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Comments to 'WB-Boys in Shorts.jpg':
visionedit2u (2011-01-14 02:40):

Very Nice...The boy on the top right reminds me of Elliot, the boy from the movie E.T.
fanofsven (2011-01-16 19:57):

Thanks .... True, he is similar to the Boy from E.T
boybluebenny (2011-01-17 07:07):

I agree...ET phone home.
fanofsven (2011-03-13 18:11):

@speedosswimmer: Thanks
fanofsven (2011-03-25 19:57):

I want to trade no pictures. I just want fun

Comments to 'WB S 1.jpg':
adamhypnoid3 (2011-01-09 02:46):

WOw, Sven. Really amazing. A>
fanofsven (2011-01-09 21:40):

adamhypnoid3 (2011-01-10 00:29):

Do you have this in original size? adamelford *at) gmail
fanofsven (2011-01-10 18:58):

So, as you can see the picture here.

Comments to 'WB S 4.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-01-06 19:35):

Beautiful boys, I love his white socks folded the first.
fanofsven (2011-01-10 19:16):

I love the boys
nonojo723 (2013-09-01 21:13):

nice boys

Comments to 'WB S 6.jpg':
nonojo723 (2013-09-01 21:15):

very cute
thighs2 (2014-10-01 14:16):

Very cute indeed, lovely young thighs
luis2011 (2014-10-06 07:07):

Now I remember why I liked boy scouts.

Comments to 'WB S 8.jpg':
fanofsven (2011-04-22 20:52):

mann, bist du klein
fanofsven (2011-04-28 20:52):

Warte bis ich runter komme....
fanofsven (2011-05-03 20:07):

Das brauchst du auch nicht, denn ich hab grad RBC getrunken und RB verleiht Flügel -lol
fanofsven (2011-05-17 19:31):

ich benutze jetzt einfach die stufen und komme runter, ist eh grad pause.ein geier bin ich nicht, das ich über dir kreise.

Comments to 'WB S 10.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-01-06 19:37):

I love the little boy in white socks cap. In general they are all very cute!
fanofsven (2011-01-10 19:15):

The three boys are cute

Comments to 'WB S 11.jpg':
fanofsven (2011-03-13 18:10):

Yes he is wearing
luis2011 (2014-10-06 07:08):

mals (2015-10-10 21:27):

Lovely silky shorts. Nice undies as well.

Comments to 'WB S 12.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-01-06 19:38):

Cute boy!
fanofsven (2011-01-10 19:12):

nonojo723 (2013-09-01 21:18):

very cute Sir Knight

Comments to 'WB S 13.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-01-06 19:39):

Woooaaauuuuuuu, beatiful boy in white socks!!!
fanofsven (2011-01-09 22:07):

Yes, the boy is beautiful
fanofsven (2011-08-27 03:37):

Ah, hier bist du angefangen.ja er ist echt hübsch.

Comments to 'WB S 14.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-01-06 19:41):

I love your photos friend. I see that we agree (perhaps) a penchant for boys with white socks
fanofsven (2011-01-09 22:06):

Thank you, that you can find my photos well. There are boys in shorts and a Random to have some of the Boys white socks.

Comments to 'WB S 15.jpg':
fanofsven (2011-03-29 19:24):

Always looks cool again

Comments to 'WB S 16.jpg':
zens. (2012-12-08 15:17):

Perfect length of shorts for a beautiful boy

Comments to 'WB S 17.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-01-06 19:43):

Beautiful boy and cute white socks!
fanofsven (2011-01-09 21:48):

Yes the boy is beautiful
xantia01 (2011-04-23 20:53):

Oui, il est mignon.
fanofsven (2011-04-26 19:46):

Je le pense aussi.

Comments to 'WB S 18.jpg':
nonojo723 (2013-09-01 21:25):

cute. nice smile

Comments to 'WB S 24.jpg':
unforgiven (2011-03-29 04:46):

Omgosh. That's like a 72 Ford Pinto back there. Priceless...not the car...the way boys wore there shorts back then.
nonojo723 (2013-09-01 21:42):

only way to wear shorts - except I didn't wear cutoffs. Gym shorts were nice and short back then
peitsche (2012-11-25 14:28):

Thighs 2 die 4!

Comments to 'WB S 27.jpg':
peitsche (2012-11-25 14:36):

Shorts are too long ...

Comments to 'WB S 30.jpg':
gball1 (2011-01-09 11:17):

cute boy
fanofsven (2011-01-09 21:34):


Comments to 'WB S 31.jpg':
gball1 (2011-02-05 01:29):

very cute boy
xantia01 (2011-04-25 17:15):

Yes !

Comments to 'WB S 32.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-01-14 19:59):

Beautiful boy!
fanofsven (2011-01-16 00:05):

peitsche (2012-11-25 14:30):

Yes, but shorts r too long!

Comments to 'WB S 36.jpg':
peitsche (2012-11-25 14:37):

Give him a better place 4 sleepin' ...
mals (2015-10-10 21:30):

Rock a bye baby.

Comments to 'WB S 37.jpg':
gball1 (2011-01-25 11:11):

hot boy
fanofsven (2011-01-25 21:45):


Comments to 'WB S 39.jpg':
nonojo723 (2013-09-01 21:49):

very cute. would be neat to see them wrestle

Comments to 'WB S 41.jpg':
nonojo723 (2013-09-01 22:00):

shirtless boy is very cute. nice bod
thighs2 (2014-10-01 14:19):

He really has a lovely body, and the boy holding his leg is very lucky, i wish it was me
crodri123 (2015-11-19 20:49):

He needs a breath mouth to mouth. I can give him.

Comments to 'WB S 42.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-01-14 19:54):

I see you are very generous in your publications friend. I love what you post and I would like to share with you my materials directly related to yours. Please see my albums and write me to start. Greetings.
fanofsven (2011-01-16 19:10):

I'm not generous. I am normal. One tip: You should not ever change his avatar.
pepe_sws (2011-01-16 21:32):

Thanks for the advice, I'll take into account future. Oh, and not be so modest, I know it's a simple person, but that does not so prodigal of its publications.
nonojo723 (2013-09-01 21:53):

very nice boys

Comments to 'WB S 44.jpg':
fanofsven (2011-03-06 18:46):

The earring is beautiful

Comments to 'WB S 45.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-01-14 19:57):

Do not forget to leave some comments on my albums. It would be very interesting to me, to know your opinion. When I write, I'll give a pass to the private album, you're interested in seeing it. Best Regards.
fanofsven (2011-01-16 19:05):

I will write you a comment. I will answer your images in all honesty
pepe_sws (2011-01-16 21:34):

Ok, thank you.

Comments to 'WB S 49.jpg':
brownowl (2011-02-04 21:40):

They are proper short, shorts arnt they. Very nice.
fanofsven (2011-08-27 04:00):

das stimmt...ein S/W Foto ist immer schön anzuschauen

Comments to 'WB S 50.jpg':
nonojo723 (2013-09-01 22:01):

nice boy
stezko (2013-11-25 22:36):

indeed,he`s a sweety

Comments to 'WB S 51.jpg':
dewanmikeyshow (2016-09-10 05:37):

i love boys wearing helmets

Comments to 'WB S 58.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-02-06 22:43):

Wonderful boy with cute white socks!
fanofsven (2011-03-09 19:02):

yes, he is beautiful

Comments to 'WB S 59.jpg':
fanofsven (2011-03-09 18:46):

eine holland fahne aus den niederlanden,cool...jeder fängt mal an, nur manndeckung klappt nicht immer
hispania (2011-04-20 12:10):

Very nice Old Pics,
fanofsven (2011-04-20 15:48):

oh, yes

Comments to 'WB S 61.jpg':
peitsche (2012-11-25 14:59):

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...
nonojo723 (2013-09-01 22:15):

fun wrestling

Comments to 'WB S 64.jpg':
luis2011 (2014-10-06 07:10):

I would love to join them.
crodri123 (2015-11-19 20:51):

That kind of short must to come back.
crodri123 (2015-11-19 20:52):

The shorts of today are too long.

Comments to 'WB S 69.jpg':
fanofsven (2011-03-06 18:48):

He has fun, because he sees you

Comments to 'WB S 72.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-03-27 04:35):

This boy is beautiful with those white socks, black shoes and shorts! I loved it!
mals (2015-10-10 21:35):

I don't think boy on left has any shorts on.

Comments to 'WB S 75.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-03-18 21:28):

Beautiful boy and cute white socks!
koombi (2011-03-19 07:39):

I love the way you always get your watermark into every photo without distracting from the subject matter. You have some beautiful photos.
fanofsven (2011-03-19 18:49):

Thanks to me, no one has said. Many users find that my watermark images ruined. Thank you like some pictures
fanofsven (2011-03-19 18:50):

@pepe_sws: Thanks.

Comments to 'WB S 77.jpg':
pepe_sws (2011-03-22 23:30):

Cute boy!
fanofsven (2011-03-25 19:55):


Comments to 'WB S 78.jpg':
dewanmikeyshow (2016-09-10 05:39):

wonderful album, thank you!!

Comments to 'WB S 79.jpg':
hispania (2011-04-20 12:11):

Nice Album
fanofsven (2011-04-20 15:47):

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