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Comments to 'beachboys (7).jpg':
boydreamz (2010-12-19 11:39):

I enjoyed watching these 2 guys having fun with each other. They were doing this tug-o-war thing in the waves for about 5 minutes [see next pic]
1001boyz (2011-03-26 13:16):

Hi, I like your beach pics but I do find the fashion for boys to wear baggy surfer long shorts is most unattractive, it is ironic that while girls wear less and less on the beach boys now cover themselves up and on the rare occasions their thighs are revealed they are deathly pale and look really odd. You may like two of my albums taken on the beaches of the south of FRance a few years back.
jomama (2012-10-03 08:48):

Sadly that's the way most American boys are
boydreamz (2011-11-30 19:36):

Thanks guys for your nice comments!
boydreamz (2011-12-02 19:01):

No, I did not know them. I was just shooting photos and they caught my eye.
mercedesabdel (2011-12-14 00:34):

thx for sharing with us,
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-23 08:21):

yes thank you :)
inboy41 (2012-09-26 22:18):

Besuch mich mal.

Comments to 'beachboys (8).jpg':
boydreamz (2010-12-19 11:38):

lovetheview1 (2011-12-15 00:13):

they look yummy. wonder if they get naughty too ;)
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-25 10:28):

mmmmmmmmm nice and wet ;)

Comments to 'beachboys (3).jpg':
mike23 (2011-02-21 11:36):

what a lovely tanned boy! nice pic i want to have more pics from you!!
lovetheview1 (2011-12-15 00:16):

very promising

Comments to 'beachboys (9).jpg':
compacta02 (2012-04-19 17:51):


Comments to 'beachboys (10).jpg':
justdewit16 (2012-01-23 06:18):

compacta02 (2012-04-19 17:51):


Comments to 'beachboys (11).jpg':
justdewit16 (2012-01-23 06:22):

loveteenboys1 (2012-01-23 08:28):

oh yeah!!!!

Comments to 'beachboys (5).jpg':
boydreamz (2010-12-19 11:40):

I didn't even notice until later that I'd caught this little surprise on the blonde boy!
luis2011 (2011-07-23 02:06):

The dark haired boy is interested in his crack. I would be looking the same way.
lovetheview1 (2011-12-15 01:39):

i like the boy on the left too ;)
compacta02 (2012-04-19 17:52):


Comments to 'beachboys (4).jpg':
boydreamz (2010-12-19 11:40):

Hehe... NICE!
pedal123 (2011-02-13 18:59):

nice position!
luis2011 (2011-03-01 21:35):

My AOA is again changed. I would love to help him out of those.
companionmikel (2012-01-11 01:42):

Makes my mouth water :)
compacta02 (2012-04-19 17:53):

nice shot
kia4 (2014-01-28 13:58):

Perfect for spanking and kissing, having pulled those right down.

Comments to 'beachboys (6).jpg':
lovetheview1 (2011-12-15 01:41):


Comments to 'beachboys (15).jpg':
lovetheview1 (2011-12-15 01:44):

delicious for sure

Comments to 'beachboys (14).jpg':
boydreamz (2010-12-19 11:42):

Wish I'd been able to shoot a sharper quality photo of this boy, he's really cute.

Comments to 'beachboys (18).jpg':
compacta02 (2012-04-19 17:55):

da kann ich mich nur anschließen

Comments to 'beachboys (17).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-10 05:32):

oh yeah :)
t_e_o (2013-05-15 22:36):

I want to go with him

Comments to 'beachboys (16).jpg':
lovetheview1 (2011-12-15 02:02):

beauty with hot legs

Comments to 'beachboys (19).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-25 10:32):


Comments to 'beachboys (21).jpg':
maddog652 (2011-12-12 01:34):

...almost indeeed!
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-10 05:44):

very hot!!
kia4 (2014-01-28 13:59):

Spank and kiss.

Comments to 'beachboys (23).JPG':
boydreamz (2010-12-19 11:45):

I saw a cute 13yo blonde surfer boy sitting on a wood railing along the beach and I thought it might be good to zoom in on one of his lovely tanned legs for a hot texture detail shot. Can't you just FEEL this? ;)
justdewit16 (2012-01-23 06:20):

great shot!!
unforgiven (2012-11-15 11:07):

real good shot. thx.

Comments to 'beachboys (24).jpg':
compacta02 (2012-04-19 17:56):

beautiful boy

Comments to 'beachboys (25).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-10 05:26):

looks like he wants too :)

Comments to 'beachboys (26).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-10 05:23):

oh yes!!!

Comments to 'beachboys (27).jpg':
maddog652 (2011-12-12 01:36):

...boy feet! :D
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-10 05:51):

nice :)

Comments to 'beachboys (28).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-10 05:53):

very cute :)
justdewit16 (2012-01-23 06:20):

loveteenboys1 (2012-01-23 06:32):

oh yeah :)

Comments to 'beachboys (35).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-25 10:19):

yeah he knows he's cute :)

Comments to 'beachboys (34).jpg':
lovetheview1 (2011-12-15 02:13):

hot body and legs :)
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-25 10:20):

oh yeah!!!!

Comments to 'beachboys (33).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-10 06:02):

yes but the towel just has to go!! lol :)

Comments to 'beachboys (32).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-25 10:21):

ok now drop the towel :)
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-25 10:22):

Please :)

Comments to 'beachboys (29).jpg':
boydreamz (2010-12-19 11:46):

Mmmm... I love slim Asian boys, glad I captured this one.

Comments to 'beachboys (30).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-10 06:15):

yes he would :)

Comments to 'beachboys (31).jpg':
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-25 10:26):

very nice pic :)

Comments to 'beachboys (2).jpg':
compacta02 (2012-04-19 17:57):

jo, der junge natürlich^^

Comments to 'beachboys (12).jpg':
boydreamz (2010-12-19 11:48):

This boy really caught my eye, I love this sort of look
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-10 05:57):

yes he's very cute
compacta02 (2012-04-19 17:57):

yes very beautiful

Comments to 'beachboys (20).jpg':
boydreamz (2010-12-19 11:36):

Ha, he caught me watching him!
parkerone (2011-03-14 17:26):

loveteenboys1 (2012-01-23 06:51):

i don't think he cares that your watching him, i think he likes it :)
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-23 09:02):

oh yeah :)
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-23 09:11):

oh yeah, you can tell by how he is looking over he wants it :)
loveteenboys1 (2012-01-25 10:16):

yeah he wants it bad!!!!
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