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Comments to 'TB_10.jpg':
gumtrees (2011-03-03 16:48):

Gorgeous shot

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kimchang (2011-11-05 20:14):


Comments to 'TB_54.jpg':
lio69er (2009-11-20 09:06):

rex420 (2010-09-27 04:14):

well shes on my X-mas list
loveklaramel (2015-01-04 21:06):


Comments to 'TB_69.jpg':
nereidlover (2009-12-03 13:55):

Flintstones was shot in New Orleans? some comments are really enigmatic, to say the least. Thanks for posting anyway
nereidlover (2011-02-11 13:29):

A irmã vai prepara-la para o tio, é o aniversario dela hoje
mamamama (2011-12-02 17:41):

que gostosinha a de short azul

Comments to 'TB_74.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-05-20 19:11):

Sweet indeed, very few people have freckles in tropical countries like Brazil
xcouple (2011-09-25 15:05):

omg please pass
mamamama (2011-12-02 17:40):

essa aguenta uma hora de pomba
dragon79 (2013-04-16 03:33):

nice album
kira666 (2015-10-29 06:19):

fuder ruiva é outro nível visitem meu perfil

Comments to 'TB_75.jpg':
ptlover269 (2011-11-11 01:10):

Want a lollypop?
taurusfm611 (2011-11-20 23:43):

loveklaramel (2015-01-04 21:05):


Comments to 'TB_79.jpg':
cheep (2009-11-17 04:23):

geile Warzen
nereidlover (2010-07-26 23:50):

and that's exactly where she wants her aunt to put her hand
kimchang (2011-11-05 20:13):

thirdpillow4them (2011-12-01 22:04):

Yummy. Love the package deal. Aunt and niece, mmmmmm

Comments to 'TB_85.jpg':
stubear (2010-02-10 04:30):

nice start darlings
baldmound (2010-12-22 02:41):

nereidlover (2011-09-10 17:08):

LoveT, did you mean : yours are bigger bit mine are harder
amelieslover (2011-11-17 07:18):

cmon kiss eachother...
beavercreek (2012-11-04 04:51):

both bikini tops look cute

Comments to 'TB_41.jpg':
amybre (2009-12-10 15:23):

yummy :)
guynextdoor (2010-09-03 21:47):

Mom is hot but I'd work the daughter a dozen or so time before I got to Mommy!
nereidlover (2010-09-04 00:06):

Guynext... I think they are willing to have some threesome fun, wouldn't that broaden possibilities? daughter would be much less shy if mum commands, eventually, she would take of her glasses as she's face sp*rted
guynextdoor (2010-09-04 21:45):

Pardon me for my tunnel vision. Threesome is n excellent idea. For startes me and mommy could nurse from daughters flatness...then me and daughter could nurse from Mommy breasts...then they could both nurse from my ...
wish4young (2011-03-02 04:51):

Do you have "many more pics" of these girls available? I would love to see LOTS more!
chrisfox (2011-10-10 23:14):

que delicia de menina
thirdpillow4them (2011-10-27 17:21):

They are both delicious
hngr4yng (2015-08-25 07:02):

The one in yellow could use some prego.

Comments to 'TB_043.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-03-19 13:59):


Comments to 'TB_044.jpg':
nereidlover (2009-12-11 21:34):

For free, sure, accepting any kind of payment from the mother

Comments to 'TB_047.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-11-16 18:37):

Agreed! but what use would the one with long curly black hair have of the huge dildos she brought?
hngr4yng (2015-08-25 06:55):

I love the one in the blue n orange suit. She's lovely.

Comments to 'TB_050.jpg':
taurenspieler (2011-03-30 12:19):

Ihr elenden Pedoschweine!!! You fu.cking pedopigs!!!
thirdpillow4them (2011-12-01 22:06):

Delectable bunch of girls!
papixnenita (2015-07-13 21:57):

la de la izquierda es preciosa

Comments to 'TB_051.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-10-14 00:32):

Agree, gonna post some soon

Comments to 'TB_052.jpg':
nereidlover (2009-12-17 14:30):

she has already learnt to catch up every drop with her little hand
weevish (2010-07-19 15:19):

Man you are a sick cookie................
guynextdoor (2010-09-03 21:39):

Your guys are a bunch of sickos...but in a really good way...can I watch?
nereidlover (2010-09-04 00:29):

I'd say sibblings have had some experience together, however, they are begging for more, they want to scream as they heard mummy, when she invites ten men for fun
guynextdoor (2010-09-04 21:53):

10 men? 8 for Mommy! Me and get get the little's all to ourselves....

Comments to 'TB_054.jpg':
canterbury (2010-01-22 05:12):

NL, I finally got it into my head to look up 'nereid'! Good for you!

Comments to 'TB_060.jpg':
amybre (2010-01-07 16:20):

mmmmmmmmm !! very cute :)
nereidlover (2010-07-21 16:22):

Thanks both. Even "uglier" ones have something, that's what I am trying to show in my "Candid" section pics, which I enjoin you to comment
guynextdoor (2010-09-03 21:41):

The girl in the middle is awesome! Maybe in my top 20 of all time!
loliforcer (2012-06-07 17:25):

i agree with with anon67 , she needs to be ounishe and abused the lil blonde wh*re in the middle

Comments to 'TB_065.jpg':
loliluving (2012-03-14 14:22):


Comments to 'TB_066.jpg':
stubear (2010-02-10 04:33):

wish she would come visit me at my cabin ..
guynextdoor (2010-09-03 21:42):

that is the sort of body that is built to ...
nereidlover (2011-07-25 16:05):

Indeed, so many people want her, what would she think of her popularity?
glosteen (2013-04-28 16:17):


Comments to 'TB_067.jpg':
taurusfm611 (2011-12-01 21:02):


Comments to 'TB_068.jpg':
guynextdoor (2010-09-03 21:44):

Oh my god the blond is going to be in my dreams for a keyboard is a mess...going to clean it up and stare at the blond for a while longer....did I mntion the blond is so f---ing hot! WOW!
robinvonlossow (2012-01-19 00:13):

Ich glaube, das blonde Mädchen hat so eine Lichtempfindlichkeit wie die kleine Maus einer Bekannten! Dieses Mädchen läuft auch im Sommer immer mit langärmligen Hemdchen und langen Hosen sowie einem Mützchen herum, hat ebenso blonde Haare und ganz helle Haut und helle Augen! Da hilft nicht mal Lichtschutzfaktor 50! In wenigen Minuten haben solche Kinder einen heftigen Sonnenbrand! Hier sieht man die einzige Möglichkeit, solchen Kindern auch mal einen Badespaß am Strand zu ermöglichen! - Das ist kein "UV-Wahn", das ist ein bitteres Handycap für diese Kleinen!
loliforcer (2012-06-07 17:30):

anon 67 ur right: especially the gorgeous b*tch in the middle, needs to be done hard!

Comments to 'ST_018.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-11-16 18:34):

Indeed, she's willing to sit on a bitte d'amarrage while little brother lets his milk spurt into her mouth

Comments to 'TB_073.jpg':
nereidlover (2013-07-29 22:46):

She'll realize how powerful her tongue is as the warm fluid overfills her mouth.

Comments to 'TB_076.jpg':
pushaw (2010-04-06 16:16):

Even big boys like me want with me on messenger:quinty2010
chriss58 (2011-11-20 02:30):


Comments to 'TBK_010.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-10-14 18:07):

No chance, 119.12, boys are not my cup of tea
peitsche (2010-12-01 00:53):

Would like 2 assist cleaning them.

Comments to 'TBT_057.jpg':
guynextdoor (2010-09-03 21:55):

great butt
oldermale (2012-07-31 23:59):


Comments to 'TBK_011.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-01-04 13:51):

doesn't matter, now she'll be hanged by her bikini
guynextdoor (2010-09-03 21:53):

perfectly sinny
nereidlover (2010-09-04 00:09):

willing to fall down into a hardened st*d

Comments to 'TBK_012.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-11-16 19:42):

This pumping would give her her very first tremendous -o- I guess

Comments to 'TBK_015.jpg':
glosteen (2013-04-28 16:18):

I think she has a cute face.

Comments to 'TBK_019.jpg':
silenthill (2010-04-01 23:02):

happy children=happy world!

Comments to 'TBK_021.jpg':
guynextdoor (2010-09-03 22:02):

i don't think he is going to share but I get the feeling he is going to take her somewhere private for some naked fun.
nereidlover (2010-09-04 00:09):

maybe willing to hold her by her anckles, guess what's next
guynextdoor (2010-09-04 21:48):

I like ankle holding visual.

Comments to 'TBK_024.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-01-04 13:48):

and that day I'll show you all the tricks uncle showed me
battlecat (2010-11-30 01:42):

scharf der kleine ;)

Comments to 'TBK_025.jpg':
nereidlover (2009-12-23 13:19):

which ashamed the whole family. I had to crop the pic

Comments to 'TBK_027.jpg':
canterbury (2010-01-22 05:24):

From the south looking north, they are none of them ugly.
carsten-hd (2013-11-13 11:36):

Wow... email me!

Comments to 'TBK_030.jpg':
rex420 (2010-09-27 04:23):

wow that cameltoe... just looks like its asking for it
loliluving (2011-01-21 11:37):

I like it

Comments to 'TBK_031.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-07-21 20:16):

Lots of German descent people in Brazil, just have a thorough look at my album AS
s22sk (2012-05-09 16:36):

Beautifully: the girl, coast and the sea!

Comments to 'TBK_032.jpg':
canterbury (2010-01-22 05:19):

That's a stunning picture, she is now my wallpaper! Thank you!
nereidlover (2010-05-05 23:46):

I wish I had plenty of pics like this for you to renew your wallpaper daily

Comments to 'TBK_034.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-01-14 13:27):

"Daddy, come help me digging a hole, mum is photographing us!" Sooo cute a daughter she has, absolutely stunning, and thank you for appreciating

Comments to 'TBK_035.jpg':
nereidlover (2012-04-01 09:18):

she's quite naked in a sense
loveit4001 (2012-08-05 17:02):

very sweet

Comments to 'TBK_036.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-10-21 18:06):

é o que ela esta propoendo, mas a bucetinha, ela nao esta dando ainda

Comments to 'TBK_037.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-03-16 13:46):

quem fisgaria aquele peixinho? Obrigado!
canterbury (2010-03-23 01:17):

A worthy addition NL!
amybre (2010-04-03 16:47):

hot pose :))))))))
pushaw (2010-04-06 16:20):

young and spread - just the way i like them. chat with me on messenger:quinty2010
nereidlover (2010-05-13 16:37):

An oyster for lunch
nereidlover (2010-05-28 16:01):

If you do not like, I do, right now I am feeling some inner waves I did not know, would you pull up my bikini further? oh please...
loliluving (2011-01-21 11:41):

Luv it when they open their legs
carcrazyguy (2011-05-20 00:15):

What is the message here... She wants it? OK, I will oblige
amelieslover (2011-11-17 07:19):

wide spread...lovely
nereidlover (2011-11-17 15:35):

Just a warming up, as she's not able to spread her legs over her head wider and bear that position for more than one client, Uncle will have to cuff her anckles and wrists to the bed headboard, once again, which worries her
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:51):

Provided you teaches her a brand new trick, it's free. Still has to conclude her apprenticeship and Uncle can't pace, she's too smart

Comments to 'TBK_038.jpg':
thebadman (2012-12-08 21:25):


Comments to 'TBK_039.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-11-11 13:00):

lol at Willy comment!!!

Comments to 'TBK_040.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-11-23 13:43):

Her joyful smile speaks for itself : willy have an unsuspected additional little dorsal fin
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:47):

Willies are at stake these days

Comments to 'TBK_041.jpg':
mercenario (2010-11-02 20:20):

nereidlover (2010-11-03 14:28):

Peace, we already have hehehe thanks!
loliluving (2011-01-21 11:40):

Cute Loli
nwcxlg (2014-04-19 10:53):


Comments to 'TBK_043.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-11-08 14:33):

"...but not with the sneaking perv on the background, my Dear Uncle, let's go away"

Comments to 'TBK_044.jpg':
maxlang (2016-10-31 13:18):

i want her for a night

Comments to 'TBK_045.jpg':
elikells (2015-11-02 18:12):

great picture, thank you.

Comments to 'TBK_052.jpg':
peitsche (2010-11-30 14:23):

How would you like to punish her?
nereidlover (2010-11-30 17:46):

Her skin would be too fragile for her to be harsh flogged or whipped. I am calculating how many combinations there are with a pair of two-ends dildos for the three of them to be fulfilled
peitsche (2010-12-01 00:49):

Hmmm ... but their thighs could be nicely marked for some days ... ;-)

Comments to 'TBK_053.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-11-16 19:23):

...40 in a row would just be fine...
nereidlover (2011-02-11 13:26):

Parecem meninas boazinhas, mas quando chega a hora, tem que violentar-las. Bom ter algum tipo de ajuda, pq se debatem com muita força, essas putinhas.
amelieslover (2011-11-17 07:21):

kiss her cameltoe through that pink panty...
doctor_bill (2011-12-01 22:58):

"we'll need to slip her panties off for her exam..."
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:37):

Brownies are niftier than blondes understanding their role as slave things
s22sk (2012-05-09 16:33):

Young beauty
hngr4yng (2015-08-25 07:13):

Hmmm she could use some prego

Comments to 'TBK_054.jpg':
nereidlover (2013-04-30 21:51):

Such a tease!

Comments to 'TBK_055.jpg':
metarado (2010-08-14 01:48):

lindas manda mais
nereidlover (2010-11-23 13:35):

A huge black one indeed
mamamama (2011-12-02 17:50):

queria a buceta da de amarelo, nao tem pelos ainda...
ashly (2013-09-10 00:25):

I want to be between those two.

Comments to 'TBK_056.jpg':
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:35):

She has an unfair edge, she's pregnant from her Uncle

Comments to 'TBK_057.jpg':
joshcozzy (2010-08-17 10:56):

lol lets all go to mexico and ill buy us all a round'
nereidlover (2010-08-17 20:50):

You'd be very far from Brazil, if you fly to Mexico...

Comments to 'TBK_062.jpg':
brasil202 (2011-04-12 18:50):

tenha mais melhor menina

Comments to 'TBK_071.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-06-08 20:28):

que le rompan...más
amelieslover (2011-11-17 07:21):

like to give it to her butt
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:31):

Someone else will care for you, in order no scream escape from her throat

Comments to 'TBK_072.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-05-17 18:17):

Thanks! what's your pw btw?

Comments to 'TBK_073.jpg':
gimma (2010-06-24 14:27):

left girl very pretty !
loliluving (2011-01-13 10:06):

Agree with CH, IE and GB
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:26):

Now state their respective roles again as you've ripped these colors off

Comments to 'TBK_074.jpg':
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:23):

They are prone to open them a way larger girth

Comments to 'TBK_077.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-08-13 21:15):

Many other pics of her available on request
i_go_humble (2010-09-15 16:04):

oh yes I want to satisfy her.
fan_o_wania (2011-03-29 02:52):

Opa! Se tem, eu quero mais!
max_maler (2014-11-26 11:59):

fein fein
lauralurker (2015-03-14 01:41):

kiss on the right cheek

Comments to 'TBK_078.jpg':
nereidlover (2010-08-13 21:30):

Many other pics of her available on request
gimma (2010-09-02 20:49):

she is really very beautiful, a real beach queen !!
peitsche (2010-12-01 00:51):

Would like 2 kiss'n bite her thighs
joegrindluvslols (2012-02-29 12:10):

Hi there looking for many more her size in bikini
lf91185 (2015-03-21 23:42):

humm, appétissante !!!
hngr4yng (2015-08-25 07:17):

Mmm she's lovely.

Comments to 'TBK_081.jpg':
lilpeter2011 (2010-12-26 17:12):


Comments to 'TBK_100.jpg':
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:20):

Fascinated by a fake fish, guess the rest

Comments to 'TBK_102.jpg':
nereidlover (2013-07-29 22:41):

She loves the vibrations

Comments to 'TBK_106.jpg':
nereidlover (2011-01-06 15:27):

Very cute indeed! lol at the rescue squad peeping at preteens onboard the Zodiac boat!

Comments to 'TBK_107.jpg':
papixnenita (2015-07-13 21:58):


Comments to 'TBK_115.jpg':
gumtrees (2011-03-03 16:49):


Comments to 'TBK_116.jpg':
mamamama (2011-12-02 17:46):

essa é uma da smelhores idades pra botar pra xupar
nereidlover (2011-12-02 20:31):

Ela esta confiante, vai conseguir erguer 8" desta vez

Comments to 'TBK_117.jpg':
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:19):

And whether it's the natural way or not

Comments to 'TBK_117.jpg':
gimma (2010-12-30 13:35):

very cute girl !

Comments to 'KidBeachSmall.jpg':
mamamama (2011-12-02 17:55):

da uma olhada nos meus albuns
nereidlover (2011-12-02 20:33):

Mama Mia, many thanks!
townhouse (2011-12-29 23:53):

nice girls
randy12 (2014-01-06 05:05):

E-mail me

Comments to 'TBK_123.jpg':
garedneck (2011-07-23 20:07):

This one wants to be a model.
gimma (2011-11-05 17:32):

she aready is, a supermodel !

Comments to 'TBK_126.jpg':
nereidlover (2011-07-25 15:58):

Menininha linda perdida numa praia feia, tadinha

Comments to 'TBK_128.jpg':
nereidlover (2012-04-11 02:15):

Uncle commanded her always taking a bath when returning from the beach
nwcxlg (2014-04-19 11:15):


Comments to 'TBK_131.jpg':
nereidlover (2011-11-21 16:30):

Wished I could post high quality, high resolution, closer, detailed pics, as if I were a professional photographer and they were modelling for me, then taking them to my studio nearby and have them wear plenty other outfits, and no outfit at all :-)

Comments to 'TBK_132.jpg':
gimma (2011-11-05 17:31):

what an eyecatcher !
joegrindluvslols (2012-02-29 12:11):

nereidlover (2012-04-03 03:40):

Thanks "Master" Joe
lf91185 (2015-03-21 23:44):

on voit bien sa petite fente moulé dans son maillot

Comments to 'TBK_136.jpg':
kimchang (2011-11-05 20:15):

bikinistringz (2011-11-19 03:37):

Nothin like laying around chewing the fat.... if you in to that sort of thing
thirdpillow4them (2011-12-01 22:11):

Buttmuncher! Lol
veesix (2015-10-22 21:46):

love it!

Comments to 'TBK_138.jpg':
ashly (2013-05-17 11:13):

that's a good look for her.

Comments to 'TBK_139.jpg':
nereidlover (2013-07-29 22:40):

The sooner they're teach, the faster they learn

Comments to 'TBK_149.jpg':
nereidlover (2013-04-30 22:41):

Too bad for him, will be too old for Soccer Cup and Olympics Games.

Comments to 'TBK_150.jpg':
goere96 (2011-11-19 13:11):


Comments to 'TBK_155.jpg':
mamamama (2011-12-02 17:43):

caralho essa gemeazinha eu dividiria com meu melhor amigo, igual a gente faz com os nossos filhos ele pega a minha eu pego a dele

Comments to 'TBK_159.jpg':
greywlf (2012-01-03 13:32): I really mean OUTSTANDING !!!

Comments to 'TBK_160.jpg':
riccccardob (2012-01-09 04:31):

sp kissable
loveit4001 (2012-08-05 17:10):

papixnenita (2015-07-13 22:08):


Comments to 'TBK_161.jpg':
beine (2015-01-31 15:12):

Schöne maus

Comments to 'TBK_164.jpg':
nereidlover (2012-04-01 06:56):

I suggest you let them playing messy together and you take the moister first
lf91185 (2015-03-21 23:45):

deux coquines !!

Comments to 'TBK_165.jpg':
thirdpillow4them (2011-12-01 22:09):

Helloooooooo kitty! Mmmmm
nwcxlg (2014-04-19 11:39):

BAM!!! Hello Kitty.....shocking in plaid.

Comments to 'TBK_173.jpg':
nwcxlg (2014-04-19 11:36):

So fine.
lf91185 (2015-03-21 23:45):

très très bel album !!! je me suis régalé !!!
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