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Comments to 'aaa.JPG':
jo.2000 (2010-04-13 00:15):

any nude? or videos
andrei200000 (2010-09-12 10:13):

Thanks everyone for the comments!!
sportpixel (2011-02-15 01:24):

nice Portrait
tonimaro77 (2013-07-24 17:49):

ein hübsches Gesicht
beautifulboys22 (2013-11-01 20:28):

It would be much appreciated. Thank you! Please P4P to your locked albums.
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 11:05):

bdr222 (2017-04-03 21:23):


Comments to 'Artyom002.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-05 15:15):

It's an invitation. showing what he's got to the photographer
fread123 (2010-07-18 12:43):

You have some great shots here I love your work
izzydog28121964 (2013-06-16 12:34):

ooof he really has out grown his trunks mmmmm
vasechkin (2014-06-13 13:33):

I'd kiss him for hours
tonytheking (2015-04-15 21:39):

nice album
jackinlad16 (2016-04-30 20:58):

bdr222 (2017-04-03 21:24):


Comments to 'Ba90.JPG':
fagin (2010-10-22 01:34):

very nice

Comments to 'Ba91b.JPG':
budak_kasep (2010-04-12 11:05):

My favourite, too.

Comments to 'Ba&Tong09.JPG':
thailand.faces (2010-04-11 10:16):

Have you made another recent journey to Heaven?
ginobili2009 (2010-04-12 05:11):

nice pair
andrei200000 (2010-09-12 10:19):

Thanks everyone for comments!
fagin (2010-10-22 01:38):

2 beauties

Comments to 'Ba&Tong15.JPG':
thailand.faces (2010-04-11 10:17):

'Ba' means 'crazy'- and 'Tong' means 'gold'.
hasenf (2010-04-29 10:16):

eine der vielen schönen inseln in Thailand
marclamarr (2010-12-11 04:22):

masay (2010-12-25 17:25):


Comments to 'Ba&Tong29.JPG':
thailand.faces (2010-04-11 10:18):

This place looks so familiar ...
andrei200000 (2010-09-12 10:15):

Так целые альбомы - The Land of the Smiles

Comments to 'Ba&Tong30.JPG':
hasenf (2010-04-29 10:17):

hübsch in der Natur

Comments to 'Boy.jpg':
thailand.faces (2010-04-11 10:20):

A strange, handsome arm.
andrei200000 (2010-09-12 10:16):

Kap khun ha!

Comments to 'DSC00430.JPG':
hasenf (2010-04-29 10:18):

die sind lustig
slavik_1976 (2011-06-08 10:11):

Вот посмотрю я на такие жизнерадостные фотки мальчишек - и на весь день приподнятое настроение! :-)
beine (2015-01-23 10:40):

Schön zarte jungen beine
nonojo723 (2015-04-04 18:28):

good buds. cute boys

Comments to 'DSC00436.JPG':
slavik_1976 (2011-06-08 10:12):

Спасибо, Андрей! :) Отличные у тебя фотки, фотки для настроения и для души!

Comments to 'DSC00478.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2013-01-27 06:04):

Cutie. Good photo. Agree with all above comments
bdr222 (2017-04-03 21:28):


Comments to 'DSC00480.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-05 15:25):

underwear fits so much better than a swimsuit sometimes. What do ya think?
sandypants (2010-09-17 11:09):

something heavy is in there.
izzydog28121964 (2013-06-16 12:35):

sweet boy
nonojo723 (2015-04-04 18:29):

very nice

Comments to 'DSC00522.JPG':
pssiech (2010-08-18 23:39):

Würde dir gerne den arsch versohlen

Comments to 'DSC00529.JPG':
slavik_1976 (2011-06-08 10:17):

Это был просто технический перерыв. Когда фотограф закончить снимать, мальчишка продолжит своё любимое занятие! ;-))
bedwetterpro (2013-01-27 06:09):


Comments to 'DSC00549.JPG':
masay (2010-12-25 18:48):

slavik_1976 (2011-06-08 10:18):

Классная фотка!!! :)

Comments to 'DSC00556.JPG':
budak_kasep (2010-04-12 11:11):

This nice too!

Comments to 'DSC00599.JPG':
thailand.faces (2010-04-11 10:22):

How wonderful to be in their midst!

Comments to 'DSC00626.JPG':
mars01055 (2015-12-09 19:05):


Comments to 'DSC00917.JPG':
kaka1122 (2010-07-10 11:14):

very danguers

Comments to 'DSC01054.JPG':
marclamarr (2010-12-11 04:25):

bdr222 (2017-04-03 21:33):


Comments to 'DSC01167.JPG':
marclamarr (2010-12-11 04:26):

tonimaro77 (2013-07-24 17:50):

die gefallen mir alle

Comments to 'DSC01168.JPG':
mikelj (2010-04-11 00:18):

good friends! ;)
cccp.ussr (2010-04-11 17:20):

В Средней Азии принято рукопожатие ДВУМЯ руками, а не одной; так что здесь самое обычное приветствие, а не что-то, сделанное для камеры.

Comments to 'DSC01284.JPG':
alibek56 (2012-07-28 20:20):

нормально класные трусики.

Comments to 'DSC01382.JPG':
tonimaro77 (2013-07-24 17:51):

der rechte ist hot

Comments to 'DSC01392.JPG':
ggk60 (2010-04-17 09:24):

can i have pass

Comments to 'DSC01406.JPG':
beine (2014-11-06 18:39):


Comments to 'DSC01443.JPG':
roundprt (2010-04-15 11:41):

what is there
sportpixel (2010-05-31 11:38):

yes, sooo very nice pics...hanx 4 great album andrei
dresdenguy (2010-12-04 08:06):

Going To Break A lot Of Heart!!!
sportpixel (2011-02-15 01:27):

wow...ein super schöner Schnappschuss
tonimaro77 (2013-07-24 17:58):

sexy body und eine schöne Beule zum erforschen
nonojo723 (2014-04-06 08:41):

awesome boy!
bdr222 (2017-04-03 21:52):


Comments to 'DSC01448.JPG':
mikelj (2010-04-11 01:30):

beautiful picture!

Comments to 'DSC01454.JPG':
hasenf (2010-04-29 10:19):

ha ha, die drei haben spaß
hasenf (2010-06-11 19:10):

der lacht ja selbst auch dabei der reingeschmissen wird, das ist schön = the laughs and even attending is thrown in, the beautiful

Comments to 'DSC01465.JPG':
beine (2014-11-06 18:41):


Comments to 'DSC01469.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-10 01:40):

sometimes a half moon is better than a full moon

Comments to 'DSC01480.JPG':
mowgli (2010-11-07 00:39):

Yes this little man is really handsome

Comments to 'DSC01484.JPG':
fagin (2010-10-22 02:17):

Nice position, agreed....but one of many

Comments to 'DSC01531.JPG':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 21:45):


Comments to 'DSC01573.JPG':
beine (2015-01-23 10:43):

Süße zarte maus

Comments to 'DSC01576.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-10 01:44):

future floocies

Comments to 'DSC02438.JPG':
cosidetto (2010-08-03 16:09):

Very nice picture, lovely collection. Thank you for posting, andrei2001!
mowgli (2010-11-07 00:48):

Excellently composed picture, thnas Andrei
bdr222 (2017-04-03 21:47):


Comments to 'DSC02547.JPG':
sportpixel (2011-02-15 01:35):

sehr schön anzusehen
bedwetterpro (2014-03-06 03:49):

Nice kid. BIG DINK!

Comments to 'DSC02549.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-10 01:47):

He knows what your really looking at, pal
luvlookin (2010-08-19 07:55):

Your photography is really good !
cole_p1996 (2012-06-21 23:44):

WOW! His is very BIG!
tonimaro77 (2013-07-24 17:59):

ohh,davor Knien und bl...
nonojo723 (2015-04-04 18:32):

very nice

Comments to 'DSC02551.JPG':
mowgli (2010-11-07 00:59):

I like the very right boy with the blue swimming suit best...
mowgli (2010-12-16 23:53):

When you look from their and not from our side, it is the right one.

Comments to 'DSC02552.JPG':
tonimaro77 (2013-07-24 18:01):

da würd ich gern für entspannung sorgen

Comments to 'DSC02569.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-10 17:57):

What ya mean, don't touch it. It's moving
fagin (2010-10-22 02:34):

nice boy stiffy
izzydog28121964 (2013-06-16 12:39):

well hung seen lots of this boy

Comments to 'DSC02572.JPG':
thailand.faces (2010-04-11 10:28):

This pic is popular, as it should be.
ralle (2011-11-19 15:33):

bedwetterpro (2014-03-06 03:50):

Yes he will be very popular
nonojo723 (2015-04-04 18:39):

awesome boy!

Comments to 'DSC02576.JPG':
mowgli (2010-11-07 01:05):

Most excellent photo

Comments to 'DSC02625.JPG':
tumi11ami (2010-04-13 19:25):

Very nice!

Comments to 'DSC02636.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-03-06 03:51):

Wow. Makes my teeth sweat.

Comments to 'DSC02657.JPG':
luvlookin (2010-08-19 07:53):

Great Definition !
nonojo723 (2015-04-04 18:48):

boy's got a nice leg. good buds. nice skin contact. nice smile
andrei2001 (2015-04-05 21:07):


Comments to 'DSC02686.JPG':
curacaodudes (2010-04-14 01:48):

Are They Kissing?

Comments to 'DSC02854.JPG':
hasenf (2010-04-29 10:21):

hübsche natürliche aufnamen = pretty natural Expiry
hasenf (2010-06-11 19:15):

die braten das meiste in Wog, aber der hat spaß am Kochen = fry in the most Wog but he has fun in cooking

Comments to 'DSC04036.JPG':
mowgli (2010-11-07 01:21):

Oh he is my favorite

Comments to 'DSC04083.JPG':
sportpixel (2010-05-31 11:52):

hmmmm Andrei...thank you for the nice Pics
andrei200000 (2010-09-12 10:23):

2 heads

Comments to 'DSC04086.JPG':
alibek56 (2012-07-28 20:25):

головка нарисовалась.

Comments to 'DSC04095.JPG':
blanko (2010-04-14 02:02):

Да ужжж...))
alibek56 (2012-07-28 20:26):

И в трусиках что выперает тоже красиво

Comments to 'DSC04110.JPG':
luvlookin (2010-08-19 07:59):

That other camera is pointed the wrong way, or is it?

Comments to 'DSC04111.JPG':
mowgli (2010-11-07 01:51):

Do you know his name?

Comments to 'DSC04112.JPG':
mowgli (2010-11-07 01:30):

He might be not so nice, but I like to see his photos anyway. I have a good collection, but not in this hq.

Comments to 'DSC04113.JPG':
mowgli (2010-11-07 01:32):

A nice fish maybe for his meal...

Comments to 'DSC04132.JPG':
budak_kasep (2010-04-12 11:14):

Nice Shot!
mowgli (2010-11-07 01:39):

I have many photos they jump out of it. Sometimes they are too quick or I am too slow with my reaction. But still a good shot.

Comments to 'DSC04148.JPG':
joecichjr (2017-01-21 00:35):

Nice young bulge!

Comments to 'DSC04267.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:04):

Памела Андерсон отдыхает.
andrei2001 (2017-01-27 00:53):

Да, это правда. Спасибо за оценку!
reaformer (2017-01-28 13:26):

Давно не было видно...

Comments to 'DSC04283.JPG':
kertiro (2010-05-12 20:23):

Мой любимый спорт

Comments to 'DSC04224.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:05):

- Покажи, чо наснимал!..

Comments to 'DSC04309.JPG':
neofausuto (2011-12-27 00:19):

this is somewhat perfection

Comments to 'DSC04314.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:06):

Исходя из наличия удочки, ЭТО - улов?!..
jack1947 (2010-10-19 14:57):

Is it my imagination or can I see all the way to heaven?

Comments to 'DSC04315.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:06):

На заднем плане кто-то тонет...

Comments to 'DSC04417.JPG':
luvlookin (2010-08-19 08:28):

I bet that is good eating!

Comments to 'DSC04450.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:07):


Comments to 'DSC04488.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:07):


Comments to 'DSC04494.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:08):

Вселенская грусть негритянского народа...

Comments to 'DSC04506.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:08):


Comments to 'DSCF2513.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:09):

Челюсть болит?

Comments to 'DSC04513.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:09):


Comments to 'DSC04566.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:10):

Хороший негритёнок.

Comments to 'DSC04508.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:11):

А почему у гражданина слева волосы синевой отливают - чернилами мыл? :-))

Comments to 'DSC04652.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:12):

Яхта "Беда" начинает кругосветную регату...

Comments to 'DSC04689.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:13):

Левитация, мать её... Экстасенсорика...

Comments to 'DSC04690.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:13):

Мячик улетел...

Comments to 'DSC04863.JPG':
blanko (2010-04-14 02:03):

arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:15):

Старший брат? Заботливый.

Comments to 'DSCF2155.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:16):

Чего плачет? По национально-религиозным вопросам? Скинхеды задолбали?

Comments to 'DSCF2415.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:17):

Отличный кадр, великолепно!
unforgiven (2010-10-02 21:05):

Красивый !

Comments to 'DSCF2502.jpg':
cole_p1996 (2012-06-21 23:50):

both are very cute

Comments to 'DSCF2543.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:18):

Неужто и в Африке арбузы растут?

Comments to 'DSCF2606.jpg':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:05):


Comments to 'DSCF2607.jpg':
alibek56 (2012-07-28 20:30):

На против него Азамат красавчик!
jomama (2017-03-31 07:14):

is this the same short Azamat was wearing ???

Comments to 'DSCF2714.jpg':
yurii10 (2010-06-14 13:46):

А чего колючей проволокой всё обнесено? Пастухи что ли?

Comments to 'DSCF2782.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:20):

Чтобы быть всегда на связи, в море нужен телефон...

Comments to 'DSCF2832.jpg':
leoboi (2012-10-29 04:14):

nice! wanna swap? planetpeace95 at gmail

Comments to 'DSCF2863.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:21):

Гражданин на заднем плане сикает в воду? Экологию засоряет?

Comments to 'DSCF2872.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:22):

Вынь палец изо рта, уже весь обсосал!

Comments to 'DSCF2875.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 00:37):

Hello andrei, it is no wonder why some ladies do not like us men. When you look at such a perfect body, a girl in his age hardly has. You know, I like also perfectly built girls, but seldom with such a body.

Comments to 'DSCF2877.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 00:42):

Yes truly. I like the waterfall, the fence and the small tree behind the handsome boy. What he might think? Maybe what he is going to do in the future? Or has he already a friend? Who knows what he thinks....
leoboi (2012-10-29 04:17):

i want him

Comments to 'DSCF2903.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:23):

Так, что там у меня такое?..

Comments to 'DSCF2923.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:23):

Меняет пальцы во рту?

Comments to 'DSCF3427.jpg':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 11:49):

cute only if he's a nice size

Comments to 'DSCF3429.jpg':
sportpixel (2010-05-31 12:06):

wow......i like this Pics

Comments to 'DSCF3432.jpg':
unforgiven (2010-10-02 21:18):

Black Beauty.

Comments to 'DSCF3545.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:25):

Новый год на юге?

Comments to 'DSCF3761.jpg':
cosidetto (2010-08-03 16:11):

I love his smile!

Comments to 'DSCF3763.jpg':
cosidetto (2010-08-03 16:11):

Very nice, perfect body and posing!

Comments to 'DSCF4738.jpg':
alibek56 (2012-07-28 20:32):

красивые трусики жаль порвались.

Comments to 'DSCF4744.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 01:07):

What does he think? But must we know what he thinks. Fortunately on this overcontrolled world we live in, the thoughts are free and secret. No Orwell or States Administration can control and order what we really have to think, although we act sometimes differently.....

Comments to 'DSCF4788.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:26):

Иш ты, нашёлся папарацци! Спрятался ещё...

Comments to 'DSCF4804.jpg':
unforgiven (2010-10-02 21:29):

I have always loved Azamat
unforgiven (2010-10-30 08:00):

no. something good, very good.
alibek56 (2012-07-28 20:38):

Приспустил-бы трусики!

Comments to 'IMG_0443.JPG':
georgej20088 (2012-10-01 16:18):

andrei2001 (2012-10-02 01:13):

and how about the background?

Comments to 'IMG_0451.JPG':
georgej20088 (2012-10-01 16:19):

Like this kid
andrei2001 (2012-10-02 01:12):

me too

Comments to 'IMG_0542.JPG':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:27):

- Как это - купаться не хочет? Тащи его в воду!

Comments to 'IMG_0626.JPG':
cosidetto (2010-08-03 16:13):

Fantastic posing of the boy on the right!

Comments to 'IMG_0740.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:29):


Comments to 'IMG_0997.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:30):

Заодно и майку постирал...

Comments to 'IMG_1042.jpg':
luvlookin (2010-08-19 08:35):

I wonder if he needs a hand with that package ?

Comments to 'IMG_1085.jpg':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 11:52):

yes please

Comments to 'IMG_1099.jpg':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 11:53):

yes please

Comments to 'IMG_1129.jpg':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 11:54):

sexy if obedient

Comments to 'IMG_1132.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:33):

Члены общества российско-казахской дружбы.

Comments to 'IMG_1147.jpg':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-03 23:37):

So close.. just a little more...

Comments to 'IMG_1156.jpg':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:13):

sweet boy

Comments to 'IMG_1504.jpg':
boylovedsixteen (2013-02-02 15:47):

This is a great photo. Waiting for them to kiss
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 11:59):

one on the right has a cute nose for his age
boycrayzee2014 (2015-09-29 06:16):

Go ahead, kiss him! You know you want to.

Comments to 'IMG_1507.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:34):

Один рак на двоих.

Comments to 'IMG_1510.jpg':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-03 23:42):

Photographer ruined a good chance to make out...?

Comments to 'IMG_1525.jpg':
jomama (2017-03-31 05:47):

The boy in blue, is that his bulge hanging ??? If it is ,looks very impressive

Comments to 'IMG_1540.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:36):

Не ту мышцу он демонстрирует...

Comments to 'IMG_1562.jpg':
boycrayzee2014 (2015-09-29 06:22):


Comments to 'IMG_1563.jpg':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:11):

middle one looks so much better with a baseball cap i like the attitude of the one to the right just before he submits and obeys

Comments to 'IMG_1565.jpg':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:10):

i like a man's face on a young boy hope he was very obedient for u.

Comments to 'IMG_1588.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:37):

Реклама: Любовь до последней капли!
cosidetto (2010-08-03 16:42):

He is lovely!
andrei2001 (2012-06-11 04:28):

I like you like him

Comments to 'IMG_1605.jpg':
speedolad (2010-04-23 23:49):

he is clearly packing a lot there! Great pic

Comments to 'IMG_1607.jpg':
boycrayzee2014 (2015-09-29 06:27):

So cute!

Comments to 'IMG_1611.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:38):

А раки у них покрупнее будут...

Comments to 'IMG_1631.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:39):

Курить - здоровью вредить!

Comments to 'IMG_1654.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:39):

А кто-то из друзей снизу подталкивает?

Comments to 'IMG_1997.jpg':
petrof (2010-07-11 00:55):

какие сексуальные мальчики

Comments to 'IMG_2003.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:41):

Сколько они ему рогов наставили!

Comments to 'IMG_2084.jpg':
yurii10 (2010-06-14 13:59):

Все в воду!!!

Comments to 'IMG_2099.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:42):

Серьёзный трофей!

Comments to 'IMG_2136.jpg':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:14):

always love a fringe on a cutie

Comments to 'IMG_2218.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:43):

Отличные пацаны!
tyso (2010-07-10 17:54):

we've got a few places to go O'Natural here in the sticks

Comments to 'IMG_2220.jpg':
arfenyx (2010-06-11 14:43):

Пузо он, похоже, отбил...
tyso (2010-07-07 03:09):

Thats a lot of weight to carry around

Comments to 'IMG_2236.jpg':
tyso (2010-07-07 03:10):

Give you a U.A. in this?

Comments to 'IMG_2280.jpg':
boylovedsixteen (2013-02-02 15:57):

This looks like a great place for them to explore and have a little fun...

Comments to 'IMG_2284.jpg':
beine (2014-11-06 18:46):


Comments to 'IMG_2392.jpg':
andrei2001 (2011-06-09 09:02):

это курицу ест

Comments to 'IMG_2450.jpg':
hasi_maik (2016-11-06 16:52):

Da schaut was raus

Comments to 'IMG_2474.jpg':
petrof (2010-07-11 01:09):

Ой, что-то выглядывает из трусов....желательно побольше

Comments to 'IMG_2476.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 02:30):

Hello, Namaste, Denasterly, Sayunara ??? Or what does it mean in your mother tongue?

Comments to 'IMG_2478.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 02:35):

Didn't you find a nicer friend with a less ugly swimming suit? I shall send you one from India..

Comments to 'IMG_2499.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 02:39):

I think you didn't spend a lot of money in McDonald's, lucky boy, eating local food and a lot of fish.
rinrin (2011-10-01 23:33):

There are no McDonalds there. Lucky they are.
beine (2014-11-06 18:48):


Comments to 'IMG_2519.jpg':
tyso (2010-07-08 03:06):

Believe me. It's whats up front that counts!
mowgli (2011-10-01 02:42):

Yes you are very very nice boy, like Indian boys

Comments to 'IMG_3916.jpg':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:21):

left is a cutie

Comments to 'IMG_3954.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 02:46):

I would like to see the photos you made..........

Comments to 'IMG_3957.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 02:48):

I am smiling now, (What is your name?), specially for you

Comments to 'IMG_3959.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 02:52):

nice photo? show it to me, pls.

Comments to 'IMG_4007.jpg':
curacaodudes (2010-04-14 02:02):

He is Georgeus

Comments to 'IMG_4011.jpg':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:21):


Comments to 'IMG_4016.jpg':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:00):

"I told you I could get him a boner just by talking."

Comments to 'IMG_4021.jpg':
curacaodudes (2010-04-14 02:03):

He is Georgues Too....
luvlookin (2010-08-19 08:43):

Looks like the one on the right thinks so too !

Comments to 'IMG_4039.jpg':
lilbill (2010-07-03 20:47):

very nice pics

Comments to 'IMG_4067.jpg':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:24):

nice view

Comments to 'IMG_4129.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 03:06):

Very sweet boy

Comments to 'IMG_4136.jpg':
curacaodudes (2010-04-14 02:06):

Best One
blanko (2010-04-14 02:19):

Фотка супер!))
andrei200000 (2010-09-12 10:18):

Yes, I also think this was the best one

Comments to 'IMG_4157.jpg':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:24):

little swweetie

Comments to 'IMG_4274.jpg':
tyso (2010-07-07 03:03):

this direction is north, I think

Comments to 'IMG_4359.jpg':
tyso (2010-07-03 21:55):

we're all ready, freddy
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:27):

the taller one in blue IF big

Comments to 'IMG_4410.jpg':
tyso (2010-07-03 21:59):

this my little brothers suit. mine is in the laundry

Comments to 'IMG_4526.jpg':
tyso (2010-07-03 22:01):

moove the hand, jack

Comments to 'IMG_4550.jpg':
hasenf (2010-04-29 10:30):

Lustig die beiden

Comments to 'IMG_4604.jpg':
tyso (2010-07-03 22:02):

It's not enough for the two of us

Comments to 'IMG_4671.jpg':
blanko (2010-04-14 02:24):

tyso (2010-07-03 22:04):

great view

Comments to 'IMG_4698.jpg':
tyso (2010-07-07 02:55):

it's helping to hold up his shirts

Comments to 'IMG_4710.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 03:35):

In photography I like this expression and mood... It is so vivid.....

Comments to 'IMG_4717.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 03:39):

All muscels are streched............So nice
alibek56 (2012-07-28 20:47):

наконец головку показал-вах!

Comments to 'IMG_4779.jpg':
trekkie (2010-04-13 05:09):

Now of course we want the photos in between!
blanko (2010-04-14 02:25):

mowgli (2011-10-01 03:42):

In my mind one of the best photo of him........

Comments to 'IMG_5298.jpg':
mowgli (2011-10-01 03:46):

Afraid of jumping? Or do you want me to look for sure your diving into the deep?

Comments to 'Lyosha019.JPG':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:30):

sweet nose

Comments to 'P1010049.JPG':
cole_p1996 (2012-06-21 23:59):

They are both very cute!
destroyermap (2012-06-24 11:47):

Cole, and you are very cute, too! (Looked at your photos at your site - you are fatnastic!!)
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:32):

how may we serve and please you?

Comments to 'P1010478.JPG':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:38):

bought and paid for - good boy

Comments to 'P1053306.JPG':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:37):

thats a good boy

Comments to 'P1053315.JPG':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:38):

his friend is ugly but i still like his nose

Comments to 'P1053392.JPG':
ibiza62 (2010-05-03 04:25):

Nice Asian Boy

Comments to 'P1053456.JPG':
ibiza62 (2010-05-03 04:22):

Nice Asian Boy

Comments to 'P1053477.JPG':
ibiza62 (2010-05-03 04:23):

Nice Asian Boy

Comments to 'P2081935.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-03 22:09):

nice cakes

Comments to 'P2082048.JPG':
yurii10 (2010-06-14 14:11):

Комары всех летом замучали!

Comments to 'P2172270.JPG':
blanko (2010-04-14 02:28):

Красивый полет!))

Comments to 'P2182582.JPG':
adamhypnoid3 (2010-05-03 03:34):

Wow, incredible eyes.

Comments to 'P2192688.JPG':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:34):


Comments to 'P2192749.JPG':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:36):


Comments to 'P2192815.JPG':
alibek56 (2012-07-28 20:51):

хочу покачать этот бугорок.

Comments to 'P2192838.JPG':
blanko (2010-04-14 02:31):

kevin161 (2013-12-17 14:34):

Nice view
hasi_maik (2016-11-06 17:04):

Da sieht man was :)

Comments to 'P2192860.JPG':
alibek56 (2012-10-07 21:33):


Comments to 'P2203015.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:21):

OHELL yes!

Comments to 'P2203053.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:22):


Comments to 'P2203198.JPG':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:39):


Comments to 'P2203234.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:24):

A little help...

Comments to 'P2203247.JPG':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:41):

boy in black shorts

Comments to 'P2213412.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:27):


Comments to 'P2213428.JPG':
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:51):

i so hope that he's BIG

Comments to 'P2213443.JPG':
kaka1122 (2010-07-10 11:41):

very nice

Comments to 'P2213444.JPG':
jlh5370 (2012-06-13 19:41):

Thank you so much for such beautiful pictures.
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:28):

Thank you so much for such beautiful pictures 2.

Comments to 'P2213451.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:30):

See your point...

Comments to 'P2213462.JPG':
2466601 (2014-05-06 18:42):

He looks like he's ready for somebody to stick it in!

Comments to 'P2222605.JPG':
smellyshoes (2010-06-15 04:46):

Oh the many varied peeks at what lay underneath. You must so love your holidays.
bkkbkk (2014-02-10 12:53):

yes please

Comments to 'P2223558.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:32):

Small is GOOD

Comments to 'P2223575.JPG':
adamhypnoid3 (2010-05-03 03:19):

ibiza62 (2010-05-03 04:37):

the Boy on right has a muscled Body
xznya (2016-07-25 03:31):

I wish we could see his muscle in his shorts

Comments to 'P2223576.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 03:32):

Very nice looking boy.Thanks Andrei2001

Comments to 'P2223577.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 03:32):

Very nice looking, yes. I love the hair on his arms. And the weight in his shorts.

Comments to 'P2233599.JPG':
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:46):


Comments to 'P2253647.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:34):

xznya (2016-07-25 03:36):

The kid has a lot of hair on his shoulders and back. I'd love to massage him and play with the hair.

Comments to 'P2253674.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 03:37):

Too bad he's wet. It's hard to see all the hairs.

Comments to 'P2253675.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 03:38):

Fascinating hairs on his neck, back and shoulders.

Comments to 'P2253731.JPG':
jackinlad16 (2016-04-30 22:11):

What beautiful boy !
bdr222 (2017-04-03 22:48):


Comments to 'P3174418.JPG':
yurii10 (2010-06-14 14:20):

Грязевые ванны принимает?
1990e (2010-06-15 07:40):

Нет, белорусских карасей в пруду ловит

Comments to 'P3224914.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 03:41):

Nice picture, Andrei2001. The boy has nice arm hairs.

Comments to 'P3265633.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 03:49):

Nice looking boy, Andrei2001. I like the hairy arm.

Comments to 'P3265642.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:39):

Sweet Sad Beautiful. Great Photo A#1 album thanks
rinrin (2014-05-24 16:29):

Thank you - but the author does not have a camera any more - may be you could help:

Comments to 'P3286050.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-07 02:40):

The one on the left is looking down at it. Can't believe what he is seeing.

Comments to 'P3286056.JPG':
adamhypnoid3 (2010-05-03 03:09):

The boy with the red stripes is wonderful.
ibiza62 (2010-05-03 04:42):

yep thats are a Short from Adidas
tyso (2010-07-07 02:42):

the one in the blue suit is really biting the dog

Comments to 'P3306273.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 03:52):

One of my favorite boys of your collection.

Comments to 'P3306343.JPG':
sandypants (2010-09-17 11:41):

xznya (2016-07-25 03:53):

And he has under arm hair. Beautiful face.

Comments to 'P5270148.JPG':
blanko (2010-08-17 20:34):

Красив как аппалон!))
neo-sasha (2016-01-02 16:33):

Красивая, несомненно, фотография. И удалась перспектива. Там вдали парни в пляжный волейбол играют, а тут такой приятный молодой человек задумчиво стоит.
xznya (2016-07-25 03:56):

Very handsome lad. Nice bulge.

Comments to 'P7240417.JPG':
speedolad (2010-04-23 23:55):

such a nice bod on him
adamhypnoid3 (2010-05-03 03:07):

Very regal.
tyso (2010-07-07 02:43):

he knows yuor looking

Comments to 'P7240418.JPG':
speedolad (2010-04-23 23:54):

This boy is awesome. Great package!
tyso (2010-07-07 02:44):

maybe too much for the suit
andrei200000 (2010-09-12 10:20):

I agree!!!
xznya (2016-07-25 03:58):

My birthday package. I'd love to unwrap it.

Comments to 'P7270580.JPG':
adamhypnoid3 (2010-05-03 03:05):

Nice to see some full res pics from you And. THank you so much!!! A>

Comments to 'P8121237.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-07 02:46):

His suit is tight in all the right places
xznya (2016-07-25 04:00):

Nice looking boy. I like the arm hairs.

Comments to 'P8121301.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 04:05):

Cute boy. It looks as if he has a "boystache" coming in.

Comments to 'P8121307.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 04:06):

Too bad Dad is in the way

Comments to 'PB013170.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 04:07):

Handsome lad. He has a "boystache" coming in.

Comments to 'Stadium1.JPG':
xznya (2016-07-25 04:08):

The boy in the background is nice.

Comments to 'Tong070.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-07 02:48):

He's a tease

Comments to 'P4172943.JPG':
yurii10 (2010-06-14 14:23):

После зимы , когда снег растает, можно моного чего найти!
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:46):

That is the biggest fishing lure I have EVER seen!

Comments to 'P4172950.JPG':
yurii10 (2010-06-14 14:25):

Как на каноэ.

Comments to 'P4183163.JPG':
fread123 (2010-07-18 14:54):

As all ways you capture the moment

Comments to 'Astra 130.JPG':
mikelj (2010-06-11 18:45):

beautiful summer portrait! Even better in HQ ;)

Comments to 'Astra 351.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-07 02:50):

too cute from behind

Comments to 'Astra 370.JPG':
bedwetterpro (2014-05-04 00:49):

Great light angle

Comments to 'DSC00700.JPG':
tyso (2010-07-07 02:53):

Let's help get rid of poverty.

Comments to 'P7044629.JPG':
adamhypnoid3 (2010-07-09 01:53):

Wow. A>

Comments to 'P7044639.JPG':
mikelj (2010-07-05 23:10):

beautiful capture, andrei! ;)

Comments to 'P7044676.JPG':
adamhypnoid3 (2010-07-09 01:54):

Wow, a keeper! A>

Comments to 'P2203243.JPG':
masay (2011-06-08 19:47):

Прекрасный альбом!!! Реальное ощущение лета!!!...
xznya (2016-07-25 04:13):

Such a stunning beauty to end your series. Thank you, Andrei2001. Your photography and your model selection are both fantastic.

Comments to 'P7245002.JPG':
belka (2010-08-18 21:40):

adamhypnoid3 (2010-08-21 19:00):

Dreamy! A>
unforgiven (2010-10-27 02:07):

Божа Мой
aibolit66 (2013-12-29 15:22):

Красавчик, а под левым глазом... (пускай не лезут..) )))

Comments to 'P7255205.JPG':
uznew (2010-08-17 20:22):

cccp.ussr (2010-08-18 00:08):

Вы кого, прошу прощения, имели ввиду? :(

Comments to 'P7255212.JPG':
belka (2010-08-18 22:15):

Прикольный стишок. Раньше не слышал.

Comments to 'P7275530.JPG':
mikelj (2010-08-18 11:28):

great capture! ;)

Comments to 'P7275718.JPG':
belka (2010-08-18 22:36):

Наверное прикольно в штанах купаться.

Comments to 'P7275774.JPG':
mikelj (2010-08-18 11:41):

yes! superb! ;)

Comments to 'P7305928.JPG':
mikelj (2010-08-18 11:45):

very cool sunglasses! :P
badebuxe (2010-10-30 01:33):

balagur (2011-12-31 21:18):

aibolit66 (2013-12-29 15:57):

10 баллов! )))

Comments to 'P7306027.JPG':
belka (2010-08-18 23:17):

Красивые трусняки.

Comments to 'I must be quick! Or I loose them':
belka (2010-08-19 00:12):

Только трусы не мешало бы отжать. Видать в детстве не приучили.
7mmtcu (2013-12-17 05:51):

It is OK if you loose them.
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