DEFINITALY not as strong as they are! Did met alot of boys from abbusive homes over the years and for most of them, it´s been possible to get their fate bck in a loving & caring surrounding!
mercedesabdel (2011-08-15 01:43):

reminds me : " the boys from St Vincent " and " Sleepers ". Amen!
farren123 (2011-09-09 23:49):

If you want to know more about sexual assults of boys and girls in catholic schools in Ireland all you have to do is Google and look it up. I think they were called the Dublin Report and the clone report.
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 18:24):

thanks farren, will do...

Comments to 'to, three, for.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:17):

Drop the annoying toddler and i will care for you and your cute brother!
atero-boy (2011-03-25 21:08):

Sometimes it just could be MUCH MORE attractive keep some clothes on then completly being neekid! MY personal taste!
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:22):

true, many times a good tease is way better than fully exposed!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 06:37):

It drives me wild if a cutie is shirtless and is wearing some shorts/jeans and to TOP these vision when "THE V" is visible and/or a bit of his waistband... MY personal no. 1 of boy-visions!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:16):

I can understand both of you, but this is a magnificent pic anyhow!
atero-boy (2011-03-28 19:07):

Sure, even toddlers (may) grow into some adorable and cute boys...
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:03):

I agree! I saw many toddlers in my life becoming beautiful kids
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:13):

RIGHT! Did know one of my boys allready as a toddler and from a ugly baby, he´d grow into a cute and adorable boy and is now a stunning young man! *sigh* Time went past soooooo fast... *sigh_again*
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:20):

That's life, and sometimes it HURTS to see them growing that fast, I know
atero-boy (2011-03-28 20:41):

Yep, and afterwards it left you wondering where all the years went...
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:48):

That's true, but you have to keep those memories warm! Some of the boys I knew from they were a toddler are still good friends. And sometimes... One of the best of them I knew died a few years ago, he just turned 43yo. So suddenly! That's when I begin asking questions... (behind the meaning of life)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 20:50):

Sometimes you can not stay there for a moment. Because there is so much beauty in the world, in this life, despite everything
atero-boy (2011-03-28 21:40):

But even THAT belong to life...
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 21:44):

Birth-..................................-Death; Be-Long to Life!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 21:52):

That's true, friends. In 2001 I had a ADE, you know? (Almost dead experience)... You're both so right!
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 22:05):

seriously, i did also have (ADE) about a month ago. feb 2011. Tainted Peanut butter almost got me dead. Whole body swollen up. It was like serious poison ivy over my entire body. my mouth was swollen shut. could barely breathe. couldn't bend my fingers at all. what did i do? sat at the computer and created the album "Mostly Blond Boys In the Buffet", a comedy album with food and boys. Almost my dying work there. I couldn't go anywhere, or do anything. It hurt just to move. Old E.T. almost carried me off this planet. honest.
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 22:11):

I think I shouldn't tell it here; I was too impulsive I guess. Are you really serious, Vision? I wasn't telling a joke, you know...
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 22:23):

i am dead serious. pardon the pun. no joking about that. almost D.O.A., R.I.P.... I know you are serious also.
visionedit2u (2011-03-28 22:32):

Food Fight has a double meaning in that album. I was fighting for my life because of food i ate.(E.T.) E.T. almost died. many parallels between food, life, death love of boys, on and on......
visionedit2u (2011-03-29 16:47):

so Tibo, what happened to you?
farren123 (2011-09-09 23:58):

Please forgive me for not getting in touch with you sooner but I have been traveling and I did not know that I gave you a baby.
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 18:22):

lol, on that comment i shall make like a baby and head out!
galkin11 (2012-12-26 10:07):

those short pants are a perfect length I think all boys should wear them to that length to a least 13 or 14 they look so much better on them,it's nice to see a boy dressed like a boy.

Comments to 'tongue lashing.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 18:03):

This Just In! He is hilarious, I love him also, a natural!

Comments to 'too much to drink.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:18):

visionedit2u (2011-03-25 18:04):

He he is definitely not a little squirt! :)
cab4boys (2011-04-11 11:17):

Dont worry lil´ one, i will dry every drop with my tongue... ;-)

Comments to 'raining boys':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:19):

BETTER take off that shorty before they get wet & soaked! :-)
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 18:09):

I see London, I see France, I see its Raining Boys in Underpants!
hasenf (2011-03-27 09:44):

tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:07):

He's right! Who needs Kylie or Rihanna?? I'll take him as a (= my) model & inspiration
kovazija (2011-03-28 18:27):

not about mim......exist much more beautifull creatures....
kovazija (2011-03-28 18:28):

not mim....HIM
farren123 (2011-09-09 23:34):

Maybe he should sing and dance to the song Gene Kelly sang Im Sining In The Rain.
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 18:26):

just a little before my time, but i am familiar with that. yes, this would make for a good modern day video of that classic!...:)

Comments to 'wave.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:20):

TOBI!!!! Whoa... Just some time ago i saw that/him... Such a hottie... *sigh*
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 18:11):

he is so hot that my ice cream just melted!
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 01:12):

no, its a full tub shower enclosure with a vibrating shower head. Only problem is the hot water gets real cold when someone runs the dishwasher downstairs, or runs the washing machine.
fantasyboy2006 (2011-06-11 18:23):

This is a very hot boy!
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:22):

lets see if something else is waving too ;)

Comments to 'what are you looking at?':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:21):

NOTHING! Dont worry!
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 18:11):

i think i may have interrupted him from doing something. :)

Comments to 'white.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:21):

Is it D...? Isn´t it D...? Hmmmm...
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:22):

Vision could you PLZ get back on me? Need to asked something...
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 18:17):

sure, ask. no, THIS pic isn't me. lol :)
atero-boy (2011-03-25 21:11):

DAMN! And i REALLY hoped for... :-(
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 17:25):

i know i let you down, in more ways than one! :)
atero-boy (2011-03-28 06:46):

Si pity, soooooo pity... :-(

Comments to 'win or lose.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:23):

Simply irrisistable!
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 18:19):

True- "Field of Dreams" (the boy)
visionedit2u (2011-10-03 16:26):

yes, a dream i would so love to make real, and be in his life.
animator19 (2011-10-18 15:20):

Beautiful shape from him ...
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:24):

the photographer had fun too with the nice view up his shorts :)

Comments to 'WOW.jpg':
atero-boy (2011-03-25 04:23):

visionedit2u (2011-03-25 18:33):

Thanks....tried for a little different feel for an album. I enjoy comments and try my best not to delete them, if possible. I understand this place is a place for fantasy and fun. I know most all people at this site would never hurt or abuse boys, even though some comments may not reflect that, i understand most of the time its just play, fantasy, in some of those comments. Please love them all properly, always, i plead with you, they all deserve our very best, right?
visionedit2u (2011-03-26 18:15):

Thanks for the heads up, hands,(sounds like a backwards robbery attempt). I love your pics, and need to stop by again soon for the latest updates! :D
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:28):

Me too, I wish to thank you for sharing your beautiful, sometimes funny pics with us, and your motivation. Keep on giving us that kind of stuff, please!
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 12:00):

thanks tibo-jan. and after checking your album full of masterpieces, may i add that i hope to see more of your inspirational work as well, please? :)
fantasyboy2006 (2011-06-11 18:26):

So cute boy!Do you have more Pics from this boy?Send in E-mail!

Comments to 'train.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 18:07):

nom nom, or chew chew, as in train, yum yum!
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:18):

I confess: it was mé who whistled

Comments to 'first kiss.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-03-25 16:59):

always! :)
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 17:36):

I have to admit it's a very 'touching' pic
visionedit2u (2011-08-20 01:53):

definitely! boys shouldn't have to be afraid to show affection!
farren123 (2011-09-09 22:49):

We will have to stop doing this people think we are gay.
visionedit2u (2011-09-15 15:32):

lol...'i think we should do more of this to show them how its done!" :)
visionedit2u (2011-10-13 02:05):

oh no, corty, you are the king of the Bottoms lovers! The eyes, (vision) is my favourite part, but i do love boys bottoms very much also, make no mistake about that! :)
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:31):

ha ha! or maybe they both have tongue piercings? :)
stone7 (2012-03-19 00:18):

It's wonderful to be able to show one's love for a friend at such a young age and be totally uninhibited about it. That is a very tender moment beautifully captured. I'm sitting here wishing I could be the other boy! ;-)
volchenok-ya (2012-06-08 13:43):

Красивая фотография!
theviewlover (2014-01-01 20:44):

bet it's a lock somewhere lower too ;)
benjiboy00 (2014-01-18 07:40):

I would kiss them
niqueur (2014-01-19 07:17):

very nice
vadik-bl75 (2014-02-04 16:32):

LOVE IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mino987654 (2014-05-22 17:45):

please more lukas
titusvorenus (2016-05-13 17:58):

ttirish (2017-07-26 13:38):

Wish I was comfortable with my bisexuality at there age

Comments to 'for your eyes only.jpg':
lostboardies (2011-03-28 06:23):

Great album! thanks so much for sharing.
bratley (2011-03-28 21:00):

Absolutely gorgeous
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 02:07):

thanks for stopping by, to your albums i will fly, to give them a try. :)
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 02:18):

well, pie in my eye, Bratley, no albums says I,
bratley (2011-03-30 12:27):

Sorry to be a bore, but my ailing computer is too old to store, it takes 20 minutes just to start, and is as much use as a wet fart. To merely browse and admire is as much as i require
visionedit2u (2011-03-30 12:53):

i like your style, your words entertain for awhile. to see your computer in a heap, with no boy pics to keep, makes me cry, no dry eye. you must save some joy silk and money, and return to the land of boy milk and honey. For it is that pleasure, that gives greater measure. a new cpu, is my wish for you! :)

Comments to 'Get Real.jpg':
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:22):

I agree
visionedit2u (2011-04-08 22:58):

Me too, i would gladly trade places with one of them.
stezko (2013-11-02 00:34):

that`s so lovely

Comments to 'i can almost vision that!.jpg':
dungen96 (2011-03-28 23:02):

he has so sxy body.. just like someone in my class hmmmmm
visionedit2u (2011-03-29 06:21):

wow, you too? i was thinking the same thing...i think i know him. probably just coincidence, surely we don't..........hmmm. :)
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 01:21):

Yes, i believe you are right! Is his name Vault Highbar?

Comments to 'stairs':
visionedit2u (2011-10-21 04:29):

i think i can, but its all bottled up inside me. it might get messy!

Comments to 'sing.jpg':
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:24):

o yes!
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 00:04):

Music connects with the soul. I think it's the quickest art form to the soul.
visionedit2u (2011-10-21 04:23):

some lives sing a beautiful chorus.

Comments to 'whassup.jpg':
tibo-jan (2011-03-28 18:24):

I can think of something
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 18:24):

Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 01:30):

ok, you take the side and massage it nicely. It looks like his foot needs some attention. I will grab my "toe-d" stool and ribbit!
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:26):

could play some ball-games :)

Comments to 'bed early.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 18:17):

In love- When you enter the class room, Everything around him becomes quieter, He feels dizzy, and hey he doesn't realize it, And since he's sitting next to you, He's not successful in school anymore. His parents do not understand it, hey, that can't be true. He writes the love letters, Heavy with a million words, He is In love with you, In love with you, And his whole world just circles around you, only When you look into his eyes, Then he is suddenly speechless. He feels like, like an empty battery. He asks himself what happens to him. For weeks he is sleepless, And when he sleeps, then he only dreams of you. He writes you love letters, Does not know if you read them...."A3"
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 19:04):

Recht it `ist henry horn von der Deutsch-Band Apollo 3
stone7 (2012-03-19 00:32):

I'd love to kiss those lips. They're very delicate and inviting.
tonimaro77 (2013-01-27 01:59):


Comments to 'genius.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 18:23):

I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works.

Comments to 'kiss.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 00:02):

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you
stone7 (2012-03-19 00:23):

I love that picture Wish I could be one of the boys! Why aren't boys like that in America. They all have to be macho tough. If they only knew what they were missing.
tonimaro77 (2013-01-27 01:59):

mmmmh,das mach ich auch gern
niqueur (2014-01-19 07:20):


Comments to 'view.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 06:28):

your mom sent me this picture. very nice, i admit! :)

Comments to 'youth wasted.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 01:34):

in deed and word, we can show and tell the youth what they have and possess, and help them to enjoy and treasure every moment. :)

Comments to 'bath.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-07 19:11):

Quote on pic is from Rodney Dangerfield, "no respect."
mercedesabdel (2011-08-15 01:28):

No problem if his parents hate him, he's welcome at my place anytime !
miler20012 (2012-08-17 05:06):

at least they didn'nt give you a dildo for your backside
benjiboy00 (2014-01-18 07:50):

I will be your bath toy!
titusvorenus (2016-05-13 18:22):

Pretty, very pretty.

Comments to 'sleep.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-05-04 04:21):

-"The boy who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones". -."So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact, Kid, you'll move mountains."

Comments to 'surfing.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 01:36):

Hang 5?
farren123 (2011-09-10 00:12):

I would not mind striping him naked and and riding him.
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 18:19):

oh that body surfing thing again, eh? :D
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:36):'s a body you can't resist i'd say

Comments to 'adventures.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 00:07):

Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all.

Comments to 'boys story.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-10-02 23:19):

Bean and tuna burritos with a side of refried beans! I am about to bean you with this dodgeball!

Comments to 'light love vision.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-07 18:13):

“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.”
visionedit2u (2011-04-12 02:25):

i don't understand why this album keeps resetting to not allow anonymous comments. I keep resetting to allow them! LOL- a ghost in the machine!
skinny (2011-04-12 05:40):

I'll ban you when you enable anon. filth again here.
badebuxe (2011-04-14 16:32):

...nice face feeling intension
azovazov (2011-04-14 19:46):

oh, jack, i'm too late to be number too... but germany has supported uncle sam! lol
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 21:45):

Let your Light shine, Let your Love flow, Let your Vision be clear, To Appreciate the Beauty of Youth, The Energy contained therein, The Freedom to just Be...Happy!
azovazov (2011-04-15 00:25):

'all we need is love'...
visionedit2u (2011-04-15 02:21):

There's nothing you can know that isn't known. Nothing you can see that isn't shown. Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. It's easy. All you need is love (all together now) :)
azovazov (2011-04-15 19:45):

'let it be'...
visionedit2u (2011-05-13 02:50):

Where have many of the comments gone from this album? So many people comment then are banned, and their comments are gone with them, leaving me to look like i am talking to myself. Its quite amusing, for sure, especially to those who already question my sanity!...:)))... On the other hand, its sad, because there were many good comments...:(((
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:08):

oh its a mix, of course of good and bad! Many good comments remain, many were lost.
visionedit2u (2012-02-20 01:09):

yes, and your focus is important. Focus on the beauty of life, the natural. Turn off the nightly news, its so depressing most of the time!
visionedit2u (2012-03-07 16:25):

thats the best look for a boy, one of adventure, mystery.
bett.s (2012-11-07 02:49):

For the exchange of pornographic files. my skype: devil6.6.61
vijaynawa (2013-05-06 05:01):

trade little boys picture and video
gullyandrew (2015-05-04 01:40):

Very nice albums, congratulations!
niklaslip (2015-10-03 13:10):

The boy looks like horny Lets give him what he want ^^
titusvorenus (2016-05-13 18:05):

titusvorenus (2017-02-26 12:01):

I love girls, but I cannot deny that this boy is luscious.

Comments to 'Roll.jpg':
buffy1977 (2011-09-08 07:00):

I would love to take him to the barber shop for a short regular boys haircut... he would look sooo cute ! Then have him wear camp shorts to mid thigh with pants pulled high on his waist, polo shirt fully tucked in & knee socks. He would look sooo darling. His legs are beautiful !
buffy1977 (2011-09-08 07:16):

Then I would buy him a cute one piece red plaid shortall outfit with suspenders (keeps the pants high up on his waist) & matching red knee socks. I would have him wear a mouseketeer beanie cap with the funny ears. Every so often I would have him stand on a bench while I pull his cute knee socks up to his knees, followed by an affectionate rubbing & patting of the back of his thighs. While waiting in line for rides I would be rubbing the shaved sides of his head & tickling his ears. We would have a great time.
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 18:35):

oh, yes, the washing machine is turned on by all these sensual comments! almost like a soap opera-vision!
buffy1977 (2011-09-15 15:34):

visionedit2u: thanks for your wonderful site with all the sweet boys !
visionedit2u (2011-09-15 15:41):

sweet boys are the natural nectar of life...when friends share with each other, the quality and satisfaction of this life is enhanced!
animator19 (2011-10-16 07:14):

Sound a bright smile, cowards, and generally wonderful beautiful composition!!!
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:30):

Beautiful, sweet boy. Love is awesome thick hair....and sweet smile.
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:40):

yummy legs he's got
boyboylover14 (2015-08-02 14:16):

Like this boy so freaking much. I'll have one pic more from him standing in the Water in his underwear

Comments to 'art':
visionedit2u (2011-10-03 16:18):

yes, many times i find that words just don't say enough to describe the beauty and loveliness of boys. This one has a nice profile, many outstanding features, especially the eyes!

Comments to 'love, not hurt':
visionedit2u (2011-04-08 22:55):

Oh yes. When i look into his eyes, i just want to hug him, and hold him close.
buffy1977 (2011-09-09 06:34):

I would love him by taking him to the barbershop
buffy1977 (2011-09-09 06:35):

A cute plaid, shortall outfit would be nice
visionedit2u (2011-10-03 16:23):

thats always the best way! i totally don't understand the people who want to be "rough" with the boys and abuse them, and dominate them. How in the world can you expect a boy to love you back if you are mean and cruel to them? And if people have never experienced the love back, i cry for them, because thats the best part!
visionedit2u (2011-10-13 02:00):

Amen! or is it a-boy? Love, Respect, Admiration of the highest decree! If someone told me i had to spank a boy, i would rip open my pillow, and grab a feather! :)
visionedit2u (2011-10-21 04:21):

very nice! a duty, yes, also an honor and a pleasure to me.
geminius (2012-10-20 14:46):

Sometimes, just sometimes, you come across an angel. Words are useless to describe such a beautiful image!
tonimaro77 (2013-01-27 02:00):

ein hübsches Kerlchen
titusvorenus (2016-05-13 18:25):

Such a little doll!

Comments to 'field of loeliness':
visionedit2u (2011-04-08 23:00):

I think everyone has a few moments of loneliness from time to time, no matter how beautiful a person is. Sometimes we just need to get away and spend some time alone. And in nature is a great place to be.
buffy1977 (2011-09-15 15:32):

slendor in the grass

Comments to 'dirty world.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 19:13):

O mischief, thou art swift to enter in the thoughts of lonely boys!
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 19:48):

i think you nailed it! and maybe he is doing a little cross referencing also?
visionedit2u (2011-10-02 23:11):

that sounds like two much exorcise!
visionedit2u (2011-10-20 16:47):

oh the fun! and the exorcism comment went way over everyones head i think! are you going post-all on me? lol :)

Comments to 'players get it twice.jpg':
buffy1977 (2011-09-15 15:29):

would love to take him to the barber shop for a cute haircut
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:29):

I would love to NOT take him to get his hair cut! That is one of his best features!

Comments to 'boy next door nailing.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 00:12):

Boys, like nails, lose their effectiveness when they lose direction and begin to bend.
buffy1977 (2011-09-09 06:24):

Yes, you are right, he has lost direction. He doesn't have proper supervision, he needs a cute matching shirt (tucked in), shorts (high on his waist(hemmed at mid thigh), & socks (red would be cute) outfit with a regular boys haircut. the ragged jeans look horrible !
theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:53):

hehe i'm sure

Comments to 'focus point.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-12 02:31):

always wanted to do an "eyes" album....maybe the next album! :)

Comments to 'gravity.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-11 18:26):

Yes, lucky photographer, lucky kid! He is even wearing his lucky green shirt. And his lucky charm necklace. In fact, i would guess this to be the lucky 7 hotel in Vegas!
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 19:37):

its like that old "ALF" television series...get "lucky"! (the cat)
visionedit2u (2011-10-22 19:03):

or maybe it was "Leave it to Beaver?"
visionedit2u (2011-10-25 23:11):

Although they never said exactly what the boys were up to on the Leave it to Beaver show, we knew what they were doing. It was an "understood" fact. And we know exactly what June meant when she said "Now Ward, don't be so hard with/on the Beaver!", when the beaver would do something wrong.
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:33):

Beautiful boy. Prett eyes, amazing hair.
sharkbaithoohaha (2012-12-17 13:34):

Joo guys don't recognize him? It's Justin Bieber!

Comments to 'looking up.jpg':
luis2011 (2011-04-10 19:58):

I just love ancklets.
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 23:06):

theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:57):

hehe show us so we can be sure :p
jaspermeers (2014-12-26 22:04):

nice legs

Comments to 'perfect type.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-11 18:27):

what color eyes do you think he has?
visionedit2u (2011-04-12 01:36):

We do think alike about the eyes. I was thinking green would be perfect!
visionedit2u (2011-04-12 19:46):

Oh yes, i am fully aware now. see page 1 first pic. comments. its not a glitch in the computer as i originally thought.
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 06:31):

lol, blue or green would be a nice vision for him. just the right shade, too.
visionedit2u (2011-05-07 00:41):

And, No, i am not talking to myself again here....many users were deleted leaving me to look like a babbling brook! The natural flow of the comments was "Dam"-aged like a river!
visionedit2u (2011-05-27 20:08):

just a few more key strokes!
visionedit2u (2011-10-21 04:16):

wow! its me! now how did i get in here?

Comments to 'read your mind.jpg':
luis2011 (2011-04-10 19:54):

Lovely photo.
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 00:09):

Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.
downtheroad2 (2011-10-17 19:48):

then he knows
visionedit2u (2011-10-19 18:11):

he is a true vision-aryan!
animator19 (2011-12-09 07:01):

theviewlover (2014-01-01 21:43):

hot pose ;)
titusvorenus (2016-05-13 18:28):

Beautiful girlish legs.

Comments to 'itch.jpg':
lukeboy2 (2011-04-11 08:01):

man can i itch it 4 u
benjiboy00 (2014-01-18 07:53):

and me too
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 18:33):

Humor results when society says you can't scratch certain things in public, but they itch in public.
mercedesabdel (2011-08-15 01:25):

boys always will be boys !

Comments to 'extreme warmth.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-12 21:53):

I almost made an eyes album like yours. I love the eyes so much. This picture has a very special glow to it, as if there is a warm fire burning nearby.
chriss58 (2011-08-27 08:28):

Very nice and charming! Bravo for your album
visionedit2u (2011-10-20 16:31):

shall i call the fire department?
visionedit2u (2011-10-30 04:55):

in summary, emyers, you are simply trying to say is...When we sing our life with love's choir, there is desire to admire, a higher fire, and no aspire to retire?
visionedit2u (2011-11-06 04:18):

yes, they are ready for you to cheer them up!
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:31):

his eyes, incredible hair, full pouting lips! Love to run my fingers through that incredible hair!
stezko (2013-11-02 00:45):

really Gold Boy,shine on you crazy diamond

Comments to 'jack.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-12 21:51):

Amen! Plenty of time for work when you get older. Let kids be kids, free, happy, playful. Let them live their lives and help them to enjoy life as much as possible.
visionedit2u (2011-10-02 23:03):

he is so possessive of his trumpet, he might let you see his trombone though.
georgej20088 (2012-11-20 11:20):

Jack has to be able to blow hard (on trumpet)

Comments to 'knots.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-04-14 17:51):

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
visionedit2u (2011-05-09 01:56):

yes, many peoples lives are sitting on a knot, enjoying the view. Not for naught, not noting nothing new, never knowing neglect nor nasties, nevertheless, normal neighbors needs nullify natural nocturnal nephews neo-nightmares.
visionedit2u (2011-05-11 08:53):

whew! that last comment tied a knot in my brain!
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 19:34):

yes, sweating inside my brain! a brainstorm!
georgej20088 (2012-11-20 11:17):

Doing new things makes new neurons in the brain. Do the same old same old doesn't

Comments to 'lotion.jpg':
bratley (2011-04-12 00:58):

He's a little darling
visionedit2u (2011-04-13 13:49):

Time for "Explanation of the Caption". There are two kinds of suntan lotion protection tubes here, the orange and the yellow. One may be spf 50, and the other may be spf 10. When the boy squirts some lotion on his hands "they both look the same to me". One will protect him better than the other from the harmful rays of the sun. The same can be said of parents and guardians. They may both look the same to the boy, but one may protect him better than another from the harmful ways of the dirty world.

Comments to 'excited.jpg':
animator19 (2011-10-16 07:16):

The most important thing is not to give up!!!
puck11 (2011-12-16 06:21):

even better ;-)
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:33):

Cute, cute couple!
theviewlover (2014-01-01 22:10):

"...but it's really great when it happens with your friend in private" hehe
benjiboy00 (2014-01-18 07:54):

guy on the right ;)

Comments to 'sail through life.jpg':
bratley (2011-08-19 01:02):

It does'nt have to be six inches
visionedit2u (2011-08-19 07:00):

In Europe in the 1850's, steel wire was made into tiny nails known as “brads,” with only a very small widened head. These continue to be used to attach small moldings and trim. :)
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 04:48):

some guys go to to a bar and get hammered. i think happy hour starts at 6? :D
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 19:51):

sounds like you are counting down to a lift off...all systems go!
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 20:16):

like a rocket heading to the moon!
visionedit2u (2011-10-02 22:55):

who is Brad?
visionedit2u (2011-10-04 17:01):

cool! i understand now. your explanation really hammered the point home! :)
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:34):

Such a cutie!

Comments to 'life song.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-08-24 02:04):

i think the wind is the result of all the people clapping, creating a strong breeze! He sings with such passion and emotion, i can feel his heartbeat. some of his songs bring rain in my eyes.
visionedit2u (2011-08-24 21:35):

Now i remember more clearly because of you! This was his birthday song, and we all had the red balloons filled. Then he pointed his finger at us and we all released the air! The air blew out his candles and blew his hair! The private show for us was later after everyone had gone home. I remember he signed your belly with a red marker. He said my vision was like a tiger, and i said, i wish! :D
visionedit2u (2011-10-02 22:50):

Yes! i would so love to be anything Ronan holds on to! :)
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:36):

Cute...who ever he is!
visionedit2u (2012-03-08 19:09):

This is Ronan Parke. The cutest boy with the most incredible voice. u-toob Britains got talent 2nd place winner. Caution, you will fall deeply in love when you hear his voice....:)

Comments to 'sheep are scared.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-08-20 02:08):

you never lived in the country handsoff? its a b-a-a-a-a-d "joke"...maybe i ought to change the caption? its your pressure, lol, :D
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 04:43):

you seem a bit sheepish, Rick, Haven't you herd the news?
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 20:01):

Dog gone it! a german sheep herd is a mans best friend, (or a boys)
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 22:18):

run rick run...Be faster!
visionedit2u (2011-08-22 04:22):

i love my eggs sunny side up, then to pop the yolk and let it ooze out.
visionedit2u (2011-10-02 23:01):

yeah, i like sausage gravy also, over my biscuits.
visionedit2u (2011-10-20 16:04):

ah, the mighty power of suggestion! I am now eating Potatoes with sausage gravy. with eggs and biscuits also.....whats for lunch?
visionedit2u (2011-10-28 17:10):

is it shear coincidence, or is the idea just ewe?
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:35):

Beautiful, wonderful boy. God, I love that long, thick hair. Gorgeous eyes!

Comments to 'tumblr_lq036h6pFV1qm56nxo1_1280.':
dhekuchkuch (2011-10-19 15:09):

What game is it called in your language if another child sits on his feet and he moves it up and down like a seesaw? Please anybody answer me.Its a good game to enjoy a little boy.
visionedit2u (2011-10-19 15:39):

i am not sure if there is a name for that. i played also, but don't rmember it being called any specific thing.
dhekuchkuch (2011-10-20 18:40):

Many many thanks for your response.There are not many people in my country who feel attracted to boys. So, it is a great pleasure for me to talk with those who love boys.
visionedit2u (2011-10-21 03:46):

This site is a great place to interact and share. I have met so many very nice people who i consider as friends, from all over the world. I am sure there are some people in all countries that are attracyed to boys. Too many are scared to talk about it or understand it.
dhekuchkuch (2011-10-21 14:32):

thats true
visionedit2u (2012-02-02 17:34):

I think the defense is going to see what he can do with the dime package.
theviewlover (2014-01-01 22:13):

lets see how flexible he is
benjiboy00 (2014-01-18 07:55):

lift n spread those legs
theviewlover (2014-01-18 19:08):

hehe ;)

Comments to 'Two way Vision.jpg':
animator19 (2011-10-16 07:17):

Charming boy!!! Just Sun!!!
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:38):

Such a little sweetie! He be sunshine on the cloudiest of days!
visionedit2u (2012-03-08 19:17):

thanks nambla for all the great comments! wish you had albums so i could return some back. :)

Comments to 'Pals.jpg':
dhekuchkuch (2011-10-19 15:17):

How was this photo taken? Were the boys not offended when they were photographed almost naked? Please anybody answer me.
visionedit2u (2011-10-19 15:34):

The boys are wearing swimsuits. In this country it is normal beach or pool attire here. Nobody thinks twice about photographing or being photographed. Although styles vary, most swimwear goes halfway up the top of the leg, or further. Sitting with knees up like this causes the looser swimwear to go further up the legs. There are some private areas in this country with nude beaches, this is not one of those places.
dhekuchkuch (2011-10-21 14:07):

Many many thanks for your reply.

Comments to 'Triple play.jpg':
bratley (2011-08-19 01:05):

3 wise monkeys . . . cute too
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 04:46):

red or white or black?
visionedit2u (2011-08-21 20:06):

both english and swiss boys look very nice in knee highs, but the swiss are better golfers as the always seem to get a hole in one!
buffy1977 (2011-09-09 06:32):

Love to see boys in cute matching outfits: shorts to mid thigh with knee socks
visionedit2u (2011-09-10 18:57):

you are a huge soccer fan then, right?
visionedit2u (2011-10-02 22:52):

sounds like a "vision" problem. i will see what i can do!
nambla1 (2012-02-26 07:37):

Great the hair on the left boy!
visionedit2u (2012-03-08 19:11):

yes, and i bet the littlest one has fine angel soft feeling hair.

Comments to 'litle squirt.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-08-23 23:49):

its always a fun surprise when you play with a yellow noodle and get squirted!
visionedit2u (2011-10-04 22:20):

Thanks for all your kind words and comments. When i look at pictures, i try to find another depth and emotion than simply "oh my! he is amazingly beautiful and gorgeous," which he is, and the feelings of "oh i want so much to be with him", which i do. I try to unlock a hidden message, or another passed over alternative thought, many times missed and overlooked. i love the dual meanings the best i think, just like this caption, "squirt" applies both ways! :)
visionedit2u (2011-10-11 00:58):

pictures are like music to me. i try to add words that enhance the meaning or tell a story. thanks :)
visionedit2u (2011-10-27 04:47):

thanks! :) i will go to it now. i get busy and distracted at times, but will get to them all!
adam007 (2011-11-22 07:07):

pretty :)
animator19 (2011-12-02 18:25):

Ну очень кисло и неожиданно!!!
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