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Comments to '104448618O406456188.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-25 03:05):

They are very cute though. And very smart.
submuloc (2011-02-06 00:28):

:-)) Nice hope!
dappy23 (2011-05-31 05:21):

does anyone know anyone albums, for schoolgirls in tight black pants ?? (not skirts though)
angelden (2011-11-28 06:08):

nice pics..uhmm sweet girl.
moes (2012-01-03 01:21):

thehunter1956 (2012-02-04 03:31):

Where are the thumbnails.
submuloc (2012-02-05 04:41):

That's what I ask myself each day! :-)
nickjrkids (2012-03-25 04:58):

Nice girls, check my profile out for some laughs
iv428 (2012-04-13 03:52):

love the one in the middle
fkemyng69 (2012-05-27 20:02):

devilkim666 (2012-06-21 17:34):

Check my school girl outfitt pics guys!
manuelpolo (2012-07-19 17:50):

panty,candid and more ;) email me or add me to messenger manuelpolo5 at
pearlscout (2012-10-28 04:11):

Lovely. I'm into school girls, gymnasts, cheerleader... Have lots of own material
crabman1 (2014-10-29 01:59):

Would you care and share your passwort for the schoolgirl specials with me?

Comments to 'uk9.jpg':
luckythirteen (2012-02-15 01:26):

1 for the blondie on the right...very cute.

Comments to 'Musicians.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:04):

A perfect uniform.
submuloc (2011-01-27 23:44):

Yes, so right!!!
britishgirls (2013-09-03 15:34):

Lovely, I love school uniforms.
schwaeble (2017-01-24 17:13):

mit meiner Flöte darf sie auch spielen

Comments to 'Playtime11.jpg':
strumpfhosen20 (2012-04-27 23:20):

Silly girl that's a rugby ball you carry it not kick like that

Comments to 's24.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-25 03:06):

Love those pleated skirts.
mircala (2013-01-18 15:06):

with vaginal discharge stains
britishgirls (2013-09-03 15:36):

Wonder what the girl in white is going to do to the girl in front!

Comments to 'sc114b.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-25 03:08):

Girl scouts arnt they. Very smart thanks.
submuloc (2011-01-25 03:18):

soviet pioneer girls (I hope I choose the right translation, not sure; it was a similiar organization like scoutgirls but in socialist countries)
brownowl (2011-01-25 03:45):

I use to like the old brownie uniforms, those short little brown dresses and lacy knee socks look so cute in them. The new uniform is okay if worn with a skirt.
submuloc (2011-01-25 03:51):

I like all styles of scoutgirluniforms from wide range of the 30's- to the 80's! All what you can see today isn't worth the name "uniform"!
brownowl (2011-02-05 20:07):

Hi, yes i agree look so messy in jeans and Tshirts. So girly ln little skirts and white socks.

Comments to 'Dogg4-3-06 022.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-25 03:09):

Very nice.

Comments to 'se2.jpg':
plassy (2013-08-15 18:41):

Forgive me father please take the strap to my bottom
adirni (2014-01-03 14:45):

My fav schoolgirl uniform

Comments to '341807863idimkM_fs.jpg':
snf01 (2014-05-25 21:02):

don't forget to wipe you c ck on her crisp blouse afterwards

Comments to '476820500PKVsvq_fs.jpg':
brownowl (2011-02-05 20:36):

Cute knee socks girlies
cady15 (2013-05-19 10:48):

Oh Weh! Was die wohl erwartet!

Comments to '476820439gWQuRe_fs.jpg':
nudelove2b (2011-01-11 19:27):

wow that girl has some darn sexy legs on her. bet she looks so hot oon her panties
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:07):

Oh wow again lol. I missed this picture. Very nice.
markus.winkeler (2012-05-27 19:38):

what do you do when hell is close to you ?
84gregg (2014-08-05 14:16):

Anybody wanna trade schoolgirl pics and underage naked girl pics? Kik me undeadhollywood or txt 07474760647

Comments to 'AFS-051147.jpg':
submuloc (2011-02-06 02:16):

Cuba yes, Havanna not sure

Comments to 'AFS-051148.jpg':
submuloc (2012-02-10 21:10):

Cuban girls! Thx to Fidel! :-)

Comments to '2441981918_4cfea2ea84_b.jpg':
brownowl (2011-02-05 20:38):

Love those little uniforms. LOTS of bare legs to smack if she is naughty girl lol.

Comments to '2475092571_2c47dddf95_o.jpg':
geoffroyperrault (2011-02-05 21:35):

Those two little asian dolls (japanese or chinese ?) are adorable in their school uniforms.
submuloc (2011-02-05 21:49):


Comments to 'Angelica, Samantha, and Yuletci.':
jim4girls (2011-02-25 01:43):

submuloc (2012-02-10 20:58):

oh yes, it is, reciever53yo!!!

Comments to '235389739jlFrbn_ph.jpg':
amsart2 (2011-04-16 03:12):

Nice album. Thanks for sharing.
badger7696 (2011-06-12 16:10):

sit on my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that "pops" up....:P

Comments to '235478794VYqJsy_ph.jpg':
britishgirls (2013-09-03 15:39):

Bet Santa's happy

Comments to '235479619YiJWGS_ph.jpg':
kooky (2012-02-08 07:52):

Santa has a woody

Comments to 'schoolies-braces.jpg':
submuloc (2012-02-10 20:54):

Glad you like them! And thx for all your comments! :-)

Comments to 'showing.jpg':
jp101091 (2012-04-30 16:01):

Thats it i'am going back to school, meanwhile can i have your pass please
wifidave (2013-01-18 14:52):


Comments to 'damn_2.jpg':
edipan (2012-03-10 02:42):

I would use her tears as lubricant

Comments to 'socks.jpg':
theenforcer (2011-09-07 07:34):

Lovely girls, and great legs and shoes (huge ballet slippers fetish)! Can I get the password for English Schoolies (special)? I've allowed for my Email to be seen.

Comments to 'schooliex.jpg':
swm4blkpssy (2016-04-20 17:44):

I love her style
schwaeble (2017-01-24 17:16):


Comments to '3-hotties.jpg':
hawk163 (2011-06-26 02:13):

edipan (2012-03-10 02:38):

I would plaster them to the walls in seconds
schwaeble (2017-01-24 17:17):


Comments to 'crossed-legs.jpg':
edipan (2012-03-10 02:40):

I would make them all cry out for mommy!
stevepr (2012-04-01 21:39):

schwaeble (2017-01-24 17:17):

die machen mich total hart

Comments to 'skirts2.jpg':
plassy (2013-08-15 18:48):

Do u like a hard spanking because u girls. R out of bounds

Comments to 'p9010014.jpg':
plassy (2013-08-15 18:55):

Her mum has already got the hairbrush ready to spank her with

Comments to 'fresh-prince-ashley-banks-2.jpg':
diablo_rk9 (2015-01-31 12:30):

so happy she does porn now

Comments to 'sg1_3.jpg':
daddypeach (2015-08-08 22:11):

Love this uniform..

Comments to 'Dec_Dominique_Dabreo.jpg':
swm4blkpssy (2016-04-20 17:43):

Very, very cute

Comments to '332084_180493262037475_100002304':
theenforcer (2012-03-25 18:08):

Now those are some cute uniforms!

Comments to '387533_168999269865548_100002664':
theenforcer (2012-03-25 18:09):

Such short dresses!
hanbadatar (2012-05-13 15:01):

mongolians ? because russian kyrillic but asian faces.

Comments to '328735_136229189815539_100002853':
nylongeiler (2014-05-23 23:55):

die ganz links hinten.... Mann, bin ich geil!

Comments to '389500_155770457861412_100002853':
theenforcer (2012-03-25 18:18):

Whoever designed those uniforms, I want to shake their hand!
submuloc (2012-03-25 23:56):

These are Mongolian cuties, they adopted the uniformstyle from the former Soviet uni0n!
theenforcer (2012-03-26 03:08):

Fascinating! I've seen many different school uniforms from schools in many different countries, but I never considered Mongolia might have some cute ones! Hot girls too (I love Asians)!
submuloc (2012-03-26 03:16):

They are purest feminine schoolgirlhotness! That's why I love them so specially!
hanbadatar (2012-05-13 15:03):

I knew those are mongolians :) because kyrillic letters but asian people must be mongolia. I saw a documentary about this country. Quite sad: about 5% rich (like the ones on that photo) and all others are totally poor. They have sexy music videos (of cours from the rich, for the rich teens) with expensive cars and sexy woman. I'm wondering if you can go on holiday there to get some cheap girls like those on the pic?
submuloc (2012-05-13 23:09):

Yes, I'd like to kiss some of them too, but they must wear such sexy uniforms while that!

Comments to '197658_154538474620399_100001927':
nylongeiler (2014-05-23 23:57):

Wo ist denn dieses Strumpfhosenparadies? Ich wichse wie irre auf die rechte.....

Comments to '388547_213128575438067_100002227':
nylongeiler (2014-05-23 23:58):

Allen Mädchen auf ihre Strumpfhosen wichsen.....

Comments to '397683_213128635438061_100002227':
hanbadatar (2012-05-13 15:05):

If i can ever go to mongolia i would fu... a whole class with girls like this, of course without a condom ;)
fshwichser (2013-10-16 12:56):

on the very left one I shot my load...

Comments to '409037_213128602104731_100002227':
theenforcer (2012-03-25 18:20):

Hot Asian girls in tiny little school dresses. This must be what Heaven is like!
submuloc (2012-03-25 23:55):

Absolutely, it is! ;-)
nylongeiler (2014-05-24 00:00):

Allen die Strumpfhosen und die Uniformen besamen!!!

Comments to '540228_130785697051996_100003617':
fshwichser (2013-10-16 12:58):

die mittlere
nylongeiler (2014-05-23 23:50):

au ja, die mittlere mit high heels.......... Die Strumpfhose und die Uniform muss sie anbehalten.... GEIL!!!

Comments to '301733_130778583719374_134293355':
nylongeiler (2014-05-24 00:03):

DA könnte ich nicht arbeiten, ich hätte einen Dauerständer und müsste mir ständig einen in meine Mädchenfeinstrumpfhosen wichsen!!!
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