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Comments to 'KievaChan006.jpg':
lenslong (2010-09-26 16:29):

last comment was mine
glitterman6969 (2010-12-09 13:08):

Great album thanks so much, I just love Skoolys
moes (2012-01-03 01:20):

herunumen (2012-10-03 13:49):

do you have pass please?

Comments to '156554009O306487139.jpg':
iv428 (2012-04-13 22:27):

love the color of their tights! That's not a color seen often...
submuloc (2012-04-14 01:41):

Thx for all your nice comments to my schoolies in tights, iv428! :-)
iv428 (2012-04-14 22:03):

I have an album locked out in the other account...

Comments to 'P6210251__r.jpg':
spankingjenny (2012-12-03 11:48):

Definitely six-of-the-best for the girl with the phone.

Comments to 'image__r.jpg':
submuloc (2011-01-26 20:32):

You are right, mate!
submuloc (2011-01-26 21:41):


Comments to '2178517145_a3384202be.jpg':
jdr143 (2011-03-27 06:48):

Nice ..
iv428 (2012-04-17 20:41):

strumpfhosen20 (2012-04-27 22:22):

I do love this pic nice tights
onborusse09 (2013-12-26 04:52):

Mmmmhhhh, sich von denen stellen - sich einen runterholen und der linken auf die bestrumpften Schenkel spritzen !!!
flange (2014-03-14 17:32):

i need some gooood schoolgirl pics

Comments to 'ar2002-02.jpg':
lenslong (2010-10-01 23:22):

look better in white ankle socks
schwaeble (2017-01-21 19:04):

ukcobra (2017-01-29 02:19):

nice young girls

Comments to 'ms2002-02.jpg':
edgarcm (2011-09-05 04:18):

Awesome girl. Very cute
onborusse09 (2013-12-26 04:57):

Mmmmhhhh, ein süßes Gesicht zum anspritzen !!!

Comments to 'ms2002-06.jpg':
submuloc (2011-08-02 22:18):

Das ist für mich absolut perfekte Schulmädchenerotik!

Comments to 'ms2002-07.jpg':
fshwichser (2013-11-05 14:27):

auf den Rock............

Comments to '2181729810_c0ce816723_o.jpg':
submuloc (2012-01-05 01:17):

We have the same dream, mate :-)
lovetights999 (2013-02-21 09:25):

very nice
ukcobra (2017-01-29 02:26):

nice sexy legs

Comments to '65431206.jpg':
fkk-lover (2010-09-25 18:30):

Nice ! What country ?
submuloc (2010-09-25 19:50):

english hotties
fkk-lover (2010-09-25 22:56):

Auch bin ich glück auf diesen kurzen Röcken !
iv428 (2012-04-13 22:27):

nice tights!

Comments to '':
theenforcer (2011-11-06 07:26):

I swear, those are just long shirts that they wear as dresses!
og4yg (2017-04-22 18:59):

Legs on her! There gorgeous!

Comments to '':
badbear1526 (2017-04-21 08:29):

I'd have my hands all over these beauties if I was fact I would have them screaming with pleasure!!

Comments to '':
theenforcer (2011-09-04 05:52):

How does one acquire the password to "English Schoolies (special)"?

Comments to 'DSCF0005.jpg':
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 13:48):

Sexy tights

Comments to 'DSCF0006.jpg':
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:02):

As they wear tights I would take all three and spend a lot more than a night =)
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 13:49):

og4yg (2017-04-22 19:06):

Sexy legs just beautiful!

Comments to '17085458a2413762633b501662509o.j':
shoolgirlcarol (2010-09-26 05:03):

I could do without my wife for a night, if I had one of these girls as me daughter.

Comments to '15855445a4489635560b922547855o.j':
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:03):

you mean all you can feet buffet? ;-)

Comments to '18517223a6429680377o.jpg':
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 13:50):

Left look at them legs!
schwaeble (2017-01-21 19:06):

da sind schon ein paar geile Feger dabei

Comments to '17742512a2082676634b974928291o.j':
scc932 (2011-12-04 09:48):

one of the best pics...
strumpfhosen20 (2012-04-27 23:04):

2nd in right for me she is lovely

Comments to '':
aabdiev (2010-09-25 07:35):

Ниче так ляжки.

Comments to '':
lenslong (2010-09-26 18:03):

wouldn't mind getting to grips with the lil blond on left!
jingjocks2 (2012-04-15 07:17):

oh yes she is a little hottie!

Comments to '':
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:04):

Front row, No 1 & 2 from the right!

Comments to '':
strumpfhosen20 (2012-04-27 23:05):

I do so love white tights
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:04):

Yes they look absolutely gorgeous!

Comments to '20355820a7568727442o.jpg':
submuloc (2010-12-01 21:16):

No, God bless him! :-)
scc932 (2011-12-05 08:12):

tights are the best!

Comments to '6401021a4319800167b199975543of.j':
tightsman63 (2015-04-07 15:49):

Love those green tights.

Comments to '16634762a790961883b712812493of.j':
littlepantyhose (2011-10-02 06:23):

These white tights are amazing
iv428 (2012-04-11 21:36):

Love white tights!
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:07):

They look so pure and clean! I would only make the smallest hole in those tights to pound them!

Comments to '2472505021_74f8643e5b_o.jpg':
applesandpears (2010-12-20 12:21):

Dirty girl...

Comments to '105243298a4474161576b894489669o.':
applesandpears (2010-12-20 12:27):

Fantastic girls
theenforcer (2011-09-05 03:47):

Can you give me the password to English Schoolies Special?
iv428 (2012-04-13 22:28):

they all look adorable in their tights!

Comments to '363eb46b.jpg':
aabdiev (2010-09-25 07:38):

Это Англия да?
submuloc (2010-09-25 12:55):

Да, это Англия!
sofievandooren (2011-04-13 00:20):

very beautiful album
jp101091 (2012-04-30 15:57):

wow..... i knew i went to the wrong school

Comments to '397557021a7934026417o.jpg':
applesandpears (2010-12-20 12:31):

Fine legs!

Comments to '117362812.jpg':
spankingjenny (2012-12-03 11:52):

I just bet the old biddy on the left would stripe your bottom.

Comments to '6026056155a8096841176o.jpg':
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 13:52):


Comments to 'sid-picks-111-078.jpg':
tightlittleholes (2017-02-25 04:31):


Comments to 'sid-picks-111-082.jpg':
blowdown2 (2010-09-28 23:28):

I think I may have some "cream" for her!! ;-))
twobobbits72 (2011-12-13 00:21):

ky jelly is just along a bit honey.
strumpfhosen20 (2012-04-27 23:09):


Comments to 'sid-picks-111-157.jpg':
lisasgdoll (2011-09-27 18:43):

mickyba (2014-12-04 10:49):

The peek of white panties - delicious.
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 13:53):

Up skirt! Mmm ues
balbesivo (2017-02-24 12:40):


Comments to '0_568_efb29a4_orig.jpg':
strumpfhosen20 (2012-04-27 23:10):

Love the one on the far right

Comments to '06062301144-357323957--7.jpg':
fshwichser (2013-11-05 14:28):

die ganz rechts...............

Comments to '06062301144-357323957--9.jpg':
fshwichser (2013-11-05 14:29):

von links: 1, 2, 4.

Comments to '3086196593_1153d285a2_o.jpg':
flabbster (2012-10-28 22:43):

they can slide down my pole any time!.

Comments to '3087033422_4d112413dd_o.jpg':
iv428 (2012-04-12 19:41):

grey tights!

Comments to '3086195051_1f2baa08a8_o.jpg':
gogi123 (2010-09-25 17:32):


Comments to 'Pionier DDR 14.jpg':
shoolgirlcarol (2010-09-26 04:50):

Yes, very much. Children from that time and before were much more innocent than the youngsters today.

Comments to '18746676a5313795527o.jpg':
littlepantyhose (2011-10-02 06:24):

Super pic
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:08):

Nr. 2 looks very beautiful but I would invite them all!

Comments to '475007175a4224774447b450972029o.':
scc932 (2011-08-27 12:01):

love white tights!
littlepantyhose (2011-10-02 06:25):

This school would get stalked!!
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:09):

Hopefully this is a girls-only school. As a boy I would not be able to make just one rational thought throughout the day!

Comments to '20977738a4348064913b351565813o.j':
navyblue (2010-10-12 15:23):

Wow, a lovely front row. The cheeky blonde on the Headmasters left would look especially nice bent over the back of a chair having a bare bottom soundly slippered.

Comments to '735196781a6423164649o.jpg':
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:10):

Also a very nice colour for a school uniform! In this picture I can almost feel those feet on my face!
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 13:56):

Left! Bad girl

Comments to '20801006a2322593966b557879736o.j':
viewer320 (2011-07-03 03:37):

or a good shagging

Comments to '836209568a4672418883o.jpg':
iv428 (2012-04-12 19:48):

and the tights!

Comments to '16201697a5659105437o.jpg':
littlepantyhose (2011-10-02 06:26):

Oh my sexy
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 13:57):

Little blondie I'm in love!
og4yg (2017-04-22 19:04):

me too she is gorgeous

Comments to '16201697a5658258361o.jpg':
littlepantyhose (2011-10-02 06:27):

Love indian girls in tights, feels like a taboo
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:11):

Sniffing on those white panties of the girl on the right would definitely also be some kind of taboo ;-)
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 14:07):

Little blondie love tht smile!
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 14:10):

Little blondie love tht smile! I'd love to get her pregnant! Anyone ave guess of her name?

Comments to '16628903a20826573b1073033o.jpg':
fshwichser (2013-10-16 13:03):

2. and 3. from right, OMG!
nylongeiler (2014-05-23 23:32):

die drei von rechts.........oh Gott, es kommt gerade!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments to '1993836773a5866901877o.jpg':
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:12):

Without shoes... a dream!
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 14:08):


Comments to '257295747a4692074757o.jpg':
johnc7300 (2012-09-02 19:29):

Love this one

Comments to '4187323896a7935683547o.jpg':
littlepantyhose (2011-10-02 06:28):

Ooh the 2 indian girls wud get it
andypron (2013-09-03 02:13):

I'll have number 2 - white and sheer tights.mmm
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:13):

Would leave the girl in the middle until she finds her pantyhose! ;-)

Comments to '4187323896a7935685434o.jpg':
crabman1 (2014-10-26 18:13):

Such a lovely bunch of girls!
mickyba (2014-12-04 10:52):

That is a very dirty kinda look from the girl with her tongue out. I wonder if she was thinking about doing something nice with that glue stick ? ;-0

Comments to '4187323896a7935683790o.jpg':
hawk163 (2011-10-22 18:30):

very sexy

Comments to '4311180683a4898692274o.jpg':
littlepantyhose (2011-10-02 06:30):

In her face my c o k wud go

Comments to '18449271a3766623350b499231460o.j':
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 14:13):

Wow all those sexy legs!

Comments to '7372958a23759278b851043094o.jpg':
a1609 (2010-11-25 15:36):

great legs and cute faces
tightsman63 (2015-04-07 15:58):

Love schoolies in tan tights
guy4ygirls (2016-08-08 14:14):

can't beat it especially with then legs!

Comments to '10679830a2096570864b936349725o.j':
schwaeble (2017-01-21 19:16):


Comments to '':
spankingjenny (2013-04-01 11:18):

No, they are waiting for the cane, miserable faces.

Comments to '':
schwaeble (2017-01-21 19:17):

die sind im richtigen Alter

Comments to 'SSHouseSummer.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:30):

Great album of school girl pictures, thanks for posting them

Comments to '07_3.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:33):

Must be a old picture as push down socks in fashion a few yrs ago. Nice uniform. And yummy bare knees.
submuloc (2011-01-27 23:38):

Irish school. It's only from some years ago!

Comments to '69089_der1_122_1058lo.jpg':
viewer320 (2011-07-03 03:55):

she is absolutely beautiful,perfect in every way luv to meet her now
iv428 (2012-04-12 20:17):

smokfan (2013-08-16 14:32):

Very nice indeed! Be a star and e-mail me the password to access the English schoolies special section please. Thanks in advance.
smethwickman (2015-04-11 10:02):

me too please would love to see the,

Comments to '69279_l_67f3f0a8885c588133d66f43':
brownowl (2011-01-28 01:43):

Yes very naughty. lol. but nice.
spankingjenny (2012-12-03 11:57):

straight to the office for a caning.

Comments to '69401_l_d438290bf27a515af548d902':
lisasgdoll (2011-09-27 18:46):

Fantastic, would love to see them wet

Comments to '69403_l_ea2587e26cc6cf880620bb17':
chimpychap (2010-10-15 21:00):

The one in the middle really nees to shave her bush!

Comments to 'P1011241.jpg':
dooley69 (2010-12-30 03:23):

makes my balls feel funny
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:35):

Cute uniform. Very nice.
annebend46 (2016-02-13 07:04):

Perfect uniform perfect socks. Per fect red bottom knickers down over my knee.

Comments to '3634861ydW.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:36):

Love your albums, very nice.
submuloc (2011-01-27 23:50):

THX mate!

Comments to 'star1014.jpg':
schwaeble (2017-01-21 19:18):


Comments to 'scscan06.JPG':
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:39):

I like the summer dresses for girls and with knee socks.

Comments to 'scscan13.JPG':
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:40):

Very nice.

Comments to 'scscan09.JPG':
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:44):

I do to, looks very smart.

Comments to 'scscan08.JPG':
schwaeble (2017-01-21 19:19):


Comments to 'mixt771.jpg':
lenslong (2010-11-28 22:40):

Back then Ken; you'd have got away with a nice long feel as
kenith30 (2010-11-29 00:48):

Do you speak from experience lenslong ;-)
lenslong (2010-11-30 22:49):

had my moments Ken.. and I lay odds these two beauties are wearing dark navy blue school knickers!

Comments to 'sjng_01.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:42):

Nice uniform.

Comments to 'ch1-nb01.jpg':
schwaeble (2017-01-21 19:20):


Comments to 'ch1-nb08.jpg':
smethwickman (2015-04-11 10:06):

give her a facial

Comments to '2girls.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-27 23:46):

mmmm very nice, over my knee you naughty pair of girls. lol
brownowl (2011-01-31 23:10):

What do they expect when they are busy chatting away in class. lol.

Comments to 'CDEe.jpg':
submuloc (2011-02-16 21:07):

that's the reason why I only love the right girl :-)

Comments to 'ARCHV003.jpg':
shoolgirlcarol (2010-12-01 19:04):

would she be spanked hard?
jennaelam (2013-08-16 22:53):

Please send special password ;)

Comments to '2818.jpg':
jothika (2011-01-19 08:31):


Comments to '21102004-20_25_35.jpg':
smethwickman (2015-04-11 10:10):

love to make her pregnant

Comments to '000_0671.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-31 23:32):

Nice thieghs.

Comments to '6042.jpg':
shoolgirlcarol (2010-12-01 19:08):

like my motorcycle love?
smethwickman (2015-04-11 10:11):

ride her

Comments to '16417.jpg':
smethwickman (2015-04-11 10:11):


Comments to 'a257.jpg':
smethwickman (2015-04-11 10:13):

spred them legs

Comments to '27102004-17_34_55.jpg':
james5001682 (2011-01-08 03:28):

take me to the bikesheds

Comments to 'sara0343kg.jpg':
brownowl (2011-01-28 01:47):

auto 617805 AT hushmail com EMAIL ME
brownowl (2011-01-28 01:54):

dont forget the dot between hushmail and com lol

Comments to '199965315_e358cd3a46_o.jpg':
stujay54 (2011-01-21 18:45):

Hi. An excellent album. Could I have the password for your protected schoolies album?
viewer320 (2011-07-03 04:10):

great album new here,working on album can i have pass for schoolies please
iv428 (2012-04-18 00:29):

too cute!
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