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Comments to 'DSC024101.JPG':
shoolgirlcarol (2010-10-23 17:14):

Whether they do or not, it's good to see the photos.
lovesfemales (2013-03-17 02:35):

She is a cutie

Comments to 'P1010050.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-15 19:47):

she is a beautiful lil angel!!!

Comments to 'P1010528.JPG':
gimma (2010-10-18 18:20):

indeed !

Comments to 'Буфер обмена01.jpg':
submuloc (2010-10-15 19:48):

very tempting lil bride

Comments to 'Изображение 016.jpg':
lovesfemales (2013-03-17 02:37):

She is hot

Comments to 'Изображение 019.jpg':
submuloc (2010-10-15 19:50):

cute socks
thumper222 (2010-12-31 07:16):

love the socks so much so cute....check out my pics all somments are great

Comments to 'DSC00123.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-15 19:51):

sexy beauty!
meis (2012-05-29 16:12):

Traumhaft schön!!!

Comments to 'DSC04065.JPG':
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:36):


Comments to 'DSC04076.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-18 21:36):

she looks extraordinary beautiful while wearing this gorgeous dress!

Comments to 'DSC04080.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-18 21:38):

amazing sexy look

Comments to 'DSC04088.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-18 21:39):

yummy legs!

Comments to 'DSC04090.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-18 21:40):

still more yummy legs ;-)
ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:28):

Супер девочка!Ножки хороши!Ах-ах!

Comments to 'DSC04102.JPG':
ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:29):

Да!А дальше еще больше торчать будут!

Comments to 'DSC04108.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-18 21:41):

she is so very stunning hot looking!!!

Comments to 'DSC04114.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-18 21:42):

a girl to die for!!!
rubyquartz (2010-11-10 01:50):

This girl is a beauty, are there any pics more recent?

Comments to 'DSC024091.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-18 21:43):

this beauty's body is so very hot shaped!

Comments to 'DSC00181.JPG':
anonymous0gl (2013-01-22 08:31):

You want one of your own? Im sure youll make a good mommy. Need a daddy?

Comments to 'DSC00284.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-20 23:21):

she looks stunning!!!
yungfox2 (2010-11-10 07:01):

Sweet ...

Comments to 'DSC00287.JPG':
canterbury (2010-12-26 09:23):

akuma-kun (2015-07-10 23:16):

I want to go to that pool party.
cheep (2016-08-23 04:25):

Herrlich die Nippel

Comments to 'DSC00322.JPG':
super-b (2010-10-26 00:53):

keep uncovering
ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:32):

Хорошие ляжки
beautyfullegs (2016-04-04 15:29):

я бы их зацеловал

Comments to 'DSC00323.JPG':
anonymous0gl (2013-01-22 08:57):

This is a good example of "the best photographic equipment is the one that is available. This photo does not have good detail but it is here for us to enjoy. But it is best to buy the highest quality equipment you can afford.

Comments to 'DSC00458.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-20 23:22):

her face and hair are gorgeous
ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:35):

Низ ее весь созревший!
gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:29):


Comments to 'DSC00463.JPG':
canim29 (2010-10-26 11:07):

flower_13 (2010-10-31 01:14):

super-b (2010-11-10 00:29):

i am gonna make a mess if i see more of her
dragon79 (2013-01-22 04:05):

nice album :))

Comments to 'DSC00467.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-20 23:23):

this pic remembers me on the film "Pretty Baby"

Comments to 'DSC00470.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-20 23:24):

she is a real angel

Comments to 'DSC00477.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-23 01:04):

yes Mommy, you can be very proud of her!

Comments to 'DSC00569.JPG':
ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:37):

Платье нужной длины!!!

Comments to 'DSC00586.JPG':
ya.mity (2011-01-30 19:38):

И я хочууу!
gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:28):

видно что папа её любит

Comments to 'DSC00587.JPG':
hally87today (2010-11-02 02:30):

see it in her eys lol
gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:27):

папочки спасибо говорит за падарок))

Comments to 'DSC00598.JPG':
shoolgirlcarol (2010-10-23 17:46):

These are lovely looking girls. It's hard to pick the best, the girl in the right? She is very attractive and I like her pigtails too!

Comments to 'DSC00691.JPG':
arschloch10000 (2010-11-12 12:13):

wow hot body have more of her?? trade??

Comments to 'DSC00856.JPG':
rubyquartz (2010-10-26 15:59):

gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:38):

echt süss

Comments to 'DSC00899.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-25 22:40):

she has so stunning long hair
ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:30):

Спасибо за показ такой аппетитной девочки!

Comments to 'DSC00901.JPG':
super-b (2010-11-10 00:21):

i think i would love to have her help me unload
ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:32):

Аппетитные ляжки

Comments to 'DSC00907.JPG':
lovetights (2010-12-14 08:46):


Comments to 'DSC00938.JPG':
ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:34):

Да плавочки очень хороши!

Comments to 'DSC00959.JPG':
barney83 (2010-11-10 00:37):

I want to see them do each other!
ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:37):

Обоих можно ложить рядом!!!

Comments to 'DSC00961.JPG':
super-b (2010-11-03 00:56):

both have me strokin
i_go_humble (2010-11-10 18:53):

It would be awesome to have them both as girlfriends!

Comments to 'DSC00970.JPG':
ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:39):

Хорошие плавочки

Comments to 'DSC00971.JPG':
super-b (2010-11-10 00:17):

very strokeable
meis (2012-05-29 16:15):

Eine kleine Göttin

Comments to 'DSC01008.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-31 04:15):

beautiful angel

Comments to 'DSC01089.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-31 04:17):

sexy top

Comments to 'DSC01098.JPG':
submuloc (2010-10-31 04:18):

stunning cutie

Comments to 'DSC01032.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-03 23:05):

two pretty angels!

Comments to 'DSC01038.JPG':
ejccalifornia (2012-11-14 03:45):

The baby says, "Stop lookin' at me and take a long stare at her ass."

Comments to 'DSC01097.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-03 23:07):

she looks like the perfect princess

Comments to 'DSC01099.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-03 23:07):

her top is so awesome sexy!

Comments to 'DSC01274.JPG':
gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:25):

а головку почему не моем

Comments to 'DSC01275.JPG':
skylbird500 (2010-11-14 20:06):

very pretty...

Comments to 'DSC01537.JPG':
d.i.m.a. (2016-05-28 16:08):

Блин,какие классные ножки!

Comments to 'DSC01543.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-03 23:09):

lovetights (2010-11-04 19:59):

sexy blue socks.. more?

Comments to 'DSC01874.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-03 23:10):

a yummy lil body

Comments to 'DSC01883.JPG':
beagkev (2012-07-12 04:00):

lovely girl

Comments to 'DSC01968.JPG':
super-b (2010-11-10 00:33):

just take it off and show me where u want it

Comments to 'DSC02080.JPG':
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:39):

tolles bild

Comments to 'DSC02085.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-05 00:58):

very hot looking in this skirt

Comments to 'DSC02091.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-05 00:59):

so hot!

Comments to 'DSC02182.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-09 01:38):

Men's darling!

Comments to 'DSC02187.JPG':
bootsmann (2011-11-27 14:06):

This photo was taken in 2010. And now she goes to the military college.

Comments to 'DSC02188.JPG':
bootsmann (2011-09-18 14:52):

News for all - Alina came to study at the War College! )))

Comments to 'DSC02322.JPG':
gimma (2010-11-10 12:32):

if she walks down the beacht, guys are smelting.....

Comments to 'DSC02330.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-10 00:44):

so very dreamful long hair!!!
gimma (2010-11-10 17:35):

bootsmann: do you eventually know, how old this beauty is ? she is a real beach attraction !!
gimma (2010-11-10 18:35):

thanks, boostmann. thats a very beautiful 11y old girl !! very beautiful !
gimma (2010-11-10 18:39):

bootsmann, is she aware of her beauty or don't she realize it ? do you have a idea ?
bootsmann (2010-11-10 19:28):

I think she is quite aware of its beauty. When I talked to her, she said that boys at school for her constant nagging. This is not an indicator? Remember, as you behaved at school, because in your class were nice girls, right? )))
gimma (2010-11-10 19:50):

absolutely :-) I can understand every boy in her class ))
canterbury (2010-11-12 01:48):

Yes.... that glorious hair!

Comments to 'DSC02331.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-10 00:45):

she must be the beach star

Comments to 'DSC02332.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-10 00:47):

a very gorgeous girlie
canterbury (2010-11-12 01:49):

Lovely pose!
ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:47):


Comments to 'DSC02334.JPG':
gimma (2010-11-10 12:32):

I am sure there were a lot of guys at this beach looking at her !!!
bootsmann (2010-11-10 12:50):

Boys do not really pay attention to it. It drew attention mainly adult males, as I thought ..
gimma (2010-11-10 17:32):

I am wondering if she realized, that she takes the attention of some adult males.... she also could be flattered about that....
canterbury (2010-11-12 01:51):

She knows who's looking! And I agree, boys her age don't yet appreciate beauty.

Comments to 'DSC02338.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-10 22:58):

her new friend?
gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:24):

папа дастоёт))
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:41):


Comments to 'DSC02339.JPG':
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:40):

nice picture

Comments to 'DSC02357.JPG':
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:41):

very nice little girl
daddysgirls69 (2013-02-05 01:23):

lumpi23 (2017-09-07 09:38):


Comments to 'DSC02358.JPG':
gimma (2010-11-10 17:34):

It once comes the time, when mom must realize that men aren't looking at her anymore, but at her daughter......
super-b (2010-11-11 01:41):

i would do both
canterbury (2010-11-12 01:55):

Mom has long known that men appreciate, nay even covet, her daughter!
canterbury (2010-11-12 01:58):

Nice album Bootsman, beautifll girl! Thank you.
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:42):

nice picture

Comments to 'DSC02359.JPG':
ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:50):

Отличное фото-секси!
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:43):


Comments to 'DSC02360.JPG':
gogi123 (2012-05-20 16:23):

видно что хорошая девочка
meis (2012-05-29 16:16):

Ich hätte sie gerne beide zusammen

Comments to 'DSC02400.JPG':
gimma (2010-11-19 15:22):

and she knows that we all are smelting......

Comments to 'DSC02402.JPG':
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:44):

little model

Comments to 'DSC03415.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-20 20:12):

Oh my,, I wanna feel and kiss her hosed legs
lovetights (2013-01-21 23:17):

sexy pantyhose girl

Comments to 'DSC03698.JPG':
submuloc (2010-11-20 20:15):

so hot looking in her blue shirt

Comments to 'DSC03729.JPG':
pusti (2013-01-30 20:19):

ohja sie ist so schoen ich bin gerade voll heiß und staune sie erregt an ...sie ist fast zu schoen um als wixxvorlage zu dienen..leber würde ich sie verwöhnen und sie lecken bis ihre schamlippchen anfangen zu schwellen und zu zucken

Comments to 'DSC03738.JPG':
pusti (2013-01-30 20:20):

mir reicht die linke ...ich kanns kaum noch zurück halten omg
frank5555 (2013-10-25 00:09):

this skirt looks great

Comments to 'DSC03910.JPG':
submuloc (2010-12-13 04:59):

her body is so yummy!
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:44):


Comments to 'DSC03942.JPG':
submuloc (2010-12-13 05:00):

what sweet lil boobies she has
bootsmann (2011-11-27 14:04):

Alina is now studying at military college ...
bootsmann (2011-11-27 14:35):

No, we continue to correspond and communicate with her parents.
bootsmann (2011-11-28 01:54):

New photos will be. And I do not write in the mail because they do not sell and do not place an online photo of limited distribution, sorry ...

Comments to 'DSC03947.JPG':
gimma (2010-12-08 12:38):

she is awesome !
submuloc (2010-12-13 05:00):

yes she is! A girl to die for!

Comments to 'DSC03949.JPG':
submuloc (2010-12-13 05:01):

a perfect body!

Comments to 'DSC03968.JPG':
submuloc (2010-12-13 05:03):

would like to feel her sexy ribs

Comments to 'DSC03972.JPG':
gimma (2010-12-08 12:37):

what an eyecatcher she is !!
submuloc (2010-12-13 05:04):

yes, she is absolutely!
moa1980 (2010-12-21 22:42):

very nice :)
ya.mity (2011-01-30 20:53):

Села как надо!
rathole (2011-06-30 05:30):

thanks for sharing this album. I would like to see more of Alina

Comments to 'DSC03982.JPG':
lovetights (2013-01-21 23:17):

sweet girl
gerhard100 (2013-01-22 11:45):

very nice girl

Comments to 'DSC04050.JPG':
canterbury (2010-12-26 07:40):

Nice additions Mr B, she's still lovely! She looks positively triumphant with those skewered sausages... I think I'll keep my distance!!
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